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cat 3

(69 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Paul Curley Gearworks/Spinarts 0:41:40
2 Keith Ford Sunapee/S&W Racing Team st
3 Tyler Munroe CCB Racing st
4 Kevin Yarde Northampton Cycling Club(NCC) st
5 Bill Yabroudy NBX/Narragansett Beer st
6 Ryan Serbel U.S. Army/Central Wheel - GHCC st
7 Bruce Pierce st
8 Keith Cardoza Green Line Velo st
9 Paul Denis Mathieu's Cycle P/B Insight st
10 Ben Forbes Base36/GorhamBike&Ski/Smcc/ st
11 Matt D'alessio Threshold Cycling st
12 Ari Shocket st
13 Charlie Bedard Sunapee/S&W Racing Team st
14 Graham Garber Greater Hartford Cycling st
15 Frank Marowitz NorEast Cycling st
16 Ron Dunn Central Maine Cycling Club st
17 Anthony Giguere Mathieus Cycle p/b Insight st
18 Scott Glenney st
19 Jason Clevenger Boston Road Club st
20 Leo Desforges st
21 Jonathan Malone ViVe/Back Bay Bicycles/espresso Royale Caff st
22 Robert Fitzhenry NHCC/Team NH st
23 Matthew Holub Gotham cyclists st
24 Mark Thompson Sunapee/S&W/Continental Paving st
25 Jon Frederick Millwork One Racing st
26 Michael Lorion Team Bike Alley st
27 Paul Talbot US Army/GHCC st
28 David Dornaus Blue Hills Cycling st
29 John Peterson Blue Hills Cycling Club st
30 Tristan Baldwin st
31 Unknown Rider st
32 Michael Holub bike line/LWA st
33 Aron Buterbaugh OA/Cyclemania st
34 Seth Haskell Colavita Racing Inc. st
35 Mark Theeman Green Line Velo st
36 Patrick Barter International Bike Centers/Global st
37 Mike Wiles Devil's Gear Bike Shop st
38 Michael Cavros Cyclonauts Racers st
39 Mike Maloney Cyclonauts Racers st
40 Graydon Stevens OA/Cyclemania st
41 James Nash CCB Racing st
42 Tom Prugar NorEast Cycling st
43 Bob Bisson Gear Works/Spin Arts st
44 Bruce Schwab unattached st
45 Cosmo Catalano CYCLOCOSM.COM st

cat 4

(50 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Bryon Lewis Colavita Racing Inc. 0:45:47
2 Alfred Bissell Essex County Velo st
3 Dustin Marshall unattached st
4 Geoff Mcintosh New Hampshire Cycling Club st
5 Steve Mcgrath NorEast Cycling st
6 Christopher Darling Portland Velo Club st
7 John Buchheit QuadCycles st
8 Colm Mcmahon Boston Road Club st
9 Rich Rogers unattached st
10 George Lowe unattached st
11 Steven Smith Paceline Sports st
12 Mark Roman Blue Hills st
13 Casey Lindstrom Essex County Velo st
14 Harris Navelski Lindscott/Fluid/GU/KENDA/Rudy Project st
15 Andrew Tucker Quad Cycles st
16 Michael Brier Refunds Now st
17 Ian Whittle NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental st
18 Christopher Jordan Colavita Racing, Inc. st
19 Gregory Brown Cape Cod Cycling Club C4 st
20 Liam Somers Colavita Racing, Inc. st
21 Pete Macleod Blue Hills Cycling Club st
22 Lee Wassilie Wheelpower st
23 Eian Prohl unattached st
24 Paul Duncan East Sac Bike/ Bullseye Racing st
25 Sean Williams 545 VELO/Powered By C.O.D st
26 Charles Bourdages Noreast st
27 Randall Levere st
28 Jim Gomez QuadCycles st
29 Pat Convery NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental st
30 Steve Fortier NHCC/Team NH st
31 Kyle Butler Green Line Velo st
32 Stuart Beaulieu Essex County Velo st
33 John Healy NorEast Cycling st
34 Mike Hoover st
35 Rich Olivier unattached st
36 Mike Golay SMCC/Gorham Bike st
37 Tom Scontras NorEast st
38 Frederick Loucks Noreast st
39 Jonathan Ruffus NorEast Cycling st
40 Paul kieran Lynch Cycle Taiwan/Velocite st
41 Michael Dwyer NEBC/Cycle Loft st

pro 1/2

(61 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jacob Keough Kelly Benefit 0:57:41
2 Jake Hollenbach Century Road Club Assoc st
3 Paul Richard CCB Racing st
4 Colin Jaskiewicz CCB Racing st
5 Patrick Goguen NEV & CP / Bobcat of NH st
6 Ward Solar Spooky / NCC / Kenda st
7 Jerome Townsend IF/Lionettes st
8 Dylan Mcnichols CCB Racing st
9 Derek Harnden University of Vermont st
10 J. alain Ferry Millwork One Racing/ st
11 Dan Vaillancourt Colavita/Sutter Home st
12 Matt Rossman NorEast st
13 Joshua Bartlett Land Rover-ORBEA st
14 Thom Coupe / Cannondale st
15 Peter Bradshaw Embrocation Cycling Journal st
16 Patrick Ruane Sunapee/Continental Paving st
17 Robbie King IF/Lionette's st
18 Jim Thomas NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental st
19 Tim Mitchell MetLife Cycling Team st
20 Harrison Harb Sunapee/S&W st
21 Joshua Austin NorEast Cycling st
23 Ciaran Mangan CCB Racing st
24 Ryan Fleming MetLife Cycling Team st
25 Damien Colfer st
26 James Combs Embrocation Cycling Journal st
27 Peter Bell MetLife Cycling Team st
28 Ryan Kelly NorEast Cycling st
30 Paul Lynch CLNoonan/Coast-to-Coast/KAM st
31 Stephen Weller / Cannondale st
32 John Hunter Talksoft Racing st
33 Landen Wark-acebo NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental st
34 Chris Laflamme Embrocation Cycling Journal st
35 Brad Sheehan MetLife Cycling st
36 John Grenier Team Fuji fueled by Clif Bar st
37 Ben Carbonetti NorEast Cycling st
38 Todd Paoletti CCB Racing st
39 Bill Mark NBX/Narragansett Beer st
40 Jon Bernhard CCB Racing st
41 Anthony Dust Dogfish Racing Team st
42 Gregory Melone Gear Works st
43 Matthew Sudduth st
44 Matt Mainer Spooky/NCC/Kenda st
45 Chris Worden CCB Racing st
46 Daniel Greenfield Northhampton CC/Spooky NCC st
47 Greg Montello IF Racing st
48 Kyle Smith Embrocation Cycling Journal st
49 Todd Yezefski IF/Lionette's Racing st
50 David Chiu NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental st
51 Owen Pope lap
52 Jonathan Lowenstein NBX/Narragansett Beer/Apex Tech. lap

women 123

(20 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kathryne Carr Sunapee S&W/Continental Paving 0:44:49
2 Nicole Freedman unattached st
3 Danielle Ruane Sunapee S&W/Continental Paving st
4 Anna Mcloon Altarum Women's Cycling Team st
5 Mary Zider Specialized-Mazda-Samson st
6 Brooke O'connor NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental st
7 Kendra Jarratt unattached st
8 Natalia Gardiol Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames st
9 Clara Kelly NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental st
10 Cody Harris NCVC/Inova Health System st
11 Katie Monahan unattached st
12 Melissa Ross Landry's Bicycles st
13 Rebecca Blatt Team Kenda st
14 Amy Mcguire Hub Racing st
15 Natalie Dumont NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental st
16 Kerry Litka FxD Coaching st