These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Category 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michael Zak Blue
2 Matthew Doran Brauer - Mick Management
3 Everhard Paredes Champion System p/b Stan's NoTubes
4 Frank O'reilly
5 Brendan Pearce Blue
6 Chad Butts enduranceWERX
7 Walter Risse Mid Atl Masters Bicycle Org
8 Willie Payton
9 Karl michael Rahn Stan's NoTubes/AXA Equitable
10 Juan Pimentel sr. Brauer - Mick Management
11 Mark Collins Montclair Cyclists
12 Andrew Walsh Scotto's Wood Fired Pizza
13 Chris Tarnowski Westwood Velo
14 Eli Mernit BH/Comedy Central
15 Amy Cutler Riptide Cycling
16 Cliff Saper CycleLifeUSA GF Capital
17 Ted Horwitz Team Cosmic
18 Zak Abdullah FGX Racing
19 Brian Milligan FGX Racing
20 Haluk Sarci Deno's Wonder Wheel Cycling
21 Wilson Vasquez GS Mengoni U.S.A.
22 George Suter DieHard-Think Racing
23 Rafael Diaz-granados Century Road Club Assoc
24 Zach Koop Blue
25 Richard Gonzalez Mid Atl Masters Bicycle Org
26 Christopher Clary Scotto's Wood Fired Pizza
27 Romel Campbell Westwood Velo
28 Louis Donato Team Cyclesport
29 Juan Aracena Century Road Club Assoc
30 Yi peng Teoh FGX Racing
31 Pedro Depena Innovation Bike
32 Bryan Carbone Knapp's Cyclery Racing

category 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Quezada Richard
2 William Lopez Team Cosmic
3 Ron Ferraz Foundation
4 Kelvin Savinon Century Road Club Assoc
5 #n/a #n/a
6 Chris Samuels
7 Kyle Herlihy
8 Cedrick Gousse Century Road Club Assoc
9 #n/a #n/a
10 Matthew Davitt Kissena Cycling Club
11 Oleg Bekkerman
12 Roger Billharz Pawling Cycle & Sport
13 Michael Tompkins SquadraSF
14 Sebastian Moll Century Road Club Assoc
15 Kavaughn Blake Gotham/Toga
16 Jason Bell Scotto's Wood Fired Pizza
17 Eli Curt fuld
18 Stephen Charron Cycle Craft Racing
19 Roy Friedman
20 Carlos Lopez
21 Anthony Sambrato Westwood Velo
22 James Yoo Century Road Club Assoc
23 Marcos Zorrilla
24 #n/a #n/a
25 R. Wilson tarbox iv SignatureCycles/Rockstar Games
26 Noel Johnson Echelon Cycles/Montecci
27 Oguz Orkan
28 Kendrek Lyons Century Road Club Assoc
29 Jeffrey Lesser SignatureCycles/Rockstar Games
30 Robert Malovany GS Retro Velo
31 William Rigler Sids Bikes NYC
32 Kenneth Ingersoll siggi's/nyvelocity
33 Robert Wortmannjr siggi's/nyvelocity
34 Eli Branch Chari & Co NYC
35 Mario Castro