These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

STMen Collegiate A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ivan Sippy Colorado Mesa University
2 Jack Spranger Colorado Mesa University
3 Quentin Loxtercamp Colorado State University
4 Keegan Pelton Colorado School of Mines
5 Ian Brown Fort Lewis College
6 George Piepgras Fort Lewis College
7 Henry Nelson Fort Lewis College
8 Ryder Jordin University of Utah
9 Markus Dewire Fort Lewis College
10 Dylan Fluckiger Colorado Mesa University
11 Aidan Lemorande Colorado Mesa University
12 Liam Baartman Fort Lewis College
13 Sterling Schrader Colorado School of Mines
14 Ethan Cefus Colorado School of Mines
15 Dylan Fairchild University of Utah
16 Austin Beard Colorado Mesa University
17 Thomas Hansen Colorado State University
18 Lucas Huesman Colorado State University
19 Jack Fanselow Western Colorado University
20 Jonathan Meyer Fort Lewis College
21 Andrew Tritle Fort Lewis College
22 Kye Cordes Fort Lewis College
23 Nic Narraway Fort Lewis College
24 Cody Conner Western Colorado University
25 Nathan Bigelow Colorado School of Mines
26 Orrin Bleth Fort Lewis College
27 Jackson Karls Western Colorado University
28 Rylan Birch Colorado School of Mines
DNF Camden Gillis Colorado School of Mines
DNF Landon Dendy Colorado Mesa University
DNF Garrett Gallaher US Air Force Academy

STMen Collegiate B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Henry Pratt Fort Lewis College
2 Kip Sevenoff Fort Lewis College
3 Colin Frank Fort Lewis College
4 Ian Feistner Fort Lewis College
5 Will Deakin Fort Lewis College
6 Caleb White Colorado State University
7 Bode Welch Fort Lewis College
8 Stephen Gialamas Colorado School of Mines
9 Jacob Hora Fort Lewis College
10 Conner Nilsen Western Colorado University
11 Jack Haag Fort Lewis College
12 Ben Suttor Fort Lewis College
13 Tor Holm Fort Lewis College
14 Noah Vigil Fort Lewis College
15 Keegan Jacoves Western Colorado University
16 Trevor Buongiorno Western Colorado University
17 Matas Katieb University of Wyoming
18 Braden Green Utah State University
19 Andreas Guarnaccia Fort Lewis College

STMen Collegiate C

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Darren Parham Fort Lewis College
2 Davis Kambies US Air Force Academy
3 Maxwell Mirk UCCS Bike Club
4 Kyle Southworth USAFA Cycling Club
5 Matthew Gay University of Colorado Boulder
6 Scotty Hassett Fort Lewis College
7 William Walton Colorado State University
8 Shane carrigan Uccs cycling club UCCS Cycling Club
9 Charles Appel Western Colorado University
10 Colin hart Colorado state university Colorado State University
11 Lucas Greer Utah State University
12 Gabe Campbell Fort Lewis College
13 Matthew Klose Colorado School of Mines

STWomen Collegiate A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ruby Ryan Colorado Mesa University
2 Lauren Lackman Colorado Mesa University
3 Kyle Small Fort Lewis College
4 Bayli Mcspadden University of Colorado Boulder
5 Makena Kellerman Colorado Mesa University
6 Gwendolyn Sepp Utah State University
7 Sydney Nielson Colorado Mesa University
8 Chloe Lutgring Colorado Mesa University
9 Darcie Bushee US Air Force Academy
10 Samantha Campbell Colorado Mesa University
11 Kate Indart University of Colorado Boulder
12 Zoe Peterson University of Utah
13 Katie Anderson University of Utah
14 Zoe Harbertson Fort Lewis College
16 Abigail Francis CSU rams cycling
17 Camden Mullens Western Colorado University
18 Macayla Scheidt Colorado State University
DNF Katie Clouse Colorado Mesa University
DNF Natalie Quinn Fort Lewis College
DNF Oona Nelson Fort Lewis College

STWomen Collegiate B/C

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Makenzie Pardoe Fort Lewis College
2 Annie Hyatt Colorado State University
3 Ella Dockendorf Fort Lewis College
4 Rachel Kingsley Colorado College
5 Gwen Crowley Fort Lewis College
6 Rowan Pierson Fort Lewis College
7 Anna Angell Fort Lewis College
8 Anna Peck Colorado College
9 Gem Garner Utah State University
10 Juliette Dashe Colorado State University
11 Lauralyn Nez Fort Lewis College