These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 John Minturn CRCA/Weather Channel Cycling Te 1:59:21
2 John Durso High Gear/Trek/WW
3 Thomas Gibbons UCI CT: CIBEL
4 Bill Ash QCW Cycling
5 Guillaume Nelessen Van Dessel Factory Team
6 Patrick Bradley Hobbie Corrigan & Berticio P.C.
7 Mark Light Cycle Solutions
8 Thomas Barnett Century Road Club Assoc
9 Colin Sandberg Fort Pitt Velo
10 David Dawson The Performance Lab p/b Caffein
11 Mike Degeorge High Gear/Trek/WW
12 Pedro Campos Tri-State Velo / Amoroso's Racing Team
13 Kevin Fryberger The Performance Lab p/b Caffein
14 Alex Abarbanel-grossman Race C.F.
15 William Elliston Van Dessel Factory Team
16 David Casale Tri-State Velo / Amoroso's Raci
17 Thomas Detwiler QCW Cycling p.b. Breakawaybikes
18 Noah Granigan RACE CF | @racecf
19 Alex Breakstone Colavita Racing
20 Meurig James QCW cycling pb Breakawaybikes.c
21 Andrew Miller Philadelphia Ciclismo
22 Matthew Spohn The Performance Lab p/b Caffein
23 Justin Thompson Fujibikes- TiC
24 Calvin Hoops Faulkner Nissan Racing
25 Ross Marklein QCW Cycling
26 Michael Borda Hobbie Corrigan & Bertucio PC/C
27 Mark Allain Shirks Racing Masters Team
28 Steven Blackman The Performance Lab p/b Caffein
29 Kyle Eckley Gotham Cyclists
30 Greg Ferguson The Performance Lab p/b Caffina
31 Kyle Bruley QCW Cycling p.b. Breakawaybikes
32 Forrest Conrad Toasted Head Racing
33 Brad Thompson Amoroso's/TSV
34 Stephen Szwec Philadelphia Ciclismo
35 Keith Gerber The Performance Lab p/b Caffein
36 Timothy Manzella Tri-State Velo/Amoroso's Racing
37 Justin Dipalma Tuckahoe Bike Bhop
38 Robb Lee Rte. 1 Velo/Arrow Bikes
39 Unknown Rider
40 Keith Hatton Tri-State Velo / Amoroso's Raci
41 John Beers Philadelphia Ciclismo
42 Ryan Smolko
43 Aaron Ritz QCW Cycling p.b. Breakawaybikes
44 Alan Fody Tri-State Velo / Amoroso's Raci
45 Michael Goret High Gear/Trek/WW
46 David Iglewicz PA Masters p/b Piscitello Law
47 James Eichvalds High Gear/Trek/WW
48 Michael Egan PA Masters p/b Piscitello Law
49 Andrew Bernstein Faulkner Nissan Racing
50 Nicholas Calcagni Fuji Bikes - Team Independence
51 Nick Iacovelli High Gear/Trek/WW
52 Frederick Billet Performance lab p/b The Caffein
53 Steven Ward High Gear/Trek/WW
54 Brett Wachtendorf Tri-State Velo / Amoroso's Raci
55 Zebulon Nelessen Van Dessel Factory Team
56 Jason Wood The Performance Lab p/b Caffein
57 Ed Beamon High Gear/Trek/WW
58 Matthew Kupsky The Performance Lab p/b The Caf
59 David Wells Van Dessel Factory Team

Men Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sam Konstantinov 0:55:11
2 Eric Mikos Direct Contract Packaging Cycli
3 Richard Barton
4 Robert Wasch sicklers bikes
5 Marcos Picchio CS VELO
6 Ryan Stahnke Viking Racing
7 Eric Thorek
8 Dallas Siok Bike Doctor Arnold
9 Daniel Gray Drexel University Cycling
10 James Dantonio Action Wheels
11 Adam Walski Sickler's Bike & Sport Shop
12 Robert Manning Pure Energy Racing
13 Daniel Shelanskey Caffeinated Cyclist p/b Venice
14 Matthew Louie
15 Matthew Mory QCW Cycling p.b. Breakawaybikes
16 Aaron Temple ActiveYards
17 Mike Lepre Action Wheels
18 Gary Kershner Rock It Riders
19 Michael Vincent
20 Matthew Mangan C.S. Velo
21 Jared Mazur Direct Contract Packaging Cycli
22 John Mullen Sunnybrook Trek/Limerick Chirop
23 Elliot Olsen
24 Joseph Gowee
25 Chris Wallenburg Pro Pedals/Team Express
26 Michael Bowman Blue Mountain Velo
27 Dan Conlin Team TBB/Deep Blue
28 Kevin Summers Viking Racing
29 Tom Maioriello Caffeinated Cyclist p/b Venice
30 Clinton Carter Caffeinated Cyclist Racing P/B
31 Mike Cozza QCW
32 Neil Seas Pure Energy Cycling
33 Michael Bonner
34 Kirk Lenhart Mason Dixon Velo / The Cyclewor
35 John Trussell Action Wheels
36 Jeff Burress Wooden Wheels Racing
37 Kris Durham Tuckahoe Bike Shop
38 Jq Wade Rock It Riders
39 Mark Detweiler Sunnybrook Trek/Limerick Chirop
40 Jeff Goldstein QCW Cycling p.b. Breakawaybikes
41 James Detrolio Hilltop Bicycles
42 Richard Pickup Pure Energy Racing
43 William Wright Pro Pedals
44 Costantino Pinto Keswick Cycle
45 John Knisely
46 John Mcconnell PSR - Peddlers Shop Racing
47 Jonathan Chadwick Action Wheels
48 Douglas Frey Pure Energy ProAir HFA
49 Kevin Rasmussen
50 Brandon Mazur Direct Contract Packaging Cycli
51 Noah Hutcher US Military Endurance Sports
52 Michael Stevick
53 David Mcclung McClung Bicycling Team
54 Barry Jones Caffeinated Cyclist P/B Venice
55 Andrew Kornet IUP Cycling
56 Baruch Bar Summit Cycling Club / D&Q
57 Andy Mark Amoroso's Racing Team/Tri State
58 John Furtak Caffeinated Cyclist Racing P/B
59 Nick Piccone Caffeinated Cyclist Racing P/B
60 Michael Smith Pro Pedals Team Express
61 Jason Hammond Equipe Vitesse
62 Greg Armstrong
63 Lindy Barile Team Skyline
64 Earl Hunt Equipe Vitesse
65 Joseph Ault Cadence Cycling Manayunk
66 Waisun Lam Tri State Velo
67 Zvika Sela Summit
68 Louis Evangelista

Men Masters 35-39

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Colin Sandberg Fort Pitt Velo 1:06:42
2 Michael Egan PA Masters p/b Piscitello Law
3 David Iglewicz PA Masters p/b Piscitello Law
4 Josh Davison QCW Cycling p.b. Breakawaybikes
5 Eric Wallenburg Pro Pedals/Team Express
6 Daniel Hauber Mid Atl Masters Bicycling Org
7 Shawn Teske PRO PEDALS
8 William Brunner Colavita Racing
9 Peter Fickinger ActiveYards
10 Brian Kall Philadelphia Ciclismo
11 Eric Danver PSRacing/Masterpiece Kitchens
12 Aleksey Urusov 2NMR p/b ESSEX Pharmacy & Stric
13 Mark Klimowicz Zen Masters Racing
14 Chris Jacovini PSRacing/Masterpiece Kitchens
15 William Wisse DRV/RCS/DRISCOLL
16 Mike Stevens ActiveYards
17 Andrew Buchanan Team Cycle Solutions
18 Christopher Candy ActiveYards
19 Patrick Darken Zen Masters Racing
20 Gregory Danielewicz Bike King Racing
21 Norm Connelly PSRacing/Masterpiece Kitchens
22 Erick Goncalves Caffeinated Cyclist Racing p/b
23 Kenneth Drake Team Somerset
24 Ron Short QCW Cycling p.b. Breakawaybikes
25 Joshua Cantor QCW Cycling p.b. Breakawaybikes
26 Rich Ross Mambo Kings Racing/D&Q
27 Andrew Samson PSRacing/Masterpiece Kitchens
28 Scott Demarzio Hobbie Corrigan & Bertucio P.C.
29 Brian Mcandrews PA Masters RC
30 Joe Scalfaro
31 Todd Giese Pro Pedals
32 Robert Ilgenfritz ActiveYards
33 Bill Viereck PSRacing/Masterpiece Kitchens
34 Steve Goodell Hobbie Corrigan Bertucio/CC Eve
35 Gary Cohen Guy's Racing Club
36 John Leighty Mambo Kings Racing/DQ
37 Scott Holder Mambo Kings Racing/D&Q
38 Chris Foster PSRacing/Masterpiece Kitchens
39 Jeffrey Conrad Zen Masters Racing
40 Pete Sanelli Zen Masters Racing
41 Richard Ambacher Caffeinated Cyclist Racing P/B
42 Drew Davala Viking Racing
43 Scott Gamble ActiveYards
44 Mark Jorgensen PSRacing/Masterpiece Kitchens
45 Michael Obrien GS Park Ridge
46 Michael Pettit Boss Racing
47 Michael Smith Pro Pedals Team Express
48 Mark Cowin Pro Pedals Team Express
49 Matthew Harrington Team Skyline
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