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Men Junior 13-14 Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Enzo Hincapie Onto Racing p/b Hincapie Sportswear 56:06:00
2 Gregory Debenedetti BYRDS 56:06:00
3 Ethan Morris dcdevo Racing Academy 56:07:00
4 Matthew Crabbe Mission Source Jr Devo 56:07:00
5 Rowan Child Velo Childeric 56:08:00
6 Diego Duran Major Motion p/b Desert Fox 56:08:00
7 Noah Shumskas StarTrack Cycling 56:08:00
8 Eziel Hernandez Independent 56:08:00
9 Lex Picillo CCAP Greater Hartford ERRACERS 56:09:00
10 Ethan Courson Velobrew Racing 56:09:00
11 Cian Connolly Baltimore Youth Cycling 56:09:00
12 Damiano Rivera de rosales el grupo youth cycling 56:09:00
13 Devin Harper Sky-Op 56:10:00
14 David Avery CBRE Racing 56:11:00
15 Daichi Yamashita Edge Cycling 56:12:00
16 Carl Boquist The Pony Shop 56:12:00
17 Kypton O'neal MUCC 56:12:00
18 Xaven Monsalud Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV 56:12:00
19 Jacob Hines Baltimore Youth Cycling 56:12:00
20 Liam Goff AP Junior Development p/b Corner Cycle 56:13:00
21 David Speaks Edge Cycling 56:19:00
22 Max Winn CW Cycling 57:28:00
DNF Nolan Long nashville local cycling
DNF Jackson Sanders Edge Cycling
DNF Henry Tambellini Project Echelon Racing

Men Senior 19-22 ProCat 12

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Cooper Johnson Aevolo Cycling 4:50:39
2 Lucas Bourgoyne WB-FYBOLIA MORBIHAN 4:54:32
3 Liam Flanagan Kelly Benefits Strategies Elite Cycling Team 4:54:33
4 Sean Christian cinch rise 4:54:33
5 Colby Simmons Jumbo Visma Development 4:54:33
6 Finn Gullickson CR4C Roanne 4:54:34
7 Jared Scott Aevolo Cycling 4:54:34
8 Isaac Bryant Above + Beyond Cancer P/B Bike World 4:54:34
9 Riley Sheehan Premier Tech U23 Cycling Project 4:54:34
10 Gabriel Shipley Aevolo Cycling 4:54:34
11 Lance Abshire Chaney Windows and Doors 4:54:34
12 Caleb Classen Team California 4:54:34
13 Aden Wardrop Ride Bikes Bro 4:54:35
14 Max Bien Ccn ferei metalac 4:54:35
15 Benjamin Wright The Black Bibs 4:54:36
16 Ethan Overson Cinch Rise 4:54:41
17 Tobias Klein Aevolo Cycling 4:54:57
18 Quinn Felton Team California 4:55:07
19 Brooks Wienke Aevolo Cycling 4:57:16
20 Leo Gullickson Aevolo 4:57:16
21 Kieran Haug 4:57:17
22 Christopher Hardee Kelly Benefits Strategies Elite Cycling Team 4:58:02
23 David Gabrick DDP Elite Cycling Team 4:58:38
24 Max Ritzow Expeditors Elite Cycling Team 4:58:40
25 Connor Thompson Bike Works p/b Fred Beans Cycling 5:02:39
26 Trevor August Team Skyline 5:07:33
27 Gionvanni Vasta DDP Elite Cycling Team 5:12:40
DNF Maxwell Abner Team Rocket Revolution
DNF Lanier Ash Kelly Benefits Strategies Elite Cycling
DNF Zach Berend DDP Elite Cycling Team
DNF Jacob Bernas Velocious Sport
DNF Orion Child Velo Childeric
DNF Nathan Colavolpe Riders Incorporated
DNF David Davenport Kelly Benefits Strategies Cycling
DNF Luke Feuerhelm First Internet Bank
DNF Donoven Francis CINCH Rise
DNF Samuel Fuller Otterhaus/K&F Construction
DNF Michael Garrison Hagens Berman Axeon
DNF Anton Gibson Star Track Cycling
DNF Christopher Guzik Red Peloton
DNF Anthony Hilligoss Northstar Development
DNF John Hughes Team Georges Cycles p/b RF Foundations
DNF Ryan Jastrab Wildlife Generation
DNF Seth Jones CCN Metalac Sunbelt
DNF Gerard Josulevicz
DNF Satchel Kim Kelly Benefits Strategies Elite Cycling Team
DNF Noah Koppenhaver QCW
DNF Caleb Landgrebe DDP Elite Cycling Team
DNF Jacob Longo Los Angeles Bicycle Club
DNF Henry Lord Kelly Benefits Strategies
DNF Andrew Lydic Team Smartdry- Girona Cycling City
DNF Luke Mather Unattached
DNF Ethan Moyer Rio Grande Elite Cycling
DNF Keelan Ontiveros Expeditors Elite Cycling Team
DNF Christian Perpinan Brooklyn Racing
DNF Luke Pharis Team Elevate Racing
DNF Gabriel Porterfield Torchys Tacos/Bike Mart
DNF Matthew Reynolds Kelly Benefits Elite Cycling
DNF Sam Riess Bike Haus
DNF Nicholas Salazar garcia Velocious Sport
DNF Andy Schnurbusch Power Up Cycling
DNF William Seitz Robson Forensic p/b Extra Sweet
DNF Sebastian Silberman Kelly Benefits Strategies/LSV
DNF Patton Sims Kelly Benefits Strategies Elite Cycling
DNF Sam Smith Doylestown Bike Works p/b Fred Beans
DNF Lucas Stierwalt DDP Elite Cycling Team
DNF Andrew Strohmeyer Kelly Benefits Strategies Elite Cycling
DNF Nathan Surowiec Kelly Benefits Strategies Elite Cycling
DNF Billy Taylor Star Track Cycling
DNF Patrick Welch Kelly Benefits Strategies Elite Cycling
DNF Ian Williams Expeditors Cycling
DNF Ian Witkowski Keystone Racing p/b Lupine Lights
DNF Shay Wright Kelly benefits
DNF Troy Fields Velo Rossillon

Men Senior Cat 1

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ama Nsek Best Buddies Racing 4:43:02
2 Hugo Scala Project Echelon Racing 4:43:02
3 William Hardin Project Echelon Racing 4:43:03
4 Michael Hernandez Best Buddies Racing 4:43:03
5 Forrest Howard VeloBrew Racing 4:43:04
6 Andrew Dillman Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team PB Athletic Brewing Co 4:43:04
7 Andrew Frank Team California 4:43:04
8 Kerry Werner The Black Bibs 4:43:04
9 Ryan Gorman Team Mikes Bikes p/b Equator Coffees 4:43:04
10 Spencer Miller Kelly Benefits Strategies Elite Cycling 4:43:04
11 Fergus Arthur Texas Roadhouse p/b Athletic Brewing Co 4:43:05
12 Michael Lambert Velovit Race Team 4:43:05
13 Daniel Uhranowsky Project 412 4:43:05
14 Tanner Ward Best Buddies Racing 4:43:05
15 Evan Mcquirk United Cycling 4:43:06
16 Curtis White Best Buddies Racing 4:43:06
17 Eric Fischer Specialized Project 74 4:43:06
18 Shawn Litster Project 412 4:43:07
19 Owen Wright Georges Cycles p/b RF Foundations 4:43:07
20 Darren Piotrow Alpine Carbon Racing 4:43:07
21 Matt Mcloone Total Civil Construction 4:43:07
22 Evan Bausbacher Ride Bikes Bro 4:43:07
23 Kyle Perry Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team PB Athletic Brewing Co 4:43:08
24 Connor Ryan Total Civil Construction p/b Battley Harley-Davidson 4:43:08
25 Cory Lockwood Butcherboxcycling 4:43:08
26 Eneas Freyre TTEndurance 4:43:08
27 Patrick Breen University of Cincinnati Cycling Club 4:43:09
28 Sam Fritschel CCB Racing 4:43:11
29 Jonathan Brown Blazers 4:43:20
30 Zach Nehr Project Echelon Racing 4:43:22
31 Roman Kilun Team Mikes Bikes p/b Equator Coffees 4:43:28
32 Tim Mcbirney Team Mikes Bikes p/b Equator Coffees 4:43:29
33 Kevin Solomon Pinnacle Velo 4:45:08
34 Brendan Sullivan Theres A Train Coming 4:45:44
35 Travis Mceuen Terun Elite 4:45:58
36 Andrew Levitt Team California 4:46:46
37 Eli House Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team PB Athletic Brewing Co 4:47:02
38 Brendan Housler Velobrew Racing 4:47:22
39 Stephen Vogel Project Echelon Racing 4:47:23
40 Quintin Chiapperino Above & Beyond Cancer 4:47:23
41 Chris Riekert Team Mikes Bikes p/b Equator Coffees 4:47:23
42 Zach Gregg Project Echelon Racing 4:48:21
43 Samuel Leblanc 4D Racing 4:48:29
44 Caleb Langley First Internet Bank Cycling 4:49:56
45 Jovanni Stefani Team California 4:51:02
46 Jack Duncan Team Mikes Bikes p/b Equator Coffees 4:51:02
47 Ron Francoise tuazon Torchys Tacos/Bike Mart 4:51:04
48 Cade Bickmore Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team PB Athletic Brewing Co 4:52:05
49 Sean Barrie Total Civil Construction 4:52:16
50 Henry Brandes Team 4:54:08
51 Jack White BSCG Support Clean Sport 4:54:08
52 Matt Mikul Terun Elite 4:54:08
53 Scottie Weiss THE BLACK BIBS 4:54:09
54 Andrew Wulfkuhle The Black Bibs 4:54:18
55 John Delong Delaware Valley Racing 4:54:20
56 Angel Munoz Blazers 4:54:20
57 Matthew Govero Velobrew Racing 4:58:59
58 Michael Reidenbach OrthoVirginia Racing // Catoctin Cycling 5:04:08
DNF John Becker * First Internet Bank Cycling
DNF Marc Boults VeloBrew
DNF Greg Capelle Otterhaus/K&F Construction
DNF Tyler Cheslik Move Up Road Squad
DNF William Cooper CS Velo Racing
DNF Paul Davis Cutaway One South Realty
DNF Daniel Estevez Best Buddies Racing
DNF Johnathan Freter Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team PB Athletic Brewing Co
DNF Ranjodh Gill Otterhaus / K&F Construction
DNF Grayson Keppler United Cycling
DNF Joshua Lipka CRCA/Good Guys Racing p/b
DNF Bryan Mutell 4D Racing
DNF Dan Netzer Celerity/JRVS Racing
DNF Jared Nieters The Black Bibs
DNF Zachary Rivenbark
DNF Matt Waite
DNF Trey Shepard First Internet Bank
DNF Matthew Winstead Velo Roussillon Racing Club# 16728
DNF Lee Yarbro
DNF Dante Young Blazers
DNF Andrew Crater Supra Functional Food Bars