These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Road Race Men A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ean Pugh Marian University
2 Justin Bird Lindenwood University
3 Nathaniel Schoonover Lindenwood University
4 Jonah Meadvancort Lindenwood University
5 Michael Hemmerlin Marian University
6 Eli House Marian University
7 Jack Niewold University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
8 Jim Maddock
9 Spencer Miller Marian University
10 Trevor Arunsiripate Iowa State University
11 Anton A smirnov University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
DNF Andrew Einspanier University of Wisconsin-Madison
DNF Theo Arden Lawrence University
DNF Jacob Keller University of Wisconsin-Madison
DNF Anthony Pratt University of Notre Dame
DNF Tyler Curtis Lindenwood University
DNF Bryan Burpee Marian University
DNF Brad Green Marian University

Road Race Men B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Cayden Whitehill Lindenwood University
2 Jack Jones University of Wisconsin-Madison
3 Ian Breitlow University of Wisconsin-Platteville
4 Imraan Gasant Marian University
5 Nathan Martin University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
6 Adam Opolka University of Wisconsin-Platteville
7 Nicholas Scaggs Wright State University
8 Junhe Hu Case Western Reserve University
9 Ian Barrett Wright State University
10 Nathaniel Ganger Marian University
11 Conrad Keglowitsch Marian University
12 Ethan Nelson Lindenwood University
13 Zac Ooi University of Chicago
14 Riley Cockerill University of Wisconsin-Madison
15 Nick Vander velden University of Wisconsin-Madison
DNF Thomas Rotherham Marian University

Road Race Men C

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Noah Reckers Ripon College
2 Jake Spaude University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
3 Calhan Norman Lindenwood University
4 Sam Drangeid University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
5 Joe Schnapp Lindenwood University
6 Joshua Elz Lindenwood University
7 Juan Gonzalez Marian University
8 Riley Nilsen University of Wisconsin-Madison
9 Park Walter University of Wisconsin-Madison
10 Daniel Weiss University of Chicago
11 William Walker University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
12 Lucas Aronson University of Wisconsin-Madison
13 Ricardo Ramirez Marian University
14 Joe Miles Marian University
15 John Peters
DNF Daniel Nesbitt Marian University
DNF Matthew Harrison Marian University

Road Race Men D

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Andrew Johnston
2 Jonathan Bauer Purdue University
3 Benjamin Iesalnieks University of Minnesota-Duluth
4 Tanner Reinholtz University of Wisconsin-Platteville
5 Cory Flood University of Wisconsin-Platteville
6 Tommy Goetz Purdue University
7 Andrew Norvilas University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
8 Niels Zaunmueller University of Wisconsin-Madison
9 Jason Lau Lawrence University
10 Evan Hamlin University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
11 Chandler Ballard pepper Marian University
12 Rafael Medero University of Wisconsin-Madison
13 Kedar Pascal satyanand
14 Elliott Holt Ripon College
15 Conner Evans University of Wisconsin-Platteville
16 Eric Yang
17 Juan Carlos gonzalez navarro Marian University
18 David Savage Purdue University
19 Kyle Pierson University of Wisconsin-Platteville
20 Willem Van vliet University of Chicago
21 Adrian Hansen Purdue University
22 Chris Stibal Iowa State University
23 Tony Olson University of Minnesota-Duluth
24 Arihant Kalidindi Case Western Reserve University
25 Aj Mccallum Marian University
26 Owen Reich University of Wisconsin-Platteville
27 Zach Pattison University of Minnesota-Duluth
28 Christian Frederickson University of Notre Dame
29 Nate Merz #N/A
30 Camden Jackson Iowa State University
31 Jeremy Soto University of Wisconsin-Platteville
32 Kinyee Sin University of Minnesota-Duluth
33 Jonathan Karch University of Notre Dame
34 Hudson Shih University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
35 Robert Shellhamer University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
36 David Shakirov 0
DNF Chasen Brutocao University of Notre Dame

Road Race Women A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Samantha Runnels Lindenwood University
2 Alijah Beatty Marian University
3 Annika Teschke Lindenwood University
4 Rachel Cross Marian University
5 Mikaela Toloday Marian University
6 Erin Nalley Auburn University

Road Race Women B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Annica Burmester University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
2 Linnea Benson Marian University
3 Birgit Morris Marian University
4 Andrea S krushefski University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
5 Micah Mason Lindenwood University
6 Elizabeth Callison University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
7 Caroline Shaw Iowa State University
8 Hannah Landman University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Road Race Women C

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jacqueline Larouche University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
2 Katie Krauska University of Wisconsin-Madison
3 Liza Pekurovsky University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
4 Leah Adelman University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
5 Adrianna Yoder Case Western Reserve University
6 Karina M. lugo-cintrn University of Wisconsin-Madison
7 Yelyzaveta Basan Lindenwood University
8 Magdalena Glotzer University of Chicago
9 Aliana Ruxin