These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Lucas Bourgoyne Elevate-Khs 3:30:31
2 Chris Tolley Elbowz Racing 3:32:24
3 Andy Jobin Elbowz Racing 3:35:28
4 Stefan Rothe Elbowz Racing 3:36:29
5 Zach Stein Elbowz Racing 3:36:31
6 Paul Carty Daswow 3:36:35
7 Mason Quintana Daswow Racing 3:36:41
8 Eli Husted Hot Tubes Cycling 3:37:08
9 Ruarri Day-stirrat 787 Racing 3:39:01
10 Tice Porterfield Elbowz Racing 3:39:20
11 Seth Pelusi Crest Rbm s.t.
12 Randy Lee Giant Lakeside Audi Mckinney Pb Baylor Scott & White s.t.
13 Pablo Cruz Dna Racing P/B Allied Cycle Works s.t.
14 Preston Glace Elbowz Racing s.t.
15 Corey Bounds Team Yacht Club s.t.
16 Maximilian Hall Shred Monster s.t.
17 Emiliano Morales Team Ccr Roofing s.t.
18 Mario Arroyave Elevate Cycling Team 3:39:26
19 Brady Reed Strike Cycling 3:39:34
20 Tyler Cutbirth Daswow Racing 3:39:45
21 Michael Pincus Team Ccr Roofing 3:41:06
DNF Stephan Sanchez DNF
DNF Mark Niiro United Cycling Team DNF
DNF James Day Shred Monster DNF
DNF Patrick Hallett Daswow Racing DNF
DNF Jonathan Hughes Daswow Racing DNF
DNF Dennis Lastochkin Night Owls DNF
DNF Jaco Cronje DNF
DNF Kevin Schaefer Daswow Racing DNF
DNF Christian Newton Night Owls DNF

Men Cat 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mark Bozarth-dreher Night Owls Racing 3:04:25
2 Spencer Jones Blitz Racing s.t.
3 Steve Brown 3:04:28
4 Wesley Gass Blitz Racing s.t.
5 Brian Moynihan Night Owls 3:04:31
6 David Golden Pure Racing s.t.
7 Paolo Pelusi Crest Rbm s.t.
8 Andrew Martin Night Owls s.t.
9 Justin Evans Phenom s.t.
10 Jack Makohon Rockwall Racing s.t.
11 Alan Barrows 787 Racing s.t.
12 Andres Boza Violet Crown s.t.
13 Noah Williams Volharden s.t.
14 Travis Crisman Pearland Cycling Race Team s.t.
15 Jason Carter Blitz Racing s.t.
16 Reggie Jonaitis Williams Racing Academy s.t.
17 Richard Wootten Shama Cycles s.t.
18 Matthew Neugebauer Ride Away Cycling Club 3:04:49
19 Justin Paschall 3:05:06
20 Michael Neugebauer Ride Away Cycling Club 3:05:10
21 Steve Sprinkle 3:05:15
22 Nicolas Fuentes Phenom 3:05:49
23 Brandon Copley Violet Crown Sports Association 3:05:56
24 Kyle Canzian Vim Racing 3:06:34
25 Oktay Demirdal Pure Racing P/B Assurance Financial Home Loans 3:07:26
26 Bryce Billing Violet Crown Sports Association 3:08:20
27 Adrian Campos Pearland Racing Team 3:28:58
28 Ben Weatherly Phenom 3:29:55
29 James Daniels Violet Crown Sports Association 3:36:15
30 Jose Ketterhagen 787 Racing
31 Remigio Del rio gonzález Blitz Racing s.t.
DNF Noah Bartsch Atc Racing DNF
DNF Jeff Makohon Rockwall Racing DNF

Men Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kory Williams Violet Crown Sports Association 2:36:11
2 Lars Betancourt Sugar Cycles Racing Team s.t.
3 Andy Fortin s.t.
4 Hunter Shelton Otto Velo Racing s.t.
5 Daniel Altoran Weaver Technologies Racing s.t.
6 Will Warrick Blitz Racing s.t.
7 Michael Faber Sugar Cycles Racing s.t.
8 Ramkumar Gowrikumar Sugar Cycles Racing s.t.
9 Sam Comer Violet Crown Sports Assc. s.t.
10 Sean Gunther Pure Racing s.t.
11 Eric Alvarado Dallas Bike Works s.t.
12 Nicolas Guzman Team Shred Monster s.t.
13 Christian Fairly 2:36:27
14 Peter Murray #Teamhighviz 2:36:29
15 Luke Williams Otto Velo Racing 2:37:55
16 Shon Sparks Sugar Cycles Racing 2:38:19
17 Jacob Greathouse 2:38:36
18 Robert Jagitsch Violet Crown Sports Association 2:39:00
19 Paul Porterfield Weaver Technologies Racing s.t.
20 Jose Escudero Texas State Cycling 2:39:16
21 Scott Willeford Eliel Factory Team 2:40:26
22 Eric Grant Violet Crown Sports Association 2:44:27
23 Miles Camp Phenom 2:46:20
24 Gian Vito Violet Crown Sports Association 2:54:09
25 Scott Williamson 2:57:39
26 Braeden Sawyer Phenom Cycle Club 3:00:30
27 Jeff Mckay Violet Crown Sports Association 3:02:29
28 James Mcdaniel Violet Crown Sports Association 3:03:03
29 David Cerqueira Blitz Racing s.t.
30 Garrett Kelly University Of Texas At Austin 3:11:12
32 Daniel Gaspard Nwcc DSQ
DNF Jonatan Ayala DNF
DNF Ken Corby A Bloc DNF
DNF Paul Franco Violet Crown Sports Association DNF
DNF Luke Pharis Williams Racing DNF
DNF Philip Heck Violet Crown DNF
DNF Norman Wilhelm Blue Agave Racing DNF
DNF Chris Tran DNF
DNF Andrew Callan Violet Crown DNF

Men Master 40+ Cat 1/2/3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Chris Carlson Matrix/Rbm 2:23:05
2 John martin Bikesport Meteor-Allied s.t.
3 Marc Coppedge Meteor-Allied s.t.
4 Chris St. peter Meteor-Allied s.t.
5 Jason Lewiss Atc Racing s.t.
6 Doug Zell Meteor-Allied s.t.
7 Bret Roberts A Bloc' s.t.
8 John Taylor s.t.
9 John Meegan Us Military Endurance Sports/Action Bikes s.t.
10 David Richardson Mellow Johnnys Masters s.t.
11 John Korioth Mellow Johnnys Masters 2:23:14
12 Johnathan Conley Velo Roussillon Racing s.t.
13 Ramsey Foster Atc Racing s.t.
14 Alex Rodriguez Atc Racing 2:23:23
15 Vince Dietsch Velo Roussillon Racing 2:23:27
16 Jason Guzak Daswow Racing 2:24:30
17 Robert Cornes Us Military Endurance Sports/Action Bikes 2:25:06
18 Frank Jurado Action Bikes 2:26:10
19 Douglas Ray Dna Cycling Texas Masters 2:30:39
20 James Murff Holland Racing s.t.
21 Roman Lobkovsky Ruckus Racing Project P/B Easy Rider 2:31:34
22 Antonio Latto Atc Racing 2:34:14
23 Frazer Worley Mellow Johnny's Masters 2:35:58
24 Offir Schwartz 2:42:54
25 Eric Warnsman Blur Racing P/B Blur Cycleworks 2:47:27
26 George Heagerty Geri Atrix 2:50:57
27 John miller Bicycle-heaven Geri Atrix 2:56:59
DNF Frederick Culverhouse DNF
DNF Brian Niederhaus Bat City Cycling DNF
DNF Eric Knuth A Bloc DNF

Women Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sheri Rothe Specialized Wolfpack P/B Jakroo 2:41:26
2 Katie Kantzes Specialized Wolfpack P/B Jakroo s.t.
3 Jaime Larmer Team Elevate Racing 2:50:14
4 Nicole Jurisch Shama Cycles s.t.
5 Emily Trahan Weaver Technologies Racing s.t.
6 Rheannon Cunningham Atx Sirens Driveway Sheros 2:50:32
7 Chelsea Smith Atx Sirens Driveway Sheros s.t.
8 Samantha Goldenstein Us Military Endurance Sports 2:50:35
9 Natalie Caballero Phenom s.t.
10 Tamra Roberts Atx Driveway Sirens 2:50:41
11 Melanie Clancy Ultra Violet 2:51:27
12 Nicole Mertz Meteor-Allied 2:52:41
13 Monica Merced Phenom s.t.
14 Sara Yancovitz 2:58:36
DNF Sonya Manson Atx Sirens Driveway Sheros DNF
DNF Connie Hudson DNF
DNF Margaux Salas Colavita Texas DNF
DNF Chelsea Reedy Matrix/RBM DNF
DNF Ash Duban DNF

Women Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Emily Slack Phenom 2:08:20
2 Sydney Patton Violet Crown Sport Association s.t.
3 Caitlin White Violet Crown Sports Association s.t.
4 Teryn Roberts Colavita Racing Inc. 2:08:26
5 Chrissy Oyler Violet Crown Sport Association 2:08:29
6 Katelynne Marsan Atx Sirens Driveway Sheros 2:26:57