These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 David Guttenplan Isagenix/Sea Sucker/
2 Enrique Lopez All 4 Cycling
3 Yoelkis Aira Unattached
4 Rolly Weaver Pioneer Mortgage Funding
5 Yariel Bermudez Unattached
6 Alexander Gil Isagenix/Sea Sucker/
7 Yosvany Falcon Stradalli
8 Steven Perezluha Isagenix/Sea Sucker/
9 Noe Gonzalez Palmetto Sport Cars
10 Rodny Minier Fenix
11 Joseph Long 4th Dimension Fitness
12 Chris Tricoli Isagenix/Sea Sucker/
13 Jose Babilonia Trek Bikes Florida
14 Hernan Taddeo Lomas Pueblo Dela Paz
15 Osiel Pardo Team Cocos
16 Mauricio Araya Unattached
17 Jose Avila Battley
18 Maikel Matos ZMotion
19 Yulien Rodriguez Bike Link
20 Roslan Rivera South MIAMI BIKE SHOP
21 Jose Frank rodriguez Stradalli
DNF Cristian Gonzalez No Bounderies
DNF Damian Paulete Unattached
DNF Robinson A santo Unattached

Men Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Yuniet Del toro Ibike Club
2 Ivan Castillo Unattached
3 Javier Bomnin Team Velo Speed
4 Adrien Gonzalez Unattached
5 Kevin Grimes Steady Spin
6 Humberto Pages Unattached
7 Lisandro Cristia TTR
8 K Sakai Steady Spin
9 Alfredo Diaz Patches
10 Julio Almeyda Unattached
11 Alain Brizuela Unattached
12 Jose Perez Elvys Trucking Corp
13 Carlos Fuentes Elvys Trucking Corp
14 Manuel Trujillo Unattached
15 Felix Antunez Bike Link
16 Omelio Rufin Elvys Trucking Corp
17 Leon A santamaria El Chino Cycle
18 Arturo Soler Unattached
19 Ronel Manresa Big Wheel Sunrise
20 Ivan Bejerano Unattached
21 Dadiel Rodriguez Unattached
22 Jean Palau South MIAMI BIKE SHOP
23 Eduardo Lopez Unattached
24 Jose Gonzalez Unattached
25 Renier Suarez Unattached
26 Carlos Reyes Unattached
27 Adrian Perez Unattached
28 Enedys Rodriguez Ibike Club
29 Domingo Olavarria Steady Spin
30 Carlos Hernandez Bike Link
31 Ariel Fernandez Unattached
32 Leonel Figueredo Unattached
33 Jose Vallecillo El Chino Cycle
34 Claudio Bracamonte Unattached
35 Jose Alamo PFN
36 Michael Sanchez Unattached
37 Alex Cordova El Chino Cycle
38 Divaldo Ceballo Unattached
39 Alejandro Hunter Unattached
40 Anthony Quintero Bike Link
41 Armando Garcia Performance Fitness-Delfay Cen
42 Javier Lopez El Chino Cycle
43 Kristopher Barres Unattached
44 Hugo Rodriguez Unattached
45 Federico Lettieres Team Velo Speed
46 Alexander Rodriquez Unattached
47 Pavel Fiallo Patches
48 Keith Bukovan Unattached
49 Unknown Rider Unattached
50 Nicholas Williams Unattached
51 Orelvys Nolasco Ibikes Club
52 Leonardo Perez avila Big Wheel Sunrise
53 Kevin Channer Unattached
54 Esteban Lettieres Team Velo Speed
DNF Peter Ferralls Bike Link
DNF Robert Daniels Unattached
DNF Cristian Tovar Bike Link
DNF Abdel Salas Unattached
DNF Jimmy De la luz caballero Unattached
DNF Richar Vargas Unattached

Men Open 35-49 Masters

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Victor Herrera Alligator's Cycling Team
2 Stephen Warren Velo Masters Of Miami
3 Yelexy Acanda South MIAMI BIKE SHOP
4 Julio Cruz Unattached
5 Samuel Sanchez Unattached
6 Rolando Hernandez Gearlink Racing
7 Arnaldo Salazar Unattached
8 Marcelo Leyva Bike Link
9 Hugo Rendon Patches
10 Edixon Rodriguez Big Wheel Sunrise
11 Ricardo Romay Unattached
12 Mark Lim Performance Fitness-Delfay Cen
13 Andrã© Imbillicieri RDV Cycling

Men Open 50+ Masters

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Israel Vera Veloce Speedwear Div.
2 Brian Brown Unattached
3 Amelio Fundora Velo Masters Of Miami
4 Alioshka Alayeto Bike Link
6 James Clossick Velo Masters Of Miami
7 Richard Abreu All 4 Cycling
8 Peter Carlos Velo Masters Of Miami
9 Andrew Macfarlane Patches
10 Scott Wood Unattached
11 Romina Mok Unattached
12 Gus Ferrer Big Wheel Sunrise
13 Wallie Martinez Big Wheel Sunrise
14 Hernan Perilla Big Wheel Sunrise
DNF Fitzroy Craig Team Performance Fitness-Delra
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