These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Christian Tresser Cyclepath Racing
2 Molly Cameron Portland Bicycle Studio
3 David Oliphant Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling
4 Aaron Coker HPChiro/Bike n' Hike/Giant
5 Todd Littlehales Rapha Racing
6 Chris Haverty Bridgetown Velo
7 Cliff Heaberlin Guinness Cycling Team
8 Kelly Ryan Portland Bicycle Studio
9 Benjamin Miller Guinness Cycling Team
10 John Leonard Casa Bruno
11 Joshua Lebus Bridgetown Velo
12 Jeff Mitchem Rapha Racing
13 David Root Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling
14 Jonathan Mccoy Sunset Cycles/CycleOne
15 Karsten Hagen ZTeam
16 ? ?
17 David Gates Bridgetown Velo
18 David Wells Life Cycle Bike Shop
19 Stephen Hemminger Southtown Velo
20 Steve Marcy River City Bicycles
21 Roger Lloyd Finnegans Toys/Discover Chiropractic
22 Al Vannoy Rapha Racing
23 Richard Fattic
24 Nissy Cobb Sum Bike Team
25 Steve Marcy Rapha Racing
26 Casey Davidson BRIHOP
27 Jeff Standish Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling
28 Duncan Oliphant Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling
29 Carl Hoefer Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling
30 Andrew Barrett Team Oregon
31 Michael Lujan Specialized River City Bicycles
32 Andrew Barrett Rapha Racing
33 John Obrien ZTeam
34 Anthony O'neal
35 Eric Tsai Land Rover-ORBEA Benefiting the Lance Armstrong Fo
36 Jim Anderson Team Oregon
37 Daryl Hemenway Portland Velo
38 Seth Hosmer HPChiro/Bike n' Hike/Giant
39 Jacob Hill Bridgetown Velo
40 Jamin Aasum Bridgetown Velo
41 Eric Nachtrab Portland Bicycle Studio
42 Otis Rubottom Rapha Racing
43 Joshua Creem Portland Bicycle Studio
44 Daniel Quirk Veloce/Felt
45 Brett Boyles Finnegans Toys/Discover Chiropractic

Cat 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Brian Ratliff Portland Velo
2 Mark Crawford Ironclad Performance Wear
3 Aaron Leritz Team S&M
4 Steven Burger Sunset Cycles
5 Jeffrey Pollock Portland Velo
6 Juan Cagampang Hammer Velo
7 Jeff Harwood Ironclad Performance Wear
8 Dave Aldersebaes Ironclad Performance Wear
9 Steve Dehaart Liberty Cycle
10 Christopher Osolin Mopha
11 Jeffrey Henderson Portland Velo
12 Matt D'elia Portland Velo
13 Ryan Smith Ironclad Performance Wear
14 Stephen Fitzgerald Liberty Cycle
15 Bill Dolan
16 Richard Desmond Team Oregon
17 William Laubernds Alex Cycling
18 Stephanie Chase Veloforma
19 Jordan Staples Guinness Cycling Team
20 James Harrah SSI/Caroma
21 Shawn Small
22 Andrew Thomson Team Oregon
23 Zachary Utz
24 ? ?
25 Robert Vigeant Team Oregon
26 Quenton Conant Ironclad Performance Wear
27 Brian Gerow Ironclad Performance Wear
28 Maire Osborn
29 Lana Pressey Ironclad Performance Wear
30 Ernie Conway Consystency Cycling
31 Greg Kowalsky Team Oregon
32 Sean Thielen Portland Velo
33 William Blanton
34 Scott Sloat Nike Cycling
35 Camille Hook

Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Trevor O'neal
2 Jeremy Garbellano Life Cycle Bike Shop
3 Jacob Cummings
4 Mike Emerson Capitol Velo Racing Club
5 Rick Corkill
6 Shawn Cecotti
7 James Jonke Tireless Velo
8 David Mccasker
9 Stephen Mcdade Beaverton Bicycle Club
10 Steven Anderson
11 Matt Edler
12 Fiona Graham Specialized River City Bicycles
13 Mel Cook
14 Christopher Brown
15 Peter Casey
16 Peter Nielsen Sunset Cycles
17 Eric Anderson Pacific Power Blue Sky
18 Liz Cartwright Beaverton Bicycle Club
19 Joe Rozanek
20 John Thompson
21 Joel Rosinbum Portland Velo
22 Lance Pugh Beaverton Bicycle Club
23 Joe Cadwell
24 Matt Wyllie
25 Grant Mcelroy Beaverton Bicycle Club
26 George Macdonald
27 Jeff Boehlke North River Racing
28 Ryan Seward
29 John Sullivan Beaverton Bicycle Club
30 Mike Mahoney
31 Walker Prettyman Beaverton Bicycle Club
32 Peter Mersereau Velo Con Carne
33 Baron Adams Caroma