These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Junior

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 David Escobar
2 Bianca Alvarez-gomez
3 Judah Vedenhaupt
4 Avagrace Tobias agtracing
5 Guenther Embree

Men Open 40+ Masters

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Justin Kirk Texas Roadhouse Cycling
2 John Vankat Super Squadra presented by Applewood Manor
3 Phil Wikoff Super Squadra pb Applewood Manor
4 Brian Hill Texas Roadhouse Cycling
5 Heath Dotson Super Squadra p/b Applewood Manor
6 Jason Hooper Carolina Pedal Works
7 David Lovell I NEED A TEAM
8 Matthew Emerick Red Star Racing
9 Reece Jackson Orange Bees
10 Bryan Dobes Orange Bees
11 Luke Barnett Orange Bees
12 Hans Halaixt
13 Timothy Pitzer Crosstown Velo
14 Camden Simon

Men Open 50+ Masters

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Rodney Dender UNC Health Appalachian
2 Heath Dotson Super Squadra p/b Applewood Manor
3 Reginald Pineda NGCA Masters Cycling Team
4 Gene Fowler UNC Health Appalachian
5 Kevin Chapman
6 Yuans Halaixt Bicicleteros USA
7 Stephen Guyon Oceanic Racing
8 Corey Fisher Crosstown Velo PB/ Hunter Subaru
9 Gordon Stiel Red Star Racing
10 Tim Hall Lees-McRae College
11 Henry Mccullough UNC Health Appalachian
12 Bob Bryant
13 Darin Marhanka Texas Roadhouse Masters Cycling Team
14 Stephen Sperry UNC Health Appalachian
15 Erik Peterson Crosstown Velo
16 Charlie Putnal Crosstown Velo
17 Clayton Griffin Oceanic Racing
18 Nima Ebrahimnejad Kelly Benefits Cycling
19 Ryan Robinson Red Star Racing
20 Jeff Hendricks M&M Labs
21 Jeff Cook
22 Gregg Cromer Oceanic Racing
23 Aaron Atwater Oceanic Racing
24 David Curran UNC Health Appalachian
25 John James UNC Health Appalachian
26 Michael Grigat Red Star Racing
27 Marcus Jones Crosstown Velo
28 Darren Fuller UNC Health Appalachian
29 Stephen Crouch

Men Open Cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Elijah Culbertson Miller School of Albemarle
2 Joseph Penley Kelly Benefits Strategies Cycling
3 Jarred Stacey Newtype Cycling
4 Jackson Mclean Lees-McRae College
5 Jonathan Chin Newtype Cycling
6 Josh Payne B.B. Barns Cycling Team
7 Max Chilsen Lees-McRae College
8 Chris Hall MACC Racing
9 William Mcentire
10 Elias Dietrich Lees-McRae College
11 Bryan Benitez-nelson MACC Racing
12 Phillip Christmas Lees-McRae College

Men Open Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Nicholas Van rooyen
2 Jeffrey Case
3 Michael Roseberry NICH +SpeedClub
4 Trenton Marable University of Tennessee Cycling
5 Logan Hornbuckle Newtype Cycling
6 Michael Gallik Miller School of Albemarle
7 Benjamin Luna Lees-McRae College
8 Samuel Frauenholtz Supra Performance Junior Development
9 Joe Helton B.B. Barns Cycling Team
10 Chris Olson
11 Owen Sherman Super Squadra p/b Applewood Manor
12 Shannon Dooley Performance Resources
13 David Schuster Lees-McRae College
14 David Speight
15 Gregory Rivera
16 Remington Ryan The University of Tennessee
17 Mauricio Campos C town bikes
18 Jorge Atehortua
19 David Mcwhorter NewType Cycling
20 Alex Reinhard The University of Tennessee
21 Turner Trivette UNC Health Appalachian
22 Matthew Huber
23 Will Lavoie Miller School or Albemarle
24 Mason Crabbe Mission Devo Cycling p/b Tyler Perry Studios
DNF Nathan Farmer
DNF Jeremy Peavey Newtype Cycling
DNF Daniel Paniconi Wheelhaus.cycling

Men Open Pro/Cat 1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Henry Neff Kelly Benefits Cycling Team
2 Satchel Kim Kelly Benefits Cycling Team
3 Jacob Hill
4 Gabriel Payne Kelly Benefits Cycling Team
5 Joshua Foley Lees-McRae College
6 Thomas Gibson B.B. Barns Cycling Team
7 Peter Swinand Lees-McRae College
8 Andrew Strohmeyer Kelly Benefits Cycling Team
9 Julien Ruhe Kelly Benefits Cycling Team
10 Emmett Culp First Internet Bank Cycling
11 Miguel Escobar KEFI Racing Team
12 Stephen Justice AUTOMATIC Lonely Hearts Racing
13 Andrew Giniat Butcherbox
14 Viktor Giordano Nashville Local Cycling
15 Bryce Coulter Newtype Cycling
16 Isaac Enderline ME
17 Taylor Delhagen B.B. Barns Cycling Team
18 David Gabrick Furman University
19 Anthony Hilligoss Kelly Benefits Cycling Team
20 Matthew Crabbe Mission Devo Cycling p/b Tyler Perry Studios
21 Spencer Weisgram MACC Racing
22 Marc Williams CTS Cycling Team
23 Christopher Ames
24 Nathan Surowiec Lees-McRae College
25 Taylor Kuyk-white Goldman Sachs
26 Brendan Cornett
27 Chad Salla OrangeBees

Women Open Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Rebecca Lang
2 Debbie Milne
3 Stephanie Clark North Georgia Cycling Association Inc.
4 Traci Carson
5 Tina Carter
6 Tessa Greep Lees-McRae College
7 Hannah Gibson
8 Laura Calvin Classic Cycling
9 Gabriela Ferolla Lees-McRae College
10 Mariana Rinaldo Lees-McRae College
11 Samantha Morrison Lees-McRae College

Women Open Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Amanda Alston Newtype Cycling
2 Luz A cardona The Bike Gallery
3 Valentina Cummings Newtype Cycling
4 Shannon Moore
5 Tessa Leduc Team Rocket Revolution
6 Julie Voss Flow Formulas