These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Skyler Mackey Team Soundpony
2 Chris graham Cycle-smart, inc. OBRU/The Bicycle Store
3 Michael Mull 787 Racing
4 Beau Lee DNA Racing
5 Spencer Petrov Prochain
6 Ryan Westrup Team Undiscovered
7 Ben Sewell KingRacingGroup
8 Judson Copeland Team Undiscovered
9 Jess Parker Air Assurance p/b Tulsa Connec
10 Squire Lawrence Bicycles Plus
11 Andy Chasteen DNA Racing
12 Said Assali Shama Cycles
13 Enoc Ishida Dallas Bike Works
14 Sawyer Currie DNA Racing
15 Nick Hand Quantum Mesa Cycles
16 Phillip Somers Cougar Den Racing p/b Four Lok
17 Connor Cartland Team Air Assurance/Tulsa Conne
18 Mike Mitcham TBI/DRT
19 Patrick Hallett AustinBikes/Mobil 1
20 Christopher Siemens Team Air Assurance/ Tulsa Conn
21 Robert Lemaster Bicycles of Tulsa
22 Devin Obrien Search and State
23 Jay Myers DNA Racing
24 Aaron Canale Colavita Racing, Inc.
25 Jason Reed SimplexQ Racing
26 Chris Peterson Tom's Bicycles
27 Jefferey May Dallas Racing/Park Place Deale
28 Forrest Howard High Country Development
29 Troy Cowin Bike Lab
30 Michael Allison GP VeloTek
31 Colby Logback Team Party Time
32 Roy Doskal Quantum Mesa Racing
33 Andrew Kramer Off the Front Racing
34 Terry Storch Team Undiscovered
35 John Cowan Mirage
36 Joshua Gifford Team Soundpony
37 Ronnie Cookson Team Soundpony
38 John Larson DallasBikeWorks
39 Brady Fain Team Undiscovered
40 Ryan Kelley Velotek
41 Mark Horn KCBC Racing / Kansas City Metr
42 Boyd Wallace Dallas Bike Works/Team Hooters
43 Gerald Drummond Fayetteville Wheelmen/Team Ath
44 Nard Moseley King Racing Group
45 Jerry Lewis Rockwall Cycling Team
46 Alex Wolfe Alchemy Racing Team - Texas
47 Dylan Postier Team Undiscovered
48 Adam Spears Mirage
49 Michael Wozniak Soundpony
50 Brian Lingenfelter JCCC
51 John Connolly Alchemy Racing Team - Texas
52 Brandon Oneal Bike America Racing Elite Deve
53 James Gillum SimplexQ Racing
54 John Tye Bicycle Shack Racing
55 Rick Francis Mirage Cycling
56 Nicolas Moya Ritte Racing
57 Kyle Freeman Tulsa Wheelmen
58 Derek Berry SimplexQ Racing
59 Zachary Scott Giga OM-ARO Pistachios
60 Chad Harvey Team Party Time
61 Chad Coccaro CTE
62 Michael Sokol CTE
63 Zachary Pfaff Air Assurance/Tulsa Connect
64 Matt Centofonti Sun & Ski/Champion Core Racing
65 Dan Joy Team Air Assurance
66 Ben Williams DNA RACING
67 Kenneth Englert Bike America Elite Development
68 Matthew Shipman CTE
69 Jason Pratt bicycle store
70 Johnpaul Blanton Matrix
71 Norman Bradsher Tulsa Tough
72 Jesus Chaparro Nick Lopez Tailoring Cycling T
73 Kendall Wiebe Kansas State University
74 Grayson Warrior Team Colavita/ Parisi Coffee
75 David Smith Cannonball-Hub Racing
76 Chris duroy Cycle-smart, inc. The Bicycle Store/OBRU
77 Aaron Nelson Bike World Racing
78 Dan Schaeffer KCBC
79 Kyle Springer ThinkFinance Racing
80 Ryan Dupree Team Soundpony
81 Tony Stanislav Mich Ultra - Big Shark Racing
82 Keegan Knapp SimplexQ Racing
83 Brent Aston Mirage
84 James Ryan jones Team Soundpony
85 James Jones Mirage Cycling Team
86 Tony Steward Villain CX
87 John Gillum SimplexQ Racing
88 Rafael Santiago TULSA TOUGH RACING p/b ICEdot
89 Chris Barnes 360 Sports
90 James Dowhin Team Party Time
91 David Knight Velossimo
92 Erik Parkey Team Air Assurance p/b Tulsa C
93 Brian Metz Tulsa Tough
94 Nathan Bowers Snapple Cycling Team
95 William Neidinger Wells Fargo Advisors
96 Joshua Thresher Tom's Bicycles
DNF Charlie Roberts SimplexQ Racing
DNF Daniel Rittler Team Air Assurance
DNF Chris Miller Cannonball-Hub Racing
DNF Scott Robinson Zealous Racing
DNF Jamie Stopforth Tom's Bicycles
DNF Ali Sobhani Austinbikes/Mobil 1
DNF Michael Rost GP Velotek
DNF James Ryan jones Team Soundpony
DNF Patrick Emery SimplexQ Racing
DNF Alex Bumpers Dallas Racing/Park Place Deale
DNF Jason Whitson Alchemy Racing Team - Texas
DNF Garrett Hobbs Dallas Racing/Park Place Deale
DNF Vincent Ferguson SimplexQ Racing

Men Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Andrew Farmer DNA Racing
2 Michael Johnson DNA Racing
3 Stanton Kruse FCS|Cycling p/b Zngine Mr. Res
4 Jon Keyzer First City Cycling Team
5 Shane Mcelravy Tom's Bicycles
6 John Wingerter YoungLife
7 Ben Craig Walmart / BMC
8 Jason Mcginnis Team Air Assurance/Tulsa Conne
9 Shawn Langwell Boston Mountain Cyclists
10 Dustin Weaver Tulsa Tough Racing
11 Tyler Kidder BRC
12 Trent Daulton Off Camber
13 Paul Barnes 360 Sports
14 Clay Chittenden CTE
15 Tyler Bosworth Tom's Bicycles
16 Benjamin Hasz 360 Sports
17 Barret Richardson SimplexQ Racing
18 Frederick Wild
19 Alan Rosenthal St. Mark's School of Texas
20 Zach Shone BMC
21 John Williams Colavita/Parisi coffee
22 Daren Lowe Bicycles Of Tulsa
23 Kc Walker Team Soundpony
24 Joshua Brazeal Air Assurance/Tulsa Connect
25 Ryan Bowers Tom's Bicycles
26 Blair Lyons Young Life Tulsa
27 Mike Patrick Tom's Bicycles
28 Nemo Cockrell Bike one racing
29 David Atkinson 360 sports
30 Wayne Edgar Team Undiscovered
32 David Ness Bicycles Plus
33 Brian Mackey Team Soundpony
34 Seth Likens Tom's Bicycles
35 Jim Thomas Team One Racing Club
36 Stephen Rector DNA RACING
37 Travis Rhodes Team Undiscovered
38 Jon Mayfield GP Velotek
39 Joel Raymond Walmart/BMC
40 Eric Gomez Team Air Assurance/Tulsa Conne
41 Brandon Roberts Team Soundpony
42 Adam Keck Colavita / Parisi Coffee
43 Scott Rodehaver Tulsa Tough p/b ICEdot
44 Gant Newsom Tulsa Bone and Joint
45 Matt Wills Charley's Bike Lab
46 Bruce Moyer BOT p/b McNellie's Group of Tu
47 Bernave Velasquez DALLAS BIKE WORKS
48 Matthew Shannon Team SoundPony
49 Toby Smith Tom's Bicycles
50 Robert Mcdonald 787 Racing
51 Keith Bassham Tom's Bicycles
52 Titan Miller
53 Steven Chaos thompson DALLAS BIKE WORKS
54 Kenneth Primer Bicycles Plus
55 Bryon Sauter The Cannonball Hub Racing Team
56 Randy Warren
57 Christian Montero Team Air Assurance/Tulsa Conne
58 Robert Reese CTE RACING
59 Gregory Hiestand Team Athlete Forward/Fayettevi
60 David Ohearn Military Cycling Team
61 Clark Whitley Shama Cycles
62 Ronnie Davidson Team One Racing Club
63 Joseph Mitro Team PG13
64 Tyler Yamamoto University of Oklahoma
65 Corey White Offcamber Cycling
66 Jason Whiteley Young Life Tulsa
67 Shawn Hayden Boston Mountain Cyclists/ Wal-
68 Casey Lohrenz Boston MOuntain Cyclists/Baugh
69 Brandon Howe Team Soundpony
70 James Snodgrass University of Oklahoma
71 Craig Sahli Tom's Bicycles
72 David Tjiptogarsono GP Velotek
73 Eric Vogt
74 Brad Gutting Hub Bicycle Company
75 Kevin Farmer Team Undiscovered
76 Viet Hoang Specs Racing
77 Adam Roeser KCBC Racing
78 Pete Ridilla CTE
79 Chris Guidry Team air Assurance
80 Daniel Tierney Maumee Valley Wheelmen
81 Jeremy Ordaz Oak Cliff Bicycle Co.
82 Brian Batson Blue River Bicycle Club
83 Brian Fairless Team Undiscovered
84 David Kanizer 360 Sports
85 Kevin Frankenburger Tulsa Tough Racing Team
86 David Kindred BOT
87 Unknown Rider -------
88 Larry Bezdek Matrix Cycling Club
89 Paul Isley Team Air Assurance p/b Tulsa C
90 Steve Colton Team Undiscovered
91 David Taylor 360 Sports
92 Justin Davis 360 Sports Racing
93 Lanny Stanley DNA Racing
94 Anthony Rosales Team Colavita/ Parisi Coffee
95 Bill Hyman Team Soundpony
96 Jamie Jackson Pro Pedals Bike Shop
DNF Benjamin Woodbury Cycle City Racing
DNF Beau Rotramel Team Sound Pony
DNF Don Tardiff Team Soundpony
DNF Brian Luce Kansas City Bicycle Club
DNF Ben Watkins Team Soundpony
DNF Richard East BOT/pb McNellies Group
DNF Joshua bradley ? BoT p/b McNellies Group
DNF Kyle Guinn KCBC Racing
DNF James Lovely Team Sounpony
DNF Chris Keller South City Cycle Club

Men Cat 5 19-34

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Matthew Dotson Team air assurance
2 Adonis Brewer Tulsa Wheelmen
3 Braxton Mundell Team Air Assurance/Tulsa Conne
4 Daniel Black Triple Sicks
5 Mike Guillen Air Assurance/Tulsa Connect
6 Benjamin Rogers Ozark Cycling Club
7 Zach Stover
8 Grant Cotherman Team Soundpony
9 Hunter Sistrunk Team Soundpony
10 Nicholas Penrod Team Soundpony
11 Kirk Whitehead DNA Racing
12 Dustin Morris Bicycles of Tulsa
13 Jordan Dodd gp velotek
14 Tyler Glaze OKC Velo/Bike Lab
15 Rob Attebury USMC
16 Tyler Topham
17 William Matthews Team Soundpony
18 Bryant Boatright Soundpony
19 Clark Hunter Charley's Bike Lab
20 Justin Meek
DNF Thomas Moritz
DNF Ulysses Ornelas
DNF Nathan Lay 360 Sports Owasso-OK
DNF Chandler Lewis Rad Cab Tulsa
DNF Alejandro Vega
DNF Ryan Faust Walmart/Baugh Financial
DNF Jordan White
DNF David Tanner Oklahoma State University
DNF Patrick Caldwell Team Soundpony
DNF Danny Cash Soundpony
DNF Reid Brooks ONEOK
DNF Daniel Brown Team Soundpony
DNF Joshua Downs Bicycles Of Tulsa
DNF Eric Franklin Team Soundpony
DNF James Dempsey Charley's Bike Lab
DNF John Doerksen

Men Cat 5 35+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Art Huff BMC Walmart/Baugh Financial
2 Matt Bowler Younglife Tulsa
3 Paul Hunt Walmart/Baugh Financial
4 Al A nelson 360 Sports
5 David Crowell Toms Bicycle
6 Michael Brierley
7 Joel Kantor BOT p/b McNellie's Group
8 Juan Camacho Team Air Assurance / Tulsa Con
9 Brandon Claborn 360 Sports
10 Stacey Bailey
11 Michael Biggs 360 Sports
12 John Abasto Team PG13
13 Steve Osceola
14 John Jordan J4 Development
15 Jl Lewis Team Soundpony
16 Jay Luschen Big D Cycling
17 Brad Bennett
18 Alan White Bike One Racing
19 Jeff Young Team One Racing Club
20 Ken Barnes 360
21 Craig Pettus The Wheel Cyclery
22 Darrel Williams horizon cycling
23 Tom Clark
24 Matthew Leland Team Soundpony
25 Matt Talley Air Assurance/Tulsa Connect
26 Jonathan Jacobs Team Air Assurance/Tulsa Conne
27 Ron Lee 360 Sports
28 John Schroth
29 Russ Nicely Team Phoenix
30 Ryan Lindberg Green Mountain Sports Velo Rac
31 Rich Burkholder TEAM ONE CYCLING CLUB
32 Mark Bird 360 Sports
33 Thomas Persico 360 Sports Owasso
34 Craig Foley
35 Lance Hursh Air Assurance
DNF Jeff St clair Wheel Works
DNF Jason Norwood
DNF Chris Fuller Team Soundpony
DNF Corey Wright Team Soundpony
DNF Dan Call Soundpony
DNF Michael Butler Charley's Bicycle Laboratory
DNF Andrew Levinson Tulsa Wheelmen
DNF Marcos Ferreyra

Men Cat1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Connor Mccutcheon Get Crackin
2 Tyler Locke Bike Religion Sho Air
3 Devin Carroll Beat the Clock Cycling Club
4 John Puffer Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team P
5 Tyler Coplea Athlete Octane/ Trek/ Blue Wol
6 Matt Moosa High Country Development Team
7 Christopher Powers Matrix/RBM
8 Michael Sheehan ELBOWZ RACING p/b Boneshaker P
9 Ryan Gabriel Tulsa Tough p/b ICEDOT
10 Michael Lalla PACC/Watt Posse
11 Shadd Smith Think Finance p/b Trek Bicycle
12 Dustin Cottle Team Novo Nordisk Development
13 John Trujillo Beat the Clock Cycling Club
14 Edward Kim Gateway Harley-Davidson/Trek U
15 Brandon Melott Team Soundpony
16 Jim Farasy Mercy Kuat
17 Alex Grman Korte Hammer Down Racing
18 Ricky Randall Wichita Falls Bicycling Club/H
19 Tyler Schwartz Get Crackin
20 David Goodman United Healthcare of Georgia p
21 Benjamin Dilley Team Novo Nordisk Development
22 Matthew Holecko Carlos O'Briens Racing
23 Zeb King High Country Development Team
24 Ryan Shean Team Upland Brewing
25 Shawn Small GS Tenzing
26 Collin Berry Get Crackin
27 John Becker Motion Elite p/b First Interne
28 Jason Cook Rockwall Cycling Elite Team
29 Dan Mccarthy Dogfish Racing
30 Garrett Grow team soundpony
31 Eric Steele Sonicboom Racing p/b Lucky Pie
32 Erik Volotzky Get Crackin
33 Alex Lewis Horizon Organic / Panache
34 Chris Kroll Team Upland Brewing
35 Cale Mcaninch Mercy Kuat
36 Jonathan Barnes DNA Racing
37 James Vandeven Dogfish racing team
38 David Neidinger Cycle City Racing
39 Matthew Gosling Team Party Time
40 Ben Silk BOT P/B McNellie's Group
41 Bill Quach Southern Elite/Sun & Ski
42 Josh Johnson Gateway Harley-Davidson/Trek
43 Caleb Hulsey 787 Racing
44 Grant Najera Tom's Bicycles
45 Spencer Martin Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
46 Chris Zenthoefer Tulsa Tough pb ICEdot
47 Brian West Cycle City Racing Team
48 Paul Carty Austinbikes/Mobil 1
49 John Straub Dogfish Racing Team
50 Mark Rawlings GS Tenzing
51 Fergus Tanaka GigaOM-ARO Pistachios
52 Rob Bell Team Undiscovered
53 Daniel Williams Korte Hammer Down Racing
55 Adam Biwan PACC/Watt Posse
56 Cody Anderson Momentum Racing
57 Matt Brooks Team Novo Nordisk Development
58 Michael Bruzina Gateway Cycling Club
59 Mitchell Sides Alchemy Racing Team - Texas
60 Ben Beger Momentum Racing
61 David Angeles Matrix/RBM
62 Jeremy Stitt 360 Sports
64 Bryan Reid Colavita Texas
65 Kyle anderson Park place dealerships DNA Racing
66 Gene Daniel Team Soundpony
67 Bret Crosby ELBOWZ RACING p/b Boneshaker P
68 Jason Murphy Quantum Mesa Cycles
69 Derek Cassaday Cycle City Racing
70 Anthony Dust Dogfish Racing Team
71 Todd Campbell Epic Cycling Team
72 Justin Stanley Dallas Bike Works
73 Justin Leopold Cycle City Racing
74 Ryan Dromgoole PACC/Watt Posse
75 Thomas Price Think Finance p/b Trek Bike St
76 Cailean Carlberg Team Soundpony
77 Adam Mills Think Finance p/b Trek Bicycle
78 Sean Brown Hotter n' Hell Hundred/MSU
79 Brett Peters SonicBoom Racing p/b Lucky Pie
80 Peter Krause Mercy Kuat
81 Jacob Koonsman SonicBoom Racing p/b Lucky Pie
82 Larry Decicco Rockwall Cycling Elite Team
83 Carlos vargas Think finance p/b trek bike stores Think Finance p/b Trek Bicycle
84 Jay Blankenship Tulsa Tough Elite Racing Team
85 Jason Knight Think Finance p/b Trek Bicycle
86 Michael Wert GS Tenzing
87 Michael Dawdy Rockwall Cycling Elite Team
88 Logan Vonbokel Think Finance p/b Trek Bike St
89 Artem Kraitor Team Novo Nordisk Development
90 Zack Lavergne Dallas Racing/ Park Place Deal
91 Ian Silovsky GP VELOTEK
92 Nathan Brown Superfly Cycles / CMS
93 Robert Snedden Rockwall Cycling Elite Team
94 Robert Watson Rockwall Cycling Elite Team
95 Bryan Marshall Austinbikes/Mobil 1
96 Andy Malcom 360 Sports
97 Peder Hulse Dogfish Racing
98 Ryan Halloran The Wheel Cylery
99 Blake Romine Team Colavita/ Parisi Coffee
100 Stephen Borski PACC/WattPosse
101 Will Frank Rockwall Cycling Elite Team
102 John Moore Sound Pony
103 Andrew Lyles Cycle City Racing
104 Jimmy Tart
DNF Mason Quintana Austinbikes/Mobil 1
DNF Colby Ricker Sonic Boom Racing p/b Lucky Pi
DNF Steven Robinson Zealous Racing
DNF John Murdock jr. Team Turner
DNF Jack Mccann ProChain
DNF Keith Mccollum sun and ski southern elete
DNF John Mckelvy Park Place Dealerships/ Sun&Sk
DNF Dennis Sauter Rockwall Cycling Elite Team
DNF Benjamin Woodbury Cycle City Racing
DNF Britton Kusiak Team Colavita/ Parisi Coffee
DNF Erin Elliott DNA Racing
DNF Garrick Valverde GP Velotek
DNF Justin Savord Team Bikereligion/ShoAir
DNF Brendan Sharpe Austinbikes/Mobil 1
DNF Benjamin Stover GP Velotek
DNF Vic Emond M.O.B Squad Cycling
DNF Simon Essl ELBOWZ Racing p/b Boneshaker
DNF Eric Finks Quantum Mesa Cycles
DNF John Balmer Century Road Club of America
DNF Karim Abdelkader MOB Squad
DNF Mario Arroyave Think Finance p/b Trek Bicycle
DNF Gabriel Baca DNA Racing
DNF William hale Tulsa tough racing pb icedot Tulsa Wheelmen/Tulsa Tough
DNF Chris Kutach Matrix/RBM
DNF Renan Maia
DNF John Mcallister Think Finance p/b Trek Bicycle
DNF Lonny Knabe Team Novo Nordisk
DNF John-matthew Hattaway Jubilee Subaru
DNF Joseph Ison Giga OM-ARO Pistachios
DNF Brian Jensen TradeWind Energy Cycling Team

Men Cat1/2/3/4 Master 40+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Bret Crosby ELBOWZ RACING p/b Boneshaker P
2 Hunter East OKC Velo
3 Janne Hamalainen Tulsa Tough pb ICEdot
4 Paul Bonds OKC Velo
5 Michael Inglis Whole Foods Market Giordana Sc
6 Joey Mesa Team Undiscovered
7 Jay Hawkins OKC Velo
8 Chris Lowry ProActive
9 Mike Mcneal Team Soundpony / T-Town Bicycl
10 Shane Carter Bicycles of Tulsa
11 Peter Erdoes OKC Velo
12 Bryan Reid Colavita Texas
13 Buster Brown OKC Velo
14 James lawrence Dna racing Team Undiscovered
15 Jack Mason Power Partners Racing
16 Patrick Gribbon Gateway Cycling Club
17 Joe Engel Mercy Cycling
18 Peter Beland Walmart/Baugh Financial
19 Charles Parmain Bicycles of Tulsa
20 Joseph Duhon Madison Cycles/SCCC
21 Gary Ziegler OKC Velo
22 Carter Johnston bike lab
23 Thomas Hall The Wheel Racing
24 James Bohanan Tulsa Tough pb ICEdot
25 Robert Steppe
26 Eric Warnsman Bicycle-Heaven
27 Samuel Carroll Team Soundpony / T-Town Bicycl
28 David Billingsly Team Soundpony / T-Town Bicycl
29 Terry Coddington Team Athlete Forward
30 Kary Cummins Bicycles of Tulsa
31 Kurt Wilson Big D Cycling
32 Tom Chitwood Team Soundpony / T-Town Bicycl
33 Joseph Jakofcich OKC Velo
34 Ray Healy
35 Robert Quiroga Dallas Bike Works
36 Peter Tay
37 David Leduc Atlantic Velo-Virginia p/b Wal
38 Jeff Peterson Tulsa Tough pb ICEdot
39 Dirk Cowley Velosport Racing
40 William Gault Tulsa Tough pb ICEdot
41 John Lasorsa OKC Velo
42 Bruce Tanner OKC Velo
43 Steve Dodge Dallas Bike Works
44 Jd Mccay OKC Velo
45 Brian Parks Team Undiscovered
46 Phil Harris OKC Velo
47 Bruce Dunn Fayetteville Wheelmen / Team A
48 Rick Krepps Bike America Racing
49 JP Brocket Ethos Racing
50 Les Banta OKC Velo
51 Philip Stauner Tulsa Tough pb ICEdot
52 Steve Jennings Team Soundpony
53 Tim Duvall Team Athlete Forward
54 Darren Sherkat Team Mack Racing
55 Trent Hickey Oklahoma City Velo Club
56 Jorge Merle Park Place Dealerships /SUN AN
57 Alex Fedak Team Undiscovered
58 Richard Huddleston Michelob Ultra - Big Shark Rac
59 Walt Hoppensteadt Soundpony----T-Town Bicycles
60 George Heagerty Geri Atrix
61 Sammy Davidson Team Soundpony / T-Town Bicycl
62 Corey White Offcamber Cycling
63 Carl Sundquist Walmart/Baugh Financial
64 Donald Loveless Team Soundpony / T-Town Bicycl
65 Chip Zimmer Big D Cycling
66 Paul Watkins Villain Cyclocross
67 Eduardo Wilkinson Dallas Racing
68 Mack Mckinney Dallas Bike Works / Team Hoote
69 Billy Jackson The Bicycle Store
70 Tyrone Nichols** Team Soundpony / T-Town Bicycl
DNF Peter Greig Oklahoma City Velo Club
DNF John Seehafer Team Novo Nordisk
DNF Jon Gallagher Cole Sport
DNF Thomas Bain Geri Atrix
DNF Edgardo Delgado-guijarro Tulsa Tough Racing pb ICEdot
DNF John Neihouse Team Athlete Forward
DNF Daren Lowe Bicycles Of Tulsa
DNF Dan Morgan GCCA
DNF K.c. Borden Power Partners Racing
DNF Kevin Abraham Alchemy Bicycles
DNF Timothy Powell Team Novo Nordisk
DNF Robb Bush GS Tenzing
DNF Josh Hayes Team Athlete Forward/Fayettevi
DNF Mike Wilhelm Bicycles of Tulsa

Men Cat1/2/3/4/5 Junior 10-12

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ignacio Yockers Team Air Assurance/Tulsa Conne
2 Tayton Parker Air Assurance P/B Tulsa Connec
3 Savannah Mackey Team Soundpony
4 Seth Lasley Team Soundpony
5 Evan Atkinson 360 sports
6 Camden Skeith*
DNF Brendon Blake* 360 sports

Men Cat1/2/3/4/5 Junior 13-14

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Andrew Singer Matrix/RBM
2 Ann Weigel GS Tenzing
3 Kellen Cody
4 Joe Murdock Team Turner
DNF Tanner Ray 360 Sports Bicycle Shop

Men Cat1/2/3/4/5 Junior 15-16

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Spencer Petrov Prochain
2 Ben Watkins Team Soundpony
3 Nathan Lay 360 Sports Owasso-OK
4 Luke Neafus DNA Racing
5 Michalah O'connell*** Soundpony
6 John Strathdee Black Oak Racing
7 Harris Neuens*** Soundpony
8 Andrew Fogg

Men Cat1/2/3/4/5 Junior 17-18

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ben Schmutte Motion Elite/Heroes p/b First
2 Jack Mccann ProChain
3 John Murdock jr. Team Turner
4 Jefferey May Dallas Racing/Park Place Deale
5 Brandon Oneal Bike America Elite Development
6 Issac Jonas KCOI U20
7 Connor Forbes Air Assurance/ Tulsa Connect
8 Austin Taylor 360 Sports
DNF Hunter Sistrunk Team Soundpony

Men Cat1/2/3/4/5 Master 60+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Gary Ziegler OKC Velo
2 David Leduc Atlantic Velo-Virginia p/b Wal
3 George Heagerty Geri Atrix
4 Thomas Bain Geri Atrix
5 Les Banta OKC Velo
6 Ken Norton Black Oak Racing
7 Charles Hetrick okc velo
8 Bob Brown okc velo
9 Jim Mcdonald OKC Velo
10 Jim Buchan Tulsa Wheelmen/Tulsa Tough
11 Alan Keller Tulsa Tough- Tulsa Wheelmen

Men Pro/Cat 1 Ncc Stage

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Luke Keough UCI PCT: UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling*
2 Carlos Alzate escobar UCI PCT: UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling*
3 Karl Menzies UCI PCT: UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling*
4 Adam Leibovitz Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team
5 Travis Mccabe ELBOWZ RACING Elite Cycling Te
6 Sean mazich Jelly belly Jelly Belly P/B Kenda Pro Cycl
7 Hilton Clarke UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling
8 Michael Weicht CashCall Mortgage
9 Charles Huff Jelly Belly P/B Kenda Pro Cycl
10 Tyler Brandt Get Crackin
12 Chad Hartley RACC pb GG
13 Bryan Fawley Dallas Bike Works
14 Tristan Uhl 787 Racing
15 Andrew Dahlheim BISSELL Pro Cycling
16 Orlando Garibay MRI-Endurance Elite U23
17 Michael Dziedzic Landis-Trek
18 Dennis Ramirez mejia Get Crackin
19 Stephen Tilford TradeWind Energy/Eriksen Cycle
20 Jos Leroux Get Crackin
21 Chad Cagle Tulsa Tough p/b ICEDOT
22 Jason Waddell Tulsa Tough pb ICEdot
23 Zack Allison Think Finance p/b Trek Bicycle
24 Brandon Feehery Astellas Oncology
25 Phil Wikoff Bicycle Sport Shop pb Integrit
26 Colton Jarisch Think Finance p/b Trek Bicycle
27 Christopher Haga Bicycle Sport Shop pb Integrit
28 Colin Gibson Keller Rohrback Cycling
29 John Grant Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team P
30 Brendan Cornett Team United Healthcare Georgia
31 Alexey Shmidt United Healthcare of Georgia p
33 Rahsaan Bahati Sharecare Cycling p/b Wheeland
34 Zach Bergh Astellas Oncology
35 Augusto Sanchez Park Place Dealerships/Sun And
36 Winston David United Healthcare of Georgia p
37 Michael Olheiser CashCall Mortgage
38 John Cody Team Velocity Bike Shop
39 Lee Muse Team Bike Religion/ShoAir
40 Timothy Jenkinson Cleveland Clinic/RGF p/b Felt
41 Kevin Attkisson Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team
42 Adam Koble
43 Levi Baker Park Place Dealerships/ Sun An
44 Anthony Canevari Sharecare Cycling p/b Wheeland
45 Parker Kyzer Cleveland Clinic/RGF p/b Felt
46 Colby Ricker Sonic Boom Racing p/b Lucky Pi
47 David Santos CashCall Mortgage
48 Andrew Buntz Astellas Oncology
49 Jose A aguirre MRI Endurance Elite U23
50 Josh Estes Park Place Dealerships/Sun And
51 Julio Padilla Hino/Pizza Hut/Z-Gas
52 Stefan Rothe Tulsa Tough p/b ICEDOT
53 Cory Scott Hotter N Hell Hundred/ MSU
54 Jacob White Tulsa Tough p/b ICEdot
55 Mathew Ankney Tulsa Tough p/b ICEDOT
56 Richard Stuart Kentucky Flyers Cycling Inc
57 Chris Wolhuter Stan's No Tubes p/b Proferrin
58 William Zellmer Gateway Harley-Davidson/Trek U
59 Jordan Heimer unknown
60 Fabrizio Vonnacher CashCall Mortgage
61 Michael J. smith Cycle City Racing
62 Bob Cummings Park Place Dealerships/ Sun &
63 Gab Varela Jamis Hagens Berman p/b Sutter
64 Winfield Gibson Tulsa Tough pb ICEdot
65 Nicholas Coil Think Finance p/b Trek Bicycle
66 Brian Forbes Body by Vi p/b VeloVie
67 Craig Streit Body by Vi p/b VeloVie
68 Andrew Bosco Team Bike Religion/ShoAir
69 Robert White Sharecare Cycling p/b Wheeland
70 Guido Palma Jamis Hagens Berman p/b Sutter
71 Brad White UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling
72 Michael Pincus Bicycle Sport Shop pb Integrit
73 Cory Williams MRI-Endurance Elite U23
74 Bryan Duvall Team Soundpony
75 Justin Williams MRI-Endurance Elite U23
76 Morgan Ryan Get Crackin
77 Chad Adair Full Circle p/b Pure Gear
78 Ross White KS Energy Services/Team Wiscon
79 Colton Barrett Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team
80 Jos Chalmers Gateway Harley-Davidson/Trek U
81 Austin Vinton Think Finance p/b Trek Bicycle
82 Nathaniel Beams Think Finance p/b Trek Bicycle
83 Victor Riquelme Body by Vi p/b VeloVie
84 Alejandro Padilla unknown
85 Cody O'reilly Team Predator Carbon Repair
86 Ian Burnett Jelly Belly p/b Kenda Pro Cycl
87 Brant Speed Pedal Hard Cycling
88 Taylor Clements Get Crackin
89 Adrian Hegyvary unknown
DNF Jacob Lasley Team Soundpony
DNF Joshua Carter Team Predator Carbon Repair
DNF Nicholas Ramirez Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team
DNF Robert Bush Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team
DNF Michael Dalterio Team Novo Nordisk Development
DNF Jacob Hill Stan's No Tubes p/b Proferrin
DNF Ty Tuttle Sonic Boom Racing p/b Lucky Pi
DNF Brais Dacal Team Novo Nordisk Development
DNF Andrew Mackay Team Bike Religion/ShoAir
DNF Andres Diaz unknown
DNF Kurt Fletcher 708 Racing p/b Dressel's Pub
DNF Christopher Trickey Team Wooly Mammoth
DNF Brice Jones Wal-Mart/Bough Financial
DNF Daniel Holt United Healthcare of Georgia p
DNF William Stolte TradeWind Energy/Eriksen Cycle
DNF Caleb Fuchs Think Finance p/b Trek Bicycle
DNF Stephan Hirsch United Healthcare of Georgia p
DNF Kent Woermann TradeWind Energy/Eriksen Cycle
DNF Alberto Covarrubias Fayetteville Wheelmen
DNF Brad Tuhi Full Circle p/b Pure Gear
DNF Marcel Delisser Full Circle p/b Pure Gear
DNF Christopher Barton CashCall Mortgage
DNF Patrick Bevin BISSELL Pro Cycling
DNF Evan Bybee DNA Racing
DNF Cole House CashCall Mortgage
DNF William Myers Marc Pro - Strava
DNF Diego Sandoval MRI-Endurance Elite U23
DNF ? Samuel MRI Endurance Elite u23
DNF Daniel Eaton Gateway Harley-Davidson/Trek U
DNF Griffin Easter Gateway Harley-Davidson/Trek U
DNF Jonny Sundt Giant South
DNF Cory Greenberg Get Crackin

Women Cat1/2/3/4 Master 35+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Desiree White Team Soundpony
2 Kirsten Chapman Tulsa Tough Racing pb ICEdot
3 Allison Floyd River City Market Racing
4 Shay Barnes
DNF Kim Ciolli River City Market Racing

Women Cat3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jessica Bonilla Jet Cycling
2 Jessica Bonilla Jet Cycling
3 Ash Duban Comanche Racing
4 Ash Duban Comanche Racing
5 Nadia Barrera River City Market Racing
6 Nadia Barrera River City Market Racing
7 Amelia Tanner JETCycling/MajorMotion
8 Amelia Tanner JETCycling/MajorMotion
9 Emily Palmer Scholars Inn Bakehouse Team To
10 Emily Palmer Scholars Inn Bakehouse Team To
11 Kimberly Pettit soundpony
12 Kimberly Pettit soundpony
13 Julyn Aguila Jet Cycling
14 Julyn Aguila Jet Cycling
15 Victoria Kanizer 360 sports
16 Victoria Kanizer 360 sports
17 Reiley Pankratz Body by Vi p/b Velo Vie
18 Reiley Pankratz Body by Vi p/b Velo Vie
19 Penny Ficker Dallas Bike Works
20 Penny Ficker Dallas Bike Works
21 Leah Gifford Team Soundpony
22 Leah Gifford Team Soundpony
23 Kelly Cole Think Finance Racing
24 Kelly Cole Think Finance Racing
25 Katherine Kelter GP VeloTek
26 Katherine Kelter GP VeloTek
27 Kim Chance Matrix Cycling Club
28 Kim Chance Matrix Cycling Club
29 Renae Weaver Free State Racing
30 Renae Weaver Free State Racing
31 Erin Shaffer GP Velotek
32 Erin Shaffer GP Velotek
33 Laura Birdwell AZ Women's Racing
34 Laura Birdwell AZ Women's Racing
35 Luciana Silva FCS Cycling/ p/b Zngine Plus
36 Luciana Silva FCS Cycling/ p/b Zngine Plus
37 Gabrielle Vonrumpf Emser Tile
38 Gabrielle Vonrumpf Emser Tile
39 Alisha Shutler Bicycles of Tulsa p/b McNellie
40 Alisha Shutler Bicycles of Tulsa p/b McNellie
41 Emma Caughlin Scholars Inn Bakehouse Team To
42 Michelle Jensen Women's FreeState Cycling Team
43 Lynn Wilson Big D Cycling
44 Alaina Beckwith GP VeloTek
45 Josiane Lessard JET Cycling/majormotion
46 Venasa Ray Midwest Cycling Community KC
47 Lindsay Custer Liberty Bank Race Team
48 Carol Azadi Team Undiscovered
49 Kelly Skinner Midwest Cycling Community KC
50 Ashley Weaver MSU/ Hotter'N Hell 100
51 April Wright Dallas Bike Works
52 Allison Atkinson ATC Racing
53 Devon Fox Charley's Angels
54 Brianne Guilford GP Velotek
55 Jennifer Lowe The Wheel Cyclery
56 Esther Lee Team Soundpony
57 Michele Bene Women's Racing
58 Brooke Williamson Shama Cycles
59 Julie Higgins Women's Free State Racing
60 Chrissy Fox LeBorne Development
61 Tonya Atkinson 360 sports
62 Lucia Carreno Jet Cycling
63 Aubree Dock Midwest Cycling Community NE
64 Ann Michael GP Velotek
65 Michele fowler Shama cycles Shama Cylcles
66 Karen Brocket JETCycling
67 April Wesley Team One Racing Club
68 Natalie Katz GP VeloTek
69 Lindsey Myers GP Velotek
70 Missy Hardeman Squadra di Servitori
71 Mk Thompson GP Velotek
72 Julie Funk GP Velotek
73 Sarah Lundeen FCS|Cycling: p/b Zngine Plus
74 Jennifer Delozier Tulsa Tough p/b ice dot
75 Monica Rodriguez Team Air Assurance/Tulsa Conne
76 Mistie Starkey
77 Michelle Kuhn GP VeloTek
78 Alicia Strawder GP VeloTek
DNF Samantha Runnels atc
DNF Brittany Stark FCS Cycling: p/b Zngine PlusMr
DNF Kari Sumpter
DNF Amanda Kroll
DNF Angela Barnes 360 Sports and Bikes
DNF Nicole Dorholt Team Soundpony
DNF Allison Floyd River City Market Racing

Women Pro/Cat 1/2 Ncc Stage

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Theresa Cliff-ryan Fearless Femme p/b Pure Energy Cycling Vie13*
2 Jacquelyn Crowell UCI WPT: Exergy TWENTY16*
3 Erica Allar CARE4CYCLING powered by Solomon*
4 Alexis Ryan NOW and Novartis for MS
5 Jennifer Purcell Team Colavita Fine Cooking
6 Christina Smith ROUSE/OOGIE RACING
7 Tiffany Pezzulo Primal Pro Women p/b BH
8 Liza Rachetto Vanderkitten
9 Alison Powers NOW and Novartis for MS
10 Vanessa Drigo Rose Bandits
11 Lenore Pipes CARE4CYCLING p/b Solomon Corp
12 Amy Mcguire FCS|Zngine p/b Mr. Restore
13 Joy Mcculloch CashCall Cycling
14 Andrea Garces Colombia Specialized Team
15 Jessica Prinner CARE4CYCLING p/b Solomon Corp
16 Maura Kinsella NOW and Novartis for MS
17 Devon Gorry NOW and Novartis for MS
18 Brenna Lopez-otero Bend Memorial Clinic Total Car
19 Jamie Dinkins Team Colavita Fine Cooking
20 Kate Sherwin River City Market Racing
21 Scotti Lechuga Leborne Coaching
22 Laura Parsons Rose Bandits
23 Diana Penuela Colombia Specialized Team
24 Kathleen Hattaway Jubilee Subaru
25 Ginny King KingRacingGroup
26 Starla Teddergreen Vanderkitten
27 Elle Anderson Vanderkitten
28 Mary Zider Team Colavita Fine Cooking
29 Unknown Rider Team Kenda presented by RACC
30 Robin Farina NOW and Novartis for MS
31 Anna Sanders FCS|Zngine p/b Mr. Restore
32 Gwen Inglis Team Kenda presented by RACC
33 Whitney Allison Team Colavita Fine Cooking
34 Laura Brown Team Colavita Fine Cooking
35 Ana Milena fagua Colombia Specialized Team
36 Kimberley Wells Fearless Femme p/b Pure Energy
37 Michelle Hayner Velossimo Racing
38 Skylar Schneider Team TIBCO
39 Carrie Cash wootten Pepper Palace Pro Cycling
40 Kori Seehafer Primal Pro Women p/b BH
41 Solymar Rivera Parck Place Dealerships/ Sun a
42 Ana Sanabria Colombia Specialized Team
43 Joanie Caron Primal Pro Women p/b BH
44 Kaytie Scott Primal Pro Women p/b BH
45 Annalisa Fish River City Market Racing
46 Kathryne Carr SKINourishment p/b Paceline Pr
47 Kelly Benjamin Fearless Femme p/b Pure Energy
48 Rose Long Primal Pro Women p/b BH
49 Liz Gerrity Rose Bandits
50 Florinda Isabel de leon gonzalez Park Place Dealerships/Sun And
51 Marissa Axell Fremont Bank Cycling Team
52 Gabrielle Pilote-fortin Team Kenda presented by RACC
53 Danielle Bradley Jubilee Subaru
54 Michelle Montoya Jubilee Subaru
55 Lindsey Durst FCS|Zngine p/b Mr. Restore
56 Amy Plotkin Rose Bandits
57 Kim Jennings Jubilee Subaru
58 Zoe Frazier Frazier Cycling