These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Richard Geng Colorado Mesa University
2 Zack Allison Colorado State University
3 Griffin Easter Fort Lewis College
4 Patric Rostel Colorado Mesa University
5 Matt Lyons University of Denver
6 Charles 'mac' cassin University of Colorado-Boulder
7 Jeffrey Perrin University of Colorado
8 Rotem Ishay Fort Lewis College
9 Erick Carlson Colorado State University
10 Josh Yeaton University of Colorado - Boulder
11 Ryan Cleveland Fort Lewis College
12 Colt Peterson University of Colorado-Boulder
13 Luke Harris Colorado State University
14 Oinatz Uribe University of Colorado-Boulder
15 Logan Vonbokel Colorado State University
16 Ben Stalker Fort Lewis College
17 Drew Christopher Fort Lewis College
18 Taylor Warren Colorado State University
19 Jeff Chmielewski University of Colorado-Boulder
20 Rashid Farooqui University of Colorado-Boulder
21 Skyler Trujillo Fort Lewis College
22 Trevor Brooks Fort Lewis College
23 Eric Steele University of Colorado-Boulder
24 Russell Brown Colorado State University
25 Jacob Hadar Colorado Mesa University
26 Bill Golembieski University of Colorado - Boulder
27 Gabe Murray Fort Lewis College
28 William Zellmer Fort Lewis College
29 Payson Mcelveen Fort Lewis College
30 Anthony Carfang jr University of Colorado-Boulder
31 Clinton Mitchell Colorado State University
32 Dylan Jones Colorado State University
33 William Buick University of Colorado - Boulder
34 Camilo Zambrano University of Colorado-Boulder
35 Kenji Fortune Fort Lewis College
36 Adam Looney University of Wyoming
37 Cody Stephenson Colorado State University
38 William Vazquez Colorado State University
39 Robbie Jones Fort Lewis College
40 Nathan Petter University of Colorado
41 Joseph Teynor University of Denver
42 Aaron Canale Fort Lewis College
43 Sam Chovan University of Denver
44 Michael Burleigh University of Denver

Men B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Cullen Easter Colorado Mesa University
2 Matthew Hudson University of Colorado - Boulder
3 Jesse Weiner Colorado State University
4 Alex Ranum University of Colorado - Boulder
5 Stefan Zavislan US Air Force Academy
6 Nathanael Prewitt Colorado State University
7 Cyrus Pearo University of Denver
8 Lucas Elms Colorado State University
9 Evan Glowiak US Air Force Academy
10 Andrew Cady US Air Force Academy
11 Neil Dimuccio University of Colorado - Boulder
12 John Demos University of Denver
13 Sean Haney University of Colorado - Boulder
14 Jesse Talley Colorado Mesa University
15 Marcel Davidse University of Colorado-Boulder
16 Stephan Wilson Colorado School of Mines
17 Stephen Cochran Colorado College
18 Joseph Chiavetta Colorado State University
19 Ryan Thompson US Air Force Academy

Men C

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Donny Warbritton University of Colorado-Boulder
2 Cole Hanson Colorado Mesa University
3 Joshua Mcdowell Fort Lewis College
4 Hunter Martinez Colorado College
5 Tucker Brown US Air Force Academy
6 Nick Cooley Colorado State University
7 Andrew Faturos Colorado State University
8 Scott Berres Colorado State University
9 Austen Ebert US Air Force Academy
10 Garrett Braun US Air Force Academy
11 Jeremy Besmer University of Colorado-Boulder
12 Steven Nichols Colorado School of Mines
13 Joshua Garland University of Colorado-Boulder
14 Dain Kahn Colorado State University
15 Jeff Sederlin Colorado Mesa University
16 Stephen Cochran Colorado Mesa University
17 Luke Rein University of Colorado-Boulder
18 Eric Gregg University of Northern Colorado
19 Max Gleicher University of Denver
20 Andrew Touslee Colorado State University
21 Richard Seward Colorado Mesa University
22 Duncan Koehn Colorado Mesa University
23 Jon Keyzer Colorado State University
24 Jordan Barnett Fort Lewis College

Women A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Christa Ghent University of Colorado-Boulder
2 Jamie Davis Colorado State University
3 Lauren Catlin Fort Lewis College
4 Abigail Mickey University of Colorado-Boulder
5 Kate Wold Colorado State University
6 Tilly Field Fort Lewis College

Women B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ashlee Robison Fort Lewis College
2 Nicole Broderer University of Colorado - Boulder
3 Linnea Dixson University of Wyoming
4 Jocelyn Irwin University of Denver
5 Jill Behlen University of Wyoming
6 Fiona Weeks Colorado State University
7 Sarah Godish US Air Force Academy
8 Jocelyn Irwin University of Denver
9 Mackenzie Paul US Air Force Academy
10 Meghan Kane Fort Lewis College
11 Katie Cartee University of Colorado-Boulder
12 Jackie Kabel Colorado State University
13 Christiana Leong Colorado State University
14 Dee Brockman Colorado State University
15 Natalie Cortezlopez Colorado Mesa University
16 Hannah Fillman Colorado State University
17 Taide Marquez Colorado Mesa University
18 Sused Cabrera Colorado Mesa University
19 Nathalie Krantz Fort Lewis College
20 Emilse Salazar Colorado Mesa University
21 Ashleigh Weibel Fort Lewis College