These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Master 40+ Cat 1/2/3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 David Gerth Langlois Brown Racing 7:34:40
2 Jeffrey Werner Langlois Brown Racing 7:38:01
3 Vincent Marcotte Langlois Brown Racing 7:38:24
4 Paul Bourcier TCNF.Legal p/b West End Bikes 7:38:44
5 Matthew Van nostrand Fulgas 7:39:28
6 Brian Falkowski Este Racing 7:39:30
7 Shawn Howard Vertical Earth Cda 7:40:02
8 Mike Robson Tenspeed Hero 7:40:17
9 Marty Heck Fulgas 7:40:26
10 Dean Broomham Langlois Brown racing 7:40:26
11 Joshua Simmons Estes Racing 7:41:17
12 David Chipchase Liquid Velo Cycling Team 7:41:30
13 Maurice Worsfold Hewdog racing 7:42:37
14 Chris Worsfold Hew Dog Racing 7:45:10
15 Paul Beard Langlois Brown Racing 7:45:35
16 Aaron Jones Apex Racing 7:46:32
17 Bradlee Haley Liquid Velo 7:49:49
18 George Wright Este Racing 7:51:04
19 Bob Bautista Este Racing 7:51:17
20 Michael Wegner Langlois Brown Racing 7:51:40
21 Coby Cragg United Velo 7:52:46
22 Dee Patterson 7:53:13
23 Julian Soh Audi 7:57:15
24 Paul Craik United Velo Racing 8:04:39
DNF Alex Aguinaldo Apex Racing Team #VALUE!
DNF Ryan Downey Este Racing #VALUE!
DNF Kyle Farrell Keller Rohrback Racing #VALUE!
DNF Jeff Gaeckle Liquid Velo Cycling Team #VALUE!
DNF Cortino Garcia Team Reel Theatre #VALUE!
DNF Lance Huber Fulgas #VALUE!
DNF Chris Joosse Tacoma Bike Racing Team #VALUE!
DNF Paul Krzywicki Glotman Simpson #VALUE!
DNF Jonathan Wood Langlois Brown Racing #VALUE!
DNF Ted Matson #VALUE!

Men Master 50+ Cat 1/2/3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Matthew Brown Fulgas 7:34:25
2 Dieter Fox Fount Cycling Guild 7:39:39
3 Mark Meuleman Este Racing 7:40:11
4 John Browning Evolution Racing Team 7:40:11
5 Mark Sherman Langlois Brown Racing 7:40:16
6 Sean Phillips DropBar Racing 7:40:19
7 Richard Loney FULGAS Cycling Club 7:40:26
8 David Gordon Olympia Orthopaedic Associates 7:41:05
9 Brad Halstead Olympia Orthopaedics Associates 7:41:29
10 Nikos Mills Dropbar Racing 7:41:41
11 Trevor Mellish United Velo 7:46:46
12 David Root Therapeutic Associates Pacific 7:49:10
13 Scott Monett Tacoma Bike Racing 7:52:48
DNF Chris Adolf Fell Swoop Racing Team #VALUE!
DNF Denny Bartlett Dropbar Racing #VALUE!
DNF Brett Gaspers Apex Racing Team #VALUE!
DNF David Hart Therapeutic Associates Pacific #VALUE!
DNF Gregory Kauper Drop Bar Racing #VALUE!
DNF Roger Lee Langlois Brown Racing #VALUE!
DNF Gregory Luniewski Caliber Home Loans #VALUE!
DNF Bukie Mabayoje #VALUE!
DNF Anthony Pawley Team Tomato #VALUE!
DNF Douglas Reid Mission Endurance #VALUE!
DNF David Saltzberg Therapeutic Associates Racing p #VALUE!
DNF John Langley Fulgas #VALUE!

Men Master 60+ Cat 1/2/3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Dirk Cowley Velo Sport Racing 4:53:22
2 Garth Ferber Taco Time 4:57:05
3 Mark Clausen Taco Time NW 5:05:36
4 Christopher Soelling Taco Time NW Cycling Team 5:47:41
5 David Friedt Taco Time NW cycling team 6:10:29
DNF Paul Coffee Morgan Stanley p/b Old Town Bic #VALUE!

Men Senior Cat 1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kaler Marshall Hangar 15 Bicycles 7:06:12
2 Florenz Knauer Herrmann Radteam 7:06:35
3 Kai Applequist Mercedes Benz p/b Insiduous Des 7:06:49
4 Christopher Ernst Hewdog Racing 7:07:05
5 Alexander Fraser-maraun Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosai 7:07:26
6 Warren Muir Lead Out Project 7:07:32
7 Patrick Riddell Langlois Brown Racing 7:07:39
8 Jeremy Ward Mercedes Benz p/b Insiduous Des 7:08:29
9 Nicholas Monette Mighty Cycling 7:08:37
10 Kyle Buckosky Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosai 7:08:51
11 Sam Horn Mighty Cycling 7:09:24
12 Justin Homewood Langlois Brown Racing 7:10:09
13 Amiel Flett-brown Glotman Simpson Cycling 7:10:13
14 Wacek Godycki Therapeutic Associates Pacific 7:11:38
15 Nigel Kinney Langlois Brown Racing 7:12:43
16 Jack Bardi Velobody p/b Slocum 7:14:38
17 Jay Lamoureux Broad Street Cycles 7:14:57
18 Aris Sophocles Evolution Racing Team/Blazin Sa 7:14:57
19 Erik Hammerquist Velobody p/b Slocum 7:15:07
20 Austin Arguello Therapeutic Associates Pacific 7:15:11
21 Jacob Rubuliak Tag Cycling 7:15:21
22 Will Teal Font Guild Cycling 7:15:25
23 Allan Schroeder Team 7:15:37
24 David Kuhns Team Oregon P/B rodda paint 7:15:48
25 Brian Mccleerey Apex Racing 7:16:02
26 Brendan Cowley Ride With Rendall 7:16:15
27 Sherwood Plant Langlois Brown Racing 7:16:59
28 Keelan Ontiveros Velobody p/b Slocum 7:17:22
29 Mark Yoder Team 7:17:35
30 Ryan Short Este Racing 7:17:37
31 Craig Patrick Team 7:17:55
32 Nicholas Zendler Liquid Velo 7:18:24
33 Alex Yale Therapeutic Associates Pacific 7:19:10
34 Ian Spivack Family bike shop Racing 7:22:05
35 Mark Bonar Hewdog Racing 7:23:05
36 Christian Gomes Lead Out Project 7:23:52
37 Zhaolong Wu Team Oregon P/B rodda paint 7:24:15
38 Cooper Rombold Este Racing 7:27:56
39 Brandon Lynch Mercedes Benz p/b Insiduous Des 7:28:45
40 Justin Rose Team 7:29:18
41 Scott Ofarrell Fount Cycling Guild 7:35:26
42 Zachary Konings Hewdog Racing 7:36:28
43 Ruslan Gadzhiiev Hewdog Racing 7:40:40
44 Griffin Park 7:41:18
45 Andrew Austin Liquid Velo 7:44:11
46 Robb Floth Mercedes Benz p/b Insiduous Des 7:52:17
47 Robert Tornai Therapeutic Associates Pacific 8:02:57
48 Wai-ben Wong Glotman Simpson Cycling 8:06:45
DNF Kyle Peterek Apex Racing #VALUE!
DNF Ayden Young Audi #VALUE!
DNF Zor Keeler Audi #VALUE!
DNF Brian Baumhover Audi #VALUE!
DNF Benjamin Peterson Audi #VALUE!
DNF Zachary Kovalcik Black Lodge Cycling #VALUE!
DNF Sean Richardson Cannondale #VALUE!
DNF Bill Booth Este Racing #VALUE!
DNF Leif Olson Este Racing #VALUE!
DNF David Richter Fount Cycling Guild #VALUE!
DNF Chris Wilson Fount Cycling Guild #VALUE!
DNF Branden Russell Fount Cycling Guild #VALUE!
DNF Manuel Fehlmann Fulgas #VALUE!
DNF Jem Arnold Glotman Simpson Cycling #VALUE!
DNF Thomas Wallace Glotman Simpson Cycling #VALUE!
DNF Adam Holcombe Glotman Simpson Cycling #VALUE!
DNF Dylan Wiwad Glotman Simpson Cycling #VALUE!
DNF Marc Dupuis Hewdog Racing #VALUE!
DNF Elijah Louttit Hewdog Racing #VALUE!
DNF Dylan Davies Langlois Brown Racing #VALUE!
DNF Wilson Tran Langlois Brown Racing #VALUE!
DNF Ryan Aitcheson Langlois Brown Racing #VALUE!
DNF Nicholas Jones Langlois Brown Racing #VALUE!
DNF Ryan Golbeck Mighty Cycling #VALUE!
DNF Grant Gill Mighty Cycling #VALUE!
DNF John Willcox Ride with Rendall #VALUE!
DNF Baili Guidi Tag Cycling #VALUE!
DNF Conor Martin Tag Cycling #VALUE!
DNF Ethan Pauly Tag Cycling #VALUE!
DNF Douglass Cook Team #VALUE!
DNF David Miller Therapeutic Associates Pacific #VALUE!
DNF Aaron Mcclintock Therapeutic Associates Pacific #VALUE!
DNF Scott Scholz Therapeutic Associates Pacific #VALUE!
DNF Oliver Evans Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosai #VALUE!
DNF Alexander Murison Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosai #VALUE!
DNF Riley Pickrell Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosai #VALUE!
DNF Brendan Armstrong Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosai #VALUE!
DNF Chris Macleod Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosai #VALUE!
DNF Adam Choate Unattached #VALUE!
DNF Darryl Schives United Velo #VALUE!
DNF Brendan Sheerin Velobody p/b Slocum #VALUE!
DNF Max Ritzow Velobody p/b Slocum #VALUE!
DNF Duncan Bryson Victoria Wheelers #VALUE!
DNF Cole Glover Victoria Wheelers #VALUE!
DNF Graham Lock Hewdog Racing #VALUE!
DNF Theodore Schwartz Font Guild Cycling #VALUE!

Men Senior Cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Caleb Bender TaG Cycling Race Team 7:43:19
2 David Kuester Fount Cycling Guild 7:43:30
3 William Broeker Este racing 7:45:10
4 Rocky White Apex Racing 7:45:35
5 Dylan Dalgas Rogue 7:47:58
6 Miles Farrow johnson Apex Racing 7:49:23
7 Parker Mckean Fount Cycling Guild 7:49:40
8 Nicholas Mendenhall Apex Racing 7:50:24
9 Josh Adams ESTE Racing 7:50:24
10 Sawyer Bosch Team Bobs Bicycles Cycling Club 7:50:39
11 Kevin Vaughn Hagens Berman Cycling 7:50:43
12 Matthew Cox Glotman Simpson Cycling Club 7:50:48
13 Maarten Brugmans Egencia 7:50:51
14 Samuel Hogman Victoria Wheelers 7:51:14
15 Chris Sarrett Dialed Cycling Team 7:51:24
16 Nathan Hakken Apex Racing 7:51:31
17 Christopher Dennis Caliber Home Loans / Gerk's 7:51:48
18 Justin Heinen Taco Time Northwest 7:52:02
19 Evan Mcbeath Cannondale 7:52:18
20 Zachary Johnson Wenatchee Valley Velo 7:52:46
21 Colin Fowlow Glotman Simpson Cycling 7:52:58
22 Sean Bunce Fount Cycling Guild 8:00:45
23 Ken Daugherty Fount Cycling Guild 8:11:27
24 George Romer Hagens Berman 8:20:52
DNF Nathaniel Bean Apex Racing #VALUE!
DNF Adam Coppock Fulgas #VALUE!
DNF Chad Eberle Glotman Simpson Cycling #VALUE!
DNF Daniel Fealk Apex Racing #VALUE!
DNF Andrew Funamoto Glotman Simpson Cycling #VALUE!
DNF Artem Shmidt #VALUE!
DNF Will Harrison Apex Racing #VALUE!
DNF Ian Hilts Glotman Simpson Cycling #VALUE!
DNF Taro Laframboise Victoria Wheelers #VALUE!
DNF Matt Mcwhirter Fount Cycling Guild #VALUE!
DNF Kristian Miller Ten Speed Hero #VALUE!
DNF David Mullen Hagens Berman #VALUE!
DNF Ryan Olson Independent #VALUE!
DNF Michael Parrish Glotman Simpson Cycling #VALUE!
DNF Jonathan Raffaeli TEAM ODZ #VALUE!
DNF Michael Stobart Glotman Simpson Cycling #VALUE!
DNF Cody Therrien Victoria Wheelers Cycling Club #VALUE!
DNF Alex Turpin Apex Racing #VALUE!
DNF Elliott Usher Glotman Simpson #VALUE!
DNF Travis Venable Audi #VALUE!
DNF Mark Watson Hagens Berman #VALUE!
DNF Jason Whitley Team Oregon #VALUE!
DNF Tom Wyatt Fount Cycling Guild #VALUE!
DNF Carlton Monson PSCC #VALUE!

Men Senior Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Zachary Gudwin Kryki Sports 4:44:15
2 Trenton Starkey Fount Cycling Guild 4:45:05
3 Joaquin Luna Egencia 4:45:27
4 Chris Harbers Audi 4:46:27
5 Paul Young 4:46:57
6 Mathew Szymanowski Victoria Wheelers Cycling Club 4:47:04
7 Andrey Bykovskiy Fount Cycling Guild 4:47:06
8 Kieron Crossley WWU Cycling 4:48:03
9 Joshua Little Monarch Racing 4:49:20
10 Peter Snoblin Monarch Racing 4:50:17
11 Lauren Johnson Wenatchee Valley Velo 4:50:20
12 Grant Fraser Glotman Simpson Cycling 4:50:53
13 Campbell Parrish Cannondale pb Fortius 4:52:13
14 Manu Moore Cannondale 4:52:49
15 David Roberts 4:52:52
16 Ryan Malm Chinook Racing 4:52:55
17 Erik Haaheim independent 4:53:29
18 Edgardo Hernandez OMG Racing 4:55:24
19 Kevin Spiegel TVV - STARS Racing 4:55:55
20 David Mccormick Glotman Simpson Cycling 4:56:06
21 Skylar Siner 4:56:13
22 Evan Richardson Team Cannondale/Escape Velocity 4:57:17
23 Curt Busch Fount Cycling Guild 4:58:53
24 Jesse Maris tacoma bike racing team 4:59:33
25 Christopher Quast Bearded Monkey Racing 5:02:20
26 Caden Stockwell Wenatchee Valley Velo 5:03:36
27 Alex Nelson Chinook Racing 5:03:46
28 Daniel Rossano Fount 5:03:51
29 Chad Eder Chinook Racing 5:12:24
30 Joel Worman Red Devils Cycling Academy 5:15:43
31 Adrian Magun Apex Racing 5:24:17
32 Cory Applebury Seattle Race Club/ Hagens Berma 5:27:54
33 Neil Dezarn WWU 5:52:24
34 Cooper Waters 6:07:39
DNF Roberto Castro Wenatchee Valley Velo #VALUE!
DNF John Graham Fount Cycling Guild #VALUE!
DNF Robert Hansen Wenatchee Valley Velo #VALUE!
DNF Owen Kendall Apex Racing #VALUE!
DNF Bruno Zbinden Liquid Velo #VALUE!

Men Senior Cat 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Brandon Wagner 4:45:30
2 Elliott Skopin Apex Racing 4:45:54
3 Ryan Smolinsky Wenatchee Velo 4:46:12
4 Andrew Arnold Bearded Monkey Cycling 4:51:45
5 Noah Rubuliak independent 4:55:15
6 Kyle Sanford Wenatchee Valley Velo 4:56:16
7 Tyler Free Liquid Velo 4:56:22
8 Ty Driskel Team ODZ 4:56:48
9 Ryan Kettleson ODZ 4:59:04
10 Ryan Meinhardt Audi 5:00:59
11 Andreas Broxson Wenatchee Valley Velo 5:01:51
12 Gary Winberg Fount Cycling Guild 5:02:28
13 Matthew Dorsett Kryki Sports 5:03:46
14 Kyle Stumetz Bearded Monkey Racing 5:04:42
15 Linglan Fang Kryki Sports/Audi 5:08:12
16 John Stoker TeamODZ 5:08:51
17 Larry Peterson Wenatchee Valley Velo 5:09:52
18 Morgan Simental Taco Time Northwest 5:20:03
19 Steve Moore 0 5:24:38
20 Craig Saxby Wenatchee Valley Velo 5:34:41
21 Jeffrey Youde 5:39:02
22 Michael Tupper Chinook Cycling Club 6:07:22
23 Glenn Silver Allegro Racing 6:39:38
DNF Jason Bell #VALUE!
DNF Pablo Castrillo Audi #VALUE!
DNF Nathan Gallahan US Military Endurance Sports #VALUE!
DNF Hyunjong Lee Hedrick Racing #VALUE!
DNF Ivan Lesko #VALUE!
DNF Jared Rolen Chinook Racing #VALUE!
DNF Ben Rotert Allegro Cyclery Racing #VALUE!
DNF Luke Astell Wenatchee Valley Velo #VALUE!

Women Senior Cat 1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michelle Howe Northwest Tri & Bike 5:13:51
2 Claire Cameron Fluevog's Crit Nasty 5:14:01
3 Janna Gillick Glotman Simpson Cycling 5:14:08
4 Zoe Saccio Fluevog's Crit Nasty 5:14:30
5 Sonia Taylor Glotman Simpson Cycling 5:14:45
6 Sarah Van dam Trek Red Truck Racing P/B Mosai 5:14:50
7 Emilly Johnston TaG Cycling Race team 5:15:20
8 Sarah Coney LA Sweat 5:15:21
9 Caroline Kenning Mighty Cycling 5:16:06
10 Krista Matthews Glotman Simpson Cycling 5:16:07
11 Holly Simonson Trek Red Truck Racing P/B Mosai 5:16:09
12 Pamela Troyer Mighty Cycling 5:16:43
13 Brenna Pauly Trek Red Truck Racing pb/Mosaic 5:17:04
14 Kristen Kit InstaFund La Prima 5:17:07
15 Alesha Miller Fulgas 5:17:16
16 Joanie Caron Fluevog's Crit Nasty 5:18:38
17 Elle Bush Cannondale p/b Fortius 5:18:40
18 Jennifer Gerth Fluevog's Crit Nasty 5:22:38
19 Micaiah Besler Glotman Simpson Cycling 5:30:09
20 Madeleine Dupuis Fluevog's Crit Nasty 5:47:12
DNF Jasmine Soh Trek Red Truck Racing P/B Mosai #VALUE!

Women Senior Cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Lilly Ujfalusi Cannondale pb Fortius 5:15:21
2 Holly Henry Broad Street Cycles 5:15:33
3 Margaux Mcbirney Liquid Velo 5:16:38
4 Caitlin Wallin Team Cannondale 5:17:18
5 Debra Parker Watt Riot Cycling 5:18:15
6 Julie Strong Este Racing 5:19:38
7 Lauren Marshall Mighty cycling 5:20:31
8 Nichola Bendle Mighty Cycling 5:21:56
9 Kelsey Spiegel Team Digestive Health Clinic Bo 5:32:56
10 Olga Magun Team Thrive p/b Kaiser Permanen 5:39:02
11 Nadine Carter Team Digestive Health Clinic Bo 5:39:22
DNF Jessica Deneweth Liquid Velo Cycling #VALUE!

Women Senior Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Veronica Ewers Fount Cycling Guild 4:51:24
2 Stephanie Arnold Bearded Monkey Racing 4:51:56
3 Aid Wuerr Cannondale 5:07:46
4 Toria Kalyniuk TaG Cycling Race Team 5:15:36
5 Morgan Aguirre Fount Cycling Guild 5:17:16
6 Anna Johnson Western Washington University 5:17:59
7 Lynnly Kunz 5:20:13
8 Darci Gillespie Fount 5:35:59
9 Samantha Devoir Allegro Cyclery Racing 6:12:21
10 Kaelen Coles-lyster TaG Cycling race team 6:30:20
11 Jessica Grunke Team Digestive Health Clinic Bo 6:43:33
DNF Anne Farawila Chinook cycling club #VALUE!
DNF Samantha Scott Team VeloSport Junior Dev Irvin #VALUE!