These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Category1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Bobby Lea Pure Energy Cycling-ProAirHFA 1:16:33
2 Brett Kielick 160over90 p.b. Vie13/QCW
3 Eric Workowski Pure Energy Cycling-ProAirHFA
5 ? John Jamis/Sutter Home
6 Calvin Hoops Round Here Racing
7 Paul Pearson Tru-Brew/BCRC
8 Geron Williams Liberty Cycles
9 Aubrey Gordon liberty cycle
10 Christopher Chong-tenn CRCA - Diehard
11 Theodore Inoue Liberty Cycle
12 Brian Evans Cycledrome Bicycling Team
13 Glenn Ferreira Metra/Cycles 54 Cycling Team
14 Matt Waller Tri State Velo
15 Marcus Mcmillan Round Here Racing
16 Matt Doyal Pure Energy Cycling-ProAirHFA
17 Andrew Johnson Mason Dixon Velo/The Cycle Works
18 Kyle Eckley
19 Peter Fickinger Chester County Velo
20 Zachary Semian Pure Energy Cycling-ProAirHFA
21 Unknown Rider
22 Ryan Rapolas QCW Cycling
23 Josh Case IFRACTAL-QCW p.b.
24 Gordon Stone Morgan Stanley Cycling Team
25 Charles Arensberg Morgan Stanley Cycling Team
26 Scott Steele Gotham Cyclists
27 Jessica Chong Morgan Stanley Cycling Team
28 Warren Holzman Team Alliance Environmental
29 Thomas Detwiler QCW Cycling
30 Matthew Swiatek
31 George Sherman Gotham Cyclists
32 Timothy Manzella Tri-State Velo/Amoroso's Racing Team
33 Bryan Stahley Cycledrome Bicycling Team
34 Bruce Donaghy Morgan Stanley Cycling Team
35 Timothy Hancock MainLine Cycling - BiKyle/Mazur
36 Alexander Roberts SPINTECK CYCLING TEAM
37 Vlad Preoteasa Kissena Cycling Club
38 William Elliston Van Dessel Factory Team
39 Robert Mecea Brooklyn Velo Force
40 Matthew Kupsky The Performance Lab p/b The Caffeinated Cyclist
41 John Minturn
42 James Best Cycledrome
43 Zachary Hutchins Mid-Atlantic Cycling Club
44 Manuel Caliz Round Here Racing
45 Scott Demarzio Heart House - CC Evesham
46 Nicholas Roeder Tri-State Velo/Amoroso's Racing Team
47 Tommy Schubert Tri State Velo
48 Michael Miller Team Alliance Environmental
49 David Casale Tri State Velo
DNF Patrick Gellineau Team Squiggle

Men Category3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jeff Hetrick Lamprey Systems 0:58:57
2 Gale Hess Thru It All Body Shop
3 Patrick Gellineau Team Squiggle
4 Christopher Chong-tenn CRCA - Diehard
5 Stephen Sambrano Main Line Cycling - BiKyle/Mazur
6 Jonathan Ruiz Cycledrome Bicycling Team
7 Jeffrey Toth Spinteck Cycling Team
8 Josh Clingan Mason Dixon Velo
9 Jeremy Hunter Thru-It-All Body Shop Inc
10 Michael Black QCW Cycling
11 Karl Moore C C Evesham
12 Larry Detris Cycledrome Bicycling Team
13 Josh Carter Philadelphia Ciclismo
14 Justin Davala C C Evesham
15 Stephen Baumbach Cycledrome Bicycling Team
16 Gordon Stone Morgan Stanley Cycling Team
17 John Schwarz Cycledrome Bicycling Team
18 Charles Arensberg Morgan Stanley Cycling Team
19 Martin Bruton crca-die-hard-raceing
20 George Sherman Gotham Cyclists
21 Michael Holub Cycledrome Bicycling Team
22 James Moffett
23 Zachary Hutchins Mid-Atlantic Cycling Club
24 Vlad Preoteasa Kissena Cycling Club
25 Byron Horgash Team Traveller
26 Douglas Schiel Mason-Dixon Velo/The Cycle Works
27 Henoch Getz CRCA / Scotto's Wood Fired Pizza
28 Robert Mecea Brooklyn Velo Force
29 Eric Fredericks Mazur Coaching-Cycles Bikyle
30 Benjamin Fetterman Cycledrome Bicycling Team
31 Alexander Roberts SPINTECK CYCLING TEAM

Men Category4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 John Levkulic 0:49:39
2 Bill Ash
3 John Wilson
5 Mark Wiater Cycledrome Bicycling Team
6 Benjamin Nester Tri State Velo
7 Joseph Murphy bikeline/lwa
8 Joe Hydrick Orange Street Velo & Retl Studio
9 Paul Rinkenberg Team Fluid
10 Michael Lane Zimmerman Training
11 Kevin Kelly Shirks Racing Masters Team
12 Jason Forsell IFRACTAL-QCW p.b.
13 Jason Gabriel Philadelphia Ciclismo
14 Michael Bowman Blue Mountain Velo
15 Dan Twaddell Team Fluid
16 Timothy Day Kind Human Sports
DNF Liam Panero Rock Creek Velo
DNF Jonah Meadvancort GVCC
DNF Andrew Lawrie Peanut Butter and Co. Human Zoom

Men Category5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Matthew Mory 0:37:51
2 Geoff Brunner n/a
3 John Dzubinski Tri-State Velo
4 Brian Kopp Cycledrome Bicycling Team
5 Don Stauffer Cycledrome Bicycling Team
6 Scott Raschke
7 Eric Diamond
8 Levi Jimmy
9 Mark Allard Bike Line -- LWA
10 Nikolay Koblov
11 Micah Schmidt
12 Brandon Staub
13 Matt Hazzard Blue Mountain Velo

Women Category1/2/3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jacqueline Paull Watchung Wheelmen/High Gear Cyclery 0:57:14
2 Jacqueline Mcclure CAWES/iFractal p/b Specialized
3 Jennifer Bollinger Team Alliance Environmental
4 Patricia Buerkle Edlow Int p/b Bike Beat
5 Nonnie Howard Peanut Butter & Co. Human Zoom
6 Bailey Semian Team TIBCO II
7 Tammy Ebersole Evolution Racing
9 Pamela Schmaldinst Team Vortex

Women Category4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sabina Olenchock Lamprey Systems 0:41:21
2 Lisa Staub Mason Dixon Velo/ The Cycle Works
3 Karen Tourian Guy's Racing Club
4 Beth Fayant North Point Women's Racing Team
6 Joanne Cannon Lehigh Wheelmen Assoc

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