These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Category 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Boyd Piebenga Paul's Bicycle Way of Life Cycling Team
2 Tom Woodcock CMG Racing/Alpine Mortgage
3 Patrick Marzullo University of Montana
4 Richard Anderson CMG Racing/Alpine Mortgage
5 Evan Plews Santiam Bicycle
6 Ivan Meadors United Finance
7 Jeff Mcnamee
8 Shane Fletcher Veloce Racing
9 Michael Benno Veloce Racing
10 Mike Mauch United Finance
11 Seth Patla United Finance
12 Dave Varoujean OSU Cycling Club
13 Gary Malcolm Paul's Bicycle Way of Life Cycling Team
14 David Schneider Escape Velocity
15 ? ?
16 Scott Gray Therapeutic Associates Cycling/GENR8
17 Greg Miller Bend Memorial Clinic Total Care Racing Team
18 Wes Stephens Paul's Bicycle Way of Life Cycling Team
19 Joel Wilson Paul's Bicycle Way of Life Cycling Team
20 Bill Reuss Owens Healthcare
21 Kennett Peterson University of Oregon Cycling Club
22 Wade Goff Half Fast Velo
23 Aric Rist Half Fast Velo
24 Alan Sherman Team Rose City
25 Nathan Guy
26 Barret Fishner Guinness Cycling Team
27 Gary Martin
28 Mark Blackwelder Veloshop
28 Kevin Thompson Half Fast Velo
29 Doug Wilmes River City Bicycles
31 David Diviney Half Fast Velo
32 Jerome Dumortier Beaverton Bicycle Club
33 Antonio Castaneda
34 Mike Hilbrandt Veloshop
35 T. Kenji sugahara Bike Peddler
36 Joshua Hanselman 343 Racing
37 Saul Lopez Half Fast Velo
38 Colin Howard
39 Greg Doan Nike Cycling
40 David Morris
41 Eric Szczukowski
DNF Mark Hibbard
DNF Jim Fischer EWEB Windpower
DNF Jesse Graden Veloshop
DNF Paul Anderson Half Fast Velo
DNF Josh Friberg
DNF Dave Varoujean Portland State University
DNF Doug Evans
DNF Kent Heli Los Ciclistas
DNF Rob Williams Veloce Racing
DNF Steve Davee Veloce Racing
DNF Alexander Lehnert Paul's Bicycle Way of Life Cycling Team
DNF Nathan Guy Hutch's-Eugene
DNF Erik Edgar OSU Cycling Club
DNF Casey Patton
DNF Greg Valentin Wines of Washington

Category 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jacob Hill Bridgetown Velo
2 Mike Mcmanus
3 Chris Haverty
4 Karl Choltus Team Oregon/River City Bicycles
5 Jon Frommelt
6 Andreas Gute Beaverton Bicycle Club
7 Joshua Lebus Bridgetown Velo
8 Marcel Delisser Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team
9 Richard Haight Team Bike Tires Direct
10 Brice Gary Paul's Bicycle Way of Life Cycling Team
11 Michael Brunelle
12 Ryan Mcknab
13 Eric Ahlvin EWEB Windpower
14 Mark O. johnson Bridgetown Velo
15 Matthew Stein Team Oregon/River City Bicycles
16 Roger Lloyd United Finance
17 Jimmy Udall Veloshop
18 Robert Funk iii
19 Ryan Morgan BikeKraft
20 Yellow/orange
21 Mark Rajotte Team Oregon/River City Bicycles
22 Mike Van hoose Team Bike Tires Direct
23 Jake Bos Team Bike Tires Direct
24 Trig Rogers
25 Michael Boeder Casa Bruno
26 Matthew Muravex
27 Eric Adams EWEB Windpower
28 Matthew Rider Team Bike Tires Direct
29 David Cowperthwaite Team Oregon/River City Bicycles
31 Steven Savich Paul's Bicycle Way of Life Cycling Team
32 Erik Haunold Veloshop
33 Bari Stockton Disco Velo
34 Brett Luelling
35 Roger Stevens Nike Cycling
36 Jeffrey Cloutier Disco Velo
37 Guy Polson Collin's Cycle Shop
38 Brian Gordon Wheelworks
39 Greg Hochstein
40 Russell Speirn
41 Steve Berg
42 Tom Strodtbeck
43 Gary Medley
44 Steven Carper
DNF Conrad Colman pipe dreams
DNF David Kuhns OSU Cycling Club
DNF Kyle Chaney Casa Bruno
DNF Sergio Palma
DNF Wally Hockman
DNF Jason Weinstein Team Oregon/River City Bicycles
DNF Jim Moore Specialized River City Bicycles
DNF David Marsh Beaverton Bicycle Club
DNF Robin Calver Veloshop
DNF Scott Williams
DNF Robert Hughes
DNF Jurgen Fennerl Hutch's Bend
DNF Paul Shirkey Chain Agents
DNF Tom Hill NoMad Sports Club
DNF Joe Santos
DNF James Thiele Team Rose City
DNF James Bender Beaverton Bicycle Club
DNF Steve Kjobech Sportsman's Team One Racing
DNF Monyrith Tran
DNF Jeff Shipley fast
DNF Evan Mackenzie
DNF Scott Mcelroy Team Oregon/River City Bicycles

Junior 16-18

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Christopher Woods Beaverton Bicycle Club
2 Cameron Sparr Beaverton Bicycle Club
3 Richard Suditu Beaverton Bicycle Club
4 Coby Hutzler Bike Peddler
5 Carl Bjorn kjellstrand Team Oregon/River City Bicycles
6 Alex Reightley GS Forza Velo-Bend
7 Adrian Unkeles Team Oregon/River City Bicycles
8 Keith Beckman Beaverton Bicycle Club
DNF Ian Megale Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team

Junior U15

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jacob Rathe Beaverton Bicycle Club
2 Duncan Hay Bike Peddler
3 Jacob Chilenski Team Oregon/River City Bicycles
4 Galen Peterson
5 Madison Chilenski Team Oregon/River City Bicycles
DNF Ryan Miller EWEB Windpower
DNF Weston Fitzsimmons Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team

Masters 40+ 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Doug Perrin Sunnyside Sports
2 Casey Patton
3 Scott Seaton Hutch's Bend
4 Luis Valls Casa Bruno
5 Paul Duncan EWEB Windpower
6 George Schreck United Finance
7 John Mccaffrey
8 ? ? Yellow/Black
9 Grant Boswell Hutch's Bend
10 John Slawta Land Shark
11 Jon Pearson Gateway/Speedzone
12 John Wilson EWEB Windpower
13 Ken Spiess
14 Robert Huff Half Fast Velo
15 Anthony Graupera Guinness Cycling Team
16 Greg Crane Beaverton Bicycle Club
17 James Wellington Hutch's Bend
18 Steve Long North River Racing
19 Dave Faust Team Rose City
DNF Bryan Curry Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team
DNF Dave Palmer Guinness Cycling Team
DNF Jeff Buck Team Rose City
DNF Bob Grover Etna Brewing Co./DeSalvo Custom Cycles
DNF Andy Stahl Hutch's-Eugene
DNF Patrick Cole Sunnyside Sports
DNF Danny Knudsen
DNF John Kaiser Garage Racing
DNF Ken Finch
DNF David Tsai Hutch's-Eugene

Masters Women

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jennifer Slawta Land Shark
2 Kathleen Kolman EWEB Windpower
3 Jan Moss Team Group Health
4 Barbara Thiele Team Rose City
5 Debra Stolt-krichko
6 Debra Windus United Finance
7 Grace Mccabe EWEB Windpower


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Omer Kem
2 Reny Townsend Etna Brewing Co./DeSalvo Custom Cycles
3 Robert Campbell The Valley Athletic Club
4 Russell Stevenson Benaroya Research Institute
5 Andrew Fischer Hagens-Berman LLP Cycling
6 David Robinson Nevada Pro Cycling Team
7 Stephen Maluk Etna Brewing Co./DeSalvo Custom Cycles
8 Mark King Guinness Cycling Team
9 Michael Rosenberg Hutch's-Eugene
10 John Leonard Casa Bruno
11 Carl Roberts First Rate Mortgage Cycling Team
12 Mathew Braun Guinness Cycling Team
13 Taylor Kneuven Hagens-Berman LLP Cycling
14 Jeff Bannink The Bike Gallery
15 Christopher Hamilton
16 Erik Tonkin Team S+M
17 Aaron Sander Half Fast Velo
18 Todd Duncan Guinness Cycling Team
19 Jesse Sampson Veloce Racing
20 Bruce Connelly The Bike Gallery
21 Seth Hosmer CMG Racing/Alpine Mortgage
22 Dan Vrijmoet Hutch's-Eugene
23 Joseph King Hagens-Berman LLP Cycling
24 Samuel Starr Claremont
25 Mikkel Bossen CMG Racing/Alpine Mortgage
26 David Garcia The Bike Gallery
DNF Christopher Dubois Claremont
DNF Nick Skenzick Hutch's-Eugene
DNF Rich Cramer
DNF Nathan Hobson Half Fast Velo
DNF Peter Drake Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team
DNF Steven R holland United Finance
DNF David Tsai Hutch's-Eugene
DNF Dan Torrey Guinness Cycling Team
DNF Jeff Fuchs Sunnyside Sports
DNF Thane Jennings Sunnyside Sports
DNF Jeremiah Smith Team S+M
DNF David Root United Finance
DNF Jay Freyensee Sugar CRM-Easton-Specialized
DNF Edward Micek The Bike Gallery
DNF Erik Huston Hutch's Bend
DNF David Klipper Guinness Cycling Team
DNF Tim Coffey Casa Bruno
DNF David Roth Midtown Direct Racing
DNF Yann Blindert The Bike Gallery
DNF Sal Collura Hutch's-Eugene
DNF Damon Pettinger California Giant Cycling
DNF Joseph King Hagens-Berman LLP Cycling
DNF Matthew Ottinger Team Oregon/River City Bicycles
DNF Kelly Ryan Etna Brewing Co./DeSalvo Custom Cycles
DNF Bear Perrin Jamis

Women 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kori Kunz Poplollies
2 Kay Bork Poplollies
3 Sirikit Valentin Wines of Washington
4 Allison Schaub Sorella Forte

Women Category 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jessi Brunson Sorella Forte
2 Heather Paris EWEB Windpower
3 Nicole Horst Veloshop
4 Beatriz Sunderland-white Poplollies
5 Christine Mackenzie
6 Rachelle Hobson Forza Jet Velo
7 Kerri Vanden berg Poplollies
8 Alison Dauble
9 Angela Mccanna EWEB Windpower
10 Andrea Jones Forza Jet Velo