These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

senior Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Juan Pimentel jr. Foundation
2 John Schwartz 0
3 Juan Suarez 0
4 Frank O'reilly 0
5 Luis Aquino 0
6 Erlin Garcia 0
7 Juan Pimentel sr. 0
8 Higinio Rodrguez 0
9 Sam Morkal williams Foundation
10 Daniel Schopp RBNY Racing-Verge Sports
11 William Brunner 0
12 Dennis Rutherford 0
13 Daghan Perker Team Health Warrior
14 J.p. Partland 0
15 Evan Fineman Breakaway/Boomer/Carve Systems
16 Louis Donato 0
17 Euri Madera 0
18 Val Petrov Dave Jordan Racing
19 Jason Briscoe #N/A
20 Simon Khalif GF Capital/ H&E Enterprise
DNF Woody Baum Foundation
DNF Quinten Winkel #N/A
DNF Andrew Witten 0
DNF Anthony Fatuzzo 0
DNF Gerardo Martinez 0
DNF Lisa Kennish CityMD Racing
DNF Moshe Bressler 0
DNF Ryan Quinn Wafels & Dinges Racing
DNF John Wain 0
DNF David Adornato 0
DNF Jeffrey Garcia 0
DNF Matthew Vandivort Team Health Warrior
DNF Romel Campbell 0
DNF Brendan Pearce Blue Ribbon-Pennell Venture Partners
DNF Anastacio Perez 0
DNF Shawn Erickson 0
DNF Corey Williams 0
DNF Ken Plundeke 0
DNF Richard Scudney Team Health Warrior
DNF Richard Gonzalez 0

senior Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Adam Kollender Dave Jordan Racing
2 Olof Dallner Foundation
3 Edward Sirya 0
4 Owen Caprell Wafels & Dinges Racing
5 Jonathan Monserrate 0
6 Sergio Aguirre Foundation
7 Michal Kicior 0
8 Roger Billharz 0
9 Luiz Lanfredi Rapha Cycling Club
10 Jason Bell RBNY Racing-Verge Sports
11 Serguei Tiourine 0
12 Anthony Cao 0
13 Juan Cruz Dave Jordan Racing
14 Matthew Slossberg Dave Jordan Racing
15 Thomas Nye Team Cyclesport
16 Darrell Tucker 0
17 Wouter Hoogenboom Dave Jordan Racing
18 Jackson Vogel 0
19 Nicholas Toscano RBNY Racing-Verge Sports
20 Eamonn Schnell Century Road Club Development Foundation
DNF Michael Davis 0
DNF Luis Scattareggi 0
DNF Lester Lee 0
DNF Stephen Charron Cycle Craft Racing
DNF William Hass 0
DNF Giona Fabbri 0
DNF Daniel Berner Dave Jordan Racing
DNF Mark Baele 0
DNF Raymundo Torres #N/A
DNF Daniel Corless 0
DNF Matthew Payne Dave Jordan Racing
DNF Zachery Weil #N/A
DNF Sam Findlater
DNF Michael Debruin 0
DNF Federico Melo 0
DNF James Yoo RBNY Racing-Verge Sports
DNF Julius Erwin quito 0
DNF George Vlahogiannis 0
DNF Sung Pak 0
DNF Andrew Petti Century Road Club Development Foundation
DNF Corser Tobias Century Road Club Development Foundation
DNF Juan Henriquez 0
DNF Julian Banks RBNY Racing-Verge Sports
DNF John D'agostino Team NYC Velo