These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Men's Cat 1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Canyon Emmott Strike Cycling
2 David Wenger SUPER SQUADRA pb Eliel Cycling
3 Dan Ajer Super Squadra
4 Dennis Lastochkin Night Owls
5 Samuel Blackmon Super Squadra p/b Eliel Cycling
6 Brady Reed Strike Cycling
7 Michael Hinds Night Owls Racing
8 Ruarri Day-stirrat 787 Racing
DNF Quintin Chiapperino
DNF Stefan Zavislan District Taco Racing
DNF Christian Newton Night Owls
DNF Mitchell Sides Strike Cycling
DNF Justin Stanley United Cycling
DNF Casey Fulton CHEERBACKS of Fat Frogs Racing

Men Men's Cat 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Brian Luciano NorthWest Cycling Club
2 Mark Bozarth-dreher Night Owls Racing
3 Eric Quiat Moonshot
4 Nic Perez Blitz Racing
5 Spencer Jones Blitz Racing
6 Dustin Dixon Night Owls Racing
7 Michael Faber Sugar Cycles Racing
8 William Seitz Mission Devo Cycling p/b Tyler Perry Studios
9 David Sandvig Violet Crown Sports Association
10 Edward Pike Moonshot
11 Kyle Canzian ViM Racing
12 Wesley Gass Blitz Racing
13 Matthew Neugebauer Ride Away Cycling Club
14 Andrew Martin Night Owls
15 Omar Espinoza Shama Cycles
16 Thomass Traxler J.T. Cycling
17 Christian Fairly
18 Nicolas Fuentes PHENOM
19 Justin Ogden
20 Michael Neugebauer Ride Away Cycling Club
21 Angel Leal Bicycle Heaven/PVA
22 Brandon Copley Violet Crown Sports Association
23 Donald bergman ? Violet Crown Sports Association
24 Frank Hartmann Moonshot Racing
25 Aaron Nelson BOTDR - Cat III Elite Development Squad p/b Deck Builders Guild of Texas
26 Justin Evans PHENOM
27 Justin Paschall
DNF Bobby Garcia
DNF John Maloney Blue Agave Racing
DNF Brian Moynihan Night Owls
DNF Hunter Shelton Otto Velo Racing
DNF Ben Weatherly Phenom
DNF Lee Robinson PHENOM
DNF Gabe Looker Pure Racing p/b Assurance Financial Home Loans
DNF Alberto Guzman Ride Away Cycling Club
DNF Nathan Penland Ride Away Cycling Club | Team Final Boss
DNF Doug Baysinger Shama Cycles
DNF Donald Gwartney Team Life Cyclers
DNF Gregory Lastrapes Team Life Cyclers
DNF Todd Musick Team ZFG
DNF Clint Bradford Violet Crown Sports Association

Men Men's Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kory Williams Violet Crown Sports Association
2 Phil Reither Violet Crown
3 Daniel Altoran Weaver Technologies Racing
4 Keith Albright Blitz Racing
5 Anthony Velebil A Bloc
6 Isaac Grothe Ride Away Cycling Club
7 Ernesto Camero
8 Brian Faure Violet Crown Sports Association
9 Joshua Serna GOODSPEED Racing
10 Andy Mcclintic Team ZFG
11 Paul Franco Violet Crown Sports Association
12 Mike Threadgould Primal Endurance
13 Craig Chedsey Gnarly Routes / #TeamTrailParty
14 Casey Dzimiela USMES
15 Sean Bellinger Weaver Technologies Racing
16 Jeff Mckay Violet Crown Sports Association
17 Robert Jagitsch Violet Crown Sports Association
18 Christopher Colmenero Blitz Racing
19 Gian Vito Violet Crown Sports Association
20 Ivan Campos Team life cyclers
21 Jordan Scott Texas Pro Health
22 Michael Inman Blitz Racing
23 Carlos Torres Paragon Training
24 Sam Regonini
25 Adolfo Lozano Team life cyclers
26 David Cerqueira Blitz Racing
27 John Brzezinski
28 Zak Weiland Rocket Power
29 Jason Hunsinger Team Life Cyclers
30 George Bonelli Violet Crown
31 Alan Bryson
32 Paul Wegner Team Life Cyclers
33 Abel Garcia Team Life Cyclers (TLC)
34 Aaron Ellis Team Life Cyclers
35 Francisco Alvarez team life cyclers
36 Malachy Mckinney Team Life Cyclers
37 Alberico Flores Team Life Cyclers
38 Billy Pearson Team Life Cyclers
39 Gerardo Gomez Team Life Cyclers Corpus Christi Texas
40 Bradley Large Blitz Racing
41 Richard Lopez Blitz Racing
DNF Christian Welch
DNF Jacob Greathouse
DNF Richard Ruderman Blitz Racing
DNF Dan Carrion Blitz Racing
DNF Will Warrick Blitz Racing
DNF Jonathan Perry Powered by STAGES
DNF Walker Stewart Rocket Power
DNF Andre Watson Shama Cycles
DNF Lupe Alvarez team life cyclers
DNF John Maldonado iii Team Life Cyclers
DNF Robert Stubbs Team Life Cyclers
DNF Ronald Hammons Team Life Cyclers Racing
DNF Jesus Cordova TLC Racing

Men Men's Masters

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Chris St. peter Meteor-Allied
2 Brent Bellm Velo Roussillon Racing
3 Marc Coppedge Meteor-Allied
4 Robert Cornes US Military Endurance Sports/Action Bikes
5 Vince Dietsch Velo Roussillon Racing
6 John Meegan US Military Endurance Sports/Action Bikes
7 Jason Guzak DasWow Racing
8 David Guillory US Military Endurance Sports
9 Antonio Latto ATC Racing
10 Doug Zell Meteor-Allied
11 Ken Corby A bloc
12 Chisholm Macdonald Northwest Cycling Club
13 Ramsey Foster ATC Racing
14 Philip Sutherland Velo Roussillon
15 Christopher Trickey Team Wooly Mammoth
16 William Price Blue Agave Race Team
17 Frank Jurado Action Bikes
18 Stefan Hardie ATC Racing
DNF Geoffrey Maguire A' Bloc
DNF Zvonimir Gluhak Blitz Racing
DNF Ken hubacher ? Velo Roussillon Racing
DNF Paul Gerhardt Wlhous Bikes

Women Women Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Monica Merced PHENOM
2 Nicole Jurisch Shama Cycles
3 Melanie Clancy Ultra Violet
4 Emily Trahan Weaver Technologies Racing
5 Cathryn Josefina merla-watson Corazn Racing
6 Rachel Smith Crush Racing
7 Connie Hudson
8 Natalie Caballero PHENOM
9 Crystal Horn
DNF Nicole Mertz Team Dreamgirls
DNF Ash Duban Team Dreamgirls
DNF Sri Johnson Team Life Cyclers
DNF Alicia Danze Ultra Violet

Women Women Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Stephanie Trevino Corazn Racing
2 Anna Kurz
3 Brandie Papageorge Team Life Cyclers Corpus Christi Texas
DNF Erin Mikrut Corazn Racing