These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men '4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Dan Payton Champion City Cycling
2 Nick Perhala
3 Brice Brookshire
4 Ryan Havlicek A World of Pain
5 Evan Price
6 John Newman
7 David Billman ColavitaOhioCycling
8 James Carey Ride On
9 Ken Buddell
10 Evan Sneath University of Cincinnati Cycling Club
11 Taylor Kruse Paradise Garage Racing
12 Andrew Eastman Headwind Cycling
13 Eric Patterson Team Nebo Ridge
14 Michael Mullins Champion City Cycling
15 Andrew Strempke University of Kansas
16 Danny Alarcon Backroom Coffee Roasters
17 Joe Ipacs Ohio State University
18 Jimmy Revard Racing for Riley
19 Adam Stevens
20 Jay Salge
21 Cody Smith
22 Adam Liette Team Dayton Bicycling
23 Nick Hagemeyer
24 Robert Magness Team Hungry*
25 Chuck Storey 7 Hills Racing Inc
26 Mcclain Murphy Paradise Garage Racing
27 Patrick Mcconnell
28 Bryan Ralston Unattached
29 Chris Muse 7 Hills Racing
30 Michel Jerome
31 Ken Holley Ohio Valley Bike Club
32 Ben Souders Indiana University Bloomington
33 Ray Middleman CTS
34 Jeff Jones Sigma Nu
35 Mike Girardot Ghisallo Cycling Team
36 Kevin Blake Men of Steel Racing
37 Micah Jenkins
38 Mark Flanagan Backroom Coffee Roasters Cycling Team
39 Zach Donnelly
40 Sam Lowe
41 Benton Benalcazar
42 Martin Davis
43 Anson Brooks
44 Josh Direen Paradise Garage Racing

Men '5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
2 Ryan Comeau Team Lake Effect
3 Nathaniel Vonfischer
4 Tommy Graul Team Dayton Merrill Lynch Cycling
5 Stephen Herman Team Dayton Merrill Lynch Cycling
6 Paul Mcclain Shaker Heights Cycling Club
7 Joshua Ebert Team Dayton Merrill Lynch Cycling
8 Robert Jensen
9 Evan Shaw Team Athens
10 David Cox Team Dayton
11 Kyle Barchek University of Cincinnati Cycling Club
12 Phillip Boze
13 William Mccasland Merrill Lynch/Team Dayton
14 Neil Wengerd Headwind Cycling
15 James Keefe Trek Store Cincinnati
16 Brian Sharp Was Labs Cycling
17 Justin Brown Paradise Garage Racing
18 Brian Large Headwind Cycling
19 Mike Kattan
20 Adam Burns
21 Aaron Mowery Headwind Cycling
22 Michael Buckner Headwind Cycling
23 Rob Luikart Paradise Garage Racing
24 Chris Niesen Bishops bicycles
25 James Weaver
26 Randy Liu
27 Adam Messina Miami University
28 James Naber the midwest express
29 David Tidd Team Dayton-Merrill Lynch Cycling
30 Kelly Waddell Team Dayton/Merryll Lynch
31 Neal Schmitt Team Six One Four
32 Kyle Harville Miami University Cycling Club
33 Buzz Chewning
34 Roger Sapp Team Lake Effect
35 Jon Conte Bishops Bicycles
36 Sean Cooney Team Hungry
37 Derek Drifmeyer 7 Hills/UBS
38 David Thole
39 David Binkley Paradise Garage Racing
40 Omar Ayala
41 Joshua Cepluch
42 Derek Haas Ghisallo Cycling Team
43 Joseph Houda Ghisallo Cycling Team
44 Ernie West
45 James Abbott Revolution Cycling Team
46 Shawn Kothe Backroom Coffee Roasters
47 Milt Allen Backroom Coffee Roasters
48 Diego Rodriguez

Men Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Paul Martin Panther/Bakehouse Granola
2 Andrew Seitz Panther/Bakehouse Granola
3 Martin Vecchio Panther
4 Daniel Quinlan WasLabs Cycling
5 Rob Thompson Panther/Bakehouse Granola
6 Kirk Albers Panther / Bakehouse
7 Ryan Shean Team Upland Brewing
8 Jeffrey Pendlebury Panther/Bakehouse Granola
9 Dan Peairs Darkhorse Racing
10 Rob Smallman Scholars Inn Bakehouse/Panther
11 Matt Bole Merrill Lynch Cycling
12 Scott Catanzaro Fitness
13 Brent Goetz Midland Brewing Company
14 Andy Prickett Merrill Lynch Cycling
15 Christopher Durand Fitness
16 Peter Bauer Fitness
17 Morgan Hunter Fitness
18 John Woods Team Upland Brewing
19 Paul Mcmullen East Hills Velo
20 Joseph Holmes Ride On Wooster
21 Henry Swinty Ft. Wayne Outfitters
DNF Nathaniel Veselenak Panther
23 Kyle Perry Team Upland Brewing
24 Cory St clair Fitness
25 Abraham Mcnutt Merrill Lynch presented by Team Dayton Cycling
26 David Neis Merrill Lynch Cycling
27 Andrew Clarke Panther
28 Jason Karew Fitness
29 David Steiner Team Spin
30 Kevin Henschel RGF Clev Clinic
31 John Callahan Team Upland Brewing
32 Aaron Cruikshank WASlabs Cycling
33 ? David Was labs
34 Douglas Ansel Team Upland Brewing
35 Eric Knight Fitness
36 Ray Huang Carbon Racing
37 Ryan Gamm Bandwidth/Revolution

Men Cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jack Mccann ProChain
2 John Murdock jr. Team Turner
3 Greg Tombragel Team ZUG Racing
4 Kyle Stewart Team Darkhorse
5 Samuel Wright ZWS Bertoli
6 Daniel Rhule Olympus Homes Cycling Team
7 Peter Czerwinski Backroom Coffee Roasters
8 Trevor Miller Olympus Cycling Team
9 Blair Fraley Backroom Coffee Roaster pb: Trek Stores of Columbu
10 Nicholas Vorwerk Pro Chain
11 Grant Inglis University of Cincinnati Cycling Club
12 Larry Hughes Olympus Homes Cycling Team
13 Spencer Petrov Prochain
14 Brent Bachman Unattached
15 Weston Flickinger Prochain
16 David Linden Merrill Lynch Cycling
17 Paul Rouse Team Dayton/Merrill Lynch Cycling
18 William Slutz Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling Team powered by P
19 Robert Sherman Merrill Lynch Cycling
20 Randy Brown
21 Douglas Barchek Airborne
22 Richard Toler Merrill Lynch Cycling
23 Hendra Palisades Ohio State University
24 Doug Mcconaha Olympus Homes Cycling Team
25 David Rich Merrill Lynch Cycling
26 Daniel Rich Merrill Lynch Cycling
27 Joshua Kush Indie Bike p/b Angie's List
28 Ryan Fogle Team Dayton
29 Jake Brooks Ball State University
30 Steve Fine Team Dayton Merrill Lynch Cycling

Men Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Troy Chipka RideOn
2 Francis Gradisher Was Labs
3 David Balli University of Cincinnati Cycling Club
4 Jacob Henningsen University of Cincinnati Cycling Club
5 Robin Zuend Queen City Wheels
6 Benjamin Seppala Bishop's Bicycles
7 Zachary Chappell Team Snakebite
8 Dane Schubert Backroom Coffee Roasters / Echelon Cycling Team
9 Owen Gibby Bishop's Bicycles
10 Ian Broadhead Lake Effect Racing
11 Matthew Evans Merrill Lynch Cycling
12 Matt Matthews Trek store of Cincinnati
13 William Neidinger Wells Fargo Advisors
14 Shawn Aker Summit Freewheelers
15 Joe Fox Gray Goat Sports
16 Doug Carraway Team Six One Four
17 Patrick Quinn BSM Cycling
18 Brian Ohara Olympus Homes Cycling Team
19 Elliot Sarnacki Wolverine Sports Club
20 Nathaniel Allen University of Cincinnati
21 Aaron Daniels Cap City Cycling
22 Cory Muth BSM Cycling
23 Donald Williams T3 Multisport
24 Christopher Carissimi Bishop's Bicycles
25 Vic Nurrenbrock BSM Cycling
26 Scott Lanzer Team Dayton - Merrill Lynch Cycling
27 Adam Downs Team Dayton Bicycling
28 Jeffrey Chow Novofit-C360R
29 Jeremy Dossetter
30 Adam Haines
31 Spencer Hackett Cap City Cycling
32 W. Davis griffin Team Zug Racing
33 Duncan Russell Echelon
34 James Singleton Trek of Cincinnati
35 Michael Clevidence Team Athens
36 Robert Linenkugel Queen City Wheels
37 Matt Cunningham Trek Store Cincinnati
38 Collin Wayne Team ZUG Racing
39 Marty Withrow Backroom Coffee Roasters / Echelon Cycling Team
40 Brian Desoto Team Zug Racing
41 Kristian Graham Team Six One Four
42 David Stanley Bishop's Bicycles
43 Jay Hissett Team CNC / Reser Bike
44 Shannon Moore Merrill Lynch Cycling / Team Dayton
45 Cameron Schmidt Ride On Wooster
46 Joel Schmidt Ride On Wooster
47 Sean Hughes Trek Store Cincinnati Cycling Team
DNF Emilio Poggio Lake Effect Racing
DNF Mike Podrosky
50 Michael Szymanski Queen City Wheels
51 Alex Steinker Team Hungry
52 Janusz Kossek Merrill Lynch Cycling
53 Jeremy Vanspronsen CMS Racing/Kalamazoo Bicycle Club
54 Kevin Miles Bishop's Bicycles
55 Mark Gryn East Side Riders
56 Michael Adams WAS Labs Cycling
57 Don Mckenzie Queen City Wheels


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Daniel Tokarczyk
2 Ryan Mcloughlin Team SixOneFour
3 Michael Linse Team SixOneFour
4 Joe Murdock Team Turner

Women '1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sierra Siebenlist Team p/b Angie's List
2 Lynn Coy team nebo ridge
3 Allison Nuovo Team SixOneFour
4 Kayla Starr Queen City Wheels
6 Malissa Petrov BioWheels/ReeceCampbell Racing
7 Valarie Gossage Gray Goat Sports
8 Mary Wienholts Team Dayton Secret Cycling

Women Cat 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Alix Payton Champion City Cycling
2 Meredith Gabriel Team SixOneFour
3 Victoria Steen Team SixOneFour
4 Maya Wei-haas Team SixOneFour
5 Lori Nedescu
6 Stacey Roberts Champion City Cycling
7 Hillary King Team Athens
8 Kennedy Adams WAS Labs Cycling
9 Erika Bohn Element Cycles
10 Kathryn Blankenship Element Cycles
11 Christine Robbins Element Cycles Womens Team
12 Amy Leroy Paradise Garage Racing
13 Katie Fenlon Bishop Bicycles
14 Mary Wienholts Team Dayton Secret Cycling
15 Mackenzie Green Lionheart Junior Racing
16 Lauren Meeth Element Cycles
17 Nicole Wheeler Reser /CNC Club
18 Lorna Waterstellez Team Dayton Secret Cycling
19 Marievee Santana Element Cycles Women's Team
20 Kristine Hofstra Team Dayton Secret Cycling
21 Mitzi Silber Secret Cycling