These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

SM 1-23

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sean Burke Ardor Racing
2 Austin Venhuizen Unattached
3 Nathan Abbott Stem Ciders Racing
4 Todd Cassan Unattached
5 Deniz Warraich Full Send Racing p/b Elevation Cycles
6 William Soden Great Divide Brewing Company
7 George Jordan Primal - Audi Denver
8 Oliver Boyd Boulder Junior Cycling
9 Miles Livermore Unattached
10 Christopher Clancy Groove Subaru Excel Sports
11 Ryan Osullivan Full Send Racing p/b Elevation Cycles
12 Caleb Schroder Unattached
13 David Almanzan Unattached
14 Roy Hobbs Stem Ciders Racing
15 Chris Parsons Chalet/Celebrity Home Loans
16 Michael De sena VR7 Colorado Cycling Team
17 Steven Lecey Unattached
18 Matthias Stehle Primal - Audi Denver
19 Chris Bacarisse Primal - Audi Denver
20 Michael Margolis Primal - Audi Denver
21 Gary Wiese CG Racing
22 Luis Rodriguez Rapha Cycling Club- Boulder
23 Brent Dickinson Great Divide Brewing Company
24 Jack Jefferies Unattached
25 Andrew Schmidt Primal - Audi Denver
26 Damon Brandt Stem Ciders Racing
27 Nicholas Gilida Primal - Audi Denver
28 Ben Rasich Unattached
29 Terry Rice Full Send Racing p/b Elevation Cycles
30 Rachel Plessing ALP Cycles Racing
31 Patrick Repasky Physio Racing
32 Ben Jendrek Unattached
33 Robert Pinkerton Great Divide Brewing Company
34 Roman Rositani Groove Subaru Excel Sports
35 Peter Gee Stem Ciders Racing
36 Gardner Desroberts Unattached
37 David Mcneill Physio Racing
38 Daniel Parks Unattached
39 Patrick Lemieux Unattached
40 Robert Massey Primal - Audi Denver
41 Michelle Henry Unattached
42 Luke Mcconnell Full Send Racing p/b Elevation Cycles
43 Alex Winter Primal - Audi Denver
44 Jon Stacks Twin Peaks Racing
45 Cassidy Hickey Colorado Mesa University
46 Anastasia Yanchilina Unattached

SM 4-5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Martin Osorio Reynolds Racing/R2
2 Connor Finley DBC Racing
3 Matteo Bugatti Stem Ciders Racing
4 Richard Shall Reynolds Racing/R2
5 Ryan Grimm Primal - Audi Denver
6 Gustave Manthey Unattached
7 Gabriel Anderson Unattached
8 Jacob Golberg UCI WTW: TEAM DSM
9 Greg Harris Stem Ciders Racing
10 Tyler Hardy Unattached
11 Lane Willer Unattached
12 Matthew Erickson DBC Racing
13 Bill Lehman Groove Subaru Excel Sports
14 Tim Blakemore DBC Racing
15 Quaine Day Reynolds Racing/R2
16 Avi Bulow Primal - Audi Denver
17 John Newman Stem Ciders Racing
18 Dakota Thayer Unattached
19 Ethan Kennelly Unattached
20 John Walker Groove Subaru Excel Sports
21 Daniel Aragon Unattached
22 Nick Steiner DBC Racing
23 Devin Rhinehart VR7 Colorado Cycling Team
24 Darren Blair Primal - Audi Denver
25 Justin Andrews Physio Racing
26 Greg Bjorkquist Unattached
27 Anthony Harvey Reynolds Racing/R2
28 Rich Clark Groove Subaru Excel Sports
29 Alex Ende Unattached
30 Jeremy Ostrowski Reynolds Racing/R2
31 Keith Terwilliger Unattached
32 Phillip Merrill Physio Racing
33 Edwin Feliciano Unattached
34 Michael Deyoanna Unattached
35 Craig Hibbard Unattached
36 Cate Logan ALP Cycles Racing
37 Eric Brodis VR7 Colorado Cycling Team
38 Robert Shoemaker Unattached
39 Regan Lofgreen Unattached
40 Justin Caires Unattached
41 John Goldsmith Team Evergreen Cycling
42 Andrew Mccarron CINCH Cycling
43 Michelle Mjoen Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage Inc
44 Sam Walton Unattached
45 Henry Walsh Avout Racing
46 Christopher Saunders Unattached
47 John Tinnell Unattached
48 Patrick Grady Unattached
49 Daniel Walters Unattached
50 Colin Burbage Unattached
51 Juli White Velo Club La Grange
52 Khem Suthiwan Stem Ciders Racing
DNF Chris Mueller Reynolds Racing/R2 DNF
54 Sam Scheurich Unattached DNP