These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Chris Mcginley Peddler's Shop Racing Team
2 Chris Jacovini Peddler's Shop Racing
3 Noah Fessler University of Minnesota Cycling - Twin C
4 Mariusz Surowka Boss Racing
5 Jq Wade Rock It Riders
6 Bill Viereck C C Evesham
7 Gary Kershner
8 Jesse Carpenter IFRACTAL-QCW p.b.
9 Benjamin Weller Mid Atl Masters Bicycle Org/ Mambo Kings Racing
10 John Carpenter QCW Cycling
11 Gerard Hogan
12 Craig Closta rock it riders
13 Jeff Forman

Men Cat1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 David Casale Tri-State Velo Amoroso's Racing Team
2 Noah Granigan Team Somerset
3 Jurandir Dealmeida Metra /Cycles 54 Cycling Team
4 Nick Iacovelli Colavita Racing Inc.
5 Michael Rosenhaus Northeastern Hardware/CJCT
6 David Wilson Northeastern Hardware/CJCT
7 Adam Pantastico Metra/Cycle 54 Cycling Team
8 Rafal Urzedowski Northeastern Hardware / CJCT
9 Steven Ward Colavita Racing Team
10 Max Lippolis Team Danbury Audi
11 Craig Lebair philadelphia ciclismo
12 Ryan Pettit Heart House/CADV/CC Evesham
13 Marcin Wojcik Northeastern Hardware
14 Jason Wood Heart House/CADV/CC Evesham
15 Thomas Barnett Five Four Sports
16 Mike Festa Philadelphia Ciclismo
17 John Durso Colavita Racing
18 Jerald Yu Pro Pedals
19 Joseph Masser Metra /Cycles 54 Cycling Team
20 Daniel Coleman Colavita Racing

Men Cat4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ilya Cantor - Halter's Cycles
2 Daniel Lehmann Colavita Racing Inc.
3 Jerry Hine PSRacing/Masterpiece Kitchens
4 Michael Borda Viking Yachts/Action Wheels/CC Evesham
5 Eric Danver PSRacing/Masterpiece Kitchens
6 George Kniaz Viking Yachts/Action Wheels/CC Evesham
7 Justin Thompson IFRACTAL-QCW p.b.
8 Chris Jacovini Peddler's Shop Racing
9 Connor Campbell IFRACTAL-QCW p.b.
10 Jonathan Pressman Tri State Velo / Amaroso's Racing - ETA Coach
11 Paul Lewis Artemis
12 Mateus Kaplan Team Independence
13 Noah Fessler University of Minnesota Cycling - Twin C
14 Gerald Johnston Guys Racing
15 Raymond Brettle Guys Racing
16 Nick Roehnert Pro Pedals
17 Steven Garcia Ritte Racing
18 Jq Wade Rock It Riders
19 Ryan Brennan Boss Racing
20 Ed Figaniak Boss Racing
21 Rick Malos Viking Yachts/Action Wheels/CC Evesham
22 Kevin Summers Viking Yachts/Action Wheels/CC Evesham
23 Andrew Mauro Colavita-Baci U19
24 Gary Kershner Rock it Riders

Men Master 35-99

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 John Durso Colavita Racing
2 Steven Ward Colavita Racing Team
3 Shawn Teske PRO PEDALS
4 Michael Egan PA Masters RC
5 Eric Wallenburg Pro Pedals Bike Shop
6 James Joseph We Stand United (W.S.)
7 David Margolin Colavita Racing
8 Stephen Cochrane Mid Atl Masters Bicycle Org
9 Theodore Inoue Liberty Cycle
10 Daniel Coleman Colavita Racing
11 Nick Price Stoudts Brewing Co/JB Mountain Bikes
12 William Wisse Undici Racing / Guardian Coaching
13 Jerald Yu Pro Pedals
14 Warren Holzman Team Alliance Environmental
15 Otto Sanchez Pro Pedals Bike Shop
16 Daniel Hauber Pro Pedals Team Express
17 Todd Giese Pro Pedals
18 Ilya Cantor - Halter's Cycles
19 Frederick Billet Chester County Cycling Foundation
20 Samuel Martinez We Stand United (W.S.)

Men Master 45-99

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 David Hudson Mambo Kings Racing/D&Q
2 Theodore Inoue Liberty Cycle
3 Rich Ross Mambo Kings Racing/D&Q
4 John Mcleod Five Four Sports
5 Stephen Cochrane MAMBO KINGS
6 David Whitney Somerset Wheelmen
7 Tim Borsetti Five Four Sports
8 Thomas Simpson Summit Cycling / D&Q
9 Christopher Foster PSCC-Peddler's Shop Cycling Club
10 Chuck Crocco Team Somerset
11 Eric Wallenburg Pro Pedals Bike Shop
12 Drew Davala Viking Yachts / Action Wheels /CC Evesham
13 James Bernstein Mid Atl Masters Bicycle Org
14 Karl Moore C C Evesham
15 Mark Cowin Pro Pedals Team Express
16 Walter Risse Mid-Atl Masters Cycling /MAMBO Kings
17 Mark Zadroga Watchung Wheelmen- High Gear
18 William Brunner Colavita Racing Inc.
19 Eric Danver PSRacing/Masterpiece Kitchens

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