These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Will Brickler Bicycle Planet
2 Sean Tompkins SJBC
3 Denin Sahovic Squadra Ovest Cycling
4 Michael Claudio Davis Bike Club
5 Mitch Boehs Sierra Pacific Racing
6 Kevin Tufts Bicycle Planet
7 Michael Painter Chico Corsa Cycling Club
8 Kirk Evans Team Becher+
9 Douglas Rowland Davis Bike Club Race Team
10 Matt Tufts Bicycle Planet
11 Kashy Ghazzagh Red Peloton
12 Jason Arinno Kinetic Cycles/GBI
13 Jason James Squadra Ovest Cycling
14 David Doll Topsport
15 Dan Tedford Squadra Ovest Cycling
16 Mike Gonzales Davis Bike Club Race Team
17 Shawn Overholtzer Fun Sport Bikes Cycling Team
18 Lei Deng Third Pillar
19 Paul Taylor Metromint Cycling
23 Kalani Hines Metromint Cycling
24 Santiago Bolon Christian Cycling - Hammer Nut
25 Andreas Schulten Bicycle Planet

Men Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Nick Baird Sierra Pacific Racing
2 Raoul Martinblouin Taleo Racing
3 Daniel Velasco
4 Cody Greer Sierra Pacific Racing
5 Jonathan Barbus Sterling Sports Group
6 Jeremy Tuttle Momentum Racing California
7 Matthew Cox Tri Valley Velo
8 Douglas Baker Willow Glen Bikes
9 John Becker Team Mike's Bikes
10 Corey Duren Chico Corsa Cycling Club
11 Adam Thatcher Chico Corsa
12 Robbie Farrens DJs Produce - Rocket Sports-Tr
13 Dominic Salbatera
14 Andrew Thomson Tri-Valley Velo
15 Benjamin Binder Michael David Winery Cycling T
16 Adamvanminh Martin Tri Valley Velo
17 Jeffrey Weaver Davis Bike Club Race Team
18 Jonathan Copsey Ride 2 Recovery
19 Vitaly Gashpar Colavita NorCal
20 David Grundman Davis Bike Club Race Team
21 Oliver Weiss Rio Strada Racing
22 Jon Keyzer Chico Corsa
23 Daniel Ross Team Predator
24 Ryan Malm Davis Bike Club
25 Ron Rawson Wells Fargo Racing Team
26 Gabriel Morford
31 Isaac Sparling Dolce Vita Cycling
32 Joseph Booth Momentum Racing California
33 James Copsey N/A
34 Lisa Mueller Metromint Cycling

Men Cat 4 Master 35-99

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Robert Bell Fun Sport Bikes Cycling Team
2 Chris Hernikl Taleo Racing
3 James Bowland Sacramento Golden Wheelmen
4 Darron Sturgeon Taleo Racing
5 Jonathan Orban Third Pillar
6 Joshua Lopez Los Gatos
7 Sean Odom Rio Strada Racing
8 John Gerling Fun Sport Bikes Cycling Team
9 Theodore Vidnovic VSRT / Livermore Cyclery
10 Andrejs Adamovics Los Gatos
11 Gregg Roh Sacramento Golden Wheelmen
12 Allen Brumm Webcor/Alto Velo
13 David Douglas Christian Cycling - Hammer Nut
14 Gregory Spanier Taleo Racing
15 David Mehl Team Kinetic Cycles
16 Renzo Bernales Team City Sacramento
17 Roy Johnson Valley Spokesmen Racing Team
18 Francis Goldsberry Sacramento Golden Wheelmen
19 Daniel Burns Third Pillar
20 Joshua Ballesteros Third Pillar
21 Robb Wolf Great Basin Imaging Cycling Te
22 Timothy Turnbull los gatos bicycle racing club
23 James Good Taleo Racing
24 Amit Paz Taleo Racing
38 Michael Charney Third Pillar
39 Dominick Brookes Michael David Wines Racing Tea
40 Samuel Campbell Third Pillar
41 Maurice Daroy Wells Fargo Racing Team
42 Michael Hironimus Third Pillar
43 Sascha Messner Taleo Racing
44 Stefano Moro Third Pillar
45 Patrick Peters Body Concepts
46 Peter Tousignant third pillar

Men Cat 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Paulo Carvalho
2 Noah Mcgee Davis Bike Club
3 Mike Charest VSRT
4 Matteo Telli Davis Bike Club Race Team
5 Adam Stephens Central Sierra Cyclists
6 Greg Hay
7 Byron Hay
12 Timothy Mallen Davis Bike Club Race Team
13 Rodney Eckerdt Fun Sport Bikes Cycling Team
14 Joseph Jackson Ride 2 Recovery

Men Cat 5 Master 35-99

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Scott Hollander Rubber Soul-CSC Racing Team
2 Justin Madison Percision/Stone Racing Team
3 Stanton Lee Sacramento Golden Wheelmen
4 Peter Torres Fun Sport Bikes Cycling Team
5 Keith Lyon Davis Bike Club Race Team
6 Erbin Burgonio
7 Rey Bernal
8 Benson Chan Wells Fargo
9 James Mardakis Fun Sport Bikes Cycling Team
10 Chris Jensen Team Revolutions
11 Unknown Rider -------
12 Patrick Kennedy Taleo Racing
13 Jason Oestreicher
14 Shane Frandsen CSC / Rubber Soul
15 Nelson Carrillo VSRT/Livermore Cyclery
16 Barry Elting Fun Sport Bikes Cycling Team
17 Gerry Malogan
30 Tony Dzoan Team Fremont / FFBC powered by
31 Heath Langle Sacramento Golden Wheelmen
32 Mar Villaflor Tracy Rider

Men Cat1/2/3 Master 35-99

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Gregory Anderson Morgan Stanley Cycling Team
2 Chris Courtney SJBC
3 Jonathan Eropkin SAFEWAY/PureRed Creative/Bicyc
4 Richard Bradley California State University-Sa
5 Rodney Spradlin Rocknasium
6 Chris Ott HDR Racing p/b Lombardi Sports
7 Jeff Watson Team Bicycles Plus/Sierra Neva
8 Matthew Ream Great Basin Imaging | Kinetic
9 Jason Brown Great Basin Imaging/Kinetic Cy
10 Keith Defiebre Central Coast Cycling Club
11 Jason Cruser Wells Fargo Racing Team
12 Michael Egan Sacramento Golden Wheelmen
13 James Herzman Great Basin Imaging Cycling Te
14 Chris Callahan Wells Fargo Racing Team
15 Richard Nichols Tri Valley Velo
16 Rick Lawton Wells Fargo Racing Team
17 Robert Napieralski Sacramento Golden Wheelmen
18 Kaley Parkinson Taleo Racing
19 Allen Jackson Wells Fargo Racing Team
20 Nick Fitton RC Die Schwalben
21 Michael Woodburn Wells Fargo
25 Alvaro Mosquera Team Bicycles Plus/Sierra Neva
26 Rey Surla Team Fremont/FFBC Powered by C
27 Dan Tedford Squadra Ovest Cycling
28 Kevin Torbett Wells Fargo Racing Team

Men Cat4/5 Master A 45-99

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Bob Ehardt Bicycle Planet
2 Scott Sommerfeld Fun Sport Bikes Cycling Team
3 Gary Keno Vapor racing
4 Gregg Marioni California Giant Berry Farms/S
5 Dan Shore Fun Sport Bikes Cycling Team
6 Kevin Mcmurtry SHO-AIR/SERT
7 John Velez
8 Devinderjit Singh Body Concepts
9 James Crocker Tri Valley Velo
10 Troy Underwood Sacramento Golden Wheelmen
11 Joseph Storm Taleo Racing
12 Peter Meyer Bicycle Planet
13 Ross Tomita VSRT/Livermore Cyclery
14 Keith Purser Bicycle Planet
15 Jeffrey Miller VSRT/Livermore Cyclery
16 Richard Asturias Tri Valley Velo
17 Mark Wallis Taleo Racing
18 Michael Saba Taleo Racing
19 Frank Lunceford sr Bicycle Planet
20 Atac Tuli Davis Bike Club Race Team
21 Michael Lynch Fun Sport Bikes Cycling Team
22 George Sartor VSRT/Livermore Cyclery
23 Jeff Mittner Team Bicycles Plus/Sierra Neva
24 David Dalton Tri Valley Velo
25 Chris Menicou Team Fremont FFBC
26 Paul Ryan Taleo Racing
27 Geoff Landon Wells Fargo Racing Team
28 John Kekuewa Fun Sport Bikes Cycling Team
65 David Amador Wells Fargo Racing Team
66 Craig Dinger Davis Bike Club Race Team
67 Mike Gregoire Taleo Racing
68 Kent Leaver VSRT/Livermore Cyclery
69 Greg Mccormac Wells Fargo Racing
70 Brian Prahl Sacramento Golden Wheelmen
71 Thomas Preisler Los Gatos
72 Steve Rosefield Tri Valley Velo
73 Mark Smallwood Fun Sport Bikes Cycling Team
74 Brian To Michael David Winery Cycling T
75 Brad Yeargain Rio Strada Racing

Men Cat4/5 Master B 45-99

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Roger Von rotz Fun Sport Bikes Cycling Team
2 Jim Elam Luzvimin Racing Team
3 Osvaldo Tomatis sport and spine pt
4 Huy Nguyen Tracy Riders
5 Rodney Eckerdt Ciclistas del Valle
12 Gregory Riggins
13 Ken Lowell

Men Pro/1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Uriy Urchenka Third Pillar
2 Christopher Lyman Team Specialized Racing Master
3 Nicholas Oliver Fremont Bank Cycling Team
5 Kenny Strickland SJBC
6 Michael Ricks Delta Velo
7 Sinelnikau Aliaksandr Third Pillar
8 Charlie Schneider Whole Athlete - Specialized
9 Andres Gil Michael David Winery Cycling T
10 Neil Bartley Squadra Ovest Cycling
11 Donald Hahn Marc Pro - Strava
12 Peter Graf Fremont Bank Cycling Team
13 Toby Long Squadra Ovest Cycling
14 Craig Roemer Team Specialized Racing Master
15 Todd Manley SJBC
16 Kevin Metcalfe Team Specialized Racing Master
17 Jeremiah Holdway Taleo Racing
18 Josh Rennie TEAM CLIF BAR Cycling
19 Travis T Metromint Cycling
20 Michael Gil Metromint Cycling
21 Rainier Schaefer Godspeed Courier / Mojo Bicycl
23 Robert Meyer Metromint Cycling
24 Scott Butler Michael David Winery Cycling T
25 David Pouncy Squadra Ovest Cycling
26 Michael Ricks Delta Velo

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