These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jason Barella Threshold Cycling
2 Ciaran Mangan CCB
3 Michael Norton Cyclonauts Racers
4 Paul Cyrley Spin Arts Cycling Team
5 Chris Petrillo Createx-Benidorm-EBCC
6 Chris Adams EXPO Wheelmen
7 Michael Shinall GREEN LINE VELO driven by ZipCar
8 Ned Connelly Cox/W.E. Stedman Cycling
9 Nick Pignatello iii
10 Connor Walsh CVC / Subaru of New England
11 David Maynard Colavita Racing
12 Daniel Caridi
13 Anthony Eisley CLR - CLRRACING.COM
14 Matt Nunnelly Ride Studio Cafe
15 Michael Martin Expo Wheelmen
16 Tom Stevens Spinart Cycling Team
17 Oscar Jimenez Ride Studio Cafe
18 Mike Maloney Cyclonauts Racers
19 Akira Sato Expo Wheelmen
20 Johan Gibcus Threshold Cycling

Cat 40+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Max Lippolis Team Danbury Audi
3 Paul Curley Spin Arts Cycling Team
4 Trent Sullivan CVC/Subaru of New England
5 Jim Breen BOB Cycling/Goodale's Bike Shop/Speed M
6 Dave Geissert Tolland Bike / NERAC Earth
7 Jeffrey Dixon Base36/SMCC/Gorham Bike
8 James Elliott US Military Cycling
9 Ciaran Mangan CCB
11 Jeff Murray Expowheelmen
12 Steven Smallwood Mystic Velo Club
13 Massimiliano Accapule CVC Subaru of New England
14 Joe Policarpio TEAM EDGE
15 Wayne Kirk
16 Eric Derivera Valley Bike Ski
17 John Mcgill
18 Robert Carmen TEAM EDGE
19 John Meerse OA/Cyclemania
20 Marc Eisen GHCC/Army/Central Wheel
21 Steven Suto Signature Cycles
22 Esteban Sequera CVC Subaru of New England. Peru
23 Dennis Johnston GHCC/CW
24 Bruce Townend Valley Bike and Ski Werks Racing Team
25 Mark Durso Team Edge
26 David Potter Arc En Ciel Racing Team
27 Peter Greer team berkshire bike and board
28 Patrick Cunningham Horst Engineering Cycling Team
29 Steve May Central Wheel-GHCC
30 Jonathan Lowenstein Clif Bar/Pactimo
31 Sam Morse Corner Cycle
32 Tom Stevens Spin Arts Cycling Team
33 Morgan Rueckert Central Wheel-GHCC
34 Ted Culotta Expowheelmen
35 Scott Loring
36 Matthew Emeott BETHEL CYCLE SPORT
37 Wade Summers Horst Engineering Cycling Team
38 Matthew Waskiewicz TEAM EDGE

Cat 4-5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 David Wells Expo Wheelman
3 Michael Sernyak Zane's
4 Kary Daley
5 Christopher Deluco Team Danbury Audi
6 Dylan Gardner Mystic Velo Club
7 Patrick Murray
8 Michael Kelly Team Edge
9 Vincent Buffone Northampton Cycling Club
10 Michael Markowicz Cycling Concepts Racing Team
11 Parker Mccomas
12 Jim Klewicki
13 Ted Culotta Expowheelmen
14 David Kell Bethel Cycle Sport
15 Teddy Burger Rockstar Games / Signature Cycles
16 Jeffrey Scala Cycling Concepts Racing Team
17 Eric Carlson TEAM EDGE
18 Kevin Goguen C.F. Racing p/b Trek Portsmouth
19 Adam Trexler Yale Bulldog Cycling
20 John Anthony Mystic Velo Club
21 Matthew Lang
22 David Dubos Exposition Wheelmen
23 Chris Goguen C.F. Racing p/b Trek Portsmouth
24 Alec Cunningham Team Edge
25 Barry Koblenz Capital Bicycle Racing Club
26 Lance Jones Expo Wheelmen
27 Anthony Cipolla TEAM EDGE
28 Mason Ziedonis Minuteman Road Club
29 Bob Ludecke laurel bike club
30 Jason Andrew Providence Velo/Casters
31 Scott Cunningham Team Edge
32 #n/a #n/a #N/A
33 #n/a #n/a #N/A
34 #n/a #n/a #N/A
35 Jeff Fryer CCNS
36 Smith Anderson GLV
37 Nicholas Sousa Cycle Lodge
38 William Mcenery Pedal Power

Cat Pro 1-3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Peter Bell MetLife - NorEast Cycling
2 Luciano Pavan MetLife-NorEast Cycling
3 Aaron Hubbell Bissell-ABG-NUVO
4 Evan Huff J.A.M. Fund / NCC
5 Sam Rosenholtz GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipcar
6 Skip Foley ATA Cycle
7 Manny Goguen C.F. Racing p/b Trek Portsmouth
8 Austin Vincent C.F. Racing p/b Trek Portsmouth
9 Geoffrey Bouchard nbx bikes/narragansett beer PB : APEX
10 Jacinto Pereira Unattached
11 Nate Morse Hot Tubes Development Cycling Team, In
12 Alex Abarbanel-grossman C.F. Racing p/b Trek Portsmouth
13 Lucas Fortini C.F. Racing p/b Trek Portsmouth
14 #n/a #n/a #N/A
15 #n/a #n/a #N/A
16 #n/a #n/a #N/A
17 #n/a #n/a #N/A
18 Tim Mitchell CCB Racing
19 #n/a #n/a #N/A
20 #n/a #n/a #N/A
21 #n/a #n/a #N/A
22 Ben Carbonetti Expo Wheelmen
23 A. zane Wenzel Horst Engineering Cycling Team
24 #n/a #n/a #N/A
25 Derek Cote Farm Team Cycling

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