These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

SM 1-23

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Andrew Strohmeyer Kelly Benefits Strategies Elite Cycling 0:45:33
2 Michael Bouwkamp Unattached
3 Jabez Meulemans Primal - Audi Denver
4 Sean Burke Ardor Racing
5 Marshall Graybill Unattached
6 Neil Bezdek Unattached
7 Jack Jefferies Unattached
8 Gary Wiese CG Racing
9 Mason Lawrence Unattached
10 Christopher Clancy Groove Subaru Excel Sports
11 Michael Watkins Unattached
12 Austin Venhuizen Unattached
13 Benjamin Sharp Stages Cycling
14 Justin Sotdorus Go4Graham
15 Caleb Schroder Unattached
16 Roy Hobbs Stem Ciders Racing
17 David Almanzan Unattached
18 Michael De sena VR7 Colorado Cycling Team
19 Wyatt Gaulke Primal - Audi Denver
20 George Jordan Primal - Audi Denver
21 Stephen Bartels Ardor Racing
22 Christopher Dolan Unattached
23 Joseph Taddeucci Rally Sport Cycling Team
24 Luke Mcconnell Full Send Racing p/b Elevation Cycles
25 John Fallon Chalet/Celebrity Home Loans
26 Andrew Schmidt Primal - Audi Denver
27 Keith Hower Primal - Audi Denver
28 Shannon Fox Hammer Racing Team p/b Thorne
29 Miles Livermore Unattached
30 Michael Margolis Primal - Audi Denver
31 Matteo Bugatti Stem Ciders Racing
32 Connor Finley DBC Racing
33 Jonathan Spangle Primal - Audi Denver
34 Ben Jendrek Unattached
35 Zachary Spinhirne-martin Unattached
36 Andrew Escandon Unattached
37 Nicholas Gilida Primal - Audi Denver
38 Grant Gipson Unattached
39 Daniel Aragon Unattached
40 Ashley King Unattached
41 Tom Lawlor Physio Racing
42 John Mattingly Chalet/Celebrity Home Loans
43 Brian Lindsley Black Swift / Cycleton Cycling Team
44 Emily Jordan Orion Racing p/b Borah Teamwea
45 Troy Reynolds Reynolds Racing/R2
46 Evan Cooper Unattached DNP
47 David Mcneill Physio Racing DNP
48 Justin Stepchuk Unattached DNP
DNF Patrick Repasky Physio Racing DNF
DNF Scott Kurban Groove Subaru Excel Sports DNF
DNF Mike Swanson Primal - Audi Denver DNF
DNF Ethan Ash FLC Cycling DNF
DNF August Bailey Unattached DNF
54 Fredd Corpuz Full Send Racing p/b Elevation Cycles DNP
DNF Dean Digiulio Chalet/Celebrity Home Loans DNF
DNF Mark Steger Unattached DNF
DNF Sanjin Obhodas Primal - Audi Denver DNF
DNF Steven Lykens Physio Racing DNF
DNF Daniel Depaemelaere 8 Sixteen Racing DNF
DNF Daniel Cummins DBC Racing DNF
DNF Sam Scheurich Unattached DNF
DNF Steven Lecey Unattached DNF

SM 4-5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ethan Cefus Summit Bike Club 0:38:27
2 Toby Hassett GBX
3 Avi Bulow Primal - Audi Denver
4 Benjamin Bravman GBX
5 Devin Rhinehart VR7 Colorado Cycling Team
6 Eric Coe Unattached
7 Greg Harris Stem Ciders Racing
8 Tyler Hardy Unattached
9 Martin Osorio Reynolds Racing/R2
10 Kevin Man Unattached
11 Matthew Knoedler Unattached
12 Ethan Kennelly Unattached
13 Robert Adams Stem Ciders Racing
14 Ryan Grimm Primal - Audi Denver
15 Gary Deaguero Unattached
16 John Newman Stem Ciders Racing
17 Greg Bjorkquist Unattached
18 Mike Maunz Primal - Audi Denver
19 Edwin Feliciano Unattached
20 Lane Willer Unattached
21 Justin Andrews Physio Racing
22 Tom Charkut Unattached
23 Richard Shall Reynolds Racing/R2
24 Chris Mueller Reynolds Racing/R2
25 John Walker Groove Subaru Excel Sports
26 Anthony Malacrida Unattached
27 Brandon Rockers Unattached
28 Paul Meskimen Unattached
29 John Goldsmith Team Evergreen Cycling
30 Brett Hoopes Racer X Cycling / ColoBikeLaw
31 Beckett Mcvoy Boulder Junior Cycling
32 Brett Tucek Unattached
33 Omar Delamora Unattached
34 Keith Terwilliger Unattached
35 Steve Martino Unattached
36 Regan Lofgreen Unattached
37 Andrew Mccarron CINCH Cycling
38 David Jackson Unattached
39 Daniel Walters Unattached
40 Juli White Velo Club La Grange
41 Chris Mcmanus Old School Industries
42 James Barnes Old School Industries
43 Matt Sodnicar Tender Belly / Denver Beer Co / Arch 11 / Snooze
44 Steven Morgan Unattached
45 Nathan Hackos Unattached
46 Michel Brossmer Unattached
DNF Michael Deyoanna Unattached DNF
DNF Robert Shoemaker Unattached DNF
DNF Sam Walton Unattached DNF
DNF Alfonso Martinez Unattached DNF
DNF Kirby Kelly Stem Ciders Racing DNF
DNF Diana Freeman Unattached DNF
DNF Leah Toeniskoetter Unattached DNF