These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.
Men A
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Jos Chalmers Marian University
2 Matthew Brandt Lindenwood University
3 David Novak Lindsey Wilson College
4 Justin Lowe Lindsey Wilson College
5 John Pratt University of Notre Dame
6 Matt Brophy Lindenwood University
7 Johnathan Freter Lindenwood University
8 Brandon Feehery Lindenwood University
9 Steven Gordon University of Kentucky
10 Brian Arfmann Indiana University-Bloomington
11 Luke Lukas Lindsey Wilson College
12 Scott Mcclary Indiana University-Bloomington
13 Samuel Wright Miami University-Oxford
14 Brian Dziewa Saint Louis University
15 Jamie Anderson University of Cincinnati
16 Christopher Curran Lindenwood University
17 Maxwell Ackermann University of Wisconsin-Madison
18 Luke Tilmans University of Notre Dame
19 Daniel Williams Lindenwood University
20 Luke Momper Indiana University-Bloomington
21 Travis Monroe Lindsey Wilson College
22 Alex Mclaughlin Murray State University
23 Wyatt Myers Lindsey Wilson College
24 Will Gleason DePauw University
25 Derek Laan Indiana University-Bloomington
26 Paul Dentel University of Cincinnati
27 Paul Smith Indiana University-Bloomington
28 John Holden Lindenwood University
29 James Snitzer University of Notre Dame
30 Cameron Rex Lindenwood University
31 Daniel Gerow Marian University
32 Andrew Kramer Lindenwood University
33 John Becker Indiana University-Bloomington
34 Colton Barrett Marian University
35 Evan Hartig Lindenwood University
36 Zachary Carlson Marian University
37 Brandon Leviton Indiana University-Bloomington
38 Alexander Meyer University of Wisconsin-Madison
39 Rudyard Peterson Marian University
40 Brady Kiss Lindenwood University
41 Chad Briggs Southern Illinois University Carbondale
42 Andrew Lang Missouri University of Science and Technology
DNF Cody Lennon Southern Illinois University Carbondale
DNF Charles Mcclary Indiana University-Bloomington
DNF Bradley Wrage Southern Illinois University Carbondale
DNF Jake Brooks Ball State University
DNF Michael Dutczak University of Illinois at Chicago
DNF Alexander Martin University of Wisconsin-Madison
DNF Neal Forbes Indiana University-Bloomington
DNF Spencer Kruse University of Wisconsin-Madison
DNF Conor Klupar Marian University
DNF Aidan Kesner Marian University
DNF Stephan Hirsch Marian University
DNF Kaleb Koch Marian University
DNF Christopher West Marian University
DNF Adam Leibovitz Marian University
DNF Nathan Labecki Marian University
Men B
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Kenneth Hall Lindsey Wilson College
2 Kyle Stewart Marian University
3 Daniel Soltan University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
4 Ian Umstead Murray State University
5 Patrick Dust Lindsey Wilson College
6 Wesley Ring Indiana University-Bloomington
7 David Takahashi Case Western Reserve University
8 James Pratt University of Notre Dame
9 Cj Brish Lindenwood University
10 Ryan Romenesko Indiana University-Bloomington
11 Ben Handy Purdue university
12 Kipp Silber University of Cincinnati
13 Anthony Vicino Indiana University-Bloomington
14 Zach Deitch Marian University
15 Brendan Wise Indiana University-Bloomington
16 John Hoffman jr. Marian University
17 Marcus Thompson Purdue university
18 Justin Miller Purdue University
19 David Yohe Marian University
20 Stephen Doll University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
21 Tyler Carlton University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
22 Joseph Tarnowski University of Wisconsin-Madison
23 John Kelley Marian University
24 Casey Hildebrandt Lindenwood University
Men C
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Alek Minkis Marian University
2 Nicholas Hartman Indiana University-Bloomington
3 Devin O'leary Indiana University-Bloomington
4 Ky Kiefer University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
5 Trevor Jahn Purdue University
6 Joe Laughlin Indiana University-Bloomington
7 Anthony Ott DePaul University
8 Christopher Craig Indiana University-Bloomington
9 Addrian Bennett Oberlin College
10 Austin Portolese Indiana University-Bloomington
11 John Boharic University of Illinois at Chicago
12 Dylan Nash Indiana University-Bloomington
13 Clayton Otto Lindenwood University
14 Johnathon Giron Purdue University
15 Nelson Geaker Miami University-Oxford
16 Sarun Lorhpipat Purdue University
17 Brian Kelly Saint Louis University
18 Benjamin Van winkle Miami University-Oxford
19 Michael Hart Lindsey Wilson College
20 Kyle Swain Indiana University-Bloomington
21 Andrew Wright Lindsey Wilson College
22 Chris Rednour Mount Vernon Nazarene University
23 Yunwei Chen Case Western Reserve University
24 Aj Sood Indiana University-Bloomington
25 Warren Clayton Indiana University-Bloomington
26 Paul Madsen Saint Louis University
27 Trenton Fitzgerald Mount Vernon Nazarene University
28 Sam Sprawls Case Western Reserve University
29 Cole Smith Butler University
30 Richard Guidry University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
31 Bryan Gannon University of Wisconsin-Madison
32 Ron Moore Indiana University-Bloomington
33 Evan Guarr Case Western Reserve University
34 Alex Beszhak University of Wisconsin-Madison
35 Guilherme Cesa Lindenwood University
36 Nathan Richards Northwestern University
37 Sam Gaylin Case Western Reserve University
38 Avery Cross Case Western Reserve University
39 Gage Rodriguez Lindsey Wilson College
40 Michael Chettleburgh Indiana University-Bloomington
DNF Benjamin Tims Purdue University
DNF Aaron Litoff Northwestern University
DNF Derek Burge beckley University of Illinois at Chicago
Men D
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Christopher Besaw University of Wisconsin-Madison
2 Andrew Spargo University of Kentucky
3 Isaac Scott Indiana University-Bloomington
4 Evan Zehr Indiana University-Bloomington
5 Brandon Miller University of Cincinnati
6 Daniel Noboa University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
7 Matthew Cheung University of Chicago
8 Douglas Plowman University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
9 Alan Chu University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
10 Igal Flegmann Purdue University
11 Tibet Spencer Indiana University-Bloomington
12 Michael Khamis Indiana University-Bloomington
13 Ben Richardson Indiana University-Bloomington
14 Charles Deacon Indiana University-Bloomington
15 Kyle Barchek University of Cincinnati
16 Nicholas Salupo Marian University
17 Luke Tormoehlen Indiana University-Bloomington
18 Matthew Hardison Murray State University
19 Elliott Parshall Indiana University-Bloomington
20 Matthew Chartier Indiana University-Bloomington
21 Santiago Giron University of Chicago
22 Joseph Wheatley University of Louisville
23 Drew Barlow Indiana University-Bloomington
24 Erik Seibt University of Louisville
25 Hani Habra University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
26 Daniel Schnur Indiana University-Bloomington
27 Kyle Bostedt Michigan State University
28 Thomas Frederick University of Notre Dame
29 Christian Andreychak Purdue University
30 John Kohlhepp Mount Vernon Nazarene University
31 Benjamin Fox-shapiro Oberlin College
32 Nate Porter Mount Vernon Nazarene University
33 Stefan Cerbin Michigan State University
34 Lavelle Hatcher Lindsey Wilson College
35 Evan Kuhl University of Louisville
36 Keith Kaminski University of Chicago
37 Joe Blommel Butler University
38 Shane Moreillon Indiana University-Bloomington
39 Phili Krahn University of Wisconsin-Madison
40 Nicholas Kehoe Michigan State University
41 Henry Couts Mount Vernon Nazarene University
42 Christian Madrid Murray State University
43 Jomar Shaffer Mount Vernon Nazarene University
44 Austin Lowe Lindsey Wilson College
45 Aaron Nanavaty Indiana University-Bloomington
46 Adam Saban DePaul University
47 Michael Mcpherson Mount Vernon Nazarene University
48 Michael Rajsich University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
49 El Kindi rezig Purdue University
50 Brady Ramsaur University of Cincinnati
51 Max Schweiner University of Wisconsin-Madison
52 Stephen Windisch University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
53 Andrew Tursic University of Louisville
54 Josh Goodman University of Louisville
55 Nick Adler University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
56 Daniel Muskinpierret Case Western Reserve University
57 Yaniv Lewis University of Wisconsin-Madison
58 Lyle Youmara DePaul University
59 Andrew Wudtke Southern Illinois University Carbondale
60 Chris Lee Northwestern University
61 Michael Wade DePaul University
62 Matthew Harrah University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
63 Logan Weghorst Mount Vernon Nazarene University
64 Richard Yu Northwestern University
65 Connor Williams University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
66 Bo Parsons Michigan State University
67 Michael Emerson University of Cincinnati
68 Matthew Winkler Southern Illinois University Carbondale
DNF Kevin Rogers University of Wisconsin-Madison
DNF Toby Orme Indiana University-Bloomington
DNF Henry Couts Mount Vernon Nazarene University
Women A
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Coryn Rivera Marian University
2 Emily Elbers Marian University
3 Jacqueline Denny Lindenwood University
4 Emma Caughlin Indiana University-Bloomington
5 Hannah Hayduk Lindsey Wilson College
6 Amber Vredenburg Lindenwood University
7 Zoe Frazier Marian University
8 Lindsey Durst Lindenwood University
9 Jess Bunchek Purdue University
10 Stephanie Torres Marian University
11 Sarah Huang University of Wisconsin-Madison
12 Emily Palmer Lindenwood University
13 Ashley Rethemeyer Lindenwood University
14 Elizabeth Engwis Marian University
DNF Ashton Dehahn Indiana University-Bloomington
Women B
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Riley Missel Marian University
2 Emily Chesser Indiana University-Bloomington
3 Cherryl Ellison Indiana University-Bloomington
4 Catherine Culkin University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
5 Elizabeth Heath Indiana University-Bloomington
6 Sarah Cullen University of Notre Dame
7 Paige Sanders Lindsey Wilson College
8 Amy Czerwonka Marian University
9 Catherine Hollibaugh Marian University
10 Lindsey Minor Mount Vernon Nazarene University
11 Jennifer Munley Purdue University
12 Shannon Salas Indiana University-Bloomington
13 Alexandra Lazerwitz Indiana University-Bloomington
14 Kristine Deibler Northwestern University
15 Sarah Acosta Lindsey Wilson College
16 Kara D'evelyn Illinois Institute of Technology
17 Kayla Wiggin University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
18 Nicole Paparozzi DePaul University
19 Sarah Bushatz Mount Vernon Nazarene University
20 Kimberly Schneider Purdue University
21 Mackenzie Lloyd Indiana University-Bloomington
22 Emmakate Conlin University of Notre Dame
23 Jessica Saldana Indiana University-Bloomington
24 Therese Howe University of Wisconsin-Madison
25 Nicole Paparozzi DePaul University
26 Jessica White DePaul University
27 Jenna Tomasevich Case Western Reserve University
28 Kalene Kennedy Mount Vernon Nazarene University
DNF Ashton Raum Lindsey Wilson College