These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Master 40+ Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Benjamin Weaver Zipp Masters Term
2 Andrzej Banaszkiewicz Zipp Masters Term
3 Mike Sherman Zipp Masters Term
4 Eric Anderson Zipp masters
5 Jim Creamer Zone-6 Cycling
6 Craig Baker Team IndieBike p/b IU Health
7 Michael Lantz
8 Steve Ellis Team Indiebike p/b IU Health
9 John Schmitz Loke Bicycles Race Team
10 Ken Misch None
11 Gregory Hillman Phoenix Fitness and Training
12 Rodney Roof Zephyr Wheel Sport
13 Andrew Mclaughlin Phoenix Training and Fitness
14 Kevin Collins Freewheeler Bike Shop
15 Dale Eads zws popcile
16 Thomas Hawley Schellers Evansville Racing
17 Bob Kay Dans Comp Factory Racing
18 Gene James ROLLFAST
19 Glen Schoenung popsicle
20 Sean O'donnell Scarlet Fire
21 Robert Beck Phoenix Fitness and Training
22 Karim Abdelkader Velocity
23 Felipe Cardenas Indiebike P/b IU Health
24 Scott Perry Speedway Wheelmen
25 Allen Galloway Team Bicycle Outfitters Indy

Men Senior Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jake Buescher xxx racing
2 Ryan Shean Texas Roadhouse
3 Aaron Beebe Michigan Indiana Cycling
5 Brice Brookshire Texas Roadhouse
7 Matthew Salpietro Texas Roadhouse
8 Ben Schmutte Marian University
9 Doug Fagan Team Upland Brewing
10 Tyler George xxx racing
11 Andrzej Banaszkiewicz ZIPP Masters Team
12 Aaron Baker xxx racing
13 Jarret Oldham Clarksville Schwinn/Rapid Transit
15 William Burton 859 Cycling
16 Nathan Labecki Marian University
17 David Rose 859 Cycling
18 Robert Frangi Dash Racing
19 Benjamin Weaver Zipp masters
20 Tyler Conant Dash Racing
21 Joseph Matacale dans comp factory race
22 Ryan Fay xxx racing
23 Kyle Perry Texas Roadhouse
24 David Morse Above and Beyond Cancer p/b Scheels
25 Jason Fowler Cutters Cycling
26 Thomas Revard Michigan Indiana Cycling
27 Craig Baker Team IndieBike p/b IU Health
28 Jordan Fleming bike line
29 Timothy Nixon Team Upland Brewing
30 Daniel Noboa Scarlet Fire
31 Ben Laforce xxx racing
32 Brad Bailey Zone-6 Cycling
33 Karim Abdelkader Velocity
35 Felipe Cardenas Indiebike P/b IU Health
36 Chad Burdzilauskas texas roadhouse
37 Sean O'donnell Scarlet Fire
39 Jonathan Jacob Michigan Indiana Cycling
40 John Puffer Texas Roadhouse
41 Dale Eads zws popcile
42 Glen Schoenung popsicle
43 Josiah Longenecker Midwest Devo

Men Senior Cat 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Daniel Noboa Scarlet Fire
2 Justin Kirk Phoenix Fitness and Training
3 Rhys Edwards Team Upland Brewing
4 Robert Frangi Dash Racing
5 Andrew Chandler US Military Endurance Sports
6 Kevin Collins Freewheeler Bike Shop
7 Zachary Scharnhorst Momentum Racing LLC
8 Grant Goldman
9 Thomas Svenstrup Zone-6 Cycling
10 Jordan Fleming bike line
11 Michael Scott None
12 John Yandl Team Upland Brewing
13 Joe Blommel Phoenix Fitness and Training
14 Ben Freas Zone-6/Motion Cycling and Fitness Cycling Team
15 David Hack Dans Comp Factory Racing
16 Alek Minkis Team Upland Brewing
17 Brad Bailey Zone-6 Cycling
18 Zach Deitch marian university
19 Dale Eads zws popcile
20 Nicholas Untch Wild Card Cycling
21 David Fouts ROLLFAST
22 Marc O'leary
23 Andrew Truemper Team Upland Brewing
24 Gene James ROLLFAST
25 Glen Schoenung popsicle
26 Sean Hurley Scholars Inn Bakehouse Team Tortuga
27 John Hoopingarner Zone-6 Cycling
28 Samuel Runningen Zone-6 Cycling
29 Doug Robinson Phoenix Fitness and Training
30 Chris Carr Zone-6 Cycling
31 Josiah Longenecker Midwest Devo
32 Tyler Conant Dash Racing
33 Charles Dell Upland Brewing
34 Victor Popov Zone-6 Cycling
DNF Matthew Thomas No Limit Racing
DNF James Gunderman Team Apex Mulitsport
DNF Andrew Pollina Team Apex Multisport

Men Senior Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Eli House Veloworks Urban Cyclery
2 Jeremy Crawford
3 Will Coleman
4 Grant Goldman
5 Gregory Hillman Phoenix Fitness and Training
6 Joe Kruegel Scholars Inn Bakehouse
7 Will Revard Bike Line Indiana
8 Kyle Strait Team Heroes
9 Michael Carsten No Limit Racing
10 Shelby Gibbs
11 Michael Schmahl Sigma Nu
12 Don Graves No Limit Racing
13 Conor Swan Midwest Development Cycling Inc.
14 Josh Ginsburg Phoenix
15 Jake Hreha Midwest Development Cycling Inc.
16 Nathaniel Ganger None
17 Nate Lake
18 John Reidy None
19 James Gunderman Team Apex Mulitsport
20 Matthew Thomas No Limit Racing
21 Matthew Weddle Schellers Evansville Racing
22 Ricardo Zacarias Schellers Evansville Racing
23 Marc O'leary Team Bicycle Outfitters Indy
24 Ryan Bauer No Limit Racing
25 Ean Pugh Spin Zone Racing
26 Casey Montgomery None
27 Rodolfo Villalvir None
28 Carl Ring No Limit Racing
29 Christopher Kay Schellers Evansville Racing
30 Daniel Yoder None
31 Andrew Pollina Team Apex Multisport
32 Sean Hurley Scholars Inn Bakehouse Team Tortuga
33 Adam Lock Trailhouse Village Bicycles
34 Ryan Bredemeyer
35 Nicholas Allman Dash Racing
36 Lewis Caskey No Limit Racing
37 Jerry Pheifer None
38 Austin Roach
39 Daniel Bartholomew
40 Kevin Strawbridge None
41 David Thole Team Dayton Bicycling
42 Jeff Kucic Heroes
43 Luke Steinborn None
44 Barrett Mcmanus Trailhouse Village Bicycles
45 Joe Blommel Phoenix Fitness and Training
46 Tracy Myers Trailhouse Village Bicycles
DNF Eric Augustus None
DNF Terry Burkins None

Women Senior

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kathryn George xXx Racing
2 Courtney O'neill xXx Racing
3 Sarah London xXx Racing
4 Kate Seiler TWENTY16 Pro Cycling
5 Shannon Wright City Hub Cyclery Race Team
6 Jessica Whiton xXx Racing
7 Lynn Coy Phoenix
8 Marissa Doner Phoenix Fitness and Training
9 Tina Childress-brown
10 Monika Kowalska xXx Racing - Athletico
11 Sue Wellinghoff xxx racing
12 Kristi Moley phoenix Fitness and Training
13 Bahar Mallah xXx Racing-Athletico
14 Sophia Escobar xxx racing
15 Melissa Kelly xxx racing