These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 John Leonard Rapha Racing
2 Benjamin Miller Guinness Cycling Team
3 Christian Tresser Cyclepath Racing
4 Jason Riffle HPChiro/Bike n' Hike/Giant
5 Mark Ginsberg Southtown Velo
6 Christopher Hamilton Rapha Racing
7 Duncan Oliphant Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling
8 Steve Marcy Rapha Racing
9 Craig Hamilton Rapha Racing
10 Steven Holland Finnegans Toys/Discover Chiropractic
11 Emiliano Jordan Ten Speed Drive/BH Bicycles
12 Austin Arguello Hammer/CMG Racing Team
13 Ryan Weaver River City Bicycles
14 Joshua Creem Portland Bicycle Studio
15 David Gates Bridgetown Velo
16 David Root Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling
17 Roger Wotton Cynergy Cycles
18 Brandon Dyer Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling
19 Kelly Wieber Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team
20 James Adamson Veloshop
21 David Sherman Bridgetown Velo
22 Jason Dykstra Garrison Institutional
23 Joe Field Unattached
24 Joshua Berry BODE
25 Andrew Utz Ruckus Test Team presented by Zipcar
26 Brian Foresta
27 Jurgen Fennerl Hutch's/Clear Choice/Bend Dental
28 Bret Berner River City Bicycles
29 Richard Desmond Team Oregon
30 Casey Patton na
31 John Banks Portland Velo
32 George Gardner
33 Kelly Ryan Portland Bicycle Studio
34 Doug Smith Bend Bike 'N Sport
35 Andrew Barrett Rapha Racing
36 Brent Casady Existential Velo
37 Brian Gumpert Showers Pass
38 Gant Enderle Cyclepath Racing
39 Nate Magaret Rapha Racing
40 Bob Grummel Rapha Racing
41 Marcel Delisser Hammer/CMG Racing Team
42 Eric Nachtrab Portland Bicycle Studio
43 John Forbes Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team
44 Chris Alling Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team
45 Cara Bussell
46 Jeff Mitchem Rapha Racing
47 Jonathan Irick Rapha Racing
48 Jonathan Mccoy
49 Brad Pauly Have Bike Lets Travel
50 Brandt Hueser
51 Jurgen Nebelung
52 Yann Blindert Bike Gallery
53 Shannon Skerritt Vanilla Bicycles
54 Eric Tsai signal cycles
55 Evan Hepner Contender Bicycles
56 John Grochau Rapha Racing

Cat 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michael Stearns Mopha
2 Jeff Harwood Ironclad Performance Wear
3 David Saltzberg Bridgetown Velo
4 Gary Allen Liberty Cycle
5 Jim Moore Specialized River City Bicycles
6 Jeff Spencer Three Rivers Racing
7 Ryan Mcmaster Three Rivers Racing
8 Trevor Spahr Ironclad Performance Wear
9 Christopher Osolin Mopha
10 James Ralston Hammer Velo
11 James Shingleton Capitol Velo Racing Club
12 Jeff Tedder Hammer Velo
13 Jan Taborsky Capitol Subaru Cycling
14 John Divelbiss Capitol Velo Racing Club
15 Steve Dehaart Liberty Cycle
16 Marc Mueller Multnomah Athletic Club
17 Jerroll Lackey Unattached
18 George Zack Beaverton Bicycle Club
19 Steven Russell
20 Beth Burns Veloce/Felt
21 Nick Blacklock Three Rivers Racing
22 Todd Sexton Guinness Cycling Team
23 Jeff Boehlke North River Racing
24 Cliff Thompson Beaverton Bicycle Club
25 Dave Groner
26 Jordan Staples Guinness Cycling Team
27 Joe Rozanek
28 Paul Kanz Finnegans Toys/Discover Chiropractic
29 John Lockman
30 Lindsay Kandra Hammer Velo
31 Jim Henry
32 Matthew Rider Three Rivers Racing
33 Alana Armstrong Sorella Forte
34 Ryan Smith Ironclad Performance Wear
35 Raleigh Cronrath Finnegans Toys/Discover Chiropractic
36 Quenton Conant Ironclad Performance Wear
37 Joe Cipale North River Racing

Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ivan Rosenhouse
2 Kevin Drake
3 Isaac Higgs
4 Reily Catto beaverton bicycle club
5 Lance Pugh beaverton bicycle club
6 Matthew Rider three rivers racing
7 Troy Sexton
8 Alexandre Baudouin
9 Patrick Mccann
10 Ryan Branin
11 Tony Coca
12 Andy Poorman
13 Andrew Lorente
14 Isaiah Hogberg
15 Liz Cartwright beaverton bicycle club
16 Michael Kamansky
17 Armando Tirado
18 James Bradley hammer velo
19 James Webb nrc/pedalmaster
20 Nathan Briggs
21 Emerson Webb beaverton bicycle club