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Men 6th Grade

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Aaron Doerner Putnam County Pedalers
2 Ryan Olsen Hardy County Comp
3 Henry Hinnant Morgantown Composite
4 Bradley Clapp Athens County Cougarbats
5 Luke Ellis Putnam County Pedalers
6 Peyton Muncy Harrison County Composite
7 Tanner Cragg Putnam County Pedalers
8 Liam Johnson Kanawha River Comp
9 Nash Hoyt Morgantown Composite
10 Baehr Fetty Kanawha River Comp
11 Ryder Burns Harrison County Composite
12 Rowan Calhoun Athens County Cougarbats
13 Ryken Furrow Putnam County Pedalers
14 Andrew O'dell Greenbrier Valley
15 Caleb Bryce Morgantown High School
16 Emil Applegate Greenbrier Valley
17 Kellan Smith Huntington Composite
18 James Monico Pocahontas County
19 ? Jackson Greenbrier Valley
20 Nick Arthur Jackson County Composite
21 Conrad Laird Greenbrier Valley
22 Spencer Lisenby Kanawha River Comp
23 Thomas Bailey Kanawha River Comp
24 Elias Fedorko Morgantown Composite
25 Michael Clark Hardy County Comp

Men 7th Grade

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ryan Fulton Northern
2 Easton Robey Harrison
3 Tyler Wine Jackson
4 Will Samples Putnam
5 Noah Randolph Huntington
6 Ben Dobkin Northern
7 Koa Osborne Eastern
8 Brevin Forinash Harrison
9 Riley Davis Harrison County Composite
10 Lincoln Kolb Morgantown High School
11 David Matthew River Cities Composite
12 Silas Dean Pocahontas County
13 Shane Reed Jackson County Composite
14 Evan Ulrich New River Composite
15 Jack Degaetano New River Composite
16 Luke Hodkinson Eastern Panhandle
17 Miles Ammons Morgantown High School
18 Coleby Blake Northern WV Composite
19 Blake Hansen Morgantown Composite
20 ? Henry New River Composite
21 Ivan Barbutov Kanawha River Comp
22 ? Riley Morgantown High School
23 Trystan Taylor Putnam County Pedalers
24 ? Jackson Northern WV Composite
25 Oliver Flores Eastern Panhandle
26 Eli Duffer Kanawha River Comp
27 Isaiah Johnson Morgantown Composite
28 ? Brennan Northern WV Composite
29 Bodhi Hines Huntington Composite
30 Jacob Allen Raleigh County Composite
31 Trey Brown Morgantown Composite
32 Silas Horne Taylor County Composite
33 Liam West Morgantown High School
34 Bryce Harp New River Composite
35 Mason Holdren Kanawha River Comp
36 Na'shawn Artis Kanawha River Comp
37 August Green Kanawha River Comp
38 Oliver Almond Raleigh County Composite
39 Ross Gray Greenbrier Valley
40 Noah Jackson Morgantown Composite
41 Jaxson Parker Huntington Composite

Men 8th Grade

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Will Ferguson Morgantown Composite
2 Walker Unroe Putnam County Pedalers
3 Noah Lunsford Huntington Composite
4 Gavin White Highlands Composite
5 Braylon Harrison County Composite
6 Parker Muncy Harrison County Composite
7 Pedro Suarez
8 Isaac Young Taylor County Composite
9 Nathan Provo Eastern Panhandle
10 Colt Landin Putnam County Pedalers
11 Griffin Kirk Putnam County Pedalers
12 Brayden Miner Northern WV Composite
13 Matthew Kanawha River Comp
14 Leo Hoover Kanawha River Comp
15 Blake Stillwell Huntington Composite
16 Bryce Vincent Eastern Panhandle
17 Hayden Pollock Morgantown High School
18 Broc Willis River Cities Composite
19 Austin Newcome Morgantown Composite
20 Brock Athens County Cougarbats
21 ? Max Pocahontas County
22 Donovan King Kanawha River Comp
23 Tyler Casto Putnam County Pedalers
24 Andrew Blake Greenbrier Valley
25 Colby Dixon Putnam County Pedalers
26 Dawson Deputy Pocahontas County
27 Joel Mosteller Putnam County Pedalers
28 Beck Tremann Greenbrier Valley
29 Grant Taylor Taylor County Composite
30 Brock Sheppard Eastern Panhandle
31 Samuel Ellison Kanawha River Comp
32 Luke Facemyer Huntington Composite
33 Caleb Shaver Taylor County Composite
34 Cole Bailes New River Composite
35 Ben Enderle Hardy County Comp
36 Lyam Kelly New River Composite
37 Kaleb Jackson Northern WV Composite
37 Unknown Rider

Men Freshman

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 ? Gabriel Putnam County Pedalers
2 ? Benjamin Cabell Midland High School
14 Charlie Gaull Kanawha River Comp
15 Finn Mcilvaine Kanawha River Comp
16 Liam Laird Greenbrier Valley
17 Bryce Corio Morgantown Composite
18 ? Zealon Morgantown Composite
19 Wyatt Debord Putnam County Pedalers
20 River Wilson Harrison County Composite
21 ? Maxwell Athens County Cougarbats
22 Zach Elias Northern WV Composite
23 Gabriel Jackson Morgantown Composite
23 Oscar Wolpert Highlands Composite
24 Michael Joyce Eastern Panhandle
25 ? Matthew Morgantown Composite
25 Mauri Newton Eastern Panhandle
26 Jake Stewart Coalfields Composite
27 ? Abram River Cities Composite
28 Jacob Hornsby New River Composite
29 Ben Terry New River Composite
30 Hudson Karlen Highlands Composite
31 Beckett Weir Huntington Composite
32 Brendan Pendry Coalfields Composite
33 ? Caden Huntington Composite
34 Logan Daniels Harrison County Composite
35 ? Maximus Cabell Midland High School
36 Ryan Himrod Northern WV Composite
37 Elijah Laramee Putnam County Pedalers
38 Owen Mullin Northern WV Composite
39 Conley Morgan Greenbrier Valley
40 ? Finley Kanawha River Comp
41 Surya Dove Northern WV Composite
42 Ashton Furrow Putnam County Pedalers
43 Finnean Cox Morgantown Composite
44 Benjamin Duff Raleigh County Composite

Men Sophomore

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Peyton Nicola Morgantown High School
2 Jakob Roberts Putnam County Pedalers
3 Sailor Aldridge Cabell Midland High School
4 Abe Wooster Athens County Cougarbats
5 Bo Blake Northern WV Composite
6 Ethan Curtis Cabell Midland High School
7 ? Mitchell Harrison County Composite
8 Silas Wheeler Coalfields Composite
9 Owen Sanders River Cities Composite
10 Tad Elkins Greenbrier Valley
11 Luke Gallo Harrison County Composite
12 Izekiel Linscott Athens County Cougarbats
13 Ian Loomis Eastern Panhandle
14 Andrew Major New River Composite
15 Andrew Kaelin River Cities Composite
16 Andrew Harris Highlands Composite
17 ? Brody Greenbrier Valley
18 ? Garrett Athens County Cougarbats
19 Parker Stamm Harrison County Composite
20 Zayne Linn Morgantown High School
21 Braden Teaney Greenbrier Valley
22 Drake Dyer Huntington Composite
23 Grady Mullin Northern WV Composite
24 Braxton Hilley Morgantown Composite
25 Joshua Surock Harrison County Composite
25 Evan Weatherby Taylor County Composite
26 Orion Graves Greenbrier Valley

Men Varsity

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sam Hawver Greenbrier Valley
1 Jack Kenamond Northern WV Composite
2 Dylan Lunsford Huntington Composite
2 Isaac Chandler Cabell Midland High School
3 Rylan Orwig Huntington Composite
3 Colt Coffman Morgantown High School
4 Hayden Walden Cabell Midland High School
5 Hayden Smith Cabell Midland High School
6 Cole Miller Morgantown Composite
7 Luke Lyle Putnam County Pedalers
8 Kipp Freed River Cities Composite
9 Wesley Wade Kanawha River Comp
10 ? Samuel Morgantown High School
11 Walter Wade Kanawha River Comp
12 Tytus Bennett Putnam County Pedalers
13 Devon Cutlip Harrison County Composite
14 ? Garrett Putnam County Pedalers
17 Cam Little Greenbrier Valley
18 Cameron Lumia Hardy County Comp
31 Samuel Duff Raleigh County Composite

Women 6th Grade

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Olivia Mcbrayer Harrison County Composite
2 Sasha Gregis Harrison County Composite
3 Katie Doerner Putnam County Pedalers
4 Adrianna Clapp Athens County Cougarbats
5 Laurel Kanawha River Comp
6 ? Haley Greenbrier Valley
7 Lilly Vincent Eastern Panhandle
8 ? Zuri Morgantown Composite
9 ? Sabrina Eastern Panhandle
10 Gretta Glass Morgantown High School
11 Penny Condra Highlands Composite
12 Eleanor Hardy County Comp
13 Ava Cayton Huntington Composite
14 Lily Mullin Northern WV Composite
15 Meadow Poling Harrison County Composite
16 Colette Zegre Morgantown High School
17 Shylah Wheeler Coalfields Composite

Women 7th Grade

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Shiloh Ellison Putnam County Pedalers
2 Brynn Clutter Pocahontas County
3 Annabelle Holt Greenbrier Valley
4 Trinity Wray Harrison County Composite
5 Sofie Gaull Kanawha River Comp
6 Arnica Osborne Eastern Panhandle
7 Eileen Parks Morgantown Composite
8 Madison Kanawha River Comp
9 Avery Kaelin River Cities Composite
10 Kirra Harsh Morgantown Composite
11 Ellie Earnest Kanawha River Comp
12 Evie Hilton New River Composite
13 Rose Petretich New River Composite
14 Ella Mcilvaine Kanawha River Comp
15 Charlotte Kanawha River Comp
16 Emelia Brown Hardy County Comp
17 Lily Bentley Athens County Cougarbats
18 Keshava Dove Northern WV Composite
19 Margaret Duff Raleigh County Composite
20 Joell Ackerson Harrison County Composite

Women 8th Grade

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Abby Myers Kanawha River Comp
2 ? Phoebe Athens County Cougarbats
3 Haley Caputo Harrison County Composite
4 Ahna Valach Pocahontas County
5 Darcie Gardill Northern WV Composite
6 Anya Steuer Eastern Panhandle
7 Grace Frith Athens County Cougarbats
8 ? Elizabeth Greenbrier Valley

Women Freshman

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Emily Roberts Putnam County Pedalers
2 Tali Bennett Putnam County Pedalers
3 Ella Games Northern WV Composite
4 Ella Fulton Northern WV Composite
5 ? Audrey Morgantown Composite
6 Peyton Butcher Putnam County Pedalers
7 Fiona Ferrell Huntington Composite

Women JV

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Delaney Stull Highlands Composite
2 ? Annabelle River Cities Composite
3 ? Sophie Kanawha River Comp
4 Iris Cooke Athens County Cougarbats
5 Ellie Mccormill Cabell Midland High School
6 Isabella Duff Raleigh County Composite
7 Caimy Williams Hardy County Comp
8 Arabelle Maher Hardy County Comp
9 Savanna Lyons Taylor County Composite

Women Sophomore

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kate Kotses Athens County Cougarbats
2 Izzy Wooten Putnam County Pedalers
3 Sofia Perna Kanawha River Comp
4 Ellie Hoblitzell Kanawha River Comp
5 Brenna Gardill Northern WV Composite
6 Julienne Cutlip Harrison County Composite
7 Estella Styer River Cities Composite
8 Lucy Skelding Greenbrier Valley
9 Ella Manzo Eastern Panhandle
9 ? Alyssa River Cities Composite

Women Varsity

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kaya Toler Putnam County Pedalers
2 Jordan Ellison Putnam County Pedalers
3 Hannah Ellison Putnam County Pedalers
4 Emma Ujvagi Highlands Composite
5 Haley Ellison Putnam County Pedalers
6 Bella Palm Morgantown Composite