These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Men's 1-23

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kaler Marshall Hangar 15 Bicycles
2 Thomas Gibbons Automatic Racing
3 Chaz Hogenauer Rio Grande
4 John Borstelmann Team Marc Pro p/b Gym One
5 Cooper Rombold
6 Taylor Edwards Zone Five Racing
7 Blake Anton Marc Pro Cycling p/b Gym One
7 Eric Ellis Stay Park City Cycling
8 Allan Schroeder Team
9 Griffin Park Hangar 15 Bicycles
10 Justin Wagner Johnson Elite Orthodontics
11 Tommy Kline Zone Five Racing
12 Rider Unknown
13 John Osguthorpe LiVeWell p/b Harristone
14 Tommy Moncur Ascent Cycling p/b RB Health
15 Cam Candelaria LiVeWell p/b Harristone
16 Preston Edwards Zone Five Racing
17 Vigen Sarkisian Armenia-Porcupine
18 Kevin Turchin Eliel Factory Team
19 Brian Madsen Noble Cycling
20 Todd Hageman
21 Tyrel Fuchs Rio Grande Elite Cycling Team
22 Billy Rappleye Zone Five Racing
23 Samuel Dearden Zone Five Racing
24 Robert Hoene Team
25 Jeremy Ward Zone Five Racing
26 Erik Brockhoff Cicada Racing Inc.
27 Nathan Spratt Ascent Cycling p/b RB Health
28 Trenton Higley XMen
29 Luke Gangi-wellman Ascent Cycling p/b RB Health
30 Stephen Rogers Porcupine
31 Rider Unknown
32 Maxl Freeman Team Rio Grande
33 Andrew Judkins Johnson Elite Orthodontics
34 Ty Magner Rally UHC Cycling
35 Rob Smallman Hangar 15 Bicycles
36 Grant Simonds DEAN Factory Racing
37 Liam Odonnell Cicada Racing Inc.
38 Brendan Money LiVeWell pb Harristone
39 Lee Schultz Johnson Elite Orthodontics
40 Mark Rodel Rolf Factory Team
41 David Christenson Marc Pro Cycling p/b Gym One
42 Clinton Mortley LiVeWell p/b Harristone
43 Stephen Cimino Ascent Cycling
44 Chris Eppley Ascent Cycling p/b RB Health
45 Benjamin Dent

Men Men's 3-45

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Thomas Pitcher Pavestone
2 Rick Kuykendall The Cyclery Race Team
2 Austin Anderson Velocause Centraal Cycling
3 Tj Stone Stay Park City Cycling
4 Kevin Gibson ICE
5 James Stratton NEBO Cycling
6 Jefferson Bell Cicada Racing Inc
7 Matthew Mcgarry
8 Troy Huebner Zone Five Racing
9 Tyson Cook Bingham Cyclery-Peak Fasteners
10 Zach Peterson P
10 Stephen Rogers Porcupine
11 Bryan Gee Idaho Cycling Enthusiasts (ICE)
12 Stafford Rose Porcupine/Cityworks
13 Jamie Ziegler Porcupine/Cityworks Cycling Team
14 William Black RMCC
15 Tommy Anderson Plan7
16 Kyle Zick
17 Morris Pusey American First Cycling Team
18 Neil Lande Stay Park City Cycling
18 Richard Campbell Zone Five Racing
20 Bradley Adams NEBO Cycling
21 Christian Moreno Society Cycles
22 Justin Lizama
23 Brian Ressa PorcupineCityworks Cycling
24 Ryan Tanner Porcupine

Men Men's 55+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Paul Hughes Velosport Racing

Women Women 1-23

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Natalia Franco Colavita Bialetti
2 Lauren Dodge Automatic Racing
3 Caroline Thams Point S Auto p/b Nokian Tyres
4 Sophie Russenberger Point S Auto P/b Nokian Tyres
5 Michelle Henry Point S Auto p/b Nokian Tyres
5 Liz Apking Zone Five Racing
6 Victoria Rainbolt Marc Pro p/b GymOne
7 Rachel Geiter
8 Finn Taylor Wolfpack

Women Women 3-45

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ashley Kline Zone Five Racing
2 Aspen Hassell Porcupine/City Works
3 Rachael Gill Porcupine/City Works