These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Alexis Cespedes Zativa/Gracianos Team
2 Gunter Hermanni Ziel Cycling Club
3 Andres Sebatian cano Aminorip
4 Zack Morris Unattached
5 Yoelkis Aira Elvys Trucking Corp
6 Sebastian Cano Aminorip
7 Anthony Yaques Automatic Racing
8 Leonardo Torcat Focus Racing Team
9 Yuniet Del toro Zativa/Gracianos Team
10 Erich Mesquita lima A1A Racing
11 Lucas Brunelle Rush Mack Cycle
12 Divaldo Ceballo Somi Bike
13 Luis Zayas Ziel Cycling Club
14 Roslan Rivera Somi Bike
15 Maikel Matos Somi Bike
16 Noe Gonzalez Bike Link
17 Jose Frank rodriguez Stradalli Team
18 Alexander Gil Rush Mack Cycle
19 Yulien Rodriguez Bike Link
DNF Thomas Gibbons Automatic Racing
DNF Shane Boodram Unattached
DNF Alfredo Diaz Zativa/Gracianos Team

Men Cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Adrian Perez Zativa/Gracianos Team
2 Juan David buitrago Focus Racing Team
3 Geony Borrego lee Somi Bike
4 Renan Dolabella Rush Mack Cycle
5 Daniel Davis Zativa/Gracianos Team
6 William Geib Silcarbon Racing Team
7 Jose Hernandez Aminorip
8 Jose Timaure Focus Racing Team
9 Damian Serrania Unattached
10 K Sakai Vivo Cycling Attorney
11 Mozart Pierre Alligator Cycling Club
12 Jose Babilonia Vivo Cycling Attorney
13 Locksley Vassell One Love
14 Carlos Mendoza Zativa/Gracianos Team
15 Andre Reid Vivo Cycling Attorney
16 Francisco Ruiz Unattached
17 Jose Garcel Somi Bike
18 Michael Lum Rush Mack Cycle
19 Mavin Anderson Endurance Cycling Club
20 Jose Alamo Colavita Racing Inc
DNF Fabian Garcia Silcarbon Racing Team
DNF Robert Artiga parker Zativa/Gracianos Team

Men Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Julio Cesar martinez Miami Bike Shop CO
2 Arturo Soler Bike Link
3 Raysu Gutirrez Bike Link
4 Martin Isler Unattached
5 Barry Mullin Automatic Racing
6 Alejandro Cisneros Ziel Cycling Club
7 Aldo Arencibia Unattached
8 Roosevelt Tejedor HG Bike Shop
9 Manuel Montanez Cranky It Up
10 Ivan Bejerano Unattached
11 Paul Maier MrM's
12 Raul Diaz Sun Cycling Team
13 Kellen Hassell Unattached
14 Jose Gregorio mora jaimes Trek Bikes Florida
15 Ernier Ruiz Bike Link
16 Lionel Bendavid Big Wheel
17 Raydel Gutierrez Bike Link
18 Eddy Sarduy Bike Link
19 Jean Palau Somi Bike
20 Raydel Apesteguia Bike Tech Racing Club
21 Daniel Lemoine Combined
22 Pedro J. medina Unattached
23 Alejandro Hunter Silcarbon Racing Team
24 Adrien Gonzalez HG Bike Shop
25 Ariel Trujillo HG Bike Shop
26 George Pedroso Unattached
27 Josue Rafael Somi Bike
28 Aniel Alvarez Unattached
29 Gabriel Bea Somi Bike
30 Matthew Valencia Big Wheel
31 Amir Vasquez Unattached
32 Alfredo Serrano Club De Ciclismo Cardenas
33 Yoan Polo Unattached
34 Luis F benitez Somi Bike
35 Carlos Gonzalez Unattached
36 Geovany Barreiro Unattached
37 Ariel Trujillo HG Bike Shop
DNF Christian Lugo Rush Mack Cycle
DNF Jason Rondon Unattached
DNF Jonathan Solanilla Cranky It Up
DNF Angel Garcia Unattached
DNF Felix Niebla Unattached
DNF Maximilian Polo Rush Mack Cycle
DNF Kadel Piedrahita Somi Bike
DNF Johnny Solis HG Bike Shop
DNF Odel Inocencio HG Bike Shop
DNF Yamel Solana HG Bike Shop
DNF Jimmy De la luz caballero HG Bike Shop
DNF Rafael Curbelo HG Bike Shop
DNF Harry Martin Bike Link
DNF Orelvys Nolasco Unattached
DNF Osmel Cruz Bike Link
DNF Julian Torres Bike Link
DNF Randy Caraballo Rush Mack Cycle
DNF George Johnson Rush Mack Cycle
DNF Jacob Resnick Unattached
DNF Diego Bejerano Unattached
DNF Yoandry Gonzalez ramos Unattached
DNF Vere Carr Unattached
DNF Sydney Jones Endurance Cycling Club

Men Open 40-49 Master Plus

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ivan Chavez Unattached
2 James Wilson Carolina VelolCycle Center
3 Ricardo Romay HG Bike Shop
4 Dan Bond A1A Racing
5 Nelson Trujillo HD Bike Shop
6 Victor Herrera Alligator Cycling Club
7 Noslen Ruiz HG Bike Shop
8 Jose Armas D Professional
9 Eduardo Lopez CEIVER
10 Erdwin Buitrago Focus Racing Team
11 Almo Cattani Aminorip
12 Edwin Ortiz HG Bike Shop
13 Rodolfo Colon Aminorip
14 Leonel Figueredo HG Bike Shop
15 Alexander Suarez HG Bike Shop
16 Renier Suarez Unattached
17 Christopher Wright Unattached
18 Samuel Sanchez Colavita Racing Inc
19 Richard Diaz Cima Ghost Riders
20 Christian Viera Colavita Racing Inc
DNF Michael Sanchez Unattached
DNF Gus Salazar Focus Racing Team

Men Open 50+ Master Plus

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jose Solis D Professional
2 Jose Valdivia D Professional
4 Carlos Fuentes HG Bike Shop
5 Leonel Rodriguez Cima Cycles Ghost Riders
6 Guillermo Ruiz Bike Link
7 Cristian Tobar Patches Race Team
8 Jeff Martin Feedback Sports
9 Rigoberto Ramirez HG Bike Shop
10 Carlos Ortiz Cima Cycles Ghost Riders
11 Eddy Chacon Unattached
12 Brian Jones Unattached
13 Romina Mok Colavita Racing Inc
14 Gabriel Marin Unattached
15 Daniel Gorina Bike Link
DNF German Arango Colavita Racing Inc
DNF Gary Chin Unattached
DNF Lauren Dodge Automatic Racing
DNF Javier Ortiz Cima Cycles Ghost Riders
DNF Peter Ferralls Unattached
DNF Vanessa Ortiz Big Wheel Sunrise
DNF Manuel Trujillo Unattached

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