These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Josh Adams Este Racing
2 Will Harrison Apex Racing Team
3 Andrew Austin Liquid Velo
4 Devon Wright Este Racing
5 Kyle Peterek Apex Racing Team
6 Benjamin Swedberg Este Racing
7 Nicholas Zendler Liquid Velo
8 Mark Meuleman Este Racing
9 Brian Falkowski Este Racing
10 Mike Schwindeller Audi/Kryki Sports Racing
11 Mike Robson Ten Speed Hero
12 Caden Stockwell Wenatchee Valley Belo
13 Adrian Magun Apex Racing Team
14 Stuart Ayling Este Racing
15 Bill Booth Este Racing
16 Christopher Dennis Caliber Home Loans / Gerk's
17 Julian Soh Audi/Kryki Sports Racing
18 Josh Crow
19 Bradlee Haley Liquid Velo
20 Steve Sonheim Liquid Velo
21 Trevor Kosa Olympia Orthopaedic Associates
22 Craig Hammond Audi/Kryki Sports Racing
23 John Wolters Ten Speed Hero
24 Jason Corbridge Liquid Velo
25 Peter Beels Apex Racing Team
26 Sun Dang Audi/Kryki Sports Racing
27 Rick Wiedmann Caliber Home Loans/Gerk's
28 David Chipchase Liquid Velo
29 Stephen Gingrich Apex Racing Team
29 David Lanier Audi/Kryki Sports Racing
29 Alex Turpin Apex Racing Team
29 James Mitchell Audi/Kryki Sports Racing
29 Jesse Nofziger Liquid Velo
29 Clinton Anderson
29 Scot Weeks Caliber Home Loans/Gerk's

Men Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Chris Harbers Audi/Kryki Sports Racing
2 Tyler Lock Natural Grocers Cycling Team
3 Ian Mccallum Natural Grocers Cycling Team
4 Russell Wyatt Fount Cycling Guild
5 Troy Seeborn Audi/Kryki Sports Racing
6 Ryan Hentz Natural Grocers Cycling Team
7 Ryan Meinhardt Audi/Kryki Sports Racing
8 Andrey Bykovskiy Fount Cycling Guild
9 Prashanth Selvaraj Audi/Kryki Sports Racing
10 Samuel Hjelm Gerard Launch Pad
11 Pablo Castrillo Audi/Kryki Sports Racing
12 Jeffrey Boden Apex Racing Team
13 Ryan Havill Taco Time Northwest Cycling Team
14 Ray Lamont Caliber Home Loans/Gerk's
15 Jesse Maris Tacoma Bike Racing Team
16 William Cucco HagenBerman/Society Consulting
17 Changren Yong Audi/Kryki Sports Racing
18 Kirk Canfield
19 Mark Clausen Taco Time Northwest Cycling Team
20 Bradley Williams Northwest Tri & Bike
21 Ivan Lesko
22 Alex Aguinaldo Apex Racing Team
23 Justin Kong Audi/Kryki Sports Racing
24 Alexander Bennett CycleU
25 Jayson Stevens
25 Matthew Dorsett Kryki Sports / Audi
25 James Leinbach
25 James Wright Taco Time Northwest Cycling Team
25 Justin Foster
25 Michael Young Olympia Orthopaedic Associates
25 Deeson Patterson Rad Racing NW
25 Zachary Gudwin Audi/Kryki Sports Racing
25 Nathan Sabol Rad Racing NW
25 Florin Folta Taco Time Northwest Cycling Team
25 James Shields Liquid Velo
25 Walter Howard Notre Dame Cycling
25 David Clendenen Audi/Kryki Sports Racing
25 Julie Strong Este Racing
25 Keith Horrocks
25 John Bahlenhorst
25 Jeremy Cucco HagenBerman/Society Consulting
25 Katherine Wade-easley

Men Masters Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Joshua Simmons Este Racing
2 Sean Phillips Drop Bar Racing
3 Sean Murphy Tacoma Bike Racing Team
4 Dave Preston Este Racing
5 Joaquin Luna Egencia
6 Jeffrey Reed Drop Bar Racing
7 George Romer HagenBerman/Society Consulting
8 Ted Buchanan Taco Time Northwest Cycling Team
9 Dee Patterson
10 Rick Roof Morgan Stanley Racing p/b Old Town Bicycle
11 Steve Bleifuhs Taco Time Northwest Cycling Team
12 David Mullen HagenBerman/Society Consulting
13 Scott Stout HagenBerman/Society Consulting
14 Stephane Crepin Taco Time Northwest Cycling Team
15 David Anderson
16 Matt Dente Fell Swoop
17 Tom Hackleman Morgan Stanley Racing p/b Old Town Bicycle
18 Mike Brown Fell Swoop
19 George Wright Este Racing
20 Mark Caviness
21 Martin Vaneycke Tacoma Bike Racing Team
22 Bart Heer Fell Swoop
23 Patrick Binkley Northwest Tri & Bike
24 Travis Dougan Fell Swoop
25 David Katz Caliber Home Loans/Gerk's
26 Matthew Hill Drop Bar Racing
27 Igor Gousman Dyna Racing
28 Nikos Mills Drop Bar Racing
29 Kelly Plese Center Cycle
30 Robert Farwell Dyna Racing
31 Frank Colich Fell Swoop
32 Jeffery Nettles Fell Swoop
33 Ernesto Cabanes Tacoma Bike Racing Team
34 Chris Adolf Fell Swoop
35 Paul Coffee Morgan Stanley Racing p/b Old Town Bicycle
36 Randy Schultz Caliber Home Loans/Gerk's
37 Jonas Bakkane Egencia
38 Alex Newton HagenBerman/Society Consulting
39 Bryon Cline Caliber Home Loans/Gerk's
40 Todd Dry Morgan Stanley Racing p/b Old Town Bicycle
41 David Hills Drop Bar Racing
42 Brian Cole Taco Time Northwest Cycling Team
42 Bukie Mabayoje
42 Zqwan Peterson Fell Swoop
42 Bill Zimmerman Taco Time Northwest Cycling Team
42 Brian Babbitt Morgan Stanley Racing p/b Old Town Bicycle
48 Kevin Stone o'brien Egencia