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Men 6th Grade Boys

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ryan Fulton Northern WV Composite
2 Jack Degaetano New River Composite
3 Miles Ammons Morgantown Composite Team
4 Noah Randolph Huntington Composite
5 David Fleming ii River Cities Composite
6 Easton Robey Harrison County Composite
7 Bodhi Hines Huntington Composite
8 Riley Hawkinberry Morgantown Composite Team
9 Toby Domellan Harrison County Composite
10 Will Samples Putnam County Pedalers Composite
11 Henry Borgeson New River Composite
12 Brevin Forinash Harrison County Composite
13 Evan Ulrich New River Composite
14 Riley Davis Harrison County Composite
15 Ben Dobkin Northern WV Composite
16 Brayden Ballengee Coalfields Composite
17 Coleby Blake Northern WV Composite
18 Tyler Wine Jackson County Composite
19 Bryce Harp New River Composite
20 Oliver Flores Eastern Panhandle Composite
21 David Reynolds Morgantown Composite Team
22 Jayce Balikor Morgantown Composite Team
23 Trystan Taylor Putnam County Pedalers Composite
24 Xaviar Penturff New River Composite
25 Ross Gray Greenbrier Valley

Men 7th Grade Boys

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Walker Unroe Putnam County Pedalers Composite 45:11.6
2 Noah Lunsford Huntington Composite 48:53.5
3 Will Ferguson Morgantown Composite Team
4 Gavin White Highlands Composite
5 Parker Muncy Harrison County Composite
6 Garron Pyles Morgantown Composite Team
7 Hayden Pollock Morgantown Composite Team
8 Brayden Miner Northern WV Composite
9 Bryce Vincent Eastern Panhandle Composite
10 Tyler Gilkerson New River Composite
11 Leo Hoover Kanawha River Comp
12 Griffin Kirk Putnam County Pedalers Composite
13 Jon Tyler New River Composite
14 Broc Willis River Cities Composite
15 Pedro Suarez jr Highlands Composite
16 Max Chamberlain Pocahontas County Composite
17 Jasper Geldenhuys Morgantown Composite Team
18 Brock Mansfield Athens County Cougarbats
19 Austin Newcome Morgantown Composite Team
20 Nathan Provo Eastern Panhandle Composite
21 Bromley Forinash Harrison County Composite
22 Brock Sheppard Eastern Panhandle Composite
23 Joel Mosteller Putnam County Pedalers Composite

Men 8th Grade Boys

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Carter Faulknier Pocahontas County Composite 43:19.7
2 Jack Kenamond Northern WV Composite 44:37.8
3 Clayton Petry Northern WV Composite 44:41.4
4 Benjamin Randolph Huntington Composite 44:52.0
5 Tanzer George Morgantown Composite Team
6 Mitchell Ferrell Kanawha River Comp
7 Landon Ballengee Coalfields Composite
8 Mason Chandler Huntington Composite
9 Dean Ammons Morgantown Composite Team
10 Isaiah Davis Putnam County Pedalers Composite
11 Wesley Freed River Cities Composite
12 Vance Rhodes River Cities Composite
13 Mitch Marra River Cities Composite
14 Braydn Ruckman Northern WV Composite
15 Luca Collier Highlands Composite
16 Finn Mcilvaine Kanawha River Comp
17 Iman Reynolds Athens County Cougarbats
18 Bryce Corio Morgantown Composite Team
19 Wyatt Debord Putnam County Pedalers Composite
20 Harrison Leatherman Greenbrier Valley
21 Caden Yao Morgantown Composite Team
22 Dante Roma Huntington Composite
23 Gabriel Jannotta Putnam County Pedalers Composite
24 Matthew Stanton Morgantown Composite Team
25 Fletcher Good New River Composite
26 Kayden Mcdonald River Cities Composite
27 Timothy Angelona New River Composite
28 Charlie Gaull Kanawha River Comp
29 Elijah Ellison Putnam County Pedalers Composite
30 Caden Thompson Huntington Composite
31 Abram Zyla-dennis River Cities Composite
32 Zach Elias Northern WV Composite
33 Hudson Karlen Highlands Composite
34 Liam Laird Greenbrier Valley
35 Maximus Mcqueen Huntington Composite
36 Logan Daniels Harrison County Composite
37 Matthew Peters Greenbrier Valley
38 Brendan Pendry Coalfields Composite
39 Beckett Weir Huntington Composite
40 Owen Mullin Northern WV Composite
41 Jake Stewart Coalfields Composite
42 Jayce Casto Jackson County Composite
43 Ben Terry New River Composite
44 Mauri Newton Eastern Panhandle Composite

Men Freshman Boys

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Dylan Lunsford Huntington Composite 04:15.4
2 Roy Clayton Morgantown Composite Team
3 Owen Sanders River Cities Composite
4 Gavin Baldwin Kanawha River Comp
5 Ethan Curtis Cabell Midland High School
6 Owen Shreve Harrison County Composite
7 Ian Loomis Eastern Panhandle Composite
8 Jakob Roberts Putnam County Pedalers Composite
9 Izekiel Linscott Athens County Cougarbats
10 Tad Elkins Greenbrier Valley
11 Andrew Tesar Highlands Composite
12 Chase Adkins Cabell Midland High School
13 Bo Blake Northern WV Composite
14 Landon Harr Morgantown Composite Team
15 Silas Wheeler Coalfields Composite
16 Andrew Major New River Composite
17 Grady Mullin Northern WV Composite
18 Ryan Hunt Morgantown High School
19 Zayne Linn Morgantown High School
20 Andrew Harris Highlands Composite
21 Parker Stamm Harrison County Composite
22 Noah Tyler New River Composite
23 Braden Teaney Greenbrier Valley
DNF Peyton Nicola Morgantown High School

Men JV Boys

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sam Hawver Greenbrier Valley 03:10.5
2 Samuel Hawkinberry Morgantown High School 06:21.8
3 Hayden Walden Cabell Midland High School 08:50.8
4 Hayden Smith Cabell Midland High School
5 Gabe Hrabosky New River Composite
6 Ethan Mcneely Cabell Midland High School
7 Tanner Foster Putnam County Pedalers Composite
8 Tytus Bennett Putnam County Pedalers Composite
9 Wesley Wade Kanawha River Comp
10 Daniel Dodds Highlands Composite
11 Seth Horn Taylor County Composite
12 Ethan Ellyson River Cities Composite
13 Walter Wade Kanawha River Comp
14 Cameron Thompson Huntington Composite
15 Carter Bertram Northern WV Composite
16 Oliver Wade Kanawha River Comp
17 Cam Williams Morgantown High School
18 Bishop Frame Kanawha River Comp
19 Garrett Hedrick Putnam County Pedalers Composite
20 Dustin Undy Putnam County Pedalers Composite
21 Hunter Channels Highlands Composite
22 Zachriah Pusley Jackson County Composite

Men Sophomore Boys

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kipp Freed River Cities Composite 08:00.2
2 Cooper Ruud Highlands Composite 08:43.7
3 Colt Coffman Morgantown High School 08:54.2
4 Isaac Angelona New River Composite
5 Chase Maze River Cities Composite
6 David Sheppard jr Eastern Panhandle Composite
7 Caleb Stillwell Huntington Composite
8 Grayson Williams New River Composite
9 Zach Harrison Putnam County Pedalers Composite
10 Quincy Miller Highlands Composite
11 Nathanial Magers Northern WV Composite
12 Brock Lewis Morgantown Composite Team
13 Matthew Sevilla Putnam County Pedalers Composite
14 Grady Baracka Eastern Panhandle Composite
15 Isaac Chandler Cabell Midland High School
16 Parker Kinneer Morgantown High School
17 Jacob Meyer Morgantown High School
18 Jacob Antle Athens County Cougarbats
19 Regan Freed River Cities Composite
20 Bryce Willis River Cities Composite
21 Jaden Gregory New River Composite
22 Joshua Stueckle Morgantown High School
23 Harold Soderholm Morgantown Composite Team
24 Kaleb Gardill Northern WV Composite
25 Cannon Kyles Morgantown Composite Team
26 Tyler Roman Morgantown Composite Team
DNF Kyle Beverly Kanawha River Comp
DNF Alex Kern Kanawha River Comp

Men Varsity Boys

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Cam Little Greenbrier Valley 15:37.5
2 Ashton White Highlands Composite 15:52.2
3 Rylan Orwig Huntington Composite 15:54.9
4 Cole Miller Morgantown Composite Team 29:54.4
5 Kaden Leeper Morgantown Composite Team 31:07.2
6 Trevor Straub Cabell Midland High School 36:38.2

Women 6th Grade Girls

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Shiloh Ellison Putnam County Pedalers Composite 30:53.3
2 Sofie Gaull Kanawha River Comp 31:47.8
3 Bryna Clutter Pocahontas County Composite 33:54.4
4 Annabelle Holt Greenbrier Valley 33:58.9
5 Eileen Parks Morgantown Composite Team 35:10.8
6 Ellie Earnest Kanawha River Comp 40:38.2
7 Evelyn Webster Morgantown Composite Team 42:14.0
8 Ella Mcilvaine Kanawha River Comp 43:21.9
9 Evie Hilton New River Composite 44:46.5
10 Charlotte Hoblitzell Kanawha River Comp 50:32.7

Women 7th Grade Girls

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Phoebe Wooster Athens County Cougarbats 30:46.0
2 Darcie Gardill Northern WV Composite 33:51.5
3 Ahna Valach Pocahontas County Composite 34:38.1
4 Haley Caputo Harrison County Composite 34:51.8
5 Abigail Twilley Morgantown Composite Team 47:45.0

Women 8th Grade Girls

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ella Games Northern WV Composite 27:32.1
2 Ella Fulton Northern WV Composite 28:38.3
3 Peyton Butcher Putnam County Pedalers Composite 29:15.2
4 Emily Roberts Putnam County Pedalers Composite 29:28.3
5 Audrey Soderholm Morgantown Composite Team 31:05.4
6 Talitha Bennett Putnam County Pedalers Composite 34:21.7
7 Kaylee Adkins Huntington Composite 35:45.3
8 Kedall Walls Kanawha River Comp 35:45.9
9 Elisabeth Clapp Athens County Cougarbats 37:29.8
10 Shelby Sandolfini Morgantown Composite Team 41:34.4

Women Freshman Girls

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Delaney Stull Highlands Composite 51:10.9
2 Kate Kotses Athens County Cougarbats 54:19.5
3 Ellie Hoblitzell Kanawha River Comp 59:33.1
4 Sofia Perna Kanawha River Comp 01:14.9
5 Izzy Wooten Putnam County Pedalers Composite 01:26.4
6 Estella Styer River Cities Composite 11:42.0
7 Brenna Gardill Northern WV Composite 12:58.0
8 Alyssa Daugherty River Cities Composite 23:17.1
9 Anna Reynolds Morgantown Composite Team 29:05.8

Women JV Girls

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Emma Ujvagi Highlands Composite 09:52.8
2 Ashley Mcbrayer Harrison County Composite 16:43.3
3 Bella Palm Morgantown Composite Team
4 Hannah Ellison Putnam County Pedalers Composite
5 Sam Carver Morgantown High School
6 Sophie Mcilvaine Kanawha River Comp

Women Sophomore Girls

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Maraid Johnson Morgantown High School 47:38.9
2 Haley Ellison Putnam County Pedalers Composite 48:51.9
3 Jordan Ellison Putnam County Pedalers Composite 53:03.6
4 Lilyana Anderson Highlands Composite 56:42.2
5 Yahaira Ramirez Harrison County Composite 08:04.7
6 Rebecca Gilkerson New River Composite 09:17.4
7 Lauren Geldenhuys Morgantown Composite Team 12:40.9
8 Madelyn Carver Morgantown High School 12:43.6

Women Varsity Girls

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Alyssa White Highlands Composite 28:07.3
2 Sara Ellem River Cities Composite
3 Abigail Arbogast Morgantown High School 48:20.8
4 Grace Angelona New River Composite 55:22.7
5 Capri Roma Cabell Midland High School 59:05.4
6 Kaya Toler Putnam County Pedalers Composite 12:51.9