These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Masters 40+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michael Margarite CRCA/Big Hit Racing 1:17:04.7
2 Christophe Palazzi CRCA/Big Hit Racing s.t.
3 Jerry Kapko Deno's WonderWheel 44.6
4 Lynn Murray Ride Ya Bike 45.8
5 Horace Burrowes W.S. UNITED / BURROWES CONSTRUC s.t.
6 Gavin Robertson CRCA/Foundation-CCB s.t.
7 Stephan Dioslaki Brands Cycles/PWR'd by Revactin s.t.
8 Anthony Lowe nuh watch nuh face!!! s.t.
9 Roy Chaves Brands Cycles/PWRd by Revact s.t.
10 Willie Payton Axis/Crca s.t.
11 Higinio Rodrguez Montecci Cycling s.t.
12 Louisgie Shoy Mineola Bicyle Racing Team s.t.
13 Edwin Fernndez HTC s.t.
14 Neil Isola Mineola Bicycle Racing Team s.t.
15 Radoslaw Smolaga s.t.
16 Fedor Wouda Karma Racing Team s.t.
17 Sebaj Adele CRCA/Major Taylor Development T s.t.
18 Juan F jimenez Montecci Cycling s.t.
19 Rich Ferraro UNDRBUDR Racing s.t.
20 Hammermean Walker M. Taylor Racing Team N.Y. s.t.
21 Juan Pimentel jr. Montecci Cycling s.t.
22 Luis Aquino Fusion Cycles s.t.
23 Johann Burrowes Mangoseed/Zurilee restaurant s.t.
24 Anthony Taylor Ride Ya Bike s.t.
25 Kevin Yarde Cyclonauts Racers s.t.
26 Dennis Hrehowsik Tri State Velo s.t.
27 Paul Debartolo CRCA/Big Hit Racing s.t.
28 Jamie Hubbard Unattached s.t.
29 Tom Bencivengo WS United s.t.
30 Ron Short Pro Pedals Bike Shop 51.1
31 Victor Manuel lopez polonia Montecci Cycling Team s.t.
32 James Anzalone s.t.
33 Vladimir Rabinovich CRCA/KruisCX s.t.
34 Paul Carbonara CRCA/AXIS s.t.
35 Gelpys De la cruz Wrinarco s.t.
36 Mark Light Team ProPower/Cycle Solutions s.t.
37 Thomas Biederer Body Over Bike s.t.
38 Jun Sugai CRCA / Team Starchild 55.7
39 Jonathan Podwil Debos Wonder Wheel s.t.
40 Kenrick Caesar Arias racing 1:00.5
41 John Loehner CRCA / Big Hit Racing p/b Tulle s.t.
42 Kuria Njenga ZENBERRYMIX.COM s.t.
43 David Sommerville Ride Ya Bike s.t.
44 Ryan Enschede BARBARIANS in the PARK 1:07.9
45 Jason Brown CRCA/Blue Ribbon - Talent Cycle s.t.
46 Danny Inoa CRCA/AXIS 1:16.2
47 Daniel Abreu Montecci Cycling 1:21.7
48 Charles Macpherson CRCA 1:24.4
49 Jacek Boral CRCA/AXIS s.t.
50 Mitchell Jacaruso Brands Cycles/PWR'd by Revactin 1:40.6

Open Cat2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Luigi Idarraga Crankworks_Cycles 1:31:44.8
2 Carl Calderon s.t.
3 Vincent Rhino CRCA GF Capital/H&E Ent s.t.
4 Mike Chevett s.t.
5 Roman Grinnell Brands Cuevas Junior Cycling De s.t.
6 Jhoan Caicedo Aventi Cycling Team s.t.
7 Andrew Weigand CRCA/Fohr Trek s.t.
8 Samuel Torres Triangle Cyclists Racing Team s.t.
9 Andres Jimenez Morris Velo Sports s.t.
10 Alvaro Soltero CRCA/To Be Determined s.t.
11 Angelo Calilap The 5th Floor NYC s.t.
12 James Robinson CRCA / Team VESELKA s.t.
13 Mayron Betancur Aventi Cycling Team s.t.
14 Juanpablo Jimenez AVENTI CYCLING TEAM s.t.
15 Brian Wolff Carl Hart Racing s.t.
16 Juan Bolivar Aventi Cycling Team s.t.
17 Henry Bostian Lindenwood University s.t.
18 Oscar Tirado 3.8
19 William Launder Team Montclair Bikery Racing 6.2
20 John Beardsley CRCA/NYCC Racing s.t.
21 Dj Toback NY Junior Cycling/Brands Cuevas 8.8
23 Andre Abdool Verrazano Team Racing s.t.
24 Ryan Johnston Bicycle Habitat-Verge Sport 12.7
25 Scott Griffin CRCA/GF Capital s.t.
26 Jonathan Lowenstein Arc-En-Ciel Racing Team s.t.
27 John Buenaventura CRCA/To Be Determined 15.0
28 Diego Monsalve Aventi Cycling Team s.t.
29 Janwillem Klinken Andiamo s.t.
30 John Arias Arias Racing 1:08.5
31 Etsu Taniguchi CRCA / Team VESELKA 1:29.6
32 Sam Simpson dore CRCA/GF Capital 1:37.0
33 Russell Karn CRCA/To Be Determined 2:36.4
34 Matthew Vandivort CRCA/To Be Determined 2:40.5
35 Edison Marulanda Bicycle Habitat-Verge Sport

Open Cat5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Yigal Ben david kissena 42:44.4
2 Peter Wiley s.t.
3 Frederick Shallcrass Eighth Hour s.t.
4 Joshua Turcotti University of California-Berkel s.t.
5 Jose Blanco s.t.
6 Jared Levinson s.t.
7 Fausto Guzman Road kings racing team s.t.
8 Andrew O'sullivan Kissena s.t.
9 Eziel Hernandez Star Track cycling s.t.
10 Sam Xu s.t.
11 Miguelito Toc SANBA Cycling Team s.t.
12 Scott Marin s.t.
13 Joseph Ojatson Ride Ya Bike s.t.
14 Unknown Rider s.t.
15 Brian Johnson Ride ya bike s.t.
16 Harrison Rodriguez Caf Cyclista s.t.
17 Carl Martin velasquez s.t.
18 Adam Gordon NYCC s.t.
19 Joseph Del vecchio s.t.
20 Unknown Rider s.t.
21 Tim Wills s.t.
22 Jorge Quieju Mmsamba s.t.
23 Edgar Lei New York University s.t.
24 Mark Moore s.t.
25 Daniel Lundenberg Newmarket Eagles Cycling Club s.t.
26 Emily Mcgurrin CRCA / Ostroy / NYC Velo s.t.
27 Euan Rugg s.t.
28 Steven Roberts Rapha Cycling Club s.t.
29 Eric Ma s.t.
30 Diego Sanchez Kissena Cycling Club s.t.
31 Melvin Estrella Montecci s.t.
32 Paul Thomas s.t.
33 Frances Darringer CRCA s.t.
34 Todd Fuentes CRCDF s.t.
35 Shridhar Patel -1 lap
38 Shiwei Yan
39 Agustin Yaxon sanba bicycle team