These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men's 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Brian Jensen TradeWind Energy Cycling Team
2 Bob Cummings Dallas Racing
3 Ryan Gabriel Tulsa Wheelmen
4 Kent Woermann Quantum Mesa Cycles
5 Chad Cagle Tulsa Tough Racing pb ICEdot
6 Jacob Lasley Team Soundpony
7 Jacob White Tulsa Tough Racing pb ICEdot
8 Erin Elliott DNA Racing
9 Paul Bonds Oklahoma City Velo Club
10 David Enmark Oklahoma City Velo Club
11 Ryan Chrisler Team Undiscovered
12 James Lawrence DNA Racing
13 Connor Cartland Scuderia Superleggera
14 Jonathan Barnes DNA Racing
15 Cailean Carlberg Bicycles of Tulsa
16 Brian Wyrick Matrix Cycling Club
17 Shane Carter Bicycles of Tulsa
18 Micah Newell
19 Micah Newell
20 Christopher Daifuku US Military Cycling Team Fueled by FRS
21 Joey Mesa Team Undiscovered
22 Alan Good Bicycles of Tulsa
23 Jay Hawkins Oklahoma City Velo Club
24 Brian Parks Team Undiscovered
25 Gene Daniel Team Soundpony
27 Jess Parker Scuderia Superleggera
28 Jess Parker Scuderia Superleggera
29 Blayxxx Jay
30 William Stolte TradeWind Energy Cycling Team
31 Rob Bell
32 Mathew Ankney Tulsa Wheelmen
33 Chris Zenthoefer Tulsa Tough Racing pb ICEdot
34 Ryan Fiddler Bicycles of Tulsa
35 Robert Steppe
36 Aldo Curiel Hotter'N Hell Hundred
37 Brandon Melott Oklahoma City Velo Club
38 Gabriel Baca Hotter'N Hell Hundred
39 Richard Cassube Team Undiscovered
40 Ben Silk Bicycles of Tulsa
41 Charles Parmain Bicycles of Tulsa
42 John Lasorsa Oklahoma City Velo Club
43 Peter Erdoes Oklahoma City Velo Club
44 Judson Copeland Team Undiscovered
45 John Lasorsa Oklahoma City Velo Club
46 Jerry Willis Team Type 1
47 Sawyer Currie Team Rad Racing Club
48 John Moore Bicycles of Tulsa
49 Brian Metz Tulsa Tough Racing pb ICEdot
DNF Mike Mcneal 360 Sports
DNF Evan Bybee DNA Racing

Men's 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Joshua Braley
2 Dustin Weaver Tulsa Tough Racing pb ICEdot
3 Milus Clarke jr
4 Viet Hoang Specs Racing Team
5 Terry Storch Team Undiscovered
6 Jay Myers Team Rad Racing Club
7 Stephen Rector
8 Titan Miller
9 Matt Wills Team Undiscovered
10 Dan Joy Team Air Assurance/Tulsa Connect
11 Dallas Myers Team Rad Racing Club
12 Dylan Postier Team Undiscovered
13 Brandon Howe Team Soundpony
14 Gant Newsom
15 David Dawkins Mercy Cycling Team
16 Donald Loveless Team Soundpony
17 Travis Rhodes
18 Mike Patrick
19 Trevor Turner
20 Joel Kantor
21 Sean Mccabe Team PG13
22 James Snodgrass Team Undiscovered
23 Kurt Egli Team PG13
24 David Ruff
25 Thomas Davis
26 Benino Jr. pacheco
27 James Webb Team Soundpony
28 Jeremy Duffle
29 Shawn Dunn
30 Ernie Barber
31 Steven Thompson Corinth Cycling/Harden Dental
32 Joseph Mitro Team PG13
DNF James Man Team Undiscovered
DNF Brian Riecker

Women 1/2/3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kirsten Chapman Tulsa Wheelmen
2 Lynna Hunt Tulsa Tough Racing pb ICEdot
3 Devon Fox Exfuze Racing
4 Sarah Bell
5 Kelly Skinner Bike America Racing
6 Cathy Dawkins Mercy Cycling Team
7 Christina Luera Tom's Bicycles