These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 1/2/3 A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Tanner Robison Cornell University
2 Sebastian Silberman Princeton University
3 Adem Aricanli Princeton University
4 Ethan Turner University of Vermont
5 Bond Almand Dartmouth College
6 Jack Gazard New York University
7 Spencer Weisgram US Military Academy
8 Sam Fritschel QuadCycles
9 Grant Carter US Military Academy
10 Flynn Baker McGill Cycling
11 Bryce Stephenson McGill University
DNF Divik Verma Dartmouth College
DNF Shawn Alexander Clarkson University
DNF Lee Lopez Massachusetts Institute of Technology
DNF Derek Schaadt Massachusetts Institute of Technology
DNF John Sakalowsky Cycle-Smart + Romeo
DNF Mason Reece Massachusetts Institute of Technology
DNF Matthew Graham-O'Regan Alpine Carbon Racing
DNF Matthew Janczyk District Velocity Racing p/b Bicycle Pro Shop
DNF Nolan Holmes Dartmouth College
DNF Clyde Sebastian Logue Dartmouth College
DNF Pablo Collin McGill University

Men Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jon Horvath
2 Jack Diemar Holderness School
3 Nathaniel Gervez AP Junior Development p/b Corner Cycle
4 Nicholas Zaffino
5 Brian Packard
6 Keith Kaminski 545 Velo
7 Zakaria Mhammedi Massachusetts Institute of Technology
8 Josh Flanagan
9 John Ebersole
10 Devin Seyler MIT
11 Jim Anderson Dartmouth Triathalon
12 Christopher Keosian District Velocity Racing p/b Bicycle Pro Shop
DNF Pierre Gervez Rhino Bike Works

Men Collegiate B/C

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 John Jaicks Cornell University
2 William Colgan Massachusetts Institute of Technology
3 Lev Katreczko Cornell University
4 Artie Carpenter Williams College
5 Noah Rodney US Military Academy
6 Jacob Spitzer Dartmouth College
7 Alessandro Zanardi Massachusetts Institute of Technology
8 Nicolas Arango Massachusetts Institute of Technology
9 Aidan O'dowd US Military Academy
10 Ruben Gonzalez US Military Academy
11 Marcus Cooley Columbia University-NYC
12 Leyton Sheppard Brandeis University
13 Felix Knollmann Massachusetts Institute of Technology
14 Simon Courchesne McGill Cycling
15 Seamus Joyce-johnson MIT
16 Nathan Mcallister Dartmouth College
17 Guillaume Leclerc Massachusetts Institute of Technology
DNF Daniel Svedberg Brandeis University
DNF Baird Newbern Columbia University-NYC
DNF Hussain Khalil Northeastern University
DNF Michael Tyrrell Cornell University
DNF Carlos Ohler garcía Dartmouth College

Men Collegiate C/D

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Lucas Keith Cornell University
2 Joe Wang Boston University
3 John Steel hagenbuch Dartmouth College
4 Matthew Chekhlov Cornell University
5 Gavin Smith University of New Hampshire
6 Skyler Sears University of Connecticut
7 Daniel Kranseler Dartmouth College
8 Zohair Shafi Northeastern University
9 Charlie Shaw University of New Hampshire
10 Adam Boyle University of Vermont
11 Asa Chalmers Dartmouth College
12 Yoyo Lu Cornell University
13 Angelo Goodwin Lebanon High School
14 Michael Williams US Military Academy
15 Lin Cai New York University
16 Noah Dunleavy Dartmouth College
17 Andrew Pike Dartmouth College
18 Joshua Beaulieu University of New Hampshire
19 Liam Mccarthy US Military Academy
20 Max Pounanov Boston University
21 Luke Allan Dartmouth College
22 Cooper Camp Dartmouth College
23 Alexander Tidd Saint Lawrence University
24 Dario Seyb Dartmouth College
25 Justin Chen New York University
26 Cameron Wolfe Dartmouth College
27 Jake Muldoon University of Vermont
28 John Beggs US Military Academy
29 Dylan Treece US Military Academy
30 Robert Cooper Brandeis University
31 George Bentley US Military Academy
32 Kieran Mcgeary University of Connecticut
33 Ali Savas McGill
34 Maxwell Hessinger Northeastern University
35 Edard Hardy-braz Northeastern University
36 Archit Sharma New York University
37 Aaron Vliet Massachusetts Institute of Technology
38 Benjamin Hewitt Cornell University
39 Ashton Voehla Williams College
40 Jonathan Adler New York University
41 Lane Myshrall Dartmouth College
42 Andrew Gu Williams College
43 Sabhya Chhabria Princeton University
44 Han Yu Boston University
45 Michael Carroll University of New Hampshire
46 Vinh Tran Massachusetts Institute of Technology
47 Michael Frehyowt Williams College
48 Allan Feldman Brandeis University
49 Angelo Coelho Columbia University-NYC
997 Colin Hansen Clarkson University 1H4(i)(i)
DNF Percival Tonha Williams College
DNF Aaron Kaufold University of Connecticut
DNF Wally Magill Dartmouth College
DNF Sean Berman Brandeis University
DNF Jonathan Cohen Massachusetts Institute of Technology
DNF Gabriel Wong Williams College
DNF Theo Packard University of Vermont
DNF Thomas Gray Brandeis University

Women Collegiate A/B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mary Hnatyshyn McGill Cycling
2 Hannah Varner Massachusetts Institute of Technology
3 Olivia Romo US Military Academy
4 Sophia Degenova US Military Academy
5 Ella Goetze Dartmouth College
6 Julia Peabody-harhigh Williams College
7 Chloe Villeneuve McGill University
8 Edith Zhang Columbia University-NYC
9 Zoe Canafax US Military Academy

Women Collegiate C/D

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Katherine Fearon Dartmouth College
2 Amanda Joy Northeastern University
3 Katherine Walther Dartmouth College
4 Ana Blanc-benigeri McGill Cycling Team
5 Abigail Fischer Dartmouth College
6 Madeline Norris US Military Academy
7 Maya Barnett University of Vermont
8 Celia Cote University of Vermont
9 Kira Buttrey Massachusetts Institute of Technology
10 Audrey Herrald Dartmouth College
11 Amlie Bradley Dartmouth College
12 Maggie Payne University of Vermont
13 Kelly Mccarthy Williams College
14 Alicia Torres US Military Academy
15 Alexandra Gibbs US Military Academy
16 Sophie Fernandez US Military Academy
17 Bianca Champenois Massachusetts Institute of Technology
18 Lydia Tucker Dartmouth College
19 Jordyn Kenkel US Military Academy
20 Silja Earl-rorniainen University of Vermont
21 Ada rose Wagar Brandeis University
22 Mary Warder US Military Academy
23 Zhou Gwin Massachusetts Institute of Technology
DNF Megan Andersen University of New Hampshire DNF
DNF Pranjal Kalekar Northeastern University DNF