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Category 3

(55 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Greg Whitney B2C2/Boloco/BackBayBicycles 1:50:24
2 Nicholas Mashburn Svelte Cycles st
3 Stephen Wright Minuteman Road Club st
4 Leo Desforges Threshold Cycling st
5 Gregory Vigneaux Spin Arts/Gearworks Cyclery st
6 Joshua Lehmann Sunapee/Continental Paving/Revolution Cyclery st
7 Phil Beard Onion River Racing st
8 Synjen Marrocco CLNoonan\BayHillCapitol st
9 Tristan Baldwin Team CF st
10 Christopher Raymond Colavita Racing Inc. st
11 Mark Theeman Green Line Velo st
12 James Bolognani New England Velodrome/ Tony Eberhardt st
13 John Herrick UVM st
14 Matthew Simpson Svelte Cycles st
15 John Rhoden MIT Cycling/FXDD st
16 Jared Katz Onion River Racing st
17 Christopher Tracy Green Line Velo st
18 Greg Herrman BCA / Tosk Chiropractic st
19 Daniel Ouellette Optimum Performance st
20 Damian Bolduc st
21 Jean Lacroix Onion River Racing st
22 Collin Buesser Green Line Velo st
23 P j Mcquade Minuteman Road Club st
24 Graham Long CCB/Wheelworks st
25 Karl Sineath Boston Road Club st
26 Andrew Mccullough Onion River Racing st
27 Unknown Rider Colavita Racing Inc. st
28 Nicholas Fanaras CCB/Wheelworks st
29 Seth Haskell Colavita Racing Inc. st
30 Matt Sack Cheshire Cycle Racing st
31 Gary Bavolar Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames st
32 Brent Mellen Strava Velo st
33 Rob Ehrman Vision Quest Coaching st
34 Daniel Bensen Watts-Up Racing st
35 Gregg Izzo Green Line Velo st
36 David Montes Cambridge Bicycles st
37 R. michael Mckittrick Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames st
38 Gary Birkhamshaw CLR st
39 Jeff Gelt U.S. Army/Central Wheel-GHCC 0:00:15
40 Ian Sullivan UVM Cycling st
41 Michael Sabatini Svelte Cycles 0:00:15
42 John Starvish Boston Road Club 0:00:47
43 Matt D'alessio Threshold Cycling 0:02:56
44 Ben Forbes TEAM FUJI st
45 Sean Langford CCB/Wheelworks 0:03:46
46 James English Svelte Cycles 0:07:00
47 Joseph Jussaume NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental 0:09:20
48 Dwayne Melton CLR 0:12:17
49 Joshua Rosenberg Svelte Cycles 0:16:16
50 Scott Glowa Svelte Cycles 0:19:58
51 Corey Lowe Svelte Cycles st

Category 4

(86 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Anthony Clark 1:57:06
2 John Harris Mystic Velo Juniors st
3 Stephen Pierce Cambridge Bicycles / Iglehart Frames st
4 Tom Burrow Flye Cycles st
5 Geoff Mcintosh New Hampshire Cycling Club st
6 Michael Longeri New England Velodrome st
7 Benjamin Pagano NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental st
8 Jim Paolantonio North Atlantic Velo st
9 Robert Follansbee Minuteman Road Club st
10 Gregory Shea Long Trail Multi-Sport st
11 Michael Pugrab expo/superior energy 0:00:18
12 Steven Edwards OA/CycleMania st
13 Michael Brier Refunds Now st
14 Eric Wemhoff NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental st
15 Jake Mclaughlin Upper Valley Velo/Drummond Cycle st
16 Matthew Casserly Back Bay Cycling Club st
17 Richard Drummond Upper Valley Velo/Drummond custom cycles st
18 Gert Reynaert Threshold Cycling st
19 Taylor Bushnell st
20 Donald Kimball CVC/Subaru of New England st
21 Matt Aumiller Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames 0:00:31
22 Christopher Payton Cycle Loft Velo st
23 Ryan Lyesiuk st
24 Geremia Ortega CRCA/Foundation st
25 Richard Batten Stage 5 Cycling st
26 Jay Trojan Century Drywall Inc. st
27 Mike Golay Hup United 0:00:42
28 Kevin Hays OA/Cyclemania st
29 John Abrahamsen Flying Penguins st
30 Jeff Hershberger Timberframe st
31 Scott Wilson Comprehensive racing st
32 Paul Ripka NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental st
33 George Shaw International Bicycle st
34 Harvey Forbes Base36/SMCC/Gorham Bike and Ski st
35 Steven Senne Boston Road Club st
36 Andrew Cooper FxD Coaching st
37 Rich Rogers NorEast Cycling st
38 Adam Bry MIT st
39 Geoff Martin NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental st
40 Mark White Onion River Racing 0:01:00
41 Nick Liddell Threshold Cycling st
42 James Hall NEBC st
43 James Willsey GMBC / Synergy Fitness st
44 David Cormier NHCC st
45 Josue Keely st
46 Christophe Wilkes CRCA - Fuoriclasse Racing/Discover Chiropractic st
47 Paul Jobin NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental st
48 Spencer Schaber MIT Cycling/FXDD 0:01:42
49 John Mcgrath NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental 0:02:25
50 Nicholas Tham ming qiang MIT st
51 Sebastian Dunn CVC/Subaru of New England st
52 William Campbell Cambridge Bicycle/ Igleheart Frames 0:03:16
53 Shane Buker Threshold Cycling 0:04:29
54 Joseph Marinelli Threshold Cycling st
55 Francis Diaz Threshold Cycling st
56 William Blakeley Sweet Open p/b The Bike Hub/Dartmouth Cy st
57 John Wooten NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental st
58 Danny Taffe 0:05:44
59 Stephen Rock Boston Road Club 0:07:33
60 Seth Davis Cambridge Bicycle/ Igleheart Frames 0:07:50
61 Steven Ji MIT/FXDD 0:08:36
62 Shawn Patenaude Burris Logistics - Fit Werx st
63 Nicholas Maggiore B2C2/Boloco/BackBayBicycles 0:08:48
64 George Hanna Flying Penguins st
65 Jonathan Ruffus Nor'East Cycling 0:20:44
66 Daniel Guiney Sunapee Racing Team 1:22:54
67 Andrew Clemence Sunapee st
68 Christopher Titus st

Category 5

(44 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Joshua Saxe Onion River Racing 3:17:15
2 Isaac Stoner none st
3 Jacob Gersh Colavita Racing st
4 Fred Howland st
5 Timothy Cotreau New Hampshire Cycling Club st
6 Andrew Giessel Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames st
7 Jason Matulewicz nebc st
8 Tristan Beaulieu Team Sweet Fixie st
9 Max Dougherty University of Vermont st
10 Andy Clark st
11 Scott Maclellan BOP / NCC st

Category 5 (35+)

(50 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Keith Hartstein Landry's Bicycles 3:15:55
2 Bart Lipinski Blue Hills Cycling Club st
3 Jeff Lee Upper Valley Velo/Drummond Custom Cycles st
4 Kevin Killay Gearworks st
5 Joseph Butler st
6 Paul Malan Upper Valley Velo/Drummond Custom Cycles st
7 Douglas Clarke Team Squeeks st
8 Brian Currier Team Pinnacle / CycleDepot st
9 Mark Coleman NEBC/CycleLoft/DevonshireDental st
10 Whitney Hanson GMBC/Synergy Fitness st
11 James Goudreault st
12 Roy Currie NCC st
13 Daniel Ward Blue Hills Cycling Club st
14 Mark West 0:00:29
15 John Skewes NorEast Cycling st
16 Jim Downs Northampton Cycling Club st
17 Lane Turner st
18 Erik Stromland unattached st
19 James Pratson Upper Valley Velo/Drummond Custom Cycles st
20 Justin Ringling st
21 Michael Riddle Mad River Riders st
22 Tom Doucette NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental st
23 Tom Rogers Monadnock Cycle Club st
24 John Koenitzer Cycle Loft Velo st
25 Tim Hulse st
26 Tim Curley Comprehensive Racing / Salem Cycle st
27 Kevin Brown st
28 Dana Waterman st
29 Chris Rhim st
30 Doran Abel minuteman road club st
31 Young-kershaw Duane Deathrow Velo st
32 Lucas Hubbard st
33 Eric Schraut NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental st
34 Phil Surks Burris Logistics-Fit Werx st
35 Vincent Sandoval st
36 Marc Hammond Mad River Riders st
37 Dale Conui st


(24 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Oliver Hiller CL Noonan/Bay Hill Capital/Corner Cycle 1:06:22
2 Rhys Louis Deerfield Cycling st
3 Aaron Bushey Onion River Racing st
4 Peter Goguen TEAM CF st
5 Cameron Price vollers law/starthouse racing st
6 Nate Morse CL Noonan/Bay Hill Capital/Corner Cycle st
7 Dylan Malone Vollers Law / Start House Racing Team st
8 Brendan Rhim Claremont Cycle Depot st
9 Peter Vollers, jr. Vollers Law / Start House Racing Team st
10 Ansel Dickey Killington Mountain School Cycling st
11 Cody Whelan Sunapee/Continental Paving/Revolution Cyclery st
12 Brian Wolfe CLNoonan/BayHillCapital p/b CornerCycle st
13 Kenny Mcneill Vollers Law/Start House racing team st
14 Zachary Stockman killington mountain school st
15 Nicolas Catlin Team Danbury Audi/Pedal and Pump st
16 Killian Miller st
17 Cooper Willsey Bliss Racing st
18 Alden Suokko Vollers Law / Start House Racing Team st
19 Nathan Etchells Mystic Velo-Connaughty Chiropractic 0:03:39
20 Julian Scherding Killington Mountain School Cycling Team 0:05:25
21 Adrian Banks 0:06:06

Masters 35+(cat 1-4)

(70 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Peter Vollers Vollers Law / Start House Racing Team 1:49:41
2 Bill Yabroudy NBX/Narragansett Beer st
3 Mark Stotz Cyclonauts st
4 Bill Shattuck Corner Cycle st
5 Ciaran Mangan CCB/ RACING st
6 Timothy Smith st
7 Fred Thomas OA/Cyclemania st
8 Monte Frank Cycle Fitness st
9 Gary Aspnes Horst-Benidorm-Property Research Corp. st
10 Brian Campbell 545 Velo st
11 Gary Jasdzewski Wheelworks Racing st
12 Peter Brennan WH Bagshaw Precision Parts st
13 David Gray Ridge Cycling Club st
14 Eric Phaneuf Sterling Realty, LTD st
15 Fabio Piergentili WH Bagshaw Precision Parts st
16 John Mosher Wheelworks Racing st
17 Kyle Wolfe Finkraft Endurance Sports Coaching st
18 Eric Weinrich OA/Cyclemania st
19 Aron Buterbaugh OA Performance Center/Cyclemania st
20 Jason Clevenger 545 Velo st
21 Richard Carlton CVC Subaru of New England st
22 Ari Shocket Blue Hills Cycling Club st
23 Jamie Belchak Paradise Racing st
24 Timothy Young NorEast Cycling st
25 Steve Roszko / Cannondale st
26 Eric Brassell 545 Velo st
27 Steven Robbins Joe's Garage st
28 Larry Alford 545 Velo st
29 David Connery Corner Cycle st
30 Michael Burris Burris Logistics-Fit Werx st
31 Philip Beliveau Burris Logistics-Fit Werx st
32 David Penney st
33 Mike Barton Strava st
34 John Smathers 545 Velo st
35 Dusty King Ridge Cycling Club st
36 Robert Looney 545 Velo st
37 Casey Lindstrom 545 Velo st
38 John Meerse OA/Cyclemania st
39 Art Robert Onion River Sports st
40 Ron Colavolpe OA/CycleMania st
41 Joseph Lynch OA Masters st
42 Will Letendre Strava Velo st
43 Jonathan Lowenstein NBX/Narragansett Beer/Apex Tech. st
44 Chad Demarest Corner Cycle st
45 Jonathan Bold Corner Cycle 0:01:08
46 Mark Dakoulas North Atlantic Velo/ st
47 Steven Colangeli Burris Logistics/Fit Werx/ImpulseCYCLEsport 0:02:59
48 Alan Cote st
49 Sven Lohse Wheelworks Racing st
50 David Edry Battenkill United Cycling Team 0:03:27
51 Jeff Palleiko NorEast Cycling 0:03:58
52 Sam Morse Corner Cycle 0:08:29
53 Tim Noel Burris Logistics/Fit Werx 0:10:22
54 John Painter Burris Logistics-Fit Werx st
55 Ron Jacobs Corner Cycle st
56 Martin Lasak DeathRow Velo st
57 Claude Raineault Burris Logistics-Fit Werx st
58 Wayne Cunningham Wheelworks racing 0:14:50
59 Robert Kramer Herbalife LaGrange st
60 Raymond Surrell Paradise racing st
61 Paul Martel CCB Racing st
62 Ken Hincks OA/CycleMania 0:15:49
63 Doug Aspinwall Joe's Garage st
64 Sean Williams 545 Velo 0:19:03
65 Bruce Bell Burris Logistics-Fit Werx 0:21:01
66 Tom Scontras NorEast Cycling 0:22:50
67 Michael Mercier 545 Velo 0:53:19

Masters 45+ (cat 1-4)

(87 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Cliff Summers CCC/Keltic Const/Zanes Cycles 1:50:03
2 Thomas Francis st
3 Tobi Schultze Team FUJI/Clif Bar st
4 William Casazza BOB-Goodale's Bike Shop/Speed Merchant Aero/Ted Wo st
5 Joseph Rano Gear Works/Spin Arts st
6 Ronald Bourgoin OA/CYCLEMANIA st
7 Hank Pfeifle OA/Cyclemania st
8 David Belknap Cycle Lodge st
9 Leo Devellian CCB Racing st
10 Mark Suprenant Team Type 1 st
11 Tyler Munroe CCB/Volkswagen st
12 John Grenier Team Fuji fueled by Clif Bar st
13 Gerard O'shea CCC/Keltic Const/Zanes Cycles st
14 David Kellogg Arc En Ciel st
15 Paul Wonsavage Onion River Sports st
16 James Carrington Michael and the Cyclonauts st
17 James Nash CCB/Wheelworks st
18 Richard Sorenson Battenkill-United st
19 Eric j. Carlson Nault's Cyclery/ st
20 Thomas Snow st
21 Bob Roldan CCC Keltic Construct/Zanes Cycles st
22 Art Podgorski jr. Cyclonauts Racers Inc. st
23 Phil Oviatt st
24 Bob Meikle Mystic Velo Club st
25 Keith Button CCB racing st
26 Ed Ting NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental st
27 Normand Collard st
28 Donald Crowell NEBC st
29 Jonathan Eichman QuadCycles st
30 Phillip Kenealy Nor East Cycling Club st
31 Mark Dutka Mystic Velo st
32 Kelly Parsons Mystic Velo Club st
33 Carl Reglar Team Danbury Audi/Pedal and Pump st
34 Neil Fitch OA/Cyclemania st
35 Brian Anderson International Bicycle/Global st
36 Michael Stimson U.S. Army/Central Wheel-GHCC st
37 Michael Claus OA/Cyclemania st
38 William Thompson CCC/Keltic Const/Zanes Cycles st
39 Timothy Shea BOB-Goodale' s Bike Shop/Speed Merchant Aero/Ted W st
40 Steven Bonadio Arc-en-Ciel Racing Team st
41 Eric Larsson OA/Cyclemania st
42 David King ccb racing st
43 Mike Harris International Bicycle/Global st
44 Eric Pearce Cyclonauts Racers st
45 Richard Brown st
46 Dzmitry Buben CCB Wheelworks Team st
47 Art Davis OA/CycleMania st
48 Mark Gunsalus Team FUJI/Clif Bar st
49 Eiric Marro BOB-Goodale's Bike Shop/Speed Merchant Aero/Ted Wo st
50 David Uchenick Arc en ciel 0:01:17
51 David Foley BOB-Goodale's Bike Shop/Speed Merchant Aero/Ted Wo 0:01:57
52 Brian Murphy Blue Hills Cycling Club 0:02:45
53 Steve Arsenault Team Andy/MCC 0:03:03
54 Eddy O'rourke CCB International 0:04:28
55 Steven Lavoie NHCC st
56 Kevin Young International Bicycle/Global st
57 Garry Sansoucie BOB-Goodale's Bike Shop/Speed Merchant Aero/Ted Wo st
58 Stephen Power Northeast Roadmasters st
59 Tom Denny Northeast Road Masters st
60 David Andersen Boston Road Club st
61 Patrick Lynch Zephyr Cycling Team st
62 Donald Catlin Team Danbury Audi/Pedal and Pump st
63 Chuck Dopfel NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental st
64 Rex Brewer Arc en Ciel st
65 Edward Connell Van Dessel Factory Team st
66 Steve Mcgrath NorEast Cycling st
67 Craig Schneider GMBC/Synergy Fitness st
68 Jerry Jacobs NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental st
69 Mark Lombardi Tokio 0:08:32
70 Jack Gregory CCB/Wheelworks 0:08:48
71 Paul Degliangeli st
72 Michael Charron Noreast Cycling 0:10:51
73 Daniel O'neill New Hampshire Cycling Club 0:12:01
74 Geoffrey House Housatonic Wheel Club 0:12:53
75 John Laupheimer International Bicycle/Global 0:14:30
76 Robert Faltus Ride with Rendall 0:14:39
77 Paul Lombardi NorEast Cycling/Fit Werx 1:35:21

Masters 55+ (cat 1-4)

(38 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Frank Jennings GEARWORKS 3:15:08
2 Paul Curley Gearworks/Spinarts 0:02:09
3 Karl Hambrecht CCB International st
4 William Sawyer Gearworks - Spinarts st
5 Paul Gerstein NCC/Northampton Cycling Club st
6 Matt Moore BCA/Tosk st
7 Terry White Battenkill-United st
8 Michael Patterson 0:02:16
9 Daniel O'neill Team Pinnacle/CycleDepot 0:02:55
10 Jeff Morin Mystic Velo st
11 Alan Lesage GMBC/Synergy Fitness st
12 Michael Theroux claremont Cycle Depot st
13 Robert Dillon mad river riders st
14 Mieczyslaus Burzynski B.O.B.Goodale's BikeSpeedMerchantAreoTedWojcikCust st
15 David Bradford Masters Velo st
16 Bob Treadwell st
17 Bradford Knipes Northampton Cycling Club st
18 Garabed Minasian FORT FACTORY TEAM st
19 Bob Bortree st
20 Larry Stachowiak CCB/Wheelworks 0:07:16


(71 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Gavin Mannion Trek-Livestrong Presented by RadioShack 3:34:39
2 Tim Mitchell CCB/Wheelworks st
3 Thom Coupe / Cannondale st
4 Kevin Wolfson Team Ora presented by Independent Fabrication st
5 Robbie King Team Ora presented by Independent Fabrication st
6 Jeremy Durrin Wheelhouse / NCC st
7 Alec Donahue Wheelhouse / NCC st
8 Yahor Buben CCB Wheelworks Team 0:00:47
9 Dylan Mcnicholas CCB/Wheelworks st
10 Trenton Ashburn Wheelworks Racing st
11 Nathaniel Ward Wheelhouse / NCC st
12 Matthew Buckley Team Ora presented by Independent Fabrication st
13 Eric Tremble Wheelhouse / NCC st
14 Jon Bernhard CCB/Wheelworks st
15 J. alain Ferry Team RaceMenu / Mix1 st
16 Jeffrey Elie st
17 Manny Goguen TEAM CF st
18 Evan Cooper Team Ora presented by Independent Fabrication st
19 Mike Nadeau Wheelhouse / NCC st
20 Christopher Hong Exergy st
21 John michael Hackett Battenkill-United st
22 Chandler Delinks CCB/Wheelworks st
23 Jordy Wetzel st
24 Damien Callahan NCC st
25 Peter Bell MetLife p/b groSolar st
26 Landen Wark-acebo NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental st
27 Matt Mainer Wheelhouse/NCC st
28 Vincent Scalia Team Ora presented by Independent Fabrication st
29 Todd Roberts Wheelhouse / NCC st
30 Adam Sullivan Wheelhouse / NCC st
31 Charles Mccarthy The Bike Center/Lynskey/Edge st
32 Jim Komarmi st
33 Brad Warren Wheelhouse/NCC st
34 John Hanson Team Ora presented by Independent Fabrication st
35 Emerson Oronte Team Ora presented by Independent Fabrication st
36 Chris Coutu MetLife p/b groSolar st
37 Joseph Ackerman Cycle Loft st

Women 4

(43 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Maureen Mcauliffe Sunapee/Continental Paving/Revolution Cyclery 1:05:22
2 Danielle Baron Sunapee/Continental Paving/Revolution Cyclery st
3 Kelly Dolan st
4 Amy Miner Onion River Racing st
5 Claire Lunardoni st
6 Lyn Mccabe Bethel Cycle st
7 Heather Voisin Onion River Racing st
8 Melissa Mccreary Team Elevate Cycles st
9 Madeleine Bonneville Team Elevate Cycles st
10 Michelle Lombardo Northeast Road Masters st
11 Katie Mullaly CVC/Subaru New England st
12 Erin Donohue Coyote Hill st
13 Nancy Labbe-giguere International Bicycle Centers st
14 Jennifer Bonaccorsi Base 36/SMCC st
15 Laura Mullaly CVC/Subaru New England st
16 Carolyn Cole Paradise Sports st
17 Kelsea Mullaly CVC/Subaru New Egland st
18 Christine Feehan Team Elevate Cycles st
19 Anne Michaels st
20 Alexis Thompson The Devils Gear st
21 Constance Chang The Devils Gear st
22 Marie Weber Dartmouth College st
23 Nancy Leach Williams Cycling 0:02:57
24 Donna Moody Team Placid Planet 0:05:25
25 Joy Stark NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental st
26 Carmen Carlton CVC Subaru of New England 0:05:46
27 Candice Boyd NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental 0:06:06
28 Caitlin Haedrich Coyote Hill 0:06:20
29 Emily Curley Gearworks/Spinarts 0:07:59
30 Rachel Meyer University of Vermont st
31 Carrie Hansen Specialized D4W/Bicycle Haus 0:08:15
32 Andrea Bell Quad Cycles 0:08:31
33 Alice Wagner MIT Cycling/FXED 0:08:52
34 Donna Davis Cycling Concepts Racing Team 0:11:02
35 Victoria Gates NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental 0:18:09
36 Tami Jones 0:24:46
37 Lauren Gifford NorEast Cycling 0:26:29
38 Vicki Arsenault 0:27:08
39 Elena Patterson 0:31:44
40 Amy Bucklin 0:43:20