These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Andy Prickett Team Dayton Bicycling
2 Ryan Gamm Cincinnati Velo Club Inc
3 Ryan Good Cincinnati Velo Club Inc
4 David Neis Team Dayton Bicycling
5 Jason Karew Cincinnati Velo Club Inc
6 Eric Bair Cincinnati Velo Club Inc
7 Daniel Tokarczyk Spin/Litzler Automation
8 Zachary Lewis Cincinnati Velo Club Inc
9 Andrew Boneff 0
10 Matt Bole Team Dayton Bicycling
11 Jason Mott Team Hungry
12 Ryan Mcloughlin Ride On Wooster
13 Chad Clemons Cincinnati Velo Club Inc
14 Dan Peairs Cincinnati Velo Club Inc
15 Eric Knight Cincinnati Velo Club Inc
16 Paul Dentel Plano Athletic Cycling Club/PACC
17 Nicola La motta Team Dayton Bicycling
18 John Gatch Cincinnati Velo Club Inc
DNF Rick Wait 0
DNF Cory St clair Cincinnati Velo Club Inc
DNF Robert Sherman Team Dayton Bicycling
DNF Taylor Kruse Paradise Garage Racing
DNF Christopher Poptic Zephyr Wheel Sports

Men Cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Matt Matthews Ghisallo Cycling Team Inc.
2 Ken Buddell 0
3 Aaron Daniels No Limits Hammer Harder
4 Robert Parsons No Limits Hammer Harder
5 Doug Carraway Veloscience Cycling Team
6 Robert Jensen Elite Endurance Training Systems
7 Dustyn Smith Zephyr Wheel Sports
8 Joe Ipacs Ohio State University
9 William Neidinger Lake Effect Cycling Team
10 Shawn Aker Veloscience Cycling Team
11 Edward Wright Lake Effect Cycling Team
12 Addrian Bennett Oberlin College
13 Rodney Roof Zephyr Wheel Sports
14 Owen Gibby Bishop Bicycles
15 Sean Davidson Zephyr Wheel Sports
16 Tommy Graul Team Dayton Bicycling
17 Michael Riley Element Cycles
18 Nathaniel Allen Team Hungry
19 Chris Fisher 0
20 Richie Minner Zephyr Wheel Sports
DNF Marc Jurewicz Zephyr Wheel Sports
DNF Eric Boltz Zephyr Wheel Sports

Men Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jason Wilson Paradise Garage Racing
2 Michael Prater Lake Washington Velo
3 Alex Hackney Team Dayton Bicycling
4 Sam Ransohoff-englert University of Cincinnati
5 Alex Christian ProChain Junior Development
6 Brian Worley 0
7 Michael Linse Team Six One Four
8 Chauncey Joyce University of Cincinnati
9 Chris Taylor Zephyr Wheel Sports
10 Max Savage ProChain Junior Development
11 Sokha Bun Healthy and Happy Racing
12 Greg Blanton Ghisallo Cycling Team Inc.
13 Peter Post Team Six One Four
14 Kyle Zander Team Six One Four
15 Zachary Young ProChain Junior Development
16 Dylan Rockwood ProChain Junior Development
17 Zachary Ross ProChain Junior Development
DNF Stuart Goret Zephyr Wheel Sports

Men Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Rob Bruyer Zephyr Wheel Sports
2 Duncan Jensen Bishop Bicycles
3 Danny Alarcon Trek Store Columbus / Echelon Cycling Team
4 Ryan Havlicek Trek Store Columbus / Echelon Cycling Team
5 Casey Blankenship Element Cycles
6 Perry Parr Bishop Bicycles
7 David Adams Headwind Cycling
8 Pj Gilmore Team Athens
9 Steve Quelette Headwind Cycling
10 Kyle Kelly Bishop Bicycles
11 Mark Gilmore 0
12 Michael Buckner Headwind Cycling
13 George Morrison iv 0
14 Patrick Mcconnell Roll: Racing
15 Jacob Kastens 0
16 Neal Schmitt Team Six One Four
17 Rani Boukerrou Bishop Bicycles
18 Chad Mangeot Team Dayton Bicycling
19 Goeric Daeninck Paradise Garage Racing
20 Aaron Ringle Team Six One Four
21 Dan Rapp Headwind Cycling
22 Stephen Herman Team Dayton Bicycling
23 Nathan Ross ProChain Junior Development
24 Michael Emerson University of Cincinnati
25 Pat Kiernan Bishop Bicycles
DNF Chris Beeler Bishop Bicycles
DNF Neil Wengerd Headwind Cycling

Men Cat 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 William Ball
2 Cody Smith
3 Nathan Fortner
4 Jon Whittelsey
5 William Paskett
6 Craig Scarberry
7 Carl Cabanas
8 Matvey Bobylev
9 Rob Schroder
10 Benjamin Kretz
11 David Krause
12 Kurt Scharte
13 James Weaver
14 Michael Hallock jr
15 Andrew Pokupec
16 Charles Price
17 Ken Holley
18 John Crane
19 Robert Hickey
20 Micah Jenkins
21 Chase Kohn
22 Robert Blue
DNF Craig Cinnamon
DNF Joseph Lawhorn

Men Junior

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Maxx Bowman ProChain Junior Development
2 Chase Widener ProChain Junior Development
3 Owen Busch ProChain Junior Development
4 Trey Roark Bishop's Bicycles
5 Joshua Gilmore 0
6 Jacob Krynock ProChain Junior Development
DNF Ahmir Ayala Healthy and Happy Racing

Men Master 35-44 Cat 3/4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Koji Yamazaki
2 Bill Craig
3 Dan Payton
4 Andrew Millard
5 Jonathan Albers
6 Brian Desoto
7 Mark Rucker
8 Christopher Bryan
9 David Wade
10 Charles Barilleaux 7 Hills Racing Inc

Men Master 45-54 Cat 3/4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Andy Bracke Queen City Wheels
2 James Halpin Queen City Wheels
3 David Stanley Darkhorse Racing
4 Daniel Mccarty Champion City Cycling
5 David Steward Queen City Wheels
6 Mark Hooton Team Hungry
7 David Brueggen Darkhorse Racing
8 Alan Willey Queen City Wheels
9 Scott Goertemiller Queen City Wheels
10 Patrick Bendel Queen City Wheels
11 Sean Cooney Team Hungry
12 Garry Blair Champion City Cycling
13 Michael Kamenish Team Louisville
14 James Pappalardo 7 Hills Racing Inc
15 Steve Fine Queen City Wheels
16 Kevin Williams Team Louisville
17 David Cox Team Dayton Bicycling
18 James Oloughlin Team Hungry
19 Lance Brown Darkhorse Racing
20 Rick Hinze Team Louisville
21 Robert Janke Queen City Wheels
22 Paul Neff Queen City Wheels
23 Patrick Blackburn Rogue Racing Project
24 David Thole 7 Hills Racing Inc
25 David Savage Zephyr Wheel Sports
26 George Collins Champion City Cycling
27 Scott Goodhart 0
DNF Anthony Dobbels Champion City Cycling

Men Master 55+ Cat 3/4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Robert Westendorf Queen City Wheels
2 Christopher Grisvard Colavita Racing Inc.
3 Jeff Moore 0
4 Jim Oelgoetz Team Dayton Bicycling
5 Daid Hart Zephyr Wheel Sports
6 Andy Perrino Bio Wheels Racing
7 Dale Eads Zephyr Wheel Sports
8 Paul Rouse Team Dayton Bicycling
9 Richard Toler Team Dayton Bicycling
10 Dick Chartier Ghisallo Cycling Team Inc.
11 David Linden Team Dayton Bicycling
12 Richard Janke Queen City Wheels
13 James Pontius Zephyr Wheel Sports
14 Daniel Lach Zephyr Wheel Sports
15 David Benner Team Dayton Bicycling
16 John Loveless The Midwest Express
17 Bruce Thoman Queen City Wheels
DNF Joseph Ipacs Team Athens

Women Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Erika Bohn Element Cycles
2 Tate Devlin Element Cycles
3 Kayla Starr Queen City Wheels
4 Tarah Cole Ghisallo Cycling Team Inc.
5 Julie Herrmann Team Dayton Bicycling
6 Elli Sigmond Team Dayton Bicycling
7 Kristen Arnold Lady Gnar Shredders
8 Lauren Bair Element Cycles
9 Victoria Steen Lady Gnar Shredders
10 Karla Labbe Element Cycles
11 Kristine Hofstra Team Dayton Bicycling
12 Lori Nedescu Lady Gnar Shredders
13 Noelle Snyder bartholdi 0
14 Pei-i Wu Lady Gnar Shredders
15 Heidi Marshall Queen City Wheels
16 Jen Malik Lady Gnar Shredders
17 Christine Robbins Element Cycles
18 Birgit Reeves Sabino Cycles Racing
19 Mary Wienholts Team Dayton Bicycling

Women Cat 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kim Owens Lady Gnar Shredders
2 Macy Weber
2 Katrina Svach Queen City Wheels
4 Kim Cory Queen City Wheels
5 Emily Dreyer Ohio State University
6 C Wellesley blaxall Bishop Bicycles
7 Meredith Gabriel Lady Gnar Shredders
8 Marilyn Rayner Lady Gnar Shredders
9 Heidi Riffle Team Dayton Bicycling
10 Susan Sagan Team Dayton Bicycling
11 Susan Zurface Team Dayton Bicycling
12 Heather Maier Team Dayton Bicycling
13 Melissa Heston Team Dayton Bicycling
14 Nancy Lichtensteiger 0
15 Amanda Butler Lady Gnar Shredders
DNF Brianna Elsmore Team Six One Four

Women Junior

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Marie Grassi Lady Gnar Shredders
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