These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Masters 35+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Constantin Schreiber CRCA / Team VESELKA 1:30:14
2 Marcin Wojcik Aistriu Cycling 1:37
3 Nelson Odreman Vida cycling s.t.
4 Brian Lariviere Cycle Craft/Bulldogs 1:40
5 Pj Bottoms skylands cycling 4:51
6 Timothy Gilligan QCW P/B Cadence Cycling 5:32
7 Mansur Mendizabal Kelly LSV Cycling Team s.t.
8 Ron Short Pro Pedals Bike Shop 9:57
9 Arland Macasieb Filamtri -1 Lap
DNF Israel Arroyo Tuckahoe Racing
DNF Shawn Benjamin
DNF Jason Urbanczyk

Men Masters 45+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mark Light Team ProPower/Cycle Solutions 1:31:51
2 David Freifelder Westwood Cycle s.t.
3 William Wisse Team DRV s.t.
4 Tim Ward Rivertowns Racing s.t.
5 Richard Wolter Clockwork Construction Inc./Tow s.t.
6 Herb Jimenez Montclair Bikery Racing s.t.
7 Thomas Biederer CCC/Keltic Const./Zanes Cycles 2:20
8 Fred Tanjutco Team B3 Bicycles 4:27
9 Christopher Dudko Rivertowns Racing 5:55
10 Neil Isola Mineola Bicycle Racing Team 10:16
11 Oguz Orkan 11:21
12 Timothy Hall Bridge Velo -1 Lap
13 Benjamin Halperin Rivertowns Racing -1 Lap
14 Michael Grey Century Road Club -1 Lap
DNF Patrick Darken Aistriu Cycling
DNF Jurandir Dealmeida Cycles 54/Thrive Spine and Sport Cycling
DNF Peter Goff Team ProPower/Cycle Solutions
DNF David Kahl Team ProPower/Cycle Solutions
DNF Daniel Larino Yukato Yoga p/b Two Rivers Brewing
DNF Robert Ryan Team Somerset
DNF Andrew Schmidt Westwood Velo
DNF Andrew Singson MAMBO Kings Racing / D&Q
DNF Dorian Spencer Unattached
DNF Fedor Wouda Karma Racing Team

Men Masters 55+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Haluk Sarci CRCA /Deno's Wonder Wheel 1:31:52
2 Joe Straub Death Row Velo s.t.
3 Ralf Warmuth Team SRG s.t.
4 Richard Kazimir Century Road Club of America s.t.
5 Doug O'Neill CRCA/Deno's Wonder Wheel 3:54
6 Eric Anderson Team Somerset 5:05
7 Andrew Buchanan Team ProPower/Cycle Solutions -1 Lap
8 Ismael Reyes Liberty Cycle -1 Lap
9 Robert Kotch Breakaway Courier / CRCA -1 Lap
10 Stephen Cochrane MAMBO KINGS -1 Lap
11 Glenn Newell CINCH Cycling / El Deseo Elite -1 Lap
12 Futoshi Mukai CRCA / Team Starchild -1 Lap
13 Curtis Lightburn -1 Lap
14 Ralf Torke RivertownsRacing -2 Laps
18 Sebaj Adele 4:57
DNF Robert Kaempfen Liberty Cycle
DNF Chris Mooney Liberty Cycle
DNF Scott Steward Team ProPower/Cycle Solutions
DNF Glenn Sutton CRCofA

Men Open Cat1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sam Smith Doylestown Bike Works p/b Fred 2:22:45
2 Santiago Pelaez CRCA/Foundation 1:02
3 Erlin Garcia Good Guys Racing team s.t.
4 Baris Aytan CRCA/Foundation s.t.
5 Bryan Coward Watts Up Cycling s.t.
6 Marcin Wojcik Aistriu Cycling s.t.
7 Benjamin Gorodetsky CRCA/Blue Ribbon - Talent Cycle s.t.
8 Steven Ward s.t.
9 Stephan Dioslaki Brands Cycle/Gold Coast Porsche s.t.
10 Alec Ratzell Keystone Racing P/B Lupine Ligh s.t.
11 Wes Tillman Bicycle Habitat-Verge Sport s.t.
12 Mayron Betancur Karma Racing Team s.t.
13 Ryan Johnston Bicycle Habitat-Verge Sport s.t.
14 Michael Goret Morris Velo Sports 1:07
15 Anthony Cao CRCA/Blue Ribbon - Talent Cycle 1:09
16 Jeffrey Watts Blue Bell Wealth Management p/b 1:48
17 Andres Jimenez Morris Velo Sports 4:19
18 Glenn Ferreira Cycles 54 / Thrive Spine & Spor s.t.
19 Christophe Palazzi CRCA/Blue Ribbon - Talent Cycles s.t.
20 Konrad Ratzmann 4:22
21 Mark Detweiler Blue Bell Wealth Management p/b 4:23
22 Christopher Altchek CRCA/Foundation 4:46
23 Paskal Lamour CRCA/Blue Ribbon/Talent Cycles s.t.
24 Glenn Schneider Florida Velo -1 Lap
DNF John Durso Morris Velo
DNF Nick Iacovelli Morris Velo Sport
DNF Andrew Jonker Casual Friday Cycling Club
DNF Cody Lacosta Morris velo
DNF Dakota Schaeffer Keystone Racing P/B Lupine Lights
DNF Aaron Wolf CS Velo

Men Open Cat3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Tim Frankcombe CRCA/42x21ATQ 2:11:28
2 James Krizan CRCA/RBNY Racing-Verge Sport 55
3 Ricardo Ribeiro s.t.
4 Elliot Olsen Karma Racing Team s.t.
5 Luis Saavedra s.t.
6 Ben Douglas Montclair Bikery Racing s.t.
7 Geoffrey Landman CRCA/RBNY Racing-Verge Sport s.t.
8 Kory Kruse Watts Up Cycling s.t.
9 Robert Rutkowski Mineola bicycle racing team s.t.
10 David Taylor CRCA /NY Vision - Fuoriclasse s.t.
11 Joseph Lacey CRCA/42x21ATQ s.t.
12 Edison Marulanda Bicycle Habitat-Verge Sport s.t.
13 Silas Clark Team Hb Hilltop s.t.
14 Michael Malavarca Team ProPower Cycle Solutions s.t.
15 Voltaire Arradaza Karma Racing Team 4:00
16 Kevin Hsieh CRCA/KruisCX s.t.
17 Miles Whitford Montclair Bikery Development Te 4:36
18 Andrew Logiudice Skylands cycling s.t.
19 David Gordon Indiana University Cycling 4:58
20 Gregory Battista Cycles 54 / Thrive Spine & Spor s.t.
21 Anthony Mazzella CRCA/RBNY Racing-Verge Sport 7:12
DNF David Costa Montclair Bikery Racing
DNF Mario Irvin crespo Montclair Bikery Racing
DNF Evan Fineman Breakaway Courier
DNF Dennis Rutherford DeathRow Velo
DNF John Sedlak Watts Up Cycling
DNF Douglas Varela triana Karma Racing Team

Men Open Cat4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Nicholas Basalyga CS Velo 1:54:08
2 Javier Burgos s.t.
3 Richard Bean s.t.
4 Tom Lennon s.t.
5 Richard Russomano Century Road Club of America s.t.
6 Mansur Mendizabal Kelly LSV Cycling Team s.t.
7 M.wesley Ham Team CIS p/b THE SYSTEM s.t.
8 Emmanuel Alvarez Team Somerset s.t.
9 Ethan Bull Rutgers University 13
10 Richard Lavigne Crank Addicts p/b Hilltop 21
11 Erik Shahumyan 1:44
12 Mark Rahman IMT 2:38
13 Niall Smart Kissena Cycling Club 4:00
14 Michal Kicior Team FLO p/b Peloton Coaching a 4:23
15 Leo Semonsky DeathRow Velo 4:47
16 Jeff Lamb Team ProPower/Cycle Solutions 4:48
17 Brian Hawthorne Team CIS p/b THE SYSTEM 5:04
18 Makoto Okamoto Century Road Club Assoc 5:19
19 Rick Kingery CS Velo s.t.
20 Jason Jones Karma Racing Team s.t.
21 Joshua Raymundo Team Martys s.t.
22 Juantxo Royo Finkraft Cycling Team s.t.
23 Daniel Iachetta Team B3 Bicycles s.t.
24 Edward Frederick 2019 A-CLASSIC s.t.
25 Russell Bogin CRCA/NY Vision Group s.t.
26 Paolo Mastrangelo Team CIS p/b THE SYSTEM s.t.
DNF Miguel Conception
DNF Anthony Costa Montclair Bikery Racing
DNF Tyrone Gravesande Team CIS p/b THE SYSTEM
DNF Christopher Ithurburn Team CIS p/b THE SYSTEM
DNF Matthew Matusky Team Guru Oyster
DNF James Miller Rutgers University
DNF Michael Obrien Team FLO p/b Peloton Coaching and Consulting
DNF Connor Sokol CRCA/42x21ATQ
DNF Daniel Tompkins Century Road Club of America
DNF Leonardo Lopez

Men Open Cat5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Connor Pulvidente Kissena Cycling Club 1:31:38
2 Billy Scott 22
3 Chris Johns Rutgers University 31
4 Chris Mazzei 52
5 Shlomo Shaw s.t.
6 Douglas Fox 2:13
7 Steven Taylor s.t.
8 Stephen Lewandowski Sneaker Factory 3:49
9 Danilo Bello 4:04
10 Tsuyoshi Watanabe Team Starchild 4:08
11 Dave Aguilar Montclair Bikery 4:37
12 Kyle Thompson 4:41
13 Steven Cavanaugh Portable Rock Climbing / Ortho 4:52
14 Joseph Stankiewicz 4:54
15 David Cifelli Bridge Velo 5:29
16 Cory Kestner Century Road Club of America s.t.
17 Eduard Hanekom 7:11
18 Jacob Grossbard 7:36
19 Michael Ragusa VR2209 7:58
20 Ken Miller Peloton Road Riders / Firehouse 8:00
21 Andrew Miller 9:14
22 Christopher Czyzewski 9:40
23 Eric Stein Merrick Racing Team 11:39
24 Jaime Castrillon jr Shore Cycling Sports 11:40
25 Zoltan Mogyoros (3 - cat5) FIF CYCLING 11:42
26 Diego Gonzalez 11:47
27 Damian Barny -1 Lap
28 David Sussis -1 Lap
29 Masashi Borges-silva -1 Lap
30 Raul Florez vida cycling -1 Lap
31 Daniel Reiss -1 Lap
DNF Vincent Capello
DNF Charles Decrucq
DNF Michael Fuller
DNF Pablo Galao birkmann Karma Racing Team
DNF Alexander Grossbard Rutgers Cycling
DNF Alex Laifer
DNF Martin Leitner
DNF Brandon Mak
DNF Parker Sokol
DNF Harrison Sugahara

Women Open Cat1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kathryn Cumming Jalapeno Cycling 1:40:27
2 Shaina Kravitz Team EPS/M3 p/b Brielle Cyclery s.t.
3 Austin Barth Watts Up Cycling s.t.
4 Lisa Csencsits Mineola Bicycle Racing Team 52
5 Erica Adelberg CRCA/Radical Media 5:50
6 Aimee Layton CRCA / TBD-MDC 8:15
7 Caryl Gale CRCA/Breakaway Courier s.t.
8 Ann marie Miller CRCA/NY Vision Group-Fuoriclass 10:04
9 Joan Hanscom 10:13
10 Jacqueline Paull Aistriu Cycling -1 Lap
DNF Jessie Ryan Somerset Wheelmen

Women Open Cat4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Roos Voorend CRCA / Team VESELKA 1:17:14
2 Patricia Sonn Watts UP Cycling s.t.
3 Kristen Todd Bridge Velo s.t.
4 Mackenzie Marcinko Team EPS/M3 p/b Brielle Cyclery 44
5 Aleksandra Maz Pro power/ cycle solutions 45
6 Ashley Blose Karma Racing Team 6:49
7 Shuo Li CRCA/NYCC Women's Racing 6:57
8 Nicole Ragonese Watts Up Cycling 10:29
9 Julianna Rutecki Young Medalists 12:09
10 Margaret Bania CRCA/NYCC Womens Racing 13:59
11 C Elizabeth long CRCA/NYCCWomen'sRacing -1 Lap
12 Annie Dizon -1 Lap
DNF Molly Church The Derailleurs
DNF Christine Penn Sturdy Girl Cycling

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