These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Conor Delanbanque Good Guys Racing p/b HighWaterW 1:53:07
2 Baris Aytan Foundation s.t.
3 Stalin Quiterio cuello Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
4 Luiz Lanfredi CRCA/ Benzel Busch Specialized s.t.
5 Erwin Kersten To Be Determined s.t.
6 Jesus Martinez Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
7 Erik Post Jamison-Cannondale s.t.
8 Boguslaw Wielgos Foundation s.t.
9 Ralph Pahlmeyer Foundation s.t.
10 Carlos Tejeda Foundation s.t.
11 Jose Guzman Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
12 Tim Frankcombe 42x21ATQ 57
13 Geoffrey Landman RBNY Racing-Verge Sport s.t.
14 Evan Paull 1:02
15 Tony Pletcher Good Guys Racing p/b HighWaterW 1:03
16 Dylan Lowe 1:11
17 Ira Blumberg Aska 1:16
18 Neil Black 42x21ATQ 1:18
DNF Stephen Jamison Jamison-Cannondale
DNF Alan Buday Dave Jordan Racing
DNF Matthew Slossberg Dave Jordan Racing
DNF David Torres RBNY Racing-Verge Sport
DNF Alexander Buchmann 42x21ATQ
DNF Kevin Hsieh KruisCX
DNF Rafael Diaz-granados Dave Jordan Racing
DNF Christopher Williams Houlihan Lokey

Men Cat4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sam Jorgenson 42x21ATQ 1:44:28
2 Gabriele Carpentieri NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partners s.t.
3 Euan Stevenson 42x21ATQ s.t.
4 Evan Bauer KruisCX s.t.
5 Roald Ansano Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
6 Timothy Dickinson Rapha Cycling Club s.t.
7 Garth Runkel Bicycle Workshop s.t.
8 Frankie Festa Rapha Cycling Club s.t.
9 Matthew Slossberg Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
10 Messiah Davis Rapha Cycling Club 39
11 Stuart Richards Rapha Cycling Club 44
12 Joshua Qian NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partners s.t.
13 Caetano Machado calomino KruisCX s.t.
14 Babalola Ajisafe Major Taylor Development Team s.t.
15 Kris Judd s.t.
16 Jose Bravo FIRE CYCLING TEAM s.t.
17 Emlen Harmon s.t.
18 Rolando Angel FIRE CYCLING TEAM s.t.
19 Diego Cuellar FIRE CYCLING TEAM s.t.
20 Antonio Zarate FIRE CYCLING TEAM s.t.
21 Nicholas Chen NY Vision Group/Fuoriclasse Rac s.t.
22 Dan Goldberg RBNY Racing-Verge Sport s.t.
23 Juan Barraza Rapha Cycling Club s.t.
24 Osiel Parra FIRE CYCLING TEAM s.t.
25 Matthew Cortright s.t.
26 Ruben Guzman FIRE CYCLING TEAM s.t.
27 Scott Griffin s.t.
28 Jonathan Tan RBNY Racing-Verge Sport 50
29 Robert Tam Rapha Cycling Club s.t.
30 Johel Placencia NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partners s.t.
31 Darrell Tucker Major Taylor Development Team 53
32 Ricardo Ludtke s.t.
33 Thomas Patterson Rapha Cycling Club s.t.
34 John Watson CRCA 56
35 Lloyd Bradbury KruisCX 58
36 Mauricio Mino Major Taylor Development Team 1:00
37 Stas Zakrzewski Team Veselka s.t.
38 Sergio Aguirre Foundation 1:33
DNF Jonathan Tom Dave Jordan Racing
DNF Serguei Tiourine RBNY Racing-Verge Sport
DNF Michael Davis Dave Jordan Racing
DNF Vincent Crossley NY Vision Group/Fuoriclasse Racing

Men Cat5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Yelson Almonte rodriguez 1:55:35
2 Juan Restrepo Houlihan Lokey s.t.
3 Sebastian Colorado s.t.
4 Nicolas Morales FIRE CYCLING TEAM s.t.
5 Jaciel Figueroa FIRE CYCLING TEAM s.t.
6 Gabriel Vargas FIRE CYCLING TEAM 6
7 Peter Fetzer s.t.
8 Nicholas Pallas 8
9 Carlos Alvarez 9
10 Byungkyun Kim 16
11 Timothy Creyts 19
12 Gabriel Cruz FIRE CYCLING TEAM 51
13 Isidro Ramirez FIRE CYCLING TEAM 1:28
14 Jonathan Moore 3:03
15 Jason Zheng 3:04
16 Alexander Sopchak 5:00
17 Xingchen Xu 12:03
DNF Hernando Rueda e2Value p/b Verge Sport
DNF Sebastian Colorado Houlihan Lokey
DNF Dustin Emrani Trek Bikes NYC

Men Masters 40+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kevin Molloy CRCA/ Benzel Busch Specialized 1:46:31
2 Michael Sambrano GF Capital/ H&E Enterprise 2
3 David Taylor NY Vision Group/Fuoriclasse Rac s.t.
4 Haluk Sarci Deno's Wonder Wheel Masters Bic s.t.
5 Dieter Egli NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partners s.t.
6 Justin Inglis CRCA/ Benzel Busch Specialized 8
7 Sebastien Houillot NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partners 11
8 Gerardo Martinez 1:37
9 William Lopez Houlihan Lokey s.t.
10 Daniel Schmalz Rockstar Games s.t.
11 James Dao BreakawayCourier s.t.
12 Richard Shin s.t.
13 Victor Shadood s.t.
14 Damon Jericho NY Vision Group/Fuoriclasse Rac s.t.
15 John Munger s.t.
16 Futoshi Mukai Team Starchild 1:41
17 Eric Sutherland GF Capital/ H&E Enterprise s.t.
18 Robert Weitzner Foundation s.t.
19 Joel Erickson s.t.
20 Mikael Hanson Z-Rockstar Games/Signature Cycl 1:44
21 George Suter Z-Think Racing s.t.
22 Adam Seidman Houlihan Lokey s.t.
23 Pascal Sauvayre Team Veselka 1:50
24 Ben Hughes Rockstar Games 1:53
25 Ken Plundeke 1:55
26 Eben Weiss 2:03
27 Jeffrey Young Aska 3:17
28 Moses Lee Trek Bikes NYC 3:50
29 Oscar Rosales Z-Talent Cycles 41
DNF Christopher Shaw Rockstar Games
DNF James Reeder

WoMen Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sarah Chubb sauvayre Team Veselka 2:10:34
2 Lucie Vagnerova Team Veselka s.t.
3 Shara Arnofsky Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
4 Megan Baker s.t.
5 Naveen Wall s.t.
6 Elizabeth Marcello To Be Determined f/b Metropolit 3
7 Ceren Bingol Rockstar Games 7
8 Ellen Moses Team Veselka 17