These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men 4

(60 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Thomas Martin 39:02
2 Geoffrey Bouchard NBX/Quadfire st
3 Ian Lambe ECV st
4 Will King CCB Racing st
5 Nicholas Gilroy Essex County Velo (ECV) st
6 Matt Doremus st
7 Jonathan Barry Bicycle Bill's st
8 Alan Pimentel NorEast Cycling st
9 Speight Drummond Upper Valley Velo/ Drummond Custom Cycles st
10 Smith Anderson Green Line Velo Driven by Zip Car st
11 Alfred Bissell Essex County Velo st
13 Thomas Degraan Breakthough Performance Coaching st
14 Chris Field ECV - Essex County Velo st
15 Noah Epstein NEBC p/b Cycle Loft st
16 Sean Pantellere radsport cyclocross st
17 Benjamin Sawyer ECV - Essex County Velo st
18 Charles Bourdages Noreast Cycling st
19 Ian Whittle Broadway Bicycle / Igleheart Frames st
20 Kurt Belhumeur Stampede! st
21 Robert Gorman st
22 Jacob Lipcon Minuteman Road Club st
23 Jonathan Ruffus NOREAST CYCLING st
24 Jacob Sisson st
25 Nicholas Tham ming qiang MIT Cycling p/b FXDD st
26 Stefan Wawersik Minuteman Road Club st
27 Jay Hydren st
DNF Melchisedek Alce Stage 5 Cycling
DNF Michael Apfelbaum Sunnyside Sports
DNF Vincent Buffone Northampton Cycling Club
DNF Alexander Bulger
DNF Ken Chadwick Minuteman Road Club
DNF Peter Cole Isabella's Sticky Buns Cafe
DNF Dan Cooper Comprehensive Racing/Salem Cycle
DNF Tim Curley Comprehensive Racing / Salem Cycle
DNF Jay Curry Comprehensive Racing/Salem Cycle
DNF John Disciullo 545 Velo
DNF Ed Doyle RealFood Consulting
DNF Alex Gorman
DNF Kurt Maw Comprehensive Racing / Salem Cycle
DNF Tim Metzger Noreast Cycling
DNF Justin Palmisano Essex County Velo (ECV)
DNF Michael Passanisi Comprehensive Racing / Salem Cycle
DNF Evan Patten Noreast Cycling
DNF Christopher Plummer Van Dessel Factory Team
DNF Joseph Remy Essex County Velo (ECV)
DNF Jeffrey Robert Team Bicycle Alley
DNF Graham Roeber hk2 cycling
DNF Robert Rolsma Essex County Velo (ECV)
DNF Jeff Seger Freeman's Bicycle Service
DNF Patrick Smith Comprehensive Racing / Salem Cycle
DNF Ronnie Smithers Essex County Velo (ECV)
DNF Todd Wagner NorEast Cycling
DNF Michael Weston 545 Velo
DNF Eric Whewell Comprehensive Racing / Salem Cycle
DNF Scott Wilson Comprehensive racing/salem cycle
DNF Carl Wittig slouch racing
DNF Young-kershaw Duane Cycle Loft Velo

Men Master 35+

(55 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mark Mccormack Clif Bar/Pactimo 38:39
2 Chandler Delinks CYCLOCROSSWORLD.COM st
3 Eric j. Carlson BLUE STEEL CYCLERY at :04
4 Gary Aspnes CCB Racing :07
5 Paul Richard CCB Racing :09
6 Patrick Ruane Sunapee/Continental Paving/Buchikas st
7 Tobi Schultze st
8 Kyle Gates Designturn-Velocite st
9 Kyle Smith Embrocation st
10 Bill Yabroudy NBX/Narragansett Beer st
11 Ronald Bourgoin OA/CYCLEMANIA st
12 Tyler Munroe CCB/Volkswagen :16
13 Timothy Shea BOB-Goodale' s Bike Shop/Speed Merchant Aero :32
14 Guillermo Herrera OA/Cyclemania :36
15 Anthony Giguere INSIGHT MRI RACING st
16 Geoff Mcintosh Corner Cycles st
17 Leo Devellian CCB Racing st
18 Jon Bernhard CCB Racing st
19 Geoff Hamilton CCB Racing st
20 John Grenier Clif Bar/ Pactimo st
21 Jason Clevenger 545 Velo st
22 J. alain Ferry st
23 Mike Jinks BikeWorks Racing st
24 Bruce Schwab OA/Cyclemania st
25 James Nash CCB Racing st
26 Christopher White BOB-Goodale'sBike Shop/Speed Merchant Aero/T st
27 Ari Shocket Blue Hills Cycling Club st
28 Wilson Martnez Bikes not Bombs st
29 Jay Clausen Sunapee/Continental Paving/Buchika's Ski & B st
30 Ciaran Mangan CCB/ RACING st
31 John Smathers 545 Velo st
32 Michael Brier 545 Velo st
33 Gerald Harris UA st
34 Crystal Anthony Riverside Racing st
35 Greg Montello Berger Hardware Biker st
36 Sean Lamontagne Sunapee/Continental Paving/Buchikas st
37 Frankie Mccormack Clif Bar / Pactimo st
38 Alexander Grabau st
DNF Steven Bonadio Arc-en-Ciel Racing Team
DNF Eric Brassell 545 Velo
DNF Jeremy Cratty Minuteman Road Club
DNF Christopher Darling OA/ Cyclemania
DNF Chuck Dopfel 545 Velo
DNF Richard Drummond UVV/ Drummond Custom Cycles
DNF Keith Hartstein 545 Velo
DNF Gary Jasdzewski Wheelworks Racing
DNF Joseph Jussaume NEBC p/b Cycle Loft
DNF Thad Lavallee Designturn-Velocite
DNF Jeff Lee Upper Valley Velo/Drummond Custom Cycles
DNF Steven Lehmann Sunapee/Continental Paving/Buchikas
DNF Steve Mcgrath NorEast Cycling
DNF Paul Mcmahon CCB Racing
DNF Christopher Ragusa CCB Racing
DNF Gregory Brown Upper Valley Velo/Drummond Custom Cycles
DNF Michael Lorion 545 Velo

Men Pro-1-2-3

(87 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Benjamin Wolfe Aetna Cycling Team p/b 59:33
2 Shawn Milne Kenda 5 Hr Energy P/B Geargrinder at :10
3 Dylan Mcnichols CCB Racing st
4 Manny Goguen C.F. Racing p/b Trek Portsmouth st
5 Frankie Mccormack Clif Bar / Pactimo st
6 Aaron Hubbell Bissell-ABG-NUVO st
7 Jesse Keough st
8 Synjen Marracco CCB st
9 Robbie King Boston Bicycle School st
10 Charles Huff Jelly Belly Pro Cycling Team st
11 Harrison Harb Boston Bicycle School st
12 Evan Huff J.A.M. Fund / NCC st
13 Luciano Pavan MetLife-NorEast Cycling st
14 Alex Cox CCB Racing st
15 Amos Brumble CCB racing st
16 Tim Mitchell CCB Racing st
17 John Harris CCB Racing st
18 Nick Keough st
19 Ciaran Mangan CCB/ RACING st
20 Chad Young CCB Racing st
21 Ron Larose iii Aetna Cycling Team p/b st
22 Kurt Schmid CCB RACING TEAM st
23 Evan Burkhart / Cannondale st
24 Kevin Wolfson Boston Bicycle School st
25 Alec Donahue J.A.M. Fund / NCC st
26 Ryan Kelly MetLife - NorEast Cycling :29
27 Andrew Krulewitz GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipcar :33
28 Mark Mccormack Clif Bar/Pactimo :41
29 Jeremy Durrin J.A.M. Fund / NCC :55
30 Jeremy Powers Jelly Belly Pro Cycling Team 1:00
31 Michael Busa J.A.M. Fund / NCC st
32 Peter Bell MetLife - NorEast Cycling st
33 Sam Rosenholtz GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipcar 1:12
34 Christopher Raymond Boston Bicycle School 1:15
35 Stephen Weller / Cannondale Elite Cycling Team 1:34
36 Lucas Fortini CF Racing p/b Trek Portsmouth st
37 Tobi Schultze Clif Bar/Pactimo
38 Brad Warren J.A.M. Fund / NCC
39 A.j. Moran GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipcar P&P
40 David Warner GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipcar P&P
41 Gregg Izzo GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipcar P&P
42 Steve Lachance GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipcar P&P
43 Jake Jolly GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipcar P&P
44 Daniel Guiney Sunapee/Continental Paving/Buchikas P&P
45 Christian Page NorEast Cycling P&P
46 Randall Levere Threshold Cycling P&P
47 Jelle Stoop Aetna Cycling Team p/b P&P
48 Donny Green J.A.M. Fund / NCC P&P
49 Ben Padilla P&P
50 Joshua Friedman GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipcar P&P
51 Peter Sullivan ATA Cycle P&P
52 Gary Aspines CCB Racing P&P
53 Kyle Smith Embrocation Cycling Journal P&P
54 David Gray Bell Lap Coaching P&P
55 Anthony Giguere Insight Racing P&P
56 Charles Berhtram Broadway Bicycle School / Igleheart Frames P&P
57 Josh Anthony P&P
58 David Dornaus Corner Cycle P&P
59 Andrew Clemence Boston Bicycle School P&P
60 Joshua Lehmann Boston Bicycle School P&P
DNF Alex Abarbanel-grossman C.F. Racing p/b Trek Portsmouth
DNF Travis Bickford CCB Racing
DNF Alex Carmona
DNF Sean Casey GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipcar
DNF Jeffrey Elie Riverside Racing
DNF Tommy Goguen C.F. Racing p/b Trek Portsmouth
DNF Steven Hopengarten GREEN LINE VELO Driven by ZipCar
DNF Kathleen Lysakowski Farm Team Elite Women
DNF Pete Macleod Blue Hills Cycling Club
DNF Thomas Mahan BayHill Capital p/b Corner Cycle
DNF Tyler Munroe CCB/Volkswagen
DNF Daniel Ouellette Optimum Performance
DNF Hunter Resek CCB Racing
DNF Keith Reynolds BIKEMAN.COM
DNF Krystian Rynkiewicz Optimum Performance
DNF Cory Small Bayhill Capital p/b Corner Cycle
DNF Adam Sullivan Embrocation Cycling Journal
DNF Greg Whitney GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipcar
DNF Christopher Ragusa CCB
DNF Stephen Pierce Embrocation Cycling Journal
DNF Scott Peradutto Fusion Sport
DNF Guillermo Herrere OA/Cyclemania
DNF Paul Richard CCB Racing
DNF Leo Devellian CCB Racing
DNF James Nash CCB Racing
DNF Robert Campbell

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