These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 1/2/3 Master 35-99

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 David Levine Taleo Racing
2 Chris Ott HDR Racing p/b Lombardi Sports
3 David Passmore Berkeley Bicycle Club (BBC)
4 Duane Coughlan
5 Jeffrey Botelho Taleo Racing
6 Gregory Spanier Taleo Racing
7 Joseph Sullivan SJBC
8 David Del rosso HDR Racing p/b Lombardi Sports
9 John Cavanaugh HDR Racing p/b Lombardi Sports
10 Chris Hernikl Taleo Racing
11 Sascha Messner Taleo Racing

Men Cat 1/2/3 Master 45-99

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Anders Dellien Cycles Fanatic
2 Hunter Ziesing Echelon/Charity of Choice
3 Fred Schnaars Davis Bike Club Race Team
4 Daryoush Paknad CoreTechs Cycling Team
5 Andrew Adelman CoreTechs Cycling Team
6 Todd Peterson Body Concepts
7 Donald Langley Team Specialized Racing Masters
8 Ken Hill Davis Bike Club
9 Eric Saltzman SJBC
10 Richard Nichols KovarusWells Fargo
11 Joe Amon
12 Devon Joos CoreTechs Cycling Team
13 Norman Kreiss Morgan Stanley /Specialized
14 Jeremy Wire SJBC
15 Bill Brier Team Fremont/FFBC powered by Chipotle
16 Daryl Spano SJBC
17 David Montgomery Truckee Bike team
18 Scott Wienker Davis Bike Club
19 Michael Vetterli Olympic Club
20 Darryl Smith Christian Cycling-Hammer Nutrition
21 Mark Petrucci unattached
22 John Gallagher Taleo Racing
23 Santiago Bolon Christian Cycling - Hammer Nutrition
24 Clark Foy SJBC
25 Virginia Perkins Red Racing
26 Christopher Bowlus Davis Bike Club Race Team
27 Daniel Smith Morgan Stanley /Specialized
28 Thomas Coulter Morgan Stanley /Specialized
29 Chris Courtney SJBC
30 Kristopher Spyrka California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized
31 Leila Cavanaugh
32 Ivy Wang Red Racing

Men Cat 2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michael Mulvihill Fusion Sport USA
2 David Mesa Chica Sexy
3 Alton Dunnigan Fremont Bank Cycling Team
4 Russell White Davis Bike Club
5 Gregory White Davis Bike Club
6 Alistair Eeckman Hammer Nutrition/CMG Racing Team
7 Mark Marquez Fremont Bank
8 Christopher Flanagan San Jose Bicycle Club/SJBC
9 Kenny Strickland Metromint Cycling
10 Stephen O'mara Team Mike's Bikes
11 Aj Kennedy Fremont Bank Cycling Team
12 Nole Studley Davis Bike Club

Men Cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Luciano Sponza Davis Bike Club Race Team
2 Scott Witthoff Fusion Sport USA
3 Jay Newton Victory Velo Racing
4 Gregory Riggins Action Sports/Simply Fit
5 Jason Arinno Kinetic Cycles
6 Isaac Sparling Dolce Vita Cycling
7 Bill Quach Berkeley Bike Club (BBC)
8 Eliot Logan Metromint Cycling
9 Jon Stewart Stevens Bicycle Racing
10 Dominick Brookes Micheal David Winery
11 Greg Rodrigues Fusion Sport USA
12 Joshua Houssiere Stevens Bicycle Racing
13 Hussein Saffouri Berkeley Bicycle Club (BBC)
14 Ryan Johnson Team Mike's Bikes
15 Denin Sahovic Squadra SF
16 Will Rose Team Chica Sexy
17 Lei Deng Third Pillar
18 Matthew Johnston Team Mason Thomas
19 Rey Surla Team Fremont p/b Chipotle
20 Don Chapin Don Chapin Monterey Bay Racing Team
21 Mike Gonzales Davis Bike Club Race Team
22 Aaron Rindy
23 Mitch Boehs Sierra Pacific Racing p/b Dayka & Hackett
24 Nick Baird Sierra Pacific Racing p/b Dayka & Hackett
25 Wyatt Garcia Topsport
26 Michael Claudio Davis Bike Club Race Team
27 Jane Despas
28 Lucia Mokres Los Gatos
29 Andreas Schulten Stuzio
30 Mat Gordon Fusion Sport USA
31 Tim Aiken SJBC
32 John Cheetham Metromint Cycling
33 Jason Hanchett Berkeley Bike Club (BBC)
34 David Bangor Chica Sexy
35 Justin Morgan Stevens Bicycle Racing
36 Cody Greer Sierra Pacific Racing
37 Ron Meskis Michael David Winery Cycling Team
38 Daniel Burns Third Pillar
39 Steven Woo Third Pillar
40 Jason Saltzman Team Specialized Racing Juniors
41 Benjamin Dodge Third Pillar

Men Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jonathan Deguzman Spy-Swami's Cycling Team
2 Matthew Cox Tri Valley Velo
3 Chris Gaitos team fremont/ ffbc powered by chipotle
4 Tony Wolf Sierra Pacific Racing p/b Dayka & Hackett
5 Alex Lockwood Fusion Sport USA
6 Vitaly Gashpar SquadraSF
7 Tyler Pearce CSC
8 Christopher White Don Chapin Monterey Bay Racing Team
9 John Lem Team Fremont/FFBC powered by Chipotle
10 Francisco Azevedo SquadraSF
11 Andrew Shimizu Team City Sacramento
12 Andrew Thomson Tri Valley Velo
13 Franco Campilongo SquadraSF
14 Adam Stansbury Folsom Bike
15 Ian Coberly delta velo
16 Deniz Warraich Tri Valley Velo
17 Travis Lee SCC/Riivo
18 Lenard Lesser UCLA
19 Gonzalo Carrillo Team Fremont/FFBC powered by Chipotle

Men Cat 4 Master 35-99

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Doug Cook sierra bike werks
2 Adam Ward Berkeley Bicycle Club (BBC)
3 Jeff Slaton Davis Bike Club
4 Jeremy Commeret Sierra Southern Cycling Club
5 Brad Cannella SLO Nexus-Gym One
6 James Hopper Kovarus/Wells Fargo
7 Jonathan Orban Third Pillar
8 Michael Heywood R4R-Make A Wish
9 Paul Berger Topsport
10 John Tsamasfyros Coretechs Cycling Team
11 Gregg Roh Sacramento Golden Wheelmen
12 Trevor Oldershaw Berkeley Bike Club (BBC)
13 Paul Higley Team Revolutions
14 Kevin Parks Berkeley Bicycle Club (BBC)
15 Samuel Campbell Third Pillar
16 Alan Hitch Davis Bike Club Race Team
17 Renzo Bernales Team City
18 Stefan Giachino

Men Cat 4 Master 45-99

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Gregg Marioni California Giant Cycling
2 Michael Beyers Tri Valley Velo
3 Joseph Storm Taleo Racing
4 Nelson Frink Body Concepts
5 Chris Morris Folsom Bike/Mercedes Benz
6 Jay Moccio Momentum
7 David Dalton Tri Valley Velo
8 Devinderjit Singh BODY CONCEPTS
9 Chuck Spiteri Peninsula Velo Racing
10 Jim Rademann Folsom Bike
11 Chris Voltz Dolce Vita Cycling
12 Huy Nguyen VSRT/DS Electric
13 Will Parks SF Sport and Spine PT
14 Matt Conidaris Body Concepts
15 Cory Roay peninsula velo racing
16 Gary Keno Velo club Lagrange Westwood
17 Harun Simbirdi Kovarus/Wells Fargo Racing Team
18 Thomas Preisler Los Gatos
19 Gilbert Tarin Taleo Racing
20 Allen Brumm Webcor/Alto Velo
21 Chris Crescioli
22 Jeffrey Bell Taleo Racing
23 Russell Mccrary California Giant Cycling
24 Geoff Landon Kovarus - Wells Fargo Racing
25 Christopher Michalski Tri Valley Velo
26 John Velez Velo Club LaGrange
27 Keith Lyon Davis Bike Club Race Team
28 Keith Reed Tri Valley Velo
29 Paul Ryan Taleo Racing
30 Jeffrey Stephens Chico Masters Cycling Team
31 Peter Aughney Taleo
32 Michael Saba Taleo Racing
33 Lance Burger Sierra Pacific Racing/Dayka-Hackett
34 Stephen Mason Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club
35 Joan Case Taleo Racing
36 Len Tabor Don Chapin/ monterey bay racing team

Men Cat 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Gautham Darapaneni
2 Benjamin Orven zamora SJBC
3 Ward Covert DELTA VELO
4 Andre Leiro Peninsula velo racing
5 Heather Mcdonald Metromint Cycling
6 Daniel Arismendi Michael David Winery Cycling Team

Men Cat 5 Master 35-99

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Adrian Dekroon Fusion Sport USA
2 Richard Meade Fusion Sport USA
3 Anthony Silva Don Chapin Monterey Bay Racing Team
4 John Metzger Folsom Bike/Mercedes-Benz
5 Dana Hargrove VSRT/Ds Electric
6 David Almquist Team City Sacramento
7 Rdarren Rojo Team Bicycles Plus/Sierra Nevada
8 Brian Spears Taleo Racing
9 Erbin Burgonio Tracy Riders ICS
10 Stanley Tsang Peninsula Velo Racing
11 Thomas wood ?
12 Russell Cameron SHO-AIR/SERT
13 Donald Case Taleo Racing Team
14 John Marengo Team City
15 Christopher Hadsell
16 Ron Canada
17 Marvin Novo
18 Jim Kee
19 Roger Messier Michael David Winery Cycling Team
20 Adam Prink
21 Ben French

Women Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Megan Modenos Taleo Racing
2 Diana Toche Velo Club La Grange
3 Erica Greif UNR
4 Lisa Tarin
5 Cindy Moccio
6 Anne Findlay Team Type 1

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