These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat3/4-Col B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Keaton Jansen 2:59:38
2 Luke Walter Boulder Junior Cycling 2:59:56
3 Maas Van de graaf Colorado State University 3:00:05
4 Leif Bryan Boulder Junior Cycling 3:04:42
5 Luke Leavitt Colorado State University 3:05:05
6 Cory Flood 3:06:59
7 Eli Deboom Boulder Junior Cycling 3:07:05
8 Ethan Hobbs Colorado State University 3:07:05
9 Max Beitel Sonic Boom Racing 3:07:34
10 Luke Holloway Boulder Junior Cycling 3:16:41
11 Jake Howell 3:17:04
12 Mark Gibson Sonic Boom Racing 3:19:46
13 Karl Kubala Boulder Junior Cycling 3:22:13
14 Aaron Sigman Utah State University 3:25:16
15 Parker Lindley Twin Peaks Racing 3:29:28
16 Alex Mocarski University of Colorado Boulder 3:29:29
17 Jude L schafer Boulder Junior Cycling 3:50:00
DNF Nicholas Boni
DNF Jack Fanselow Western Colorado University
DNF Alvin Garcia Ascent Cycling pb Guthrie Bikes
DNF Grant Harkreader Intermountain Healthcare p/b Harristone
DNF Dante Humphrey Sonic Boom Racing
DNF Ian Kutzleb Bialini Gomola
DNF Steven Martino
DNF Kevin-druis Merenda Primal - Audi Denver
DNF Tydeman Newman Colorado Mesa University
DNF Kelley Oelkers Fort Lewis College
DNF Steen Rose Chaney Windows and Doors
DNF Steven Truesdale Colorado State University
DNF Jared Weber Ascent Cycling p/b Guthrie Bicycle
DNF Nolan Zigler Utah State University
DNF Vin Hludzinski Colorado Mesa University

Men Cat4/5-Col C

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Isaac Allred Fort Lewis College 2:02:22
2 Jake Elmer Groove Subaru Excel Sports 2:03:14
3 Elias Montiel University of Colorado Boulder 2:03:18
4 Joel Homan Poison Spider Bicycles 2:03:24
5 Desmond Mohr Boulder Junior Cycling 2:04:16
6 Christian Hansen Western Colorado University 02:04:18
7 Kalen Brown Forever Endurance Devo 2:05:57
8 Henry Praznowski Colorado State University 2:06:36
9 Riley Frackleton RFMBA 2:10:44
10 Cody Conner Western Colorado University 2:11:43
11 Tyler Phillips University of Colorado Boulder 2:11:43
12 Amedeo Claudia Boulder Junior Cycling 2:11:46
13 Andreas Guarnaccia Fort Lewis College 2:13:02
14 Dylan Haynes Boulder Junior Cycling 2:13:57
15 Sam Galati Utah State University 2:14:28
16 Trek Salzer Colorado State University 2:15:05
17 Aidan Malone Gas Station Food 2:15:15
18 Adam Kubala Boulder Junior Cycling 2:16:55
19 Lee Hildebrandt Angry Monkeys Racing 2:17:24
20 Shuchang Lu Colorado School of Mines 2:17:24
21 Richard Price 2:22:50
22 Chandler Hill Boulder Junior Cycling 2:23:34
23 Brett Hensinger 2:26:40
24 Braden Green Utah State University 2:27:30
25 Sam Willden Utah State University 2:29:47
26 Lucas Greer Utah State University 2:30:32
DNF Parker Lindley Twin Peaks Racing
DNF Kevin Ash University of Colorado Boulder
DNF Ryan Fitzgerald RMOA
DNF Austin Kaukl Colorado School of Mines
DNF Alex Linenberger CMU Triathlon
DNF Ewan Mcguigan Colorado School of Mines
DNF Isaac Rosenthal Colorado College
DNF Will Simonson CU Denver Club Cycling
DNF Timothy Skolds Colorado State University
DNF Gus Swaner Utah State University
DNF Toby Wilkinson Colorado College
DNF Carson Wille University of Colorado Boulder
DNF Gabriel Gordillo Colorado College

Men Master 40+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Noah Sears MRP / Ari / Velocio 2:15:41
DNF Andrew Verbonitz
DNF Adam Peindl xXx Racing

Men Master 50+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kelly Callister Ascent Cycling pb Guthrie Bikes 2:06:56
2 Kevin Nicol Castelli 2:08:00
3 Phillip Mcinturff Wholesome Masters Racing Team 2:15:39
4 Shawn Kingrey CGR 2:15:41
5 Christopher M r munro Cuore of Switzerland 2:16:00
6 Gardner Desroberts 2:19:54
DNF Michael Barsch Wholesome Masters Racing Team
DNF Ed Chamberlin Natural Grocers Cycling
DNF Dirk Cowley
DNF Mike Dykstra

Men Pro/1/2-Col A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Luke Elphingstone Colorado Mesa University 3:14:57
2 Aidan Lemorande Colorado Mesa University 3:15:13
3 Ethan Dunham UCI Team Skyline - Cadence 3:15:13
4 Kellen Caldwell Fort Lewis College 3:15:13
5 Troy Fields Team California p/b Verge 3:15:13
6 Matthew Doyle Saint Lawrence University 3:15:13
7 Nicholas Tabares Deschacht-Hens-Maes 3:15:13
8 Anthony Hilligoss University of Colorado Boulder 3:15:13
9 Cole Tamburri Rio Grande Elite Cycling Team 3:15:13
10 Stephen Schaefer Landis Cyclery/Trek Team 3:15:13
11 Henry Dunkleberger CU Denver Club Cycling 3:15:13
12 Vaughn Veenendaal Colorado Mesa University 3:15:25
13 Alex Hoehn UCI CTM: TEAM SKYLINE 3:15:25
14 Nic Narraway Fort Lewis College 3:16:12
15 Luca Haines Fort Lewis College 3:16:12
16 Oliver Boyd Colorado Mesa University 3:16:18
17 Sam Hausmann Rio Grande Elite Cycling Team 3:16:25
18 Ethan Moyer Rio Grande Elite Cycling 3:16:42
19 William Cucco Colorado Mesa University 3:18:20
20 Adrian Magun Fort Lewis College 3:18:39
21 Kylen Solvik Full Send Racing p/b Mike's Bikes 3:18:39
22 Jonathan Cary Ardor Racing 3:20:16
23 Iver Skaarseth Colorado Mesa University 3:21:26
24 Beckett Ledger Fort Lewis College 3:21:26
25 Edward Larkin Full Send Racing p/b Mikes Bikes 3:22:00
26 Simon Abrahamse University of Colorado Boulder 3:23:02
27 Patrick Welch Above and Beyond Cancer Cycling Team p/b Bike World 3:23:02
28 Lucas Huesman Colorado State University 3:23:07
29 Liam Olson Primal Audi 3:25:54
30 Jack Diemar Primal Audi-Denver 3:30:06
31 Henry York Rio Grande Elite Cycling 3:30:43
32 William Myers Colorado College 3:35:17
33 Bryce Pfuetze University of Colorado Boulder 3:35:17
34 Henry Mcalvanah Colorado Mesa University 3:45:16
35 Cole Amaya Colorado College 3:45:16
36 Carson Mccue University of Colorado Boulder 3:45:16
DNF Lance Abshire Chaney Windows and Doors
DNF Sindre Hvesser brein Colorado Mesa University
DNF Nick Carter Colorado State University
DNF Robert Deetz AUTOMATIC | ABUS Racing
DNF James Dunkleberger Groove Subaru Excel Sports
DNF Keaten Kappes Ardor Racing
DNF Alexander Marr Rio Grande Elite Cycling Team
DNF Luke Mather University of Colorado Boulder
DNF Zach Medlin Ascent Cycling p/b Guthrie Bike
DNF Jonathan Meyer Fort Lewis College
DNF Jacob Olander Fort Lewis College
DNF Cade Pair University of Colorado Boulder
DNF Cyrus Pearo Primal - Audi Denver
DNF Terry Rice Full Send Racing pb Mikes Bikes
DNF Tyler Thorp Colorado Mesa University
DNF Ian Williams Fort Lewis College
DNF Justin Stepchuk
DNF Caleb Schroder University of Colorado Boulder

Women Cat3/4-Col B/C

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kylie Small Fort Lewis College 1:38:15
2 Tegan Brown University of Colorado Boulder 1:40:14
3 Meredith Grace gieske 1:41:40
4 Tai lee Smith Colorado Mesa University 1:42:34
5 Chavon Rosenthal Groove Subaru Excel Sports 1:42:34
6 Torin Lackmann CMU Triathlon 1:43:04
7 Maiti Grabow Groove Subaru Excel Sports 1:44:06
8 Natasha Koermer Groove Subaru Excel Sports 1:47:50
9 Shannon Feran 1:48:44
10 Abigail Francis Colorado State University 1:49:22
11 Karissa Lamb Plan7 Cycling Team 1:52:23
12 Mary Spirio 1:52:59
13 Makenzie Pardoe Fort Lewis College 1:53:42
14 Anna Munro Boulder Junior Cycling 1:53:46
15 Gabriella Macarelli University of Colorado Boulder 1:54:46
16 Kristina Darroch Groove Subaru Excel Sports 1:55:10
17 Fiona Graves CMU Triathlon 1:58:51
18 Jillian Lukez Colorado State University 2:01:06
DNF Avery Cavner Groove Subaru Excel Sports
DNF Claire Pekarek
DNF Madison Clayton Colorado Mesa University
DNF Kajsa Holland-goon Colorado State University
DNF Macayla Scheidt Colorado State University
DNF Gwen Crowley Fort Lewis College
DNF Mia Deye Colorado Mesa University
DNF Kimberly Rumack Colorado School of Mines
DNF Essy Rostel

Women Master 50+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
DNF ? Dnf David ORTIZ

Women Pro/1/2/3-Col A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Natalie Quinn Fort Lewis College 2:41:45
2 Cassidy Hickey Colorado Mesa University 2:42:54
3 Ashley Frye UCI CTW: CYNISCA CYCLING 2:42:57
4 Katie Clouse Colorado Mesa University 2:43:07
5 Nadine Visser University of Colorado Boulder 2:46:36
6 Anna Bondow Groove Subaru Excel Sports 2:49:07
7 Kate Seiler Colorado Mesa University 2:50:39
8 Lauren Lackman Colorado Mesa University 3:00:57
9 Danika Brabec Fort Lewis College 3:02:57
10 Jorja Bond Boulder Junior Cycling 3:03:16
11 Ella Sabo UCI CTW: Virginia's Blue Ridge TWENTY24 3:08:32
DNF Mia Aseltine Colorado Mesa University
DNF Olivia G cummins Colorado Mesa University
DNF Ella Grier Fort Lewis College
DNF Sabrina Hayes Fort Lewis College
DNF Natalie Mitchell Colorado Mesa University
DNF Isabel Naschold Colorado State University
DNF Mahika Peterson Colorado School of Mines
DNF Samantha Scott Colorado Mesa University
DNF Aria Mundy University of Colorado Boulder