These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

MEN PRO 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Gabriel Shipley Hot Tubes Development Cycling T 1:16:43.59
2 Tim Mitchell CCB Racing 1:16:43.75
3 Geno Villafano CRCA/Jamison-Cannondale 1:16:43.99
4 Camden Black-ingersoll CS Velo Racing p/b Cannondale 1:16:44.58
5 Zev Myerowitz jr. Downeast Racing 1:16:52.55
6 Alec Donahue JAM / NCC 1:16:56.90
7 Ethan Call New England Devo p/b Cadence We 1:18:21.20
8 Adam Myerson Cycle-Smart 1:18:21.86
9 Breeze Keller Seacoast VeloKids 1:18:22.07
10 Zackery Weimer Barker Mountain Bikes 1:18:22.20
11 Mark Carpenter Downeast Racing 1:18:22.26
12 Mike Morse Velocio Northeast 1:18:22.38
13 Matt Shaffer GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipca 1:18:23.30
14 Paul Luttik Minuteman Road Club 1:18:23.53
15 Chris Dsida Downeast Racing 1:18:23.60
16 William Crabtree Community Bicycle Racing 1:18:23.66
17 Anthony Giguere BMB RACING 1:18:23.76
18 Dominic Giampaolo Busytown Bikes 1:18:24.04
19 Christopher Devine Project 207 p/b Roulez Cycles 1:18:24.30
20 Nate Ryan New England Development p/b Cad 1:18:24.80
21 Christopher Barr Tallsock Racing 1:18:24.86
22 A.j. Moran GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipca 1:18:24.94
23 Colin Keaveney CRCA/To Be Determined 1:18:25.09
24 Matthew Graham-O'Regan Quad Cycles 1:18:25.30
25 Harrison Harb River City Bicycles - BikeLaw 1:18:26.30
26 Travis Dixon Downeast Racing 1:18:27.41
27 Darren Piotrow Sunapee/Buchika's/Canary System 1:18:29.56
28 Fred Thomas A-D Racing 1:18:32.87
29 Owen Wright Cyclonauts 1:18:33.23
30 Matthew Robinson 1:18:33.31
31 Ryan Larocque Mad Alchemy / Zanconato 1:18:33.36
32 Alan Pimentel KONA ELECTRICAL COMPANY 1:18:33.86
33 Zachary Levy THE INTERNS f/b UnTapped 1:18:33.91
34 Regina Legge Gray Goat Bullseye Total Media 1:18:36.97
35 Michael Waldroup Tall Sock Racing 1:18:37.50
36 Stephen Jette New England Devo p/b Cadence We 1:18:51.67
37 Eliot Pitney Downeast Racing 1:18:53.97
38 Drake Deuel New England Devo p/b Cadence We 1:19:28.12
39 David Sutherland GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipca 1:19:55.61
40 Jack Greene New England Devo p/b Cadence We 1:20:01.92
41 Ben Ryan New England Devo p/b Cadence We 1:21:35.26
42 Colin Murphy Boston Racing Independent 1 Lap Dn
43 Dino Piskopanis ButcherBox Cycling 1 Lap Dn
44 Alexander Grabau Boston Racing Independent 1 Lap Dn
45 Jason Yannelli U.S. Military Endurance Sports 1 Lap Dn
DNF Douglas Chrystall New England Devo P/B Cadence We
DNF Neal Coughlin U.S. Military Endurance Sports
DNF Eric Follen A-D racing
DNF Lucas Fortini Velocio Northeast
DNF Kevin Goguen Foundation CCB
DNF Andy Haskell Portland Velo Club
DNF Connor Jennings Velocio Northeast
DNF Tate Kokubo Foundation CCB
DNF Benjamin Kramer Sunapee/Buchikaç—´/Canary System
DNF Travis Kroot Project 207 p/b Roulez Cycles
DNF Carlo Quicho
DNF George Theall Portland Velo Club
DNF Eric j. Carlson Wheelworks Racing
DNF Tyler Cloutier TCCX
DNF Gregory Colby B2C2 p/b JRA Cycles
DNF Alec Cunningham Sunapee/Buchika's/Canary System
DNF Christopher Darling Portland Velo Club
DNF Bruce Diehl Sunapee/Buchikas/Canary Systems
DNF Daniel Fitzgibbons GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipca
DNF Carl Hitchcock Portland Velo Club/CycleMania
DNF Ryan Kelly Velocio Northeast
DNF Sean Lamontagne Sunapee/Buchika's/Canary System
DNF Matt Moon Downeast Racing
DNF Christopher Poulin Tall Sock Racing
DNF Patrick Ruane Sunapee/Canary Systems/ Buchika
DNF Kent Ryan Tall Sock Racing
DNF Erik Saunders Velocio Northeast


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Emma Edwards B2C2 p/b JRA cycles 1:07:01.39
2 Katie Aman Green Line Velo Driven by Zipca 1:07:02.30
3 Mia Eberstadt New England Devo 1:08:40.20
4 Gillian Bennett B2C2 p/b JRA 1:08:40.28
5 Meredith Moran GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipca 1:08:41.15
6 Danielle Baron Sunapee/Buchikaç—´/Canary System 1:08:41.18
7 Dori Aleksandrowicz APEX-PEDALPOWER 1:08:41.59
8 Katharine Ogden Dartmouth Cycling Team 1:08:42.17
9 Danielle Ruane Sunapee//Buchikaç—´/Canary Syste 1:08:42.81
10 Maureen Mcauliffe Sunapee/Buchikaç—´/Canary System 1:08:42.84
11 Rebecca Wellons Bikeway Source/Bell Lap Racing 1:08:43.19
12 Kerry Litka Sunapee/Buchikaç—´/Canary System 1:08:43.61
13 Laura Campbell Tall Sock Racing 1:08:47.13
14 Abigail Wentworth PVC 1:08:47.59
15 Jauron Vetter Bike Reg | Share Coffee 1:08:47.78
16 Whitney Withington GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipca 1:08:48.51
17 Galen Shaffer GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipca 1:09:00.82
DNF Melinda Barnes ButcherBox Cycling
DNF Deidre Cullen Sunapee/Buchikaç—´/Canary System
DNF Nicole Cyr
DNF Debony Diehl Sunapee/Buchikaç—´/Canary System
DNF Stephanie Makoujy Tall Sock Racing
DNF Cathy Morton BMB
DNF Anna Savage JAM Fund / NCC
DNF Leslie Timm ButcherBox Cycling
DNF Kathy Ventura Tall Sock Racing