These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Stephen Leotis Georgia Tech
2 Joseph Welsh Lees McRae
3 Benjamin Zawacki Clemson
4 Andrew Baker Furman
5 Matthew Willing Mars Hill
6 Jordan Heimer Georgia
7 Tristan Cowie Brevard
8 Ryan Sullivan Cumberland
9 Nathan Larson Lees McRae
10 Corey Meyer Brevard
11 Shawn Gravois Florida
12 Craig Mckinney Furman
13 Peter Haile Lees McRae
14 Eric Thompson Lees McRae
15 Paul Webb Mars Hill
16 Kyle Rohan Florida
17 Kyle Knott Mars Hill
18 Alejandro Padilla Cumberland
19 Hunter Garrison Georgia
20 Justin Anderson Tennessee
21 Matt Johnson Clemson
22 Morgan Hunter Georgia Tech
23 Nathan Trimble Lees McRae
24 Bryan Derstine Florida State
25 Matt St marie Brevard
26 Benjamin Grier Clemson
27 Jack Heberton Georgia Tech
28 Chris Dale Lees McRae
29 Juan Uruena Florida
30 Nikola Milanovic Mars Hill
DNF Michael Boyco Florida
DNF Beck Frydenborg Florida
DNF Zachary Nave King
DNF Zachary Felpel Lees McRae
DNF Brad Andringa Florida State
DNF Spencer Beamer Furman
DNF James Mitchell Furman
DNF Curtis Grace Alabama-Huntsville
DNF Ryan Fisher Florida
DNF Kyle Mcelhaney Florida
DNF Nat Bricker Florida
DNF David Rossman Clemson

Men B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Dylan Cipkowski UNC-Asheville
2 Lee Meroney UNC-Asheville
3 Chris Riggins Clemson
4 Lucas Harville Lees McRae
5 David Sagat Georgia State
6 Chris Sandelli Florida State
7 Cal Hooten Georgia
8 Stephen Lockwood Georgia State
9 Patrick Walford Tennessee
10 Joseph Middleton Georgia Southern
11 Jack Tomassetti Florida State
12 Eric Cash South Carolina
13 Andrew Smola Georgia
14 Andy Clement Georgia State
15 Joshua Valentine Florida State
16 Robert Herrel Georgia State
17 Daniel Broshar Georgia State
DNF Tyler Crotts Brevard
DNF Geoffery Pfeiffer Cumberland

Men C

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jordan Gillespie Lees McRae
2 Brian Arne College of Charleston
3 Brooks Bostick College of Charleston
4 James Sutterfield Furman
5 Andrew Baker King
6 Chris Hughes Georgia Tech
7 Justin Sammons Georgia
8 Elizabeth Lee Clemson
9 David Friedt Florida State
10 Clark Hurst Georgia
11 Brian Stout Tennessee
12 Zachary Pena Florida State
13 Bradley Hughes King
14 Schyler Johnson ETSU
15 Jake Coleman College of Charleston
16 Nicholas Taylor Georgia
17 David Deere King
18 Jacob Black Alabama
19 Davis Yarbrough Alabama-Huntsville
20 Sean Smith Florida State
21 Jared Abel Milligan
22 Jason Mcarthur Florida State
23 Casey Stallard King
24 Blake Molina Georgia
25 Thomas Woodson South Carolina
26 Greg Kaufmann ETSU
27 Park Baker Brevard
28 Luke Heller UNC-Asheville
29 Nick Taylor Alabama
30 Kyle Stallings Brevard
31 Aaron Wells Mars Hill
32 Tim Betzel UNC-Asheville
DNF Ryan Levander Mars Hill
DNF Christopher Phillips Alabama
DNF Yonatan Arnold Mars Hill
DNF Benjamin King Florida State
DNF Jeffrey Vivo Florida State
DNF Adam Strachn ETSU
DNF Justin Wilson Alabama-Huntsville

Women A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Rachel Warner Lees McRae
2 Cinthia Lehner Lees McRae
3 Kristin Jo markham Lees McRae
4 Erica Zaveta Lees McRae
5 Jennifer Greenberg Lees McRae
6 Julia Tellman Brevard
7 Klara Rossouw Mars Hill
8 Yolanda Colon Mars Hill
9 Emily Fancher Georgia
10 Jacquie Spoon Clemson
11 Becca Viner Clemson
DNF Adormarie Martinez Lees McRae

Women B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Melissa Holloway Mars Hill
2 Caroline Gentry King
3 Liz Gerrity Florida State
4 Kathryn Smith Lees McRae
5 Stephanie Woloszczuk Lees McRae
6 Elisabeth Ferguson King

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