These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Matthew Erchull 0:49:42
2 Thomas Evelein 0:49:44
3 Justin Neuman Neumania 0:50:17
4 Christopher Chong-tenn CRCA/Die Hard 0:50:17
5 Benjamin Bruce Cheshire Cycle Racing 0:50:17
6 Christopher Cavallaro 0:50:17
7 Wyatt Cote CCAP 0:50:17
8 Gregory Sherrick SPINTECK p/b Blue Bell Private Wealth Management 0:50:17
9 Michael Grome Yale University 0:50:17
10 Parker Chea 0:50:24
11 Keith Mullaly 0:50:27
12 Morgan Rueckert Team ERRACE p/b DSO Manufacturing 0:50:32
13 Jaroslaw Lis 0:50:47
14 Donald Kimball 1 Lap
15 Charles Vigorita cycling concepts racing team 1 Lap
16 Grant Gorczyca CCAP 2 Laps
17 Rory Chea 2 Laps
18 Evan Fox CCAP 2 Laps
19 Jim Colella CFrace 2 Laps
20 Reid Hanford CT Cycling Advancement Program 2 Laps
21 Anthony Parent 3 Laps
DNF Ed Kaften DNF
DNF Martin Bruton crca-die-hard-racing DNF

Men Junior

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kevin Goguen RACE CF 0:53:17
2 Chris Goguen RACE CF | 0:53:31
3 Wyatt Cote CT Cycling Advancement Program 0:53:31
4 Wyatt Goral Skylands Cycling 0:53:31
5 Keith Mullaly TEAM EDGE 0:53:31
6 Lane Maher RACE CF 0:53:31
7 Thomas Evelein CT Cycling Advancement Program 0:53:31
8 Nathan Kunsman 0:53:31
9 Nick Sabatelli CT Cycling Advancement Program 0:53:43
10 Kyle Mullaly Team Edge 1 Lap
11 Sean Goguen RACE CF 1 Lap
12 Justin Strauss CRCA Junior Development 1 Lap
13 Billy Taylor Star Track NYC 1 Lap
14 Sydnee Sherrick T-Town Elite 2 Laps
15 Zachary Judson CCAP, Nerac Earth 3 Laps
16 Luke Anthony CT Cycling Advancement Program 3 Laps
17 Kevin Mullaly Team Edge 5 Laps
18 Hope Maher TEAM EDGE 6 Laps
19 Martin Adlianitski NYTT 6 Laps
20 Lance Phillips 6 Laps
21 Jake Kozlowski CCAP 8 Laps

Men Pro/1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ryan Aitcheson Astellas Cycling Team 1:06:58
2 Charles Huff Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies 1:06:58
3 Juan sebastian Tamayo martinez Continental orgullo Antioqueño 1:06:58
4 Norlandy Taveras CRCA/Foundation 1:06:58
5 Rafael Meran CRCA/Foundation 1:06:58
6 Sam Rosenholtz GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipcar 1:06:58
7 Dennis Ramirez Gateway Harley-Davidson/Trek 1:06:58
8 Matil Manninen Cykelklubben Cycle Sport 1:06:58
9 Glenn Ferreira Team Metra Cycles 1:06:58
10 William Elliston Van Dessel Factory Team 1:06:58
11 Brecht Dhaene Astellas Cycling Team 1:06:58
12 Clay Murfet Astellas Cycling Team 1:06:58
13 Adam Myerson Astellas Cycling Team 1:06:58
14 Curtis White Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies 1:07:08
15 Barry Miller Cykelklubben Cycle Sport 1:07:13
16 Michael Chauner Atomic Energy Squad 1:07:13
17 David Dawson Team Skyline 1:07:13
18 Sean Cahill Team ERRACE p/b DSO Manufacturing 1:07:13
19 Nikolai Tefree lunder Cykelklubben Cycle Sport 1:07:13
20 Tim Savre Credité Velo - Trek 1:07:22
21 Anthony Rodriguez CRCA/Foundation 1:07:22
22 Quinten Winkel CRCA/Foundation 1:07:22
23 Dominic Caiazzo GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipcar 1:07:22
24 Mathew Meunier - Rocket Espresso 1:07:22
25 Alan Royek EC Devo Cycling 1:07:22
26 Elkin Arteaga 1:07:22
27 Johan Swensson Cykelklubben Cycle Sport 1:07:22
28 Eric Young Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies 1:07:43
29 Robert Polder Cykelklubben Cycle Sport 1:07:49
30 Brais Dacal Team Novo Nordisk Development 1:07:59
31 Peter Olejniczak Astellas Cycling Team 1:08:02
32 Thomas Brown 1:08:12
33 Benjamin Wolfe California Giant / Specialized 1:08:24
34 John Harris CCAP 1:08:24
35 Guillaume Nelessen Van Dessel Factory Team 1 Lap
DNF Hogan Sills Astellas Cycling Team DNF
DNF Evan Hartig Credité Velo - Trek DNF
DNF Ryan O'hara DNF
DNF Hampus Anderberg Cykelklubben Cycle Sport DNF
DNF Robert Lattanzi CRCA/Lupus Racing Team DNF
DNF Jeremy Durrin Neon Velo Cycling Team DNF
DNF Stephen Jette Cannondale Sports New England DNF
DNF Martin Vecchio Netherland Rubber p/b MVP DNF
DNF William Casey-king DNF
DNF Ben Reynolds Team Bike Doctor DNF
DNF Peter Goguen RACE CF DNF
DNF Stefano Zanotti Team ERRACE p/b DSO Manufacturing DNF
DNF S. Husbands DNF
DNF Erik Markewich Farm Team Elite DNF
DNF Jeff Gelt Team ERRACE p/b DSO Manufacturing DNF
DNF David Maynard Cheshire Cycle Racing DNF
DNF Emanuel Mini Team Novo Nordisk Development DNF
DNF Umberto Poli Team Novo Nordisk DNF
DNF Hamzah Eastman Team Coco's guy DNF
DNF Douglas Chrystall Cannondale Sports New England DNF
DNF Jacob Hacker DNF
DNF Michael Sernyak Yale-Bulldog cycling DNF
DNF Mynor Pineda CRCA Brands Cycle/Roselyn Porsche DNF
DNF Ansel Dickey California Giant / Specialized DNF
DNF Quentin Valognes Team Novo Nordisk DNF
DNF Juan Pineda CRCA Brands Cycle/Roseln porsche DNF
DNF Zvonimir Jelinic Team Novo Nordisk Development DNF
DNF Lucas Fortini BikeReg Elite Cycling DNF
DNF Alejandro Guzman CRCA/Foundation DNF
DNF Stephen Alexander CRCA/Foundation DNF
DNF Joshua Friedman GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipcar DNF