These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Thomas Berle carman AUTOMATIC Lonely Hearts Racing
2 Keegan Ortiz Hilltop Racing Team
3 Fausto Guzman Road kings racing team
4 Oscar Emilio serech chan Verrazano Team Racing
5 Mayron Betancur Specialized Glass Co. Cycling Team
6 Stuart Pomeroy CRCA | Automatic Lonely Hearts Racing
7 Taylor Anthony Verrazano Team Racing
8 Teoboro Pabello CRCA/Houlihan Lokey Racing Team
9 Eziel Hernandez Independent
10 Alfonso Torres Latinos unidos cycling team
11 Jesus Tuy Latinos Unidos Cycling Team
12 Stevenson Almonte Road Kings Racing team
13 David Gonzalez Rockland cycling proyect
14 Harold Sheffery CRCA / Skratch Labs / Ostroy
15 Nelson Pantzay Sanba Cycling Team
16 David Garguilo CRCA/Foundation
17 Michael Cumming Verrazano Team Racing
18 Jardany Toquica
19 Steven Roberts CRCA | Rockstar Games
20 Daniel Perez Sanba Cycling Team
21 Humberto Hernandez Verrazano Team Racing
22 John Arias Specialized Glass Co. Cycling Team
23 Stefan Miller Hilltop Racing Team
24 Patrick Cines CRCA / Skratch Labs / Ostroy
25 Kristian Noboa CRCA/G4D Productions Racing
26 Pedro Santos sanba cycling team
27 Jorge Torres Latinos Unidos Cycling Team
28 John Watson CRCA
29 Nick Boyd Hilltop Racing Team
30 Brian Spagnoletti Automatic LonelyHearts Racing
31 Padilla Nikolas CRCA/G4D Racing
32 Brian Petkov AUTOMATIC Lonely Hearts RACING
33 Brett Garrett CRCA / Team VESELKA
34 Andrei Nugaev CRCA/NYCC Racing p/b Magen Financial
35 Michael Tupas Houlihan lokey
36 Sean Walsh Verrazano Team Racing
37 Lucas Barash-david CRCA/Automatic Lonely Hearts Racing
38 Robin Sanchez Sanba Cycling Team

Men Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Fernando Torija
2 Zach Kuster Now&Later
3 Ivan Carmargo Rockland cycling velo
4 Larssen Alcerro Hilltop Racing Team
5 Gerardo Paternostro Hilltop Racing Team
6 Daniel Hernandez L&D Cycles Corp.
7 Stephen Ducey Built for the Flats
8 Benjamin Wucher
9 George Paras Verrazano Team Racing
10 Joshua Wood
11 Saul Ramirez L&D Cycles
12 Leron Calistro Ride ya bike
13 Joshua Acevedo Hilltop Racing Team
14 Paulo Santos Nas Calmas Cycling
15 Raymond Tang Devan
16 Baudilio Toc SANBA cycling team
17 Sylvan Garrelts Verge Racing
18 Carlos Silva Hilltop Racing Team
19 Claudio Santos Hilltop Racing Team
20 Nate Baltikas Setanta
21 Ari Ebens Star Track
22 Joe Tipkelan Century Road Club Assoc
23 Crescencio Medrano Sanba Cycling Team
24 Noel gerard Bunal Houlihan Lokey
25 Juan Andres ocampo Hilltop Racing Team
26 Maximo Guinea Samba cycle team
27 Peter Findley
28 Curwin Laurent CRCA / Skratch Labs / Ostroy
29 Timothy Angob Verrazano Team Racing
30 Glentis Michel Hilltop Racing Team
31 Michael Shin
32 Adam Lafortune CRCA Development Foundation
33 Benjamin franklin Bencosme CRCA/NYCC/RACING
34 Marcos Tuiz SANBA
35 Joseph Flynn CRCA/NYCC Racing p/b Magen Financial
36 Enoch Mariscal CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing
37 David Flores L&D cycles corp.
38 Alexander Polanco Rockland cycling velo
39 Stephen Lee CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing
40 Ben Cohen
41 Antony Rowland
42 Ricardo Martinez martinez Sanba cycling team
43 Max Ebens Star Track
44 Isrrael Rodriguez
45 Clinton Moran MTDT
46 Lincoln Crane Starchild
47 Miguel Angel toc pablo Sanba cycling Team
48 Viv Carlow Star Track
49 Logan Auyeung Star Track
50 Josiah Wat StarTrack
DNF James Buckley CRCA
DNF Willy De la cruz JDprocycling

Women Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Lucie Vagnerova CRCA / W.0 Racing
2 Nataly Moreno Century Road Club Assoc
3 Sarah Chubb sauvayre CRCA / W.0 Racing
4 Monika Wagner
5 Christine Dewitte CRCA / W.0 Racing
6 Gabrielle Crevier Sugoi NYC Velo PBR
7 Emma Von zeipel Sugoi/NYC Velo/PBR
8 Arleni Baez Rueda Dur’simo
9 Molly Sitter Sugio/NYC Velo/PBR
10 Yanaisa Castillo JDprocycling
11 Louise Branca CRCA Development
12 Krista Ricciardi CRCA/Dave JordanRacing
13 Emily Wendorff Sugoi/NYC Velo/CRCA
14 Janine-marie Rafio Sugoi/NYC Velo/ PBR
15 Pearl Goldman CRCA / Dave Jordan Racing