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Men A Collegiate

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 David Ziehr Harvard University 2:48:16
2 Sammy Moseley Cornell University 2:48:18
3 Glenn Ferreira University of Delaware 2:48:18
4 Daniel Lazier Bucknell University 2:48:19
5 David Berg Dartmouth College 2:48:19
6 Andrew Nicholas Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 2:48:20
7 Alec Cunningham University of New Hampshire 2:48:31
8 Ashley S doane Cornell University 2:48:32
9 Matthew Fischel University of Delaware 2:48:36
10 Jason Hammond University of Delaware 2:48:37
11 Zachary Ulissi Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2:48:50
12 Kevin Wood University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth 2:49:01
13 Emerson Glassey Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2:49:44
14 Nathan Dugan Columbia University-NYC 2:58:26
DNF Joseph Near Massachusetts Institute of Technology DNF
15 Noah Epstein Tufts University P&P
DNF Jack Kisseberth Tufts University DNF
DNF Nick Smith Boston University DNF
DNF Ford Murphy Northeastern University DNF
DNF Sam Damphousse University of Vermont DNF
DNF Tyler Fitzgerald University of Vermont DNF
DNF Nicholas Geiser Brown University DNF
DNF Alex Breakstone Bucknell University DNF

Men B Collegiate

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 William Goodness Johnson & Wales University 2:50:44
2 Michael Grome Yale University 2:50:48
3 David Stauffer Cornell University 2:50:49
4 Ethan Call Dartmouth College 2:51:10
5 Ethan Pfenninger University of New Hampshire 2:51:10
6 Scott Kapelewski Northeastern University 2:51:23
7 Dean Zeffer Lehigh University 2:52:03
8 George Emanuel Harvard University 2:54:12
9 Peter Striegel University of Vermont 2:57:18
10 Kenny Dailey US Military Academy 2:57:18
11 Adam Ruff US Military Academy 2:57:18
12 Connor Reardon Rochester Institute of Technology 2:57:20
13 Ian Gielar Rochester Institute of Technology 2:57:20
14 Colin Meyer Harvard University 2:57:27
15 Adam Lovell University of New Hampshire 2:57:39
16 Nikolas Bentel Rhode Island School of Design 2:58:13
17 Brian Hicks Rhode Island School of Design 3:03:24
18 Robert Allaway Dartmouth College 3:07:02
DNF Justin Bandoro Massachusetts Institute of Technology DNF
19 Spencer Perry Rochester Institute of Technology 3:20:43
DNF Jose Ordovas Harvard University DNF
DNF Benjamin Woolston Massachusetts Institute of Technology DNF
DNF Phil Learmonth Northeastern University DNF
DNF Paul Lamarche University of Vermont DNF
DNF Andrew Perez University of Vermont DNF
DNF Brian Case Bucknell University DNF
DNF Ben Alvord Rochester Institute of Technology DNF

Men C Collegiate

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Andrew Pryhuber Bowdoin College 1:55:27
2 Tristan Manderfeld US Military Academy 1:55:30
3 Brian Payne Rhode Island School of Design 1:55:30
4 Matthew Caissy University of Massachusetts Amherst 1:55:30
5 Alberto Castro US Military Academy 1:55:31
6 Devon Jasinski University of New Hampshire 1:55:42
7 Riley Joinnides Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 1:55:43
8 Michael Machlin Dartmouth College 1:55:45
9 Derrick Butler University of Vermont 1:55:45
10 Jiahe Li Cornell University 1:55:45
11 Joshua Hnizdor University of Vermont 1:55:46
12 Lloyd Hill Tufts University 1:55:46
13 Benjamin Egan Boston College 1:55:47
14 Thomas Dwyer Wentworth Institute of Technology 1:55:54
15 Jonathan Davies Brown University 1:55:56
16 Jason Chari Cornell University 1:55:57
17 Alexander Bruch Yale University 1:55:59
18 August Granath Northeastern University 1:56:02
19 Edward Prescott Bucknell University 1:56:21
20 Jack Graham US Military Academy 1:57:07
21 Alexander Chase University of New Hampshire 2:00:19
22 Steven Robare Bucknell University 2:02:28
23 Benito Cecenas University of Vermont 2:02:28
24 Nathaniel Shurack University of Connecticut 2:03:25
25 Gregory Diguido Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 2:07:17
26 Anton Tokranov Brown University 2:07:17
27 Jeanfrancois Duval Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2:11:44
28 Breton Minnehan Rochester Institute of Technology 2:12:24
29 Joseph Slamm Northeastern University 2:13:14
30 David Jaffe University of New Hampshire 2:13:16
31 Michael Eck Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2:13:52
32 Gregory Felker Rochester Institute of Technology 2:17:16
33 Joseph Palomba Boston College 2:18:12
34 Cheng Li Pennsylvania State University 2:18:23
35 Taehee Kim Brown University 2:19:19
36 Peter Daniels Boston University 2:26:59
DNF Sean Kline Northeastern University DNF
DNF Nicholas Esposito Northeastern University DNF
DNF Andrew Wong Harvard University DNF
DNF Sam Veggeberg University of Massachusetts Amherst DNF
DNF Liam Moynihan Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute DNF
DNF Dylan Allen US Military Academy DNF
DNF Daniel Forquer US Military Academy DNF
DNF Rodolpho Campos Yale University DNF
DNF Chad Wisnowski US Military Academy DNF

Men D Collegiate

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Nicholas Chapman University of Connecticut 2:02:09
2 Justin Clark University of New Hampshire 2:02:09
3 Adan Horta Columbia University-NYC 2:02:19
4 Patrick Leberre University of Montreal 2:02:39
5 Ralf Carestia Dartmouth College 2:02:44
6 Daniel Grier Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2:05:36
7 Matthew Schram Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2:06:39
8 Charlie Hanna Bucknell University 2:06:40
9 Carlo Quicho Boston University 2:06:41
10 Kyle Mcelroy Harvard University 2:06:42
11 Dana Silver Dartmouth College 2:06:43
12 Hunter Van adelsberg Dartmouth College 2:06:43
13 Morgan Rockett Northeastern University 2:06:50
14 Austin Meyer ferris Boston College 2:08:11
15 Brian Axelrod Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2:08:51
16 Boyang Zhang Bowdoin College 2:10:31
17 Brian Tang University of Connecticut 2:12:00
18 Gavin Pitt Rochester Institute of Technology 2:12:18
19 Joshua Stricker Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 2:12:47
20 John Lewis Dartmouth College 2:13:23
21 Matthew Buell Lehigh University 2:13:42
22 Luke Brown Dartmouth College 2:13:45
23 John Russell Tufts University 2:16:23
24 Lukas Orlesky University of Vermont 2:19:17
25 Nathaniel Hoyt Harvard University 2:27:48
26 Nico Wedekind Boston College 2:33:25
27 Nathanael Friday Dartmouth College 2:49:35
28 Eric Loehle Boston University P&P
29 Theodore Feldman Harvard University P&P
DNF Rodney Mosier University of Connecticut DNF
DNF Franklin Wu Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute DNF
DNF Thomas Hsu Boston University DNF
DNF Nick Brocato Worcester Polytechnic Institute DNF
DNF Charles Sinkler Worcester Polytechnic Institute DNF
DNF Zhiyuan Wang Dartmouth College DNF
DNF Zachary Levy Johnson State College DNF
DNF Thomas Huxtable US Military Academy DNF
DNF Preston Pritchard US Military Academy DNF
DNF Shawn Quinn Boston College DNF
DNF Andrew Suzuki University of Connecticut DNF
DNF Derek Meier University of Connecticut DNF

Men Intro Collegiate

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Rephael Bildner Yale University 0:39:15
2 Jordan Bravin Yale University 0:39:35
3 Camden Phalen Northeastern University 0:48:53

Women A Collegiate

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Leslie Lupien Dartmouth College 3:16:52
2 Antonina Hafner Harvard University 3:17:04
3 Elizabeth White University of Vermont 3:17:09
4 Megan Northey University of Delaware 3:17:09
5 Anastasia Yanchilina Columbia University-NYC 3:17:10
6 Jennifer Wilson Massachusetts Institute of Technology 3:17:22
7 Anne Raymond Massachusetts Institute of Technology 3:17:34
8 Corey Tucker Massachusetts Institute of Technology 3:18:09
9 Portia Cornell Harvard University 3:30:17
10 Julie Van der hoop Massachusetts Institute of Technology 3:30:18
11 Emma Collins University of New Hampshire 3:39:51
12 Travis Rabbit Yale University P&P

Women B Collegiate

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Natalie Tukan Boston University 3:17:22
2 Sarah Shipley McGill University 3:17:33
3 Emma Edwards Massachusetts Institute of Technology 3:17:53
4 Turner Ramsay Killington Mountain School P&P

Women C Collegiate

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sarah Nadeau Cornell University 2:11:43
2 Lucy Archer Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2:22:33
3 Kathryn Olesnavage Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2:23:10
4 Natasha Dobrott Boston College 2:23:48
5 Nicole Walch University of Vermont 2:27:26
6 Sarah Larue US Military Academy 2:34:44
DNF Brianne Handal Columbia University-NYC DNF
7 Danielle Smith Dartmouth College 2:35:15

Women D Collegiate

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Margaret Lutz University of Massachusetts Amherst 2:12:23
2 Lizzie Wright Rhode Island School of Design 2:22:56
3 Margaret Conley Bowdoin College 2:28:17
4 Lee O'reilly Yale University 2:39:29
5 Elizabeth Psiaki US Military Academy 2:39:31
6 Kathryn Slebodnik University of New Hampshire 2:40:41
7 Kaitlin Bender US Military Academy P&P
8 Jessica He Boston University P&P
9 Angela Petrone Boston College P&P
10 Anna Savage Westborough High School P&P
11 Tia Blaisbillie Rhode Island School of Design P&P

Women Intro Collegiate

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Lauren Montieth Brown University 0:49:32

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