These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Pro/1/2/3

(92 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Adam Myerson Team Mountain Khakis p/b EP-NO 51:50
2 Colin Jaskewitz CCB st
3 Jonathan Page Battley HARLEY-DAVIDSON/Sonoma Gril st
4 Daniel Holt Team Type 1 st
5 Jacob Keough KBS/Contour st
7 Luke Keough CLNoonan/KAM/Coast to Coast st
8 Eric Schildge / Cannondale st
9 Issac Howe Mountain Khakis st
10 Jesse Dekrey st
11 William Dugan CCB Racing st
12 Patrick Goguen Nev & CP/ NH bobcat st
13 Ryan Fleming Metlife st
14 Harrison Harb Sunapee S&W Racing st
15 Eric Brownell Empire Cycling p/b Northwave st
16 Damien Colfer st
17 Kirk Carlsen GARMIN U23 st
18 Joshua Bartlett Land Rover-Orbea, Benefitting the L st
19 Tyler Munroe CCB/Volkswagen st
20 Landen Wark-acebo NEBC st
21 Jon Speer Triangle Veo st
22 Pete Smith Embrocation Cycling Journal st
23 Matt Rossman Noreast st
24 Patrick Ruane Sunapee/Continental Paving st
25 Thom Coupe / Cannondale st
27 Duncan Mcgovern Noreast Cycling st
28 Ben Carbonetti NorEast Cycling st
29 Jake Hollenbach CRCA/EMPIRE CYCLING TEAM st
30 Jesse Keough CLNoonan/KAM/Coast to Coast st
31 Christopher Raymond Colavita Racing Inc. st
32 Isaac St. martin Noreast Cycling st
33 Joshua Lehmann NorEast Cycling st
34 Jonathan Awerbuch NorEast Cycling st
35 Josh Austin Noreast st
36 Alex Cox CCB st
37 Daniel Greenfield Spooky/NCC/Kenda st
38 Matt D'alessio st
39 Derek Harnden University of Vermont st
40 Kyle Smith Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frame st
41 Matthew Buckley CLNoonan/KAM/Coast to Coast st
42 Michael Rea American Flatbread Cycling p/b GMBC st
43 Todd Yezefski IF/Lionette's Racing st
44 Leo Devellian CCB st
45 Craig Harrison Sunapee/S&W/Continental Paving Raci st
46 Michael Mckitterick Cambridge Bicycle st
47 Andrew Durham CCB/Volkswagon st
48 Craig Schaepe NorEast Cycling st
49 Christopher White BOB/Shift-Stonyfield Farm-Ariza-Goo st
50 Scott Fader CCB st
51 Corey Mason Metlife st
52 Bruce Diehl Sunapee S&W Racing st
53 Tim Buckley Sunapee S&W Racing st
54 Morgan Macleod Bowdoin College st
55 Ryan Kelly NorEast st
56 Keith Ford Sunapee S&W Racing st
57 Ben Coleman NorEast st
58 Bill Mark NBX/Narragansett Beer st
59 Rick Kotch Vrien Velo st
60 John Peterson st
61 Eric Laflamme NorEast st
62 Todd Mion RIDECLEAN st
63 Rob Kramer Ridley st
64 Timothy Shea BOB/Shift-Stonyfield Farm-Ariza-Goo st
65 Christopher Fore Sunapee/S&W/Continental Paving Raci st
66 Tom Gosselin Peak Performance Multisport st
67 Toby Marzot Mountain Khakis st
68 Kevin Wolfson IF/Lionette's Market st
69 Chris Curven North Atlantic Velo/Giant/Pedro's st
DNF Joseph Ackerman NEBC
DNF Keith Button noreast cycling
DNF Julian Gent Colavita Racing, Inc.
DNF Manny Goguen CL Noonan/KAM/Coast to Coast
DNF Morgan Hiller CLNoonan/KAM/Coast to Coast
DNF Christian Klein
DNF Thomas Lebosquet Lionette's/Independant Fabrication
DNF Michael Lorion Team Bike Alley
DNF Christopher Naimie Sunapee/S&W Sports
DNF James Nash CCB Racing
DNF Aaron Ross Landry's bicycles
DNF Bruce Schwab
DNF Duane Skofield BOB/shift-stonyfieldfarms
DNF Drew Szeliga Noreast Cycling
DNF Jeff Yingling Portland Velo Club
DNF John Johnson Bikeworks
DNF Chris Dale NBX/Narragansett Beer
DNF Reid Mumford Kelly Benefit Strategies
DNF Nathaniel Herz Portland Velo Club
DNF Vincent Scalia Metlife
DNF Greg Montello IF/Lionette's Market
DNF John Corriveau BOB

Women Pro/1/2/3

(18 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Nicole Freedman 41:19
2 Kathryne Carr SUNAPEE S&W st
3 Josephine Giddens Hub Racing st
4 Veronica Martinez Hub Racing st
5 Brooke O'connor NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental st
6 Anna Milkowski Unattached st
7 Rebecca Wellons NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental st
8 Sally Annis Hub Racing st
9 Mary Zider Specialized-Mazda-Samson st
10 Clara Kelly NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental st
11 Ann D'ambruoso Minuteman Road Club st
12 Liz Leyden Hub Racing st
13 Danielle Ruane Sunapee S&W st
14 Debony Diehl Sunapee S&W Racing st
15 Arley Kemmerer Hub Racing at :17
16 Amy Mcguire Hub Racing at one la
17 Inette Rex CVC/Subaru of New England at two la
DNF Emily Mackay Zaveta