These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Dennis Rutherford DeathRow Velo
2 Ike Kitman
3 Julius Erwin quito
4 Julian Banks
5 Brad Barton
6 Keith Garrison
7 Benjamin Chertoff
8 Stephen Charron
9 Sergio Aguirre
10 Bryan Banducci
11 Christopher Williams
12 Joseph Pedata
13 Ruddy Deleon
14 George Vlahogiannis
15 Mark Steffen
16 Carlos Guerrero
17 Patrick Taylor
18 Nick Lando
19 Sung Pak
20 Jason Bell
21 Akin Dorsett
22 Michael Pokrovskiy
23 James Ferrentino
24 Scott Raschke
25 Manuel Compres
26 Joseph Meyerfuchs
27 Marcos Zorrilla
28 Devin Gallagher
29 Bill Moss
30 Nestor Portillo
31 Ernesto Paredes
32 Emily Chan

Pro/Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Allan Rego
2 Zach Koop
3 Ismael Collado acosta
4 Dave Kim
5 Wilson Vasquez
6 Jose Guzman
7 Erlin Garcia
8 Euri Madera
9 Frank Arroyo
10 Andrew Walsh
11 Svenn Mikalsen
12 Hammermean Walker
13 Mitchell Jacaruso
14 William Brunner
15 Kelvin Savinon
16 Matthew Davitt
17 Herman Requena
18 Kenneth Barreto
19 Richard Gonzalez
20 Daniel Schmalz
21 Gary Steinberg
22 Jua Suarez
DNF John Muoio
DNF Douglas O'neill
DNF Greg Olsen
DNF Daniel Cleiman
DNF Eric Noonan
DNF Haluk Sarci
DNF Ken Plundeke
DNF David Adornato
DNF Kuria Njenga
DNF Corey Morenz
DNF Jonathan Wirsing
DNF Mihael Ginghina
DNF Christian Kaefer
DNF Cliff Saper
DNF Abe Latorre
DNF Kaan Sarci
DNF Sam Morkal williams
DNF Frank O'reilly
DNF Leon Lyakovetsky
DNF Cesar Gallego
DNF Charlie Rey
DNF Mark Alden
DNF Tomas Ketcham
DNF Louis Donato
DNF Zach Bender
DNF Romel Campbell
DNF Shawn Erickson
DNF Brendan Pearce
DNF Carl Robinson
DNF Edmund Liang
DNF Eli Curt fuld
DNF John Landino
DNF Anthony Fatuzzo
DNF Brian Lauler
DNF Rafael Diaz-granados
DNF Dylan Lowe
DNF Christian Torres
DNF Richard Scudney

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