These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michael Hernandez Florida Velo/Ziel
2 Luis Zayas Florida Velo/Ziel
3 Akil Campbell Florida Velo/Ziel
4 Leonardo Torcat Florida Velo/Ziel
5 Adderlyn Cruz Mebcotire Team
6 Augusto Sanchez Mebcotire Team
7 Rafael German Mebcotire Team
8 Jonatan Ogando Mebcotire Team
9 Justin Bolde Aminorip
10 Alexis Cespedes Aminorip
11 Sebastian Cano Aminorip
12 Justin Pfaff Florida Velo/Ziel
13 Wendy Cruz Mebcotire Team
14 Oshane Williams VeloBrew Racing
15 Yip Tsang VeloBrew Racing
16 Owen Shott VeloBrew Racing
17 Miguel Ubeto Ziel/Florida Velo
18 Brendan Housler Ziel/Florida Velo
19 Jose Timaure Ziel/Florida Velo
20 Juan R martinez Ziel/Florida Velo
21 Gunter Hermanni Ziel/Florida Velo
22 Ismael Sanchez HGBS/Corratec
23 Jorge A carranza HGBS/Corratec
24 Cristian Rios rojas HGBS/Corratec
25 Will Jessup VeloBrew Racing
26 Rane Roatta Buitrago Team
27 Juan David buitrago Buitrago Team
28 James Wilson Buitrago Team
29 Francisco Ruiz Buitrago Team
30 Manuel Brito Good Bike Corratec
31 Joel Garcia Good Bike Corratec
32 Jose Jimenez Good Bike Corratec
33 Nathaniel Pena Good Bike Corratec
34 Yuniet Del toro Graciano Suarez
35 Roslan Rivera Graciano Suarez
36 Rafael Delsoldominguez Graciano Suarez
37 Maikel Matos Graciano Suarez
38 William Geib Aminorip
39 Jose Garcel Graciano Suarez
40 Jose L villavicencio HGBS/Corratec
41 Rayner Vazquez HGBS/Corratec
42 Leonardo Hernandez Aminorip
43 Erdwin Buitrago Buitrago Team
44 Fredd Matute VeloBrew Racing

Men Cat 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Luis Gonzalez Pici Racing Team
2 Orlando Gomez Pici Racing Team
3 Clever Martinez Pici Racing Team
4 Adrian Perez Somi Bike
5 Yelexy Acanda Somi Bike
6 Lisandro Cristia Somi Bike
7 Geony Borrego lee Somi Bike
8 Jean Palau Somi Bike
9 Andre Silva Ziel Cycling Club
10 Arsen Gritsenko Ziel Cycling Club
11 Barry Mullin Ziel Cycling Club
12 Amato Bucciarelli Ziel Cycling Club
13 Francisco Ichtay Ziel Cycling Club
14 Bernardo Kochen Air Relax
15 Esteban Lettieres Air Relax
16 Manuel Montanez Air Relax
17 Alejandro Vivas Air Relax
18 Javier Bomnin Air Relax
19 Yoelis Fundora Pici Racing Team
20 Giovanni Ramirez Pici Racing Team

Men Open 30-39 Master plus

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Leandro Contreras Bill Bone Bike Law/LCT
2 Juan C hoyos Bill Bone Bike Law/LCT
3 Joe Schneider Bill Bone Bike Law/LCT
4 Bryan Velasquez Bill Bone Bike Law/LCT
5 Ashton Hulscher Bill Bone Bike Law/LCT
6 Raydel Apesteguia 4Sound Team
7 Jose Perez 4Sound Team
8 Omelio Rufin 4Sound Team
9 Arturo Soler 4Sound Team
10 Josue Rafael 4Sound Team
11 Raul Diaz HGBS Corratec
12 Adrien Gonzalez HGBS Corratec
13 Aldo Arencibia HGBS Corratec
14 Orelvys Nolasco HGBS Corratec
15 Ricardo Rimay HGBS Corratec
16 Carlos Rovira Saca Pecho
17 Christian Lugo Saca Pecho
18 Marcos Lopez Saca Pecho
19 Jose Zayas Saca Pecho
20 Omar Cuadrado Saca Pecho

Men Open 40-49 Master Plus

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Leynier Alonso HGBS Corratec
2 Gerardo Rodriguez HGBS Corratec
3 Ariel Lee HGBS Corratec
4 Nelson Trujillo HGBS Corratec
5 Noslen Ruiz HGBS Corratec
6 Matthew Maddox Florida velo / Ziel
7 Vasilios Palekis Florida velo / Ziel
8 Janne Hamalainen Florida velo / Ziel
9 Adam Baskin Florida velo / Ziel
10 Jose Armas BMC Ghost Riders
11 Garret Moore BMC Ghost Riders
12 Christopher Frederick BMC Ghost Riders
13 Matthew Wukasch BMC Ghost Riders
14 Pablo Fonseca Clasica Master
15 Jeff Martin Clasica Master
16 Jose Frank rodriguez Clasica Master
17 Luis Rios Clasica Master
18 Ismael Nazario Evolution Cycling Race Team
19 Javier Lopez Evolution Cycling Race Team
20 Geovany Barreiro Evolution Cycling Race Team
21 Jorge Collado Evolution Cycling Race Team
22 Edgar Maldonado BMC Ghost Riders
23 Juan Carrazana Clasica Master
24 Lino Asiatico Evolution Cycling Race Team

Men Open 50+ Master Plus

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Victor Herrera HGBS Corratec
2 Jorge Francisco HGBS Corratec
3 Carlos Fuentes HGBS Corratec
4 Jose Solis HGBS Corratec
5 Ernie Pena Florida velo / Ziel
6 Chuck Holstein Florida velo / Ziel
7 Pablo Santa cruz Florida velo / Ziel
8 Kevin Clark Florida velo / Ziel
9 Mark Stein Florida velo / Ziel
10 Guillermo Ruiz Bike Link
11 Leonardo Perez avila Bike Link
12 Pablo Rojo Bike Link
13 Gabriel Marin Bike Link
14 Glenn Schneider Bill Bone Bike Law/LCT
15 Phillip Edwards Bill Bone Bike Law/LCT
16 Jorge Caba Bill Bone Bike Law/LCT
17 Mariusz Baran Bill Bone Bike Law/LCT
18 Jose Casas Bill Bone Bike Law/LCT
19 Daniel Acosta Bike Link
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