These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men 40+ Masters

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jon Gee Ride with rendall
2 Jacques Rusinek Pedalinx - Team Zuck
3 David Faso Bike Loft East
4 Jack Peltz Full Moon Vista
5 Tony Di silvestro Holiday Inn Calgary Airport/PK-Express
6 Theodor Schnaufer Once Again Nut Butter Multi-Sport Racing
7 Craig Mattern Park Ave Bike Shop / GVCC
8 Keith Watkins CNYC NYCM Insurance
9 Phill Vermette Eurosports
10 Andrew Williams TVC
11 William Boone
12 Tom Macera Syracuse Bicycle Racing
13 Jeff Ker Photon Racing P/b Engineered Assemblies
14 Jose Rosario Genesee Valley Cycling Club
15 Joel Schmidt Ride On Wooster
DNF Peter Hoag
DNF Andrew August Park Ave Bike Shop
DNF Gerald Dunn Reed Eye Cycling Team

Men 55+ Masters

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mark Berger Pedalinx
4 Robert Meikle
5 Gregory Brett GVCC / Pittsford Painting Cycling
6 Frederick Bulken Syracuse Bicycle Racing
7 Douglas Morrow Team Towpath/GVCC
8 Ralf Torke CMS Racing
DNF Charlie Johnson Southwest Cycling Club Racing

Men Cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kevan Edwards Mello Velo
2 Fred David CRCA/e2Value
3 Sean Meyer Bristol Mountain Road Racing
4 Eric Ingalsbe TBS Racing
5 Jared Fenstermacher SPINTECK p/b Blue Bell Private Wealth Management
6 Erik Markewich Farm Team Elite
7 Josh Hogan Hollyloft/Alfies Cycling Team
8 Dylan Coletto Holiday Inn Calgary Northwest/P-K Express
DNF William Goodness Bristol Mountain Road Racing
DNF Joe Olgin campus wheelworks
DNF David Tate Syracuse Bicycle Racing
DNF Eric Giehl EFP Rotenberg Cycling Team
DNF David Van horn Projekt
DNF Jonathan Siuta Campus Wheel Works

Men Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kyle Beikirch��� Dolce Vita Freewheel
2 Dan Burgess Bristol Mountain Road Racing
3 Wilson Stevens Campus Wheelworks
4 Matt Ronan Independent Health
5 Geoff Lawrence Reed Eye
6 Paul Mattison Bristol Mountain Road Racing
7 Nicholas Leonard Reed Eye Associates
8 Spencer Perry RIT Cycling
9 Thomas Robinson Team Hive | Shickluna Bikes / Buffalo Bicycling Club
10 David Brockmann The Bike Zone / Dansville Collision
11 Adam Kellerson FLCC/Chris Cookies/Swan Cycles
12 Daniel Vaughn NoTubes/Corning Race Team
13 Peter Pelychaty EFP Rotenberg Cycling Team
14 Troy Rutherford Team Towpath/GVCC
15 Bob Canino Bristol Mountain Road Racing
16 David Marsh Reed Eye Cycling Team
17 Anthony R mueckl Campus WheelWorks
18 Stephen D'amico Premium Mortgage Cycling Team
19 Henry Chan Pawling Cycle & Sport
20 Cameron Schmidt Ride On Wooster
21 Jonathan Baker Bristol Mountain Road Racing
22 Jason Haight Syracuse Bicycle Race Team
23 Tim Brundage Bristol Mountain Road Racing
24 Robert Wells CNB Cycling Team/GVCC
DNF Patrick Elliott Team PBR p/b Racer Sportif
DNF Robert Hengel Campuswheelworks
DNF Chris Schreck The Bike Zone/Dansville Collision
DNF Nick Demarchi Campus Wheelworks
DNF Taylor Brose CNYC/NYCM
DNF Alex Avdyushin Midweek Cycling Club
DNF Alex Davies Campus WheelWorks
DNF Trevor Vowles TBS Racing
DNF Jiahe Li Cornell Cycling Club
DNF Luke Okerlund University of Rochester
DNF Andrew Auld Team PBR
DNF Clayton Travis WAS LABS Cycling
DNF Steven French once again nut butter multi sport racing

Men Cat 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Daniel Jeske
2 Blair Woods
3 Bill Reese CNYC / NYCM Insurance
4 Scott Parks Park Ave Bike Shop
5 Dan Serianni GVCC
6 Bruce Wolcott Team ROG
7 Douglas Schutte Hollyloft
8 Michael Smith
9 Patrick Dubay GVCC
10 Trevor Mccabe Once Again Nut Butter Multi Sports Race Team
11 Raymond Zilliox Campus Wheelworks
12 Shannon Connell
13 Jonathan Finn
14 George Uhlir Skylands Cycling
15 Jody Fisher
16 Lou Dusini Team Carl Hart
17 William Greene Bristol Mountain Road racers
18 Trevor Andrews
19 Todd Andrews
20 John Bonneville Team BBC pb BBW
21 John Nesbitt Genesee Valley Cycling Club
DNF Mark Wolcott GVCC
DNF Brad Noble

Men Pro & Cats 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Anthony Clark J.A.M. Fund / NCC
2 Emile De rosnay Langlois Brown Racing
3 Brendan Housler Nalgene / Borah Teamwear p/b
4 James Thompson Hive Lifespan / Shickluna Bikes
5 Jason Hettenbaugh Once Again Nut Butter Multi-Sport Racing
6 Thomas Goetz Team Towpath/GVCC
7 Jesse Stauffer Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV
8 Ron Amos Hammer/53x11
9 David Richardson Nalgene / Borah Teamwear p/b
10 Cory Kuhns Team Towpath/GVCC
DNF John Hunter Nalgene / Borah Teamwear p/b
DNF Robert Douglas Park Ave Bike Shop
DNF Jason Quagliata CycleweRx of Rochester / GVCC
DNF Austin Skomra Verge/Velo NRS
DNF Dan Timmerman
DNF Daniel Barney Nalgene / Borah Teamwear p/b
DNF James Costello Bert's Bikes and Fitness

Women Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Denise Hochul Toms Pro Bike
2 Michelle Daria Campus wheelworks
3 Emily Hill Campus Wheelworks

Women Pro & Cats 1/2/3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Lenore Pipes Van Dessel Factory Team
2 Christine Schryver Full Moon Vista/GVCC
3 Paolina Allan CYKL Junek Velodromes
4 Elyse Nieuwold Holiday Inn & Suites (Calgary Airport)/PK Express
5 Cheryl Rondeau CYKL Junek Velodromes
6 Katya Masun CYKL - Junek Velodromes
7 Yvette Labombard Full Moon Vista
8 Jennifer Bushover Finish Strong/Buffalo Bicycling Club
9 Victoria Di savino
10 Sandra Leary Hollyloft/Alfies
11 Brandi Bashor Finish Strong/BBC
12 Chelsea Knapp Healthy and Happy Racing
13 Kate Dye Holiday Inn PK Express
DNF Suzie Brown Holiday Inn Calgary Northwest / P-K Express
DNF Abbie Sullivan Clarkson University/GVCC